Check This Shit Out

August 30, 2010

Peace be with you

I have never seen anything like this in my life. My trolls, the North Coast Journal (Hank “dandy” Sims), the McKinleyville Press (Jack Duran), and the Arcata [L]Eye (Terrence McNally), have taken to filling up my blog with gibberish. These mother fuckers are moving my ass up the google search engine like a ten engine rail over the Rockys.

Check out their crap in my comment section: here. My question is what is their profit from acting like asses in public? Its decreasing the public comments, but it is really increasing my readership. Does anyone else think they conspired in advance to attack my blog? No doubt there are now interesting e-mails between three news papers. I put those emails on my bucket list of things to read.

Can you really say I’m not getting to them?

love eternal


Arcata [L]Eyer Defends Pot Growing is Violent Statement

August 29, 2010

Peace be with you

It is obvious that Terrence doesn’t have the skills required to back up his point that pot growers are all violent murders. On the one hand we have the idiotor of the [L]Eye telling us how much the pot growers love him, and on the other we have the [L]Eye here talking about how all the growers are violent and blood thirsty. I don’t buy either one of those scenarios. I neither believe that the growers love Hoover, nor do I believe that a killing out in Kneeland is indicative of pot growers.

I gave Terrence an opportunity to make his point, but all he did was claim that that one grower was fucked-up. Perhaps he is right about that one grower, but there are tens of thousands of growers in this world. I know for a fact that the cops place a lot of blown out of proportion emphasis on pot growers who own guns. I knew a grower who had guns his grandfather had given him, and though he told me he had never fired them, the cops told the papers he was “armed and dangerous” between the time they raided his house, and he turned himself in.

By Terrence’s logic any profession in which a member of that profession murdered someone, then everyone in that profession is a violent person. What about that psychiatrist at Fort Hood,? or that BBC reporter who killed his wife? Is psychiatry, or news reporting an inherently violent business?

I have seen the [L]Eye paint everyone with the same broad strokes before. Think about how it claims that all houseless people do exactly what the worst ones do. The [L]Eye uses this type of sensationalism to label those they don’t like, and it is obvious from past [L]Eye editorials that this is the case with pot growers.

I gave Terrence a chance to explain his views, on a topic he personally wanted to talk about. But in typical [L]Eye style he resorted to their “run tad out of town” motif. Terrence should be thankful that he found someone like Hoover, because if his guest post here is indicative of his journalism skills, he would otherwise just be another drunk on the tracks.

Here is his journalism in its entirety:

Good God, that band sucks.

OK – here it is, Tadarooni. Please print in full.

Growers who kill their imported Guatemalan laborers and hunt them through the night are terrible people and not fit to smoke the shitty ass dope they grow.

End scene. Critique till yer fingers bleed.

If there was ever a better buddy film I’d like to see, the feel-good movie of the summer… Tad and Bravo on the road.

I will buy the Greyhound tix.

Love ya, smooches. Send me a post card.


I guess I should explain that if I’m going to have McNally and Hoover trolling my blog for the next six months, I shall use that time to deconstruct their newspeak. The newspeak method we are dealing with today is taking individual events, sensationalizing them, and applying it to a group. I don’t know enough to say what happened in Kneeland. Even after all is said and done, there is a good chance I will still only know the version of the story they want me to hear.

It always saddens me when someone gets killed, whether it is an unarmed man in the woods, or one on the highway in Blue Lake – may peace be with them.

love eternal

McNally’s guest column

August 28, 2010

Peace be with you

long live RATM

Terrence McNally, my pet troll, has requested that we discuss the recent tragedy in Kneeland. I know you’re saying, “what the fuck does any reader of the Plazoid give a shit about what a disruptor like Terrence has to say about anything.” I agree, but hey he did shut down that blog he fraudulently created in my name. I also told him that I thought Nick Bravo stood a better chance of becoming a person I would hang with than he is. I know that is one hell of a blow for his ego, but Nick, though eccentric, doesn’t try to hurt people, where as Terrence, also eccentric, loves to see people hurt. I understand that the more we hurt, because of hurt being done to others, the closer we are to that god thing. Terrence he watches hurt for entertainment. So while Terrence is in Blue Lake watching grown men punch each other in the face, I want to offer him an opportunity to post a guest post telling us just how the recent ugly situation in Kneeland is indicative of what we know to be the nature of medical marijuana. I expect him to tell us how these types of situations are the fault of the Herb, and not the natural tendencies of a black market. I expect him to explain how reefer madness in the local media (Arcata), increased the profit margin of pot growing by reducing the supply, and increased the national publicity of pot growing in Humboldt. I expect him to break from his restricted [L]Eye guidelines of opinion and rhetoric, and give us facts, facts and more facts. I expect him to either write like he knows what the fuck he is talking about, or go and start his own blog.

