420 celebration in Redwood Park

Peace be with you

As you can see things have changed here. I have eliminated the comments in the sidebar. You can still write your hateful crap, but I ain’t gonna read it. I just can’t consciously stand by while the very few dictate how the many are to serve them. If we really believe that giving in to a police state for the benefit of the extremely rich is how we want to live then we are succeeding beyond our wildest dreams, but if a free and egalitarian society is the goal of modern governance then someone, even if it is only the bum, must speak out.

A lot of noise is being made in the forth district supervisor race about the massive raise Bonnie Neely voted herself, but as I recall there were only a couple of us who stood up and spoke out against it when it passed. Many oppressive laws and policies are passed without enough dissent to stop the insanity. In truth it is the appearance of mass support that allows those few who own our politicians to exploit our trust. Only when the masses stand up and say not in my name do the politicians serve the interest of the majority. Otherwise it is the “special interests” that get what they want.

A good example is the ex-chief of police turned city of Arcata manager’s call to boycott the annual 420 celebration in Redwood park. Randy Mendosa in conjunction with the poverty pimp soup kitchen manager, John Shelter, are calling for people not to go to Redwood park on Tuesday. Though the real reason is their hate for other lifestyles, especially the so-called pot culture, they claim it is destructive. The only destruction I have ever seen has been cops using the improvised 420 event as an excuse to use Redwood park as a mud bog for their trucks.

This is one of the reasons that the City Manager job shouldn’t be in the promotional ladder of the police department. It doesn’t behoove us to promote the person who should be limited in his/her scope of work to the person who should be doing the limiting. It is another sign that the take over of the Arcata police state is just about complete.

As far as that sniveling, homeless fucking, egomaniac, John Shelter goes, he doesn’t even live in this town. What fuck does he have to do with whether or not we have a celebration in our town or not? Abso-fucking-lutly nothing! He just hates poor people. He knows damn well that poor people smoke pot more than any other drug, legal or otherwise. The pot culture is the culture of many millions of poor people. It is targeted, and lied about, precisely because it is not the culture of the richest.

The celebration in Redwood park was a milestone in the fight for the rights of poor people. I’ve watched fellow poor people go to jail, spend lots of money in defense, and have their lives ruined, for the last 40 years. Every once in a while some event breaks through the control of the power brokers as a testament to the inner power of the people. 420 in Redwood park is one such event. It isn’t surprising that the police chief promoted to city manager would want to stop such true grassroots movements.

On a similar note this March 20th the Humboldt County Board of supervisors will be approving their annual “Domestic Cannabis Eradication Suppression” grant. Though the lying supervisors will try to pretend this is a meth eradication grant, the grant clearly reads:

“HUMBOLDT COUNTY will, with its own law enforcement personnel and employees, as hereinafter specified, perform the activities and duties described below:

a. Gather and report intelligence data relating to the illicit cultivation, possession and distribution of cannabis.
b. Investigate and report instanced involving the trafficking in controlled substances.
c. Provide law enforcement personnel for the eradication of illicit cannabis located within the State of California.
d. Make arrests and refer to the appropriate prosecutorial authority cases for prosecution under controlled substances laws and other criminal laws.
e. Send required samples of eradicated cannabis to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Potency Monitoring Project.
f. Submit to DEA monthly statistical reports and quarterly expenditure reports.”

This years funding is $170,000. This represents a drop of 10 grand from last year, but still about 170 grand too much.

If everyone stops by the county courthouse for the 9:00am board of supes meeting on their way to Redwood park, I guarantee we can reign in the reefer madness sweeping our so-called liberal county legislators. If not then I can guarantee that it will be business as usual in the attack on pot smokers.

We can’t leave the governance of our lives up to people who are so obviously disconnected with their communities anymore. If you don’t stand on your feet, you’ll be groveling on your knees.

love eternal


5 Responses to “420 celebration in Redwood Park”

  1. Umm Says:

    On the other hand, if you wanted to visit the park to have your kids play on the playground that is intended for children, you will be sorely out-of-luck as the out-of-towners take over a public resource for a use it was never intended for.

    Dog parks. Skate parks. Hey, if you want a pot park, vote it into existence. Don’t take over a public resource — without a permit — while shoving out the intended users of the park, namely law-abiding citizens.

  2. Nick Bravo Says:

    I wonder how many trees the APD goons cut down to block the trail that leads from HSU, and to circle the big tree thats in the park. So much devestation in order to “protect” the city from people who just want to engage in what in reality is a human right.

  3. Umm Says:

    You have a human right to use that park for an activity that overwhelm’s the park’s capacity and kills the lawn? I do believe you have a right to do what you want to your body in your personal space, but a park is not a personal space. What you do there can do harm.

  4. Hongos Sativa Indica Says:

    How can a “Bunch of OLD DRUNK NICOTINE ADDICTS” pass judgement on marijuana??

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