John Ross passes

January 25, 2011

From skippy:

Submitted on 2011/01/18 at 10:48 pm

Tad and readers, John Ross, Arcata’s legendary author, activist, journailst, and poet, passed. Some of you Arcata old-timers may remember him. John Ross was a great man.

An obituary of John Ross’ life and times was thoughtfully prepared by Counterpunch’s Frank Bardacke and quietly referenced below. It underscores Mr. Ross’ keen awareness of the impermanence and suffering inherent in this world, a subject he frequently wrote of.

Mr. Bardacke describes this best: “…bags of misery and compassion under his eyes, offset by his wonderful toothless smile and the cackling laugh that punctuated his comical riffs on the miserable state of the universe. He was among the last of the beats, master of the poetic rant, committed to the exemplary public act, always on the side of the poor and defeated.”

“His tormentors defined him. A sadistic prison dentist pulled six of his teeth. The San Francisco Tac Squad twice bludgeoned his head, ruining one eye and damaging the other. The guards of Mexico’s vain, poet-potentate Octavio Paz beat him to the ground in a Mexico City airport, and continued to kick him while he was down. Israeli settlers pummeled him with clubs until he bled, and wrecked his back forever.”

There’s more. I encourage you, the dear reader, to please give it a read; Mr. Ross, our traveling Humboldt ‘investigative poet’ and first rate journalist, would have liked that.

~peace, Mr. Ross. skips

If you knew Mr. Ross or would like to read a sample of his first rate journalistic work about a famous Humboldt case here back in 1982 (“Virgil Payne and Many Others: Homegrown Racism”) visit the Humboldt Herald below. You can also add your comments if you like.

Thanks, Tad. Tad, You would have enjoyed Mr. Ross very much. Both of you were very alike.

Happy Holiday

December 23, 2010

Peace be with you

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing. I figure a small group of people actually find benefit in what I say. Another small group probably reads it as confirmation of what they already know. By far the vast majority of readers are brain dead idiots who will some day follow someone off a metaphoric cliff. If there is any one piece of useful knowledge in this world it is the Shakespearian “to thy own self be true.” If you can lie to yourself then your just a fucking liar, because you’ll lie to anyone else after that.

Is global warming true? Who knows? Is the mother Earth dying? Absolutely, and if you can’t see it with your own eyes your not paying attention. When one is in a situation where they are limited on how much food, water, or air they have, one tends to be cautious.

I could go on and on about all the things we see but deny exist anyway. What’s the point though? I already told you I realize there are only the three types of readers. I do have some shit I wrote that isn’t current events that I’ll post eventually. I wrote a really long essay on work versus laziness, (spoiler alert!, laziness wins).

Anyway I just wanted to implore you to make being more compassionate one of your new years resolutions. If everyone would be just 1% kinder next year things would be vastly better for us all. Peace on Earth starts with peace with you. Peace be with you. See you at the bottom of the cliff.

love eternal

North Coast Journal – un-printed letter

November 20, 2010

Peace be with you

I wrote a letter to the editor of the North Coast Journal in response to two other letters in response to their article about the houseless family begging in front of the Cosco Corporation. I really believe it is important to recognize that there is a scam being run, in plain sight, and it is perpetrated by those considered to be pillars against those considered unwanted. That scam is intimidating the public to give any alms they would have given directly to the poor, to the service providers instead. Since the poverty pimps own stated logic is that they do a better job of providing “services” to the houseless it would be the better investment. I however, live in a town, and so did at least one of those letter authors, that shutdown its soup kitchen, public bathrooms, and public feedings. What do the poverty pimps do with the dollar you give them? They buy a new hot tube, or widescreen TV, or some other item for their house, while herding the hungry unhoused through mental health like cattle on their way to slaughter. This is theft. If I tell you to give me your rent and I’ll make sure the rent is paid, and it isn’t, then it is easy to call me a thief. If I tell you to give me your alms and I’ll make sure the houseless are fed, and they aren’t . . . – well it sure as hell ain’t no Mother Teresa. Though my letter might have a few (okay a bunch) of “grammatical errors,” I did go to all the trouble to change all terms “poverty pimp” into “service provider.”