So there you have it Terrence, you fucking write it, and we can do your “I want to.” Otherwise like my grandma use to say, “shit in one hand, and want in the other, then figure out which one comes out fuller.” You send me a guest column about the Kneeland incident, and how it makes marijuana growers the bad guys, and I’ll critique it in the comments.

I guess in the name of fairness I should also disclose that I already believe that your whole “Hoover’s love for the pot grower” bullshit is really hanging in the wind on this one. You blame the pot, and I show different.

Write it soon, ’cause I have livelines.

love eternal

PS: Nick Bravo, I know you are getting fucked over by McNally, and probably the [L]Eye. I can tell by his “I’m calling the cops” comments, that he is inciting you. He invites you, then calls the cops on you – what the fuck? You can write a guest column also, keeping in mind I want facts, facts, and facts, then I will post your’s too.

tad the Nazi hunter, or tad the resister, make up your mind

August 25, 2010

Peace be with you

On September 13th, I am scheduled to start that “resisting” trial all over again. “Again,” is the operative word here. Can I do it better than last time? I hope so. I got a transcript, my in limine motion won on appeal, and no matter how long I will hunger strike, it is 35 days shorter than it fucking could be.

I have big problem though, with what is going on in Humboldt County today. I was schooled, by those who mandated schooling, that we lived in a free country, and we had both redress of grievances, and free speech “inalienable” rights. I learned in voluntary school, that we also had equality under the law. I learned through autodidacticism, that this world is run by a top heavy group of motherfuckers, that can get away with anything they want. That is, as long as we keep giving our consent by silence.

Would I, if I was born in 1896, Germany, keep quite my insight? I ask myself that question a lot. I have decided that, not only would I not have kept quiet, but I would have resisted.

What exactly does resistance mean? Members of White Rose lost their heads for merely passing out pamphlets as their form of resistance. Me, I’m not losing my head (that is old French for guillotine), I hope, but my resistance was as severe as Chris Probst’s was.

Today I am still an autodidacticism practitioner – I am self taught. I read, I watch, and I follow the money. I also think looking at the results is a better barometer of the agenda, than looking at the agenda. Sometimes when we drink, we do or say things, because they seemed like a good idea at the time, but THEY’RE NOT! We’re sober goddammit!

We as a society, and as a world, are being taken over by an ideology that parallels the Nazi worldwide experience. If you stop looking at JUST the Jewish holocaust as the extent of the Nazi sphere of influence, you will see that everything else today correlates perfectly with the results sought by the Nazis. The propaganda machine, with tv and all, is better than Goebbels could of ever imagined. The police machine, with the war on drugs and all, is better than Röhm could ever imagine. The worldwide economy is exactly what the Nazis envisioned.

But!, through resistance we can turn it all around, especially the most simplest and least obtrusive resistance. A little bit more leads to a little bit more, and soon we are massed in the streets, only armed with the arms holding up our outstretched middle fingers. Enough of those fists of resistance and we can make this a world for all of us, not the privileged few. Really the whole of Nazi ideology was protected by, and for the benefit of, the privileged few.

Stop calling the cops. I am sick and tired of seeing sad, and crying, community members, because THEY called the cops! Stop supporting, and start speaking out against, groups that want to control another groups. Stop believing attacks on people’s character are the same as attacks on the experiences they have to tell. Stop, stop, stop! Start becoming neighbors, become co-resisters, become advocates, become protectors of the outcast, and become human again. We’re all in this together, and it has to change, really change. That change always has to start with me. Would I have resisted in Nazi Germany?

Tierra y Libertad!

