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Tad’s Trial

September 4, 2010

Peace be with you

I had a court date last week. My trial is now scheduled to begin October 12. I have been reading the transcript from the last trial, and see many places I could improve my case.

One thing that concerns me is the DA now has the opportunity to change my charges again for the forth time. The DA was only able to “convict” me by cheating. The appeal panel ruled that he did. Last trial they offered me a plea of guilty of a disturbing the peace on the day of trial. Now that the DA has cheated and sent me to jail unjustly, I am afraid he wont give me the opportunity to vindicate myself. I am afraid he is going to change my charges to an infraction, after I already served time on a misdemeanor.

Can Gallegos convict me if he has to follow the law?

Two of the jurors left the trial with tears in their eyes. They wanted to find me not guilty, but the cheating DA convinced them they couldn’t. The judge at the behest of the DA would not give them instructions on what the “lawful duties” of a cop really are. The judge allowed irrelevant prejudicial evidence to be presented by the DA. If those two jurors, and maybe even more, had not been fooled by the DA then I would of had a hung jury at worse.

Shouldn’t our qualifications for a District Attorney be justice, not treachery? If the DA ignores the rules he is elected to protect, if sneaky tricks are used in places of real evidence, if the number of convictions are more important than the constitution Gallagos swore to uphold, then we have a breakdown of our entire system.

Another question that I feel needs to be asked is, “how much does it cost us to have our DA play censor for politicians?” Is it really what we want to pay for? I mean a trial, a month in jail, and an appeal so far, and it will only cost more. That is just one case who someone made it public. How many other are prosecuted with deception?

I don’t think any government is sustainable because they always end up restricting liberties. Our constitution was a compromise – guaranteed liberties in exchange for governance. If you make a deal and the other side does not live up to that deal, can you really keep supporting the deal? I want freedom back. That was the deal, and it is the only deal we should accept.

love eternal



September 3, 2010

Peace be with you

Jack Duran of the McKinleyville Press says, “the only way to make a buck is to work.” I am assuming “buck” is the terminology for money in this discussion. What is a little more vague is this thing “work.” From the context of the rest of his comment I again assume by “work,” he means “job.” If he means work, as work, then he is being a little naive believing that anyone doesn’t work.

Does the business owner and the ditch digger both do work? No, they both have “jobs,” but it is the ditch digger doing the work. The owners get “bucks” for the ditch digger’s work, not his/her own. So the business owner doesn’t work yet gets “bucks.”

How about the landlord? The landlord has other people pay their mortgage, and give them “bucks.” How is that work?

How about preachers? They call their “work” preaching, I call mine demonstrating. They protect their flock, I protect my community. They are viewed as “hard workers,” while I am portrayed as a bum. It is only a technicality that differentiates between me and a preacher. A technicality that allows one to be called a worker though he bums, and the other is called a bum though he works.

What about negative work? By that I mean if the purpose of work is to produce “bucks,” then what about those who cost bucks, and produce none. Cops come quickly to mind. If I was a politician trying to award a contract that I would personally, or my organization jointly, stood to make 65% of the contract, everyone would (or at least should) accuse me of a conflict of interest. Cops however, decide when, where, and who, to conduct pot raids on, and Humboldt County cops get to keep 65% of any assets the grower accumulated before the raid. What is it that keeps the cops from manipulating the profit margin. If your “work” depended on asset forfeiture, and you knew of a new grower who only has a used car, and a few grow lights, what is keeping you from letting him/her grow a few seasons to build up assets. To maximize your profits so to speak.

Cops are a self-fulfilling prophecies. Once hired they make sure there is enough crime to keep them hired. There are support jobs they have to have enough crime to justify also. Prosecutors, jailers, public defenders, and the sensationalist journalist. If you went back twenty years, and calculated which city department, and it matters not which city, increased its cost the most, without exception it is police departments. They are literally the reason cities are going broke. Can we call bankrupting cities “work?”