Anyone who thinks the North Coast Journal (herein after, and probably ever after, referred to as “the Urinal”) isn’t a bias arm of the rightwing mainstream media machine needs to reconsider their position. When the truth is compromised in its paper it refuses to print alternatives to its lies. There are three basic ways a propaganda paper conceals their lies. They out and out lie, relying heavily on so-called experts to vocalize those lies, leave any contradicting truths conveniently absent. This is how the Urinal attacks those who are down on their luck and unhoused in Humboldt County. I hope I left no doubt that when you’re asked to take food out of a child’s mouth, so Fox can party her ass off, I consider it an attack of the most cruelest nature. It has always bothered me how we demand human rights in some foreign land, but we happily deny them here where we’re so-called liberals. The Urinal exemplifies this liberal tradition.

Attached is a letter that the editors wouldn’t print in response to lies they did print. Since I am not under any word limit as I would be if they had printed my letter, will take a few minutes to extrapolate on the issues I raised in it. To set the stage: There was an article written two weeks ago about a homeless family in Eureka. The North Coast Urinal then printed two letters in response to that article. Both letters were written by poverty pimps, one from a Nancy Corral, and the other from the poverty pimp poster child, Karen “fox in the Arcata house” Olson.

The basic gist of the letters was, “homeless people bad, poverty pimps good, give poverty pimps money instead of homeless people.” These two self-righteous, grant-whoring, “service providers,” wish you to not give a few pennies to the needy, but rather to give those crumbs to them instead. The notion that giving money to houseless somehow is destructive is simply not true and cannot be proven with any empirical evidence. Further the belief that giving money to poverty pimps, so they can continue their own personal self destructive behaviors, will somehow end homelessness by 2011 is also an unsubstantiated fabrication.

With 90 cents out of every dollar spent on homelessness in this country going into the bank accounts of poverty pimps, only 10 cents is left for “chronic homeless services.” Since only 1 out of 10 houseless people fit that “chronic” definition (see: HUD, USDHHS, and the VA) the amount left for feeding the economic refugees of our current “free-market” economy is basically what you and I feel compassion to give them. The only option left for these people is odd jobs, begging, and creating income (dumpster diving, recycling, etc).

We have no soup kitchen! The same poverty pimps advocated the pan handling law, but believe they should be allowed to beg for that same “spare change” to provide those non-existent services. As one studies the Nazi methodology in the genocide of “social outsiders,” one realizes that it was through “charity organizations” that the policies were performed, especially their policies towards those “with no fixed abode.” During the great depression the Nazis labeled the unemployed as “work-shy,” the cause of crime, genetically inferior, and interned them in “work-camps” to earn their “services,” and worked them to death. I have for some time now spoken of the houseless being the canary in the coal mine to the rest of society, and as people start advocating antiquated concepts that harm fellow community members, one should understand that it won’t stop at the annihilation of the unhoused.

This is part, and parcel, of a pattern of the “free-market” scheme, which with very little research one realizes is the same economic system put in place under the fascists (of any era). Now even groovy liberal Arcata has outlawed eating, sleeping, and using the bathroom for its entire houseless community. This bigotry is the desires of the wealthy to maintain a society expressly for their comfort and profit. As rents race through the roof and unemployment becomes a bigger part of everyone’s lives, the making of those who failed at the “freedom of the markets” game villains is the coldest of immorality. The profiting off of a campaign designed to increase hunger is the most ignoble of deeds, but to then state you did it “for their own good” is insincere thievery.

Even those that failed in the rat race, the unemployed, are not always the cause of their failure. Poor people have more outside interferences from child welfare services, special education, mental health drugging, police harassment, drugs and drug wars, unemployment, lack of health care, and all the goons hired to enforce those “free-market” ideologies against the impoverished. If we want an improved society for our grandchildren, then we need to dump those inadequate programs designed to divert actual aid into a privatization scheme. Nowhere is this truer than the way we treat those in whose shoes we someday might very well walk a few miles in. “Care not cash” programs are one of the most incipient programs we could ever get behind, because both objective and realistic care is not, and cannot, be realized through policies that year after year ignore the actual need of those they claim to be aiding. The caring of the community is never more realized than when someone kicks you a few bucks when you’re hungry, and don’t know where your next meal is coming from.