McNally – Identity Thief

August 25, 2010

Peace be with you

As you can see I picked up a new commenter called “concernedMcNally.” This commenter who has the exact same IP address as Terrence McNally, has set up a blog called “ It’s kinda funny they are making so much fun about a blues guitar player out of Chicago. I am tad, so any mention of “tad robinson,” obviously is in reference to Tad Robinson, of the “Tad Robinson Band.”

I know you all are thinking what a fucking jerk this Terrence McNally is, but remember he is the sidekick of Kevin Hoover, and Hoover should be required to register as a fucking jerk. He lives in a town where he dislikes the community, and the community dislikes him. There is a small, small group of people in Arcata trying to be its town boss. They need a propaganda machine, and Hoover is really good at that kind of sucking. Lies, distortion, fraud, and slander are the “tools” in Hoover’s propaganda machine.

There is a group of local bloggers, who believe that is is okay to pretend to be someone else. This is illegal! Terrence is one of those frauds. Hoover is another. This isn’t an accidental mistake, it is a manufactured lie.

I realize they view me as a serious threat to their power base, and really have no real issues they can discredit me with. So they put their dicks in the slander mousetrap hoping it doesn’t slam closed.

I refuse to buy their crap, that only by going along with the abusive power players, can someone be considered worthy of respect. Is the way McNally and Hoover treat me really any different then the way Shirley Sherrod was treated? They selective edit my words, make up shit that never happened, and repeat it over and over again, hoping to convince you I am not creditable. Is that news?

I guess it is okay in their minds to attack someone they feel can’t legally defend themselves. They have this, if they’re too poor to sue us then we can make up anything we want, attitude. My question is, how long do I have to suffer the harm, before they cease and desist? My guess is they have no intention on doing the right thing, it will take legal action. I also think there is a crime being committed here, but getting the right hand to prosecute the left is like getting the pope to remove pedophiles from the Catholic church.

Even if you think McNally is a funny troll, you surely can’t think identity theft is funny. I am in the market for a lawyer to help me sue the [L]Eye for slander. Anyone who has any information that will help in my endeavors can email me at the address in the upper right corner of this blog.

love eternal

Nazis, the Mckinelyville Press, the North Coast Journal, the Arcata [L]Eye & tad the Nazi Hunter?

August 23, 2010

Peace be with you

I only write so much everyday. I figure in another fifty or sixty years I’ll be good at it. If I spend all my time defending “myself,” and not what I originally wrote about, from the likes of the Arcata [L]Eye editor, the North Coast Journal editor, and the McKinleyville Press editor, I don’t really write anything else. Those three editors, along with Arcata [L]Eye reporter Terrence McNally become a troll problem whenever I mention the inconsistencies of Kevin “Baby Cane” Hoover’s public actions. I respond to certain points they make as a way to give you, the reader, an alternative perspective to consider. Why should I bury it in the comment section when really what I say should be the topic of a post, and not the chastisement of a troll.

I study things, internally process them, and then come to what I consider the most likely truth. I then filter that through my heart, which weighs the humanity, my life experiences, and how it fits in to my belief system. I have trouble believing things I have found to be different than stated. For example, one might say, “not all cops are bad.” I however find that almost without exception, ever cop I have had an interaction with is out to get me. I am not a bad person. I don’t want any of your crap. I don’t rape, murder, or pillage. I don’t hit anything other than a joint. And, I believe that only through good works can one find redemption. But, every time I see a cop, they “[take] counsel how they might entangle [me] in [my] talk.”

I basically study three things, though the holistic nature of everything creates an infinite number of subcategories. Those three things are my spirituality, the history of revolution, and the history of oppression. It is the later I wish to discuss here. No period of oppression was both, better researched, and created more moral outrage, than did the Nazi period. In many ways the Nazi period is a lot like today, and where it is not, it is obtaining the exact same results.

Most people think “Nazi” means 6 million murdered Jews, but besides the fact that that is only about half of all the people murdered by the Nazis, there are many more subtle similarities in the policies that led up to the final solution. “Free Trade” is exactly the same economic system the Nazis practiced. In fact the Pinochet government, in Chile, was both the first “Free Trade” nation, and implemented it through a fascist government. Homophobia was an official party policy under the Nazis. Homeless persecution was a policy under the Nazis. People suffering mental health problems were the first group to be sterilized and/or euthanized under the Nazis. The Nazis depended on a police state to protect corporate dominion, quiet dissent , and persecute “social outsiders.” And, the Nazis did much of it through “charity organizations,” “the media,” health care providers, and psychiatrists.