There are a lot of other jobs in our community which I either don’t consider “work” as defined by the way it is accused towards me, or “work” at the expense of the rest. One of those which is both is the “banker.” That’s a ponzi scheme “job,” as they prove over and over again. The reason the Jewish tradition outlaws usury is it is so fucking unsustainable that no society can survive it. Bankers collect “bucks” that don’t even exist, off of every dollar there is. If you create the buck, but don’t create the interest charged on that buck soon you run into what is referred to as a “brick wall.” Eventually this non-existent interest has to be reckoned with, but because it doesn’t really exist it can’t be. This is what bankers call “work.”

The amount of “work” and the amount of “buck” have no relationship to one another. I see many who barely work while raking in a shit load of “bucks.” I see many others busting their asses, and barely surviving. I guess, besides the fact I do work, at least by comparison of many “workers,” I also don’t produce negative work like so many other “workers” do.

As a last thought I would like to advocate for the lazy. Lazy people don’t go start wars, build prisons, or clear cut forests. In fact compared to the corporations, the armies, the cops, and their propaganda machine, lazy people are the pillar of our society. If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is its father. Only someone too lazy to beat their clothes against a rock, would invent a washing machine.

love eternal

tad the Nazi hunter, or tad the resister, make up your mind

August 25, 2010

Peace be with you

On September 13th, I am scheduled to start that “resisting” trial all over again. “Again,” is the operative word here. Can I do it better than last time? I hope so. I got a transcript, my in limine motion won on appeal, and no matter how long I will hunger strike, it is 35 days shorter than it fucking could be.

I have big problem though, with what is going on in Humboldt County today. I was schooled, by those who mandated schooling, that we lived in a free country, and we had both redress of grievances, and free speech “inalienable” rights. I learned in voluntary school, that we also had equality under the law. I learned through autodidacticism, that this world is run by a top heavy group of motherfuckers, that can get away with anything they want. That is, as long as we keep giving our consent by silence.

Would I, if I was born in 1896, Germany, keep quite my insight? I ask myself that question a lot. I have decided that, not only would I not have kept quiet, but I would have resisted.

What exactly does resistance mean? Members of White Rose lost their heads for merely passing out pamphlets as their form of resistance. Me, I’m not losing my head (that is old French for guillotine), I hope, but my resistance was as severe as Chris Probst’s was.

Today I am still an autodidacticism practitioner – I am self taught. I read, I watch, and I follow the money. I also think looking at the results is a better barometer of the agenda, than looking at the agenda. Sometimes when we drink, we do or say things, because they seemed like a good idea at the time, but THEY’RE NOT! We’re sober goddammit!

We as a society, and as a world, are being taken over by an ideology that parallels the Nazi worldwide experience. If you stop looking at JUST the Jewish holocaust as the extent of the Nazi sphere of influence, you will see that everything else today correlates perfectly with the results sought by the Nazis. The propaganda machine, with tv and all, is better than Goebbels could of ever imagined. The police machine, with the war on drugs and all, is better than Röhm could ever imagine. The worldwide economy is exactly what the Nazis envisioned.

But!, through resistance we can turn it all around, especially the most simplest and least obtrusive resistance. A little bit more leads to a little bit more, and soon we are massed in the streets, only armed with the arms holding up our outstretched middle fingers. Enough of those fists of resistance and we can make this a world for all of us, not the privileged few. Really the whole of Nazi ideology was protected by, and for the benefit of, the privileged few.

Stop calling the cops. I am sick and tired of seeing sad, and crying, community members, because THEY called the cops! Stop supporting, and start speaking out against, groups that want to control another groups. Stop believing attacks on people’s character are the same as attacks on the experiences they have to tell. Stop, stop, stop! Start becoming neighbors, become co-resisters, become advocates, become protectors of the outcast, and become human again. We’re all in this together, and it has to change, really change. That change always has to start with me. Would I have resisted in Nazi Germany?

Tierra y Libertad!

Nazis, the Mckinelyville Press, the North Coast Journal, the Arcata [L]Eye & tad the Nazi Hunter?