A wise elder once told me, treat everyone like they are an angle sent to check up on you. Nothing is more important in standing up to the divide and conquer tactics of global fascism then taking care of our own communities, especially those whose every option for survival has been co-opted by profiteers.

My objective was to get a view out there that countered the anti-houseless views held by the editor, the management of the Urinal, and those “behavioral and social science” grads trying to make bank on their degrees. Read the letter and pass it on. Just because they call each other “Mother Teresas” doesn’t mean they are. Without the life sustaining needs of the unhoused being offered, let alone being met, all the talk since 2001 of them “ending homelessness in ten years” is just that – bullshit rhetoric. Like the rest of Bush’s bullshit rhetoric about solving a problem, it has just made the problem worse. When they make you believe that it is the houseless, or any group, is responsible for societal ills we are retracing some ugly past footsteps. It is better that you “let thy left hand know not what the right hand doeth,” if you have some spare change pass it on. If we take care of one another, then there will always be someone to take care of you.

love eternal

Dear Editor,

Peace be with you.

I read with interest your article about the houseless family begging at Cosco. I am of course saddened by their situation and perhaps more so about the complete lack of compassion the so-called service providers exhibited. What really got my goat were the two service providers that wrote letters in response to the article condemning the family. Both Nancy Corral, and Fox Olson, wrote letter to the editor asking that you not give money directly to the Long family, who must somehow be broken, and instead give the money to them.

Corral states that she has worked for 25 years in “non-profits,” and Olson simply claims to be a “provider.” Corral writes that “these services agencies (homeless services) rely on donations from community members.” Olson wrote, “I do not feel good about aiding folks who are ‘flying a sign.’ I would encourage people who want to help to make a donation to one of our Humboldt County non-profits.” The non-profits spend the majority of their money not on homeless services, but on salaries. Ninety cents out of every dollar spent through non-profits, to aid the houseless, goes towards overhead. In other words salaries for the above mentioned service providers.

Every since Bush’ Chronic Homeless Initiative, started in 2001, government financing of homeless services are to be directed towards those categorized as “chronic homeless.” The CHI, like many post cold war programs, are base on little actual science, and a whole lot of rhetoric. The policy is based on the theory that 10% of the houseless have a physical, mental, or substance abuse problem, which prevents them from getting off the streets. The problem with this policy is the arbitrariness of the classifying process. Service providers have the leeway to designate whom every they wish as chronic.

The federal government claims this initiative is achievable due to the fact that only 10% of the houseless population fits this special need. The fact that non-profits funding is based on the number of so-called chronic homeless, leads to a fraudulent dichotomy. In the eyes of the service provider all houseless people are of two categories – the chronic homeless, and the service resistant homeless. The fraudulence within this policy is no where more obvious than in the Humboldt County Mental Health Services Act Plan. In it, the plans states that 80% of Humboldt County houseless are mentally ill, and 90% are substance abusers. Not only are these figures extremely exaggerated, but when the “co-occurring” diagnose is added into the mix the number of chronic homeless quickly becomes more than the entire houseless population of the County.

Houseless people need things too. Tampons, diapers, toothpaste, ect. are needs that are neither given away by service providers, nor can be purchased with food stamps. If you gave Fox Olson the money the Long family would still be without those types of purchases. If you gave that money to the Longs they will use 100% of it for their needs.

Another point that I believe is often over looked in our zeal to accuse beggars of excessive profiting, is the fact that the houseless spend money that is given to them locally, and immediately. That same money given to a service provider will often disappear from the local economy as it gets turned into salaries for the two letter writers mentioned already. When I give a dollar to the beggar out in front of Safeway, that beggar goes into Safeway and spends that dollar. I wasn’t going to spend that dollar, otherwise I wouldn’t have it to give away. Therefore the store, that dislikes the beggar, makes more than if I had just done my shopping. In the article in question, the Long family spends that money on a nightly hotel room. This not only means profit for the hotel, but they are also paying the “transient tax” that supports our cities.

There is nothing forcing people to give money to a beggar beyond their personal morality. It is hard, degrading work, which I personally can‘t envision anyone choosing as their career. It is beyond idiotic to believe that by giving money to “service providers” who keep the majority of it for themselves, and have yet to even put a dent into the problem, you are somehow solving the problem. Giving to the need may not end homelessness any faster than the “free-trade” policies we now rely on, but I can’t put into words how much more a member of the community one feels when one has enough money to buy themselves their own food.