If I look at the results, and not the method, I easily see that it was not the swastika wearing Nazi that causied all the same results. When I then look at who, and what, is causing these same results today, I see charity organizations, the media, health care providers, psychiatrists, and the other “behavioral and social sciences.” They talk about worthiness, genetics, and brain chemistry as the factors in which we should weigh a person’s social worth. Guess who else did that?

If we put aside the comparison that Nazis felt the mentally handicapped should be “euthanize,” and today they feel they should be “medicated,” we can get to the comparison that the Nazis sterilized, worked, and killed them. Then we can compare that to the fact that the Humboldt county Mental Health department, in effect also, sterilizes, works, and kills them. If we get beyond the comparison that the Nazis continually hunted down, jailed, and blamed the economy on the houseless people in Germany, as compared to us doing the exact same thing, then we get to . . . we do the exact same thing. If we get over the comparison that the Nazis increased their police force, both in numbers, and in violence, because of a supposed terrorist threat (Reichstag fire), and we did the same, we can get to . . . we did the same. If we can get beyond the comparison that the Nazis arrested, framed, and murdered those they viewed as dissenters, or resisters, and realize we so the exact same thing, then we can start to see where we are on the road to nazifacation.

The Nazis perfected propaganda. They convinced their people to hate others – who were also their people. They did this by distraction, revisionist history, censorship, unsubstantiated claims, hypocrisy, and attacks on their enemies. They did this through the local papers of Germany. They taught hate, disguised as “news.” They taught social engineering, disguised as science. They taught violence was acceptable if it came from the state. They taught that dissent was treason. They taught that opinions were fact! Do the three papers who’s editors are currently gracing my blog’s comment section teach anything different? Absolutely not.

There is that rant in the movie “network,” where “Howard Beale” says, “only three percent of you read books.” I have to imagine that number minus those who only read romance novels, or science fiction novels, or some other mindless drivel (please don’t believe that I don’t read mindless drivel myself, I just recognize it for what it is, and expand beyond it) in order to appreciate its true ramifications. If the “big one” ever strikes Arcata, then my body will be found under a mountain of books about the later Wiemar, and Nazi, period in Germany. Is Naomi Wolf correct that there is a fascist tendency a foot? In my opinion, yes. Is it afoot in Arcata? In a big way. Sometimes I have to remind myself I am reading a book about 1936 Nazi Germany, because I start thinking I’m reading an accurate account of today’s Arcata.

Anyone who read the comments left by Jack Duran (Mckinleyville Press), Hank Sims (North Coast Journal), Terrence McNally (Arcata [L]Eye), and that “anonymous” someone who sounds a lot like Kevin Hoover (Arcata [L]Eye) realizes that, critique of my points is not the object of their comments. Nor is their desire to generally make fun of me for my rather humanistic world view, otherwise they would comment on other posts besides those featuring Baby Cain Hoover. They are here for one purpose, and one purpose only, to discredit me without ever having to discrediting what I say. I am praying there is way more intelligence out there among my readership than that. I really want to defend my thesis, but the truth be known, I can’t really, nor would I want to, defend that I am a bum with a dirty hat.

love eternal

What’s in a Name, and why does the Arcata [L]Eye care?

August 22, 2010

Peace be with you

As any one who has read the comments on this blog knows, I picked up an Arcata [L]Eye troll, or as one commenter put it, “a cyberbully.” This [L]Eye reporter, Terrence McNally is so childish in his attempts to disguise the truth he appears to be a 12 year old, but make no mistake, this is an adult, and the adult some of you get your news from (at least those who have not yet joined the boycott of the [L]Eye).

He uses three main tactics in his attempts to hide the hypocrisy in his boss, Keven Hoover’s, behavior. 1. distract the reader with personal attacks against the author of who ever he is attacking; 2. Rewrite history, and; 3. change the topic. Because he works in a news paper office, Terrence McNally has access to the [L]Eye’s databases. Those data bases are in of themselves Hoover’s interpretation (ie 1, 2, and 3 above) of events.