August 23, 2010

Peace be with you

I only write so much everyday. I figure in another fifty or sixty years I’ll be good at it. If I spend all my time defending “myself,” and not what I originally wrote about, from the likes of the Arcata [L]Eye editor, the North Coast Journal editor, and the McKinleyville Press editor, I don’t really write anything else. Those three editors, along with Arcata [L]Eye reporter Terrence McNally become a troll problem whenever I mention the inconsistencies of Kevin “Baby Cane” Hoover’s public actions. I respond to certain points they make as a way to give you, the reader, an alternative perspective to consider. Why should I bury it in the comment section when really what I say should be the topic of a post, and not the chastisement of a troll.

I study things, internally process them, and then come to what I consider the most likely truth. I then filter that through my heart, which weighs the humanity, my life experiences, and how it fits in to my belief system. I have trouble believing things I have found to be different than stated. For example, one might say, “not all cops are bad.” I however find that almost without exception, ever cop I have had an interaction with is out to get me. I am not a bad person. I don’t want any of your crap. I don’t rape, murder, or pillage. I don’t hit anything other than a joint. And, I believe that only through good works can one find redemption. But, every time I see a cop, they “[take] counsel how they might entangle [me] in [my] talk.”

I basically study three things, though the holistic nature of everything creates an infinite number of subcategories. Those three things are my spirituality, the history of revolution, and the history of oppression. It is the later I wish to discuss here. No period of oppression was both, better researched, and created more moral outrage, than did the Nazi period. In many ways the Nazi period is a lot like today, and where it is not, it is obtaining the exact same results.

Most people think “Nazi” means 6 million murdered Jews, but besides the fact that that is only about half of all the people murdered by the Nazis, there are many more subtle similarities in the policies that led up to the final solution. “Free Trade” is exactly the same economic system the Nazis practiced. In fact the Pinochet government, in Chile, was both the first “Free Trade” nation, and implemented it through a fascist government. Homophobia was an official party policy under the Nazis. Homeless persecution was a policy under the Nazis. People suffering mental health problems were the first group to be sterilized and/or euthanized under the Nazis. The Nazis depended on a police state to protect corporate dominion, quiet dissent , and persecute “social outsiders.” And, the Nazis did much of it through “charity organizations,” “the media,” health care providers, and psychiatrists.

If I look at the results, and not the method, I easily see that it was not the swastika wearing Nazi that causied all the same results. When I then look at who, and what, is causing these same results today, I see charity organizations, the media, health care providers, psychiatrists, and the other “behavioral and social sciences.” They talk about worthiness, genetics, and brain chemistry as the factors in which we should weigh a person’s social worth. Guess who else did that?

If we put aside the comparison that Nazis felt the mentally handicapped should be “euthanize,” and today they feel they should be “medicated,” we can get to the comparison that the Nazis sterilized, worked, and killed them. Then we can compare that to the fact that the Humboldt county Mental Health department, in effect also, sterilizes, works, and kills them. If we get beyond the comparison that the Nazis continually hunted down, jailed, and blamed the economy on the houseless people in Germany, as compared to us doing the exact same thing, then we get to . . . we do the exact same thing. If we get over the comparison that the Nazis increased their police force, both in numbers, and in violence, because of a supposed terrorist threat (Reichstag fire), and we did the same, we can get to . . . we did the same. If we can get beyond the comparison that the Nazis arrested, framed, and murdered those they viewed as dissenters, or resisters, and realize we so the exact same thing, then we can start to see where we are on the road to nazifacation.

The Nazis perfected propaganda. They convinced their people to hate others – who were also their people. They did this by distraction, revisionist history, censorship, unsubstantiated claims, hypocrisy, and attacks on their enemies. They did this through the local papers of Germany. They taught hate, disguised as “news.” They taught social engineering, disguised as science. They taught violence was acceptable if it came from the state. They taught that dissent was treason. They taught that opinions were fact! Do the three papers who’s editors are currently gracing my blog’s comment section teach anything different? Absolutely not.