As a last thought I wish to express my gratitude to everyone who rises above the propaganda of the neo-social worker, and does the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. I certainly don’t wish to stop those supporting non-profits, but if you only have little, then direct aid will definitely go further than building a jobocracy for the already employed.

love eternal

trials and punishment

October 31, 2010

Peace be with you

If you remember I said I had a couple of grievances, well the second of those reached its peak October 12th. As some of you are already aware, on January 27, 2009, I was drug out of a Board of Supervisors meeting by half a dozen shaved headed, steroidal, lock-stepping, Humboldt County Sheriffs. Bailiffs to be precise. As you recall, I was tried in a court of which I complained of cheating. As you further might recall, I spent a couple of weeks in jail. The appeals court ruled that the DA was in fact cheating. Then the DA set it for trial again. Court appearance, after court appearance went by and trial was set to begin on October 12.

The DA refuses to prosecute. It now appears that I didn’t break any “law” on January 27, 2009 after all. My file fills up a fucking file-box. Now after a year and a half of lawyering, 30 days in the hole, and hundreds of hours of legal research, its just over. No apology, no explanation, just “we’re not going to prosecute.” On the day of trial again too.

This is just like the Co-Op’s bigoted tactic. You don’t have to prove I’m a thief, you just have to act like I am a thief, and to the community at large I am labeled a thief. The Supervisors, the Sheriff, the DA, not even Phil Crandall had to prove I did anything wrong when I was addressing the Supervisors. Nor did they have to explain their actions. They punished me both with brutality, and imprisonment. By deed, and by word, they publicly proclaimed I was a criminal.

Public meetings should be made public! The legislatures speak bullshit for hours sometimes, while giving us, the public, one or two minutes. I believe they are going to continue to attempt to silence, restrict, discredit, and harass us when we speak truth to power. The illusionary qualities of their “system” requires it. If the truth be known then this would be a very different world. In a world where everyone is truly equal the rich and powerful, are equal too, and they can’t imagine just having enough. The politicians don’t want to listen to the public, they think their smarter than us. I merely point to our violent society to refute their claims of fucking brilliance.

love eternal

I’m Back From the Unconnected

October 29, 2010

Peace be with you

It has been a while since I was on-line. I can’t say I really missed it, but, then again, if I really didn’t miss it why am I here now? I guess I still have some shit to say.

Since you last heard from me a lot of shit happened. The first was on October 2nd. It was a hot day, and I had found some work. After working all day I went to the Co-Op to get some organic food. While I was doing my daily shopping, and unknown to me at that time, I had picked up a tail. The guy in the front of the photo, a “security officer,” also unknown at the time, was profiling me. Now I don’t know why after ten years of shopping at the Co-Op they would suddenly get it in their heads that I am a thief, but that is exactly what they did.

What had apparently happened was that while being followed through the store, I pulled my money out to see if I had enough to make additional purchases from their establishment, and they took that as me thieving something. I checked out not aware that the management was all in an excitement to ambush me on my way out of the store. As I exit the fuck in the picture lifts up his shirttail and flashes what looks like a cop badge, and says, “see this badge?” “What did you put in your pocket?” Now I’m confused. What the fuck is a cop doing waiting for me outside the Co-Op?

I empty my pockets to prove to the fuck I wasn’t the droid he was looking for. He, then satisfied, marches back into the store, leaving me with my pockets emptied in front of the entire town. Never identifying himself as a Co-Op “security officer,” he didn’t even thank me for allowing him to abuse me, nor apologize.

I’m more than a little miffed at this point. My brain was starting to work again and I realized what had just happened – I was profiled, falsely accused, and made to believe I was facing a cop, by the fucking CO–OP! I marched back into the store and made badge dude show me his badge again. Though I left the Co-Op laughing my ass off about Mr. plastic badge, I have never been back. I bought damn near all my food there. I bought coffee every morning I could afford it there. And a lot of my friends shop there too.