There is that rant in the movie “network,” where “Howard Beale” says, “only three percent of you read books.” I have to imagine that number minus those who only read romance novels, or science fiction novels, or some other mindless drivel (please don’t believe that I don’t read mindless drivel myself, I just recognize it for what it is, and expand beyond it) in order to appreciate its true ramifications. If the “big one” ever strikes Arcata, then my body will be found under a mountain of books about the later Wiemar, and Nazi, period in Germany. Is Naomi Wolf correct that there is a fascist tendency a foot? In my opinion, yes. Is it afoot in Arcata? In a big way. Sometimes I have to remind myself I am reading a book about 1936 Nazi Germany, because I start thinking I’m reading an accurate account of today’s Arcata.

Anyone who read the comments left by Jack Duran (Mckinleyville Press), Hank Sims (North Coast Journal), Terrence McNally (Arcata [L]Eye), and that “anonymous” someone who sounds a lot like Kevin Hoover (Arcata [L]Eye) realizes that, critique of my points is not the object of their comments. Nor is their desire to generally make fun of me for my rather humanistic world view, otherwise they would comment on other posts besides those featuring Baby Cain Hoover. They are here for one purpose, and one purpose only, to discredit me without ever having to discrediting what I say. I am praying there is way more intelligence out there among my readership than that. I really want to defend my thesis, but the truth be known, I can’t really, nor would I want to, defend that I am a bum with a dirty hat.

love eternal

New Clear Explosion

August 13, 2010

Peace be with you

I don’t typically talk about my life, as it is really immaterial, but I will share this tidbit as credentials on the fact that “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single foot step.” I walked a thousand miles once. Guess what?, it did start with a single foot step, or more accurately in my case a single slight limp. The lesson of the first step kept being retaught, and retaught, through out my entire journey. There would be times when you could see no light at the end of the tunnel (I mean that figuratively), but I had faith that ten more steps today would be ten less steps at the end of the journey.

I apply this lesson to everything I do today. Yes one comment at a meeting, or one post on a blog wont do diddly, but if I do my best to be honest, and keep to my course, even when it seems everyone is against me, eventually I will wake some people up to the problems which are so obvious to a houseless wanderer. Things we believe about how the world works become dispelled once the curtain has been ripped from your life.

Today’s politician does everything they can to prevent the people from controlling the government. The reason can easily be seen through a study of what happens when people control their government. It was people control which ended the Vietnam war, started civil rights, ended the draft, ended child labor, got the “weekend,” the list goes on and on.

An interesting fact I just learned is that in early 1943, Hitler, decided to start what the Nazis called “the Finial Round-up.” This would be the application of the “Final Solution” to all the “intermarried Jews,” and Jews working in “essential” military industries. Up until this time the only protests against the treatment of the Jewish people, within Germany had been small, and very underground.

On February 27, 1943, the Gestapo arrested 10,000 intermarried Jews in Berlin, and jailed them in the Jewish Community Center. The spouses of these Jews arose and started gathering in front of the community center on Rosenstrasse (street). “Day by day the protest grew . . . and as many as 6000 had joined in by the protest’s end.” Needless to say, on March 6th, Goebbels “ordered the release of all intermarried Jews, and their children.” In fact more intermarried Jews survived the war than any other group.*

This event is known as the Rosenstrasse protest, you can google it if you want more information. I just want to illustrate how even in Nazi Germany, over someone as oppressed as the Jews were, people could rise up and take back their government. If they continue to stand up they can take it all back.

Eventually we will start talking about our problems honestly, stop lying to ourselves, and we will demand solutions to our problems, not this same ol’, same ol’, status quo bullshit we have grown so accustom to in the last hundred years. We will scrap so much of what we have been programed to believe is necessary in today’s society. We will see that their logic lacks compassion, and isn’t really that logical anyway. We will show those yelling “more of the same, more of the same” every time “more of the same” makes it worse, that they are really a small, but loud minority. We will admit that the pseudo-sciences like economics, criminology and psychiatry, are not only bullshit profit schemes, but are actually causing the majority of the problems.