It doesn’t seem that the Co-Op turned out to be what they originally claimed to be creating. Once the Co-Op was a meeting place, that practiced altruism, and community spirit. They went from a community space to a little yellow “freespeech zone.” From donating 3% of their profits to charity, to taking credit for giving what you donate at the checkout. They went from giving food out the backdoor, and supporting Food Not Bombs out the front, to locked dumpsters. They went from acceptance of differences of community members, to cop impersonating security guards profiling hippies. They went from promoting community morals to renting from Rob Arkley. They went from promoting from within to hiring big city corporate managers. And they went from a cooperative to a co-opted corporate interest who put profits before people.

Every member of the Co-Op should never again talk about how stockholders should be held responsible for the corporate abuses their stockholding allows. It is as if each and every one of you had a hand in profiling me because of my dreads, tiedye, or what ever bullshit Mr. tin badge used in your name. If your are the coolest of a predominantly cool community then physician heal thyself.

I know it is a pain in the ass to boycott a store, but that reluctancy to action is exactly why nothing changes, and in fact keep getting worse. I do know that Eureka Natural Foods is cheaper, and they dress their security guards as security guards, not police detectives.

Four or five years ago Safeway did the same bullshit to me. I stripped damn near naked to prove my innocence in that one. Even though that security guard was fired over that shit, I still haven’t been back in Safeway. I doubt that the worlds biggest grocery store is going to change its policies very easy, but the local so-called Co-Op might just come around if enough people would give a shit. Otherwise maybe it is time to start a Cooperative, or two, or a dozen.

love eternal

The Plazoid Experimenting with Computer Problems

September 14, 2010

Peace be with you

We published this in the zine version of the plazoid once, and I thought it so accurate in my feelings on the matter of “pan handlers,” that I wanted to fucking post it again. Here’s part of chapter 31, of George Orwell’s, “Down and out in Paris and London”:

It is worth saying something about the social position of beggars, for when one has consorted with them, and found that they are ordinary human beings, one cannot help being struck by the curious attitude that society takes towards them. People seem to feel that there is some essential difference between beggars and ordinary ‘working’ men. They are a race apart–outcasts, like criminals and prostitutes. Working men ‘work’, beggars do not ‘work’; they are parasites, worthless in their very nature. It is taken for granted that a beggar does not ‘earn’ his living, as a bricklayer or a literary critic ‘earns’ his. He is a mere social excrescence, tolerated because we live in a humane age, but essentially despicable.

Yet if one looks closely one sees that there is no ESSENTIAL odifference between a beggar’s livelihood and that of numberless respectable people. Beggars do not work, it is said; but, then, what is WORK? A navvy works by swinging a pick. An accountant works by adding up figures. A beggar works by standing out of doors in all weathers and getting varicose veins, chronic bronchitis, etc. It is a trade like any other; quite useless, of course–but, then, many reputable trades are quite useless. And as a social type a beggar compares well with scores of others. He is honest compared with the sellers of most patent medicines, high-minded compared with a Sunday newspaper proprietor, amiable compared with a hire-purchase tout–in short, a parasite, but a fairly harmless parasite. He seldom extracts more than a bare living from the community, and, what should justify him according to our ethical ideas, he pays for it over and over in suffering. I do not think there is anything about a beggar that sets him in a different class from other people, or gives most modern men the right to despise him.

Then the question arises, Why are beggars despised?–for they are despised, universally. I believe it is for the simple reason that they fail to earn a decent living. In practice nobody cares whether work is useful or useless, productive or parasitic; the sole thing demanded is that it shall be profitable. In all the modem talk about energy, efficiency, social service and the rest of it, what meaning is there except ‘Get money, get it legally, and get a lot of it’? Money has become the grand test of virtue. By this test beggars fail, and for this they are despised. If one could earn even ten pounds a week at begging, it would become a respectable profession immediately. A beggar, looked at realistically, is simply a businessman, getting his living, like other businessmen, in the way that comes to hand. He has not, more than most modem people, sold his honour; he has merely made the mistake of choosing a trade at which it is impossible to grow rich.”

love eternal

The Arcata [L]Eye Boycott and Indigenous Peoples

September 10, 2010

Peace be with you

(try this one)


(for Terrance)

As many of you know the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid is currently trying to spin its anti-marijuana stance here at the Plazoid. I try to ignore them, but it is so hard to listen to idiots, liars, and thieve’s bullshit and not respond. It has created a lot of good information about the [L]Eye and its perverted views, and a lot of common sense responses to their bullshit. One thing the [L]Eye advocates however, has been bugging me for a few days. That is their belief that the indigenous Peoples of the Americas were just like the Europeans in that the “tribes raped and killed one another.” They went as far as saying, “[i]f their populations were bigger, it woulda been genocide.”

In old English rape meant what we think it is today, plus it had the meaning “to carry off.” I wondered how anyone today could really believe the portrayal of the original Americans as “savages,” and “heathens.” Maybe the [L]Eye was using the old English definition of rape. I had to look at other usages of the word by the [L]Eye, to see if this is so. I found what I was looking for in the following [L]Eye comment: “Ewwww… raped by blog posts. Nasty. Tad, you’re wearing a short skirt, metaphorically speaking. We can’t help ourselve” (sic).

So we agree on the definition of “rape.” Therefore the [L]Eye must be continuing the stereotyping started by “indian hunters.” The funny thing is the only proof of “rape” to the point of “genocide” presented to back up this so-called fact is a bunch of Hollywood movies. It seems pretty scary to think people get their news from people who think movies are fact. Even “based on true events” movies are only “based” on those events, not an accurate depiction of those events.

Most Indigenous Peoples don’t have words for the most brutal of European tendencies. They don’t have words for rape. Hell most don’t even have a word for homelessness. I wonder what the Hoopa, the Yurok, or the Wiyot think about having a local paper describing them as the offspring of rapists and murderers? Seeing how fucking pissed I am, I find it hard to imagine that tribes, I personally find gentle and kind, would not be upset by the [L]Eye’s insinuations.

Anyone who is not a mindless zombie should take time to read the ideology of that rat fucking paper the Arcata[L]Eye here on the Plazoid (just type Terrence McNally in the search engine). They are not on our side, and believe we are all a bunch of saps who should relinquish our voices, our histories, and our lives to their propaganda. How much red baiting would an intelligent community take? Its time we wise up.

love eternal

Tad’s Trial

September 4, 2010

Peace be with you

I had a court date last week. My trial is now scheduled to begin October 12. I have been reading the transcript from the last trial, and see many places I could improve my case.

One thing that concerns me is the DA now has the opportunity to change my charges again for the forth time. The DA was only able to “convict” me by cheating. The appeal panel ruled that he did. Last trial they offered me a plea of guilty of a disturbing the peace on the day of trial. Now that the DA has cheated and sent me to jail unjustly, I am afraid he wont give me the opportunity to vindicate myself. I am afraid he is going to change my charges to an infraction, after I already served time on a misdemeanor.

Can Gallegos convict me if he has to follow the law?

Two of the jurors left the trial with tears in their eyes. They wanted to find me not guilty, but the cheating DA convinced them they couldn’t. The judge at the behest of the DA would not give them instructions on what the “lawful duties” of a cop really are. The judge allowed irrelevant prejudicial evidence to be presented by the DA. If those two jurors, and maybe even more, had not been fooled by the DA then I would of had a hung jury at worse.

Shouldn’t our qualifications for a District Attorney be justice, not treachery? If the DA ignores the rules he is elected to protect, if sneaky tricks are used in places of real evidence, if the number of convictions are more important than the constitution Gallagos swore to uphold, then we have a breakdown of our entire system.

Another question that I feel needs to be asked is, “how much does it cost us to have our DA play censor for politicians?” Is it really what we want to pay for? I mean a trial, a month in jail, and an appeal so far, and it will only cost more. That is just one case who someone made it public. How many other are prosecuted with deception?

I don’t think any government is sustainable because they always end up restricting liberties. Our constitution was a compromise – guaranteed liberties in exchange for governance. If you make a deal and the other side does not live up to that deal, can you really keep supporting the deal? I want freedom back. That was the deal, and it is the only deal we should accept.

love eternal


September 3, 2010

Peace be with you

Jack Duran of the McKinleyville Press says, “the only way to make a buck is to work.” I am assuming “buck” is the terminology for money in this discussion. What is a little more vague is this thing “work.” From the context of the rest of his comment I again assume by “work,” he means “job.” If he means work, as work, then he is being a little naive believing that anyone doesn’t work.

Does the business owner and the ditch digger both do work? No, they both have “jobs,” but it is the ditch digger doing the work. The owners get “bucks” for the ditch digger’s work, not his/her own. So the business owner doesn’t work yet gets “bucks.”