People will realize all our woes are the result of our own lying. When we lie we are more likely to accept other’s lies so as not to expose ours. Plus when we lie we are condoning lying. Most people don’t stand up, because they are afraid of being found-out. Found-out about what – wouldn’t that be a “lie?” All of our shit stinks, so those pretending theirs does not, are pretending, ie lying.

If you start being honest with yourself you’ll quit saying stupid shit like, “oh my god, I can’t believe the cops shot someone else.” You can believe it, in fact you know it is going to happen again, and again until we get our government under control.

I have termed this mass awakening, “the new clear explosion.” Even Nazi Germany relied on the consent of the governed for their atrocities. A single action by one person, can cause two more actions by different persons, on and on. I amazes me how when one person wakes up many of those who know that person wake up too. It is we the people who formed this Union, and only we the people who put it back on course.

love eternal

* See: “The Limits of Policy – Social Protection of Intermarried German Jews in Nazi Germany,” by Nathian Stoltztfus

Who pays the Toll for Killer Cops?

August 10, 2010

Peace be with you

I view the excessive force of the cops as suspected murder when someone dies in their presence. I see no reason to trust an investigation, by cops, of cops, for cops. It is a well known fact (in fact case law) that cops lie as a regular part of their job. It has been my experience when when dealing with a known liar, that it is prudent to understand they are likely to lie again. I will always listen to a known liar with skepticism, especially the secretive, inclusive, privileged, habitual liar cops.

The latest death by cop was four cops against one person with a three foot wooden stick. If it had been four hippies Robert would have been disarmed, but because it was trained cops he was shot dead. If a person is being aggressive with a three foot stick, or even a metal pipe, and you have three more hippies with you, surround him and stay six feet away. Sooner of later, he will position the stick in such a way that one of you can grab it. Once one of you grab the stick, the rest grab the person with it.

Because the Humboldt County Sheriffs didn’t/don’t do it the way I described above, I assume they don’t think like the the community, because that’s how we think. If a mountain lion attacked me and my dog, and it gave me a small scrape, and killed my dog, it would be accurate to say the mountain lion took a toll on us both. If four cops shoot a community member dead, yes it takes a toll on both the cops and the community, but I really don’t think the toll on those receiving the paid vacation is really comparable with the toll on those burying a loved one.

In fact all evidence shows that the toll paid by the killer cops is always minimal, compared to the excessive toll paid by society. Cops never get charged with the murders they commit. Even the Bart cop who pulled his gun and shot a subdued person execution style, on film!, only gets manslaughter charges. And, that is the rare police prosecution.

Cops aren’t liked anyway, so most of their friends are other cops, and those who think they can do no wrong. So the toll on the cops is less of an almost nonexistent respect. Yes they killed a person, but if that shit bothered them, like it does us, then we would see them quit after killing someone, yet we don’t.

The real toll, which the cops won’t talk about, is having to keep quiet. This is what makes all cops bad cops. There are no good cops when they know about an incident of bad cops, but keep silent behind the blue wall. If a cop witnesses another cop break the law, and keeps silent, then that cop is guilty not reporting a crime in his presence. Judging from the national statistics of about half a million complaints of police abuse a year, and the many I hear about not being reported, it seems that it would be next to impossible to be a cop and not witness at least one bad cop in action. Yet nary a cop ever came forward to report the crimes of a fellow cop.

When we can’t trust the cops because they are separated from the laws we must follow because of their gang affiliations, we especially can’t trust them when one or more of them gun down our community members in the streets. We’ve had community members who had to defend themselves against attacks, and sadly someone got killed, but none of those got paid administrative leave, and most had to sit in jail at least until an OR hearing.

love eternal

Is The Endeavor Dead?

July 20, 2010

Peace be with you

The Endeavor, Arcata’s local soup kitchen is through feeding its two meals a week at the end of this week. I remember Papa John telling me that during the “ribbon cutting ceremony” the ribbon cutters talked about how there would never be another hungry person in Arcata. But that was before its current manager, and downsizing expert John Shelter slashed and burned a local grass roots organized effort to do the right thing.

I have a video that shows Alex Stillman, the current Mayor/dictator of Arcata, telling the Arcata Homeless Task Force that she is a “business owner,” and that she wants the Endeavor closed down, because she thinks she and her fellow Downtown Business Owner’s Ass. are losing money because of the Endeavor. I am currently trying to get it from vhs video to digital so I can let you finally hear for yourself. I apologize that no one got to see the videos while the task force was happening. but the “community access television” told us they were airing them, when they weren’t. Rewatching them years later I remember why. They call themselves “mother Teressa,” while acting like Leona Helmsley.

I know several ex-board members of the Endeavor who have quit the board due to the spineless direction the rest of the board is taking. Starving people to get them to leave (or die) is not a new Shelter/Stillman invention, it was successfully used by the Germans in the late ’30s. Almost everyone has heard of Kristallnacht, but how many have heard of the “Reich Beggars’ Week?”

Forest Defender broke this story Friday on his Arcata Reporter Blog. Its been news in the houseless community for a couple of weeks now.

love eternal

Phalse Profits – Us and Them

July 18, 2010

Peace be with you

I see many of the so-called liberal phrases as distractions to lead liberal people away from any truly productive resistance. I view the slogan, “think globally and act locally,” as one such phrase. That’s like saying think about checkers, and play chess. It doesn’t take much observation to realize that every shitty thing the globalists do, they do through a local government. I will write more on this at some point, because I am a big advocate for “think locally, act locally, and be local.” What I really want to discuss is the perverse logic of the statement, “there is no us and them.”

I know a lot of people, and very few of them would do what Goldman Sacks did. Very few would do what BP did. The people who were responsible for those societal catastrophes are from a “class” that we will never attain. They,re different! They’re Them.

I would never in a million years do the mean, violent, cruel things cops do everyday in their so-called “line of duty.” Nor could I accept that the most dangerous segment of our society (cops) could in its present state repersent the values of Us. Do you taze people into compliance? Do you profile people to persecute? No, most of you would say, “that’s Them.”

The United States of America was set up to be run by the people. It was designed to be a Republic in which the people were armed, and guaranteed a Bill of Rights, to prevent any tyranny by either our representatives, or the special interests which usurp Them. Our constitution was set up on the basis of an Us and Them.

The government was not set up to be our handlers, but to be our servant. Somehow, through the propaganda, the increase in government violence, the good-cop/bad-cop, republican/democrat, conservative/liberal paradigm, public education, poisons in our water, food, and medicines, privatization, the prison system, and fabricated wars, we have allowed our government to become our master instead of our servant.

There aren’t any funds to fix the holes in the roads, but there are plenty of funds to finance a whole gaggle of cops to set up a check point in Eureka to capture one drunk driver. I always think of other countries which had “check points.” I really would bet that the cell phone catches way more drunk drivers than DUI check points ever do, but for some reason they want the power to stop people and inspect their papers. That “they” is Them.

When Bush said “you’re either with us or against us,” he didn’t mean us like you and me. He meant us like in Them.

I would like to believe that Us wouldn’t destroy the Earth. I would like to think Us wouldn’t screw over each other. I would like to think that Us could be tolerant of one another. I would like to believe that Us will some day learn to love one-another.

Its a fine line between who is an Us and who is a Them, but make no mistake there is a line. I don’t know any sure fire way to “profile” a Them, but as my favorite revolutionary said, “know a tree by its fruit.”

Thems can cross that line and become Uss anytime they want, its greed that holds them back.

love eternal

Humboldt County anti-215

July 16, 2010

Peace be with you

There is only one 215 dispensary in the Eureka area. Hummingbird Safe-access is under pressure to stop business until Humboldt County’s attempt to shut them down is final. It seems Humboldt County has issues with the business. Why? The same reason they are already writing laws to be enforced once herb is legal – they’re anti pot.