How about the landlord? The landlord has other people pay their mortgage, and give them “bucks.” How is that work?

How about preachers? They call their “work” preaching, I call mine demonstrating. They protect their flock, I protect my community. They are viewed as “hard workers,” while I am portrayed as a bum. It is only a technicality that differentiates between me and a preacher. A technicality that allows one to be called a worker though he bums, and the other is called a bum though he works.

What about negative work? By that I mean if the purpose of work is to produce “bucks,” then what about those who cost bucks, and produce none. Cops come quickly to mind. If I was a politician trying to award a contract that I would personally, or my organization jointly, stood to make 65% of the contract, everyone would (or at least should) accuse me of a conflict of interest. Cops however, decide when, where, and who, to conduct pot raids on, and Humboldt County cops get to keep 65% of any assets the grower accumulated before the raid. What is it that keeps the cops from manipulating the profit margin. If your “work” depended on asset forfeiture, and you knew of a new grower who only has a used car, and a few grow lights, what is keeping you from letting him/her grow a few seasons to build up assets. To maximize your profits so to speak.

Cops are a self-fulfilling prophecies. Once hired they make sure there is enough crime to keep them hired. There are support jobs they have to have enough crime to justify also. Prosecutors, jailers, public defenders, and the sensationalist journalist. If you went back twenty years, and calculated which city department, and it matters not which city, increased its cost the most, without exception it is police departments. They are literally the reason cities are going broke. Can we call bankrupting cities “work?”

There are a lot of other jobs in our community which I either don’t consider “work” as defined by the way it is accused towards me, or “work” at the expense of the rest. One of those which is both is the “banker.” That’s a ponzi scheme “job,” as they prove over and over again. The reason the Jewish tradition outlaws usury is it is so fucking unsustainable that no society can survive it. Bankers collect “bucks” that don’t even exist, off of every dollar there is. If you create the buck, but don’t create the interest charged on that buck soon you run into what is referred to as a “brick wall.” Eventually this non-existent interest has to be reckoned with, but because it doesn’t really exist it can’t be. This is what bankers call “work.”

The amount of “work” and the amount of “buck” have no relationship to one another. I see many who barely work while raking in a shit load of “bucks.” I see many others busting their asses, and barely surviving. I guess, besides the fact I do work, at least by comparison of many “workers,” I also don’t produce negative work like so many other “workers” do.

As a last thought I would like to advocate for the lazy. Lazy people don’t go start wars, build prisons, or clear cut forests. In fact compared to the corporations, the armies, the cops, and their propaganda machine, lazy people are the pillar of our society. If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is its father. Only someone too lazy to beat their clothes against a rock, would invent a washing machine.

love eternal

North Coast Journal, the McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata [L]Eye Conspired to Censor Activist Blog.

August 31, 2010

Peace be with you

I am a little tired of this deliberate attack on my blog by these three local news papers. There are some questions that can only be answered with subpoenas. I made a living learning how to operate within the confines of the criminal legal system. I think it is “high time” I consider hooking up with the civil lawyers, and learning a new trade. I have their IP addresses, I have their actions all documented in multiple places, and I know who they are.

I only mention that because the longer this goes on, the worse the harm to me. I want to end this now, as the emotional and physical stress they are intentionally inflicting upon me is getting to the point I may never overcome it.

By attacking my commentators these three newspaper representatives are effectively censoring my blog. They are creating an atmosphere, that is both very Hooverish, and highly slanderous. I really think I have a good case for an injunction right now, but I think I would have a better case if I could look at the emails sent from those IP addresses I have. If some said “hey lets . . .”, and some others said, “yeah” then we got us a conspiracy. I think it would be one thing for some random Terrence, Hank, and Jack to gang up on me (“one thing” does not however, mean tort proof), but it is something else all together, for the North Coast Journal, the McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata [L]Eye to do it. I bet they invited the Times Standard to play their little game, but their parent company said, “no fucking way, someone is getting sued.”

This is just to Terrence, Hank, and Jack: Just go away guys (and take Hoover with you), with what little dignity you have left. I don’t want to get an injunction forbidding you from the internet, but if you don’t stop I’ll try.

love eternal