I hope we can organize a large (fucking huge) group of 215 patients/voters to go tell incumbent supervisor, Bonnie (Mrs. Terry Farmer) Neely, that 215 is not a “conditional use” business. If you don’t want people buying their pot from Eureka High students then they should have a clinic.

Check out Highboldtage’s blog for more info on Hummingbird, and links to the mainstream.

love eternal

Who would Hitler bailout?

June 18, 2010

Peace be with you

I was reading and read three articles that I found interestingly related. One, titled, “Jobless claims higher than expected” dealt with the fact that 12,000 more people were unemployed by the official counting scheme last week than first reported. The second, titled, “Looking for work? Unemployed need not apply,” dealt with a new unemployed discrimination legally practiced by the very companies which probably layed off people. And the last one, titled, “More families are homeless and on the streets,” that seems self-explanatory.

Though all the evidence points to homelessness as a result of unemployment, by the time it gets here to the streets, at the local level, it is a “mental problem.” You can’t get a job unless you have a job. This means that unemployed people will have to take low paying entry level jobs in order to qualify for a better job. This intern means that the low paying jobs will be reserved for the “most qualified” and not the entry level worker. By the time you become homeless your fucked. I could talk about how this exact scenario led to a take a “labor exchange job” or be labeled “work-shy” policy in Nazi Germany.

We all got taught about the military, holocaust, T4, the ss, and that type of Nazi event, but we are not taught much about the underlying society in Germany, and how the people allowed such events to happen. Not withstanding Stanley Milgram’s work, it seems a lot of the Nazi apparatus was constructed through local society. Through “charity organizations,” through “city councils,” through local law enforcement, and through local media the Nazis were able to create a situation in which most people quietly acquiesced thinking their neighbor has done the same.

Today again, social organizations have become more and more the blind followers of nationalized policies. Fields that once had many different independent groups have become more and more homogenized. Chronic homeless solutions, homeland security policing, CalMAP mental health policies, the list goes on and on of cities, non-profits, and law enforcement becoming nationalized.

I have yet to find a good, short, definition of the National Socialism. National I have just explained above, and the Socialism seems to be a subterfuge. Economically it was a capitalistic tactic to give control of society to corporations. Just like everything else in the brain of the corporate personhood profits come first. That is why labels like “useless-eater,” “work-shy,” and “those without fixed abode,” became death sentences under the Nazi “party.”

Will a holocaust happen here? With the other parallels in things like silencing of dissent, surveillance of the society, the privatization of public services and resources, and the corporate influence in all levels of government, I’d say its only a matter of time. National Socialism is the natural result of capitalism in decay.

In 1939 Daniel Guerin wrote in his book Fascism and Big Business, “When fascism takes power, overflowing with gratitude for big business which financed it, its words and its deeds exhale the purest sort of laisser-faire economic doctrine. It announces its intention of favoring and protecting in every possible way private property and individual initiative. It rejects with horror the idea that the state might meddle in production. But the fascist state stands aside so long as Messieurs Capitalist request it not to interfere in their private affairs. It imposes on them the lightest possible taxes, the most tenuous sort of control. But it is always ready to come running whenever these gentlemen cannot pull through by themselves. In any such crisis, it is immediately at their service, “socializing” their losses, refloating their enterprises, and keeping them alive with its orders.”

Even if you don’t think the fully body-armored, machine gun toting, modern cop is an example of Nazi ideology crossing over into today’s society, you must at least agree that with bailouts, lack of regulatory oversight, and corporate influence in government, that today’s economy policy is obtaining the same results as the Nazis. We always ask, “who would Jesus bailout?,” but maybe its time to ask, “who would Hitler bailout?”

By the way, Messieurs is the plural of the word Monsieur, which is the French word for Mr.

love eternal