McNally wants your name so he can look and see if Hoover lied about you in the past. If he finds a past lie, not only will he parade it as the indisputable truth, but he will ultimately add to the untruthfulness of the “story.” He will attempt to distract, and harass, Plazoid readers with rewritten history, thus changing the topic to his fucking ass.

It should be remembered that Terrence McNally, and Kevin Hoover have no more creditability in their comments here, than they do in their lying gossip rag. A human can only keep so many lies straight in their heads at once. Normally habitual liars tend to move on once the whole community knows they are untrustworthy, but every once in a while, a really sick one comes along, and just disgusts everyone forever. And we got two.

Everyone learned in history class about Hearst’s deceptive involvement in the start of the Spanish-American war. If you don’t know, Hearst wired his illustrator (today it would be photographer like Terrence McNally is to the [L]Eye), “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” This was called at the time “yellow journalism.” Orson Wells made a movie about Hearst called “Citizen Cane.”

Hoover, whom I call “Baby Cane,” believes in that method of yellow journalism. The truth is secondary to paper sales, and third to the agenda of the Arcata Downtown Mainstreet Business Owners Association (Arcata DoMBO-Ass). He will lie in his paper today, and point to that same lie in the future as proof that the original lie is true.

I posted a post about how Kevin Hoover is really not someone the growers should start embracing now that pot may become legalized. He was not a friend to any of us pot smokers for all these years. In fact he incited hysteria against us, and especially those who grow the pot we smoke. Now he has his employee here on my blog slamming pot growers, hippies, and anyone else who realizes exactly what a weasel he is.

I encourage everyone to just ignore him. Don’t give him your name, don’t get sidetracked, and don’t read the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid. Hoover thinks he is controlling the town through his propaganda. He thinks he is a citizen cane, but he’s a little fish, in a little pond. Just a “Baby Cane” if you will.

We need to start thinking for ourselves, and stop listening to the bullshit rhetoric Hoover is parroting from Arcata DoMBO-Ass. What you read in the [L]Eye is just the elitist view of those who think they own the public spaces of Arcata. They wanted a “big commercial grow” scare, or Hoover wouldn’t of printed such.

Nobody better embodies this elitism than Alex Stillman, the founder of the Arcata DoMBO-Ass. She is not even a friend to businesses. She started Arcata DoMBO-Ass and forced all downtown businesses to join whether they wanted to or not. Businesses have to go through what I always hear called “Alex Stillman’s design and review committee.” Nobody is a more prominent marionette of Hoover, and the [L]Eye than, downtown business owner, Arcata City mayor, Headwaters fund board member, design and review committee member, and millionaire Alex Stillman.

Wake-up and stop believing lies. Remember the more we boycott the [L]Eye the more free time the staff at the [L]Eye have to be trolls on people’s blogs. We should only expect Terrence’s childishness to increase, so please don’t feed the troll.

love eternal

Court Cases

August 20, 2010

Peace be with you

215 patient, and father of Robert Garth, Charles, was back in court this morning facing felony pot charges. Charles stated he was in no condition to represent himself, and requested a lawyer. Charles is still being charged with a felony. The crowds are growing, and talk of an anti-Gallegos 215 movement is beginning to take shape. I’ll get the next court date and post it.

On a lighter note I too am going to court. I am having a “Disposition Re-set hearing” over that, talking over the instantly imposed time limit bullshit I went to jail for (or at least one of the times I went to jail). I guess the DA will decide at that time to re-try me, or let me go.

Anyway the letter from the court, filed August 18, 2010 says, “[r]emittitur having been filed on August 16, 2010 on for setting,” August 25, 2010, 2:00 pm, courtroom one, judge, W. Bruce Watson.

If anyone knows of any rights I should reserve, or should know about, for a “Disposition Re-set hearing” please let me know. If you have an aversion to my new domesticated trolls there is a confidential e-mail address in the upper righthand corner of this blog’s homepage.

love eternal

Charles Garth in Court again

August 17, 2010

Peace be with you

The DA offered Charles a “plea bargain.” Yesterday was Charles 2nd court date, and Gallegos is going ahead with his felony prosecution. Normally I would feel that Gallegos is being a mean tyrant for prosecuting someone like he is Charles, but with the death of his child at the hands of the cops Gallegos so loves to apologize for, it is down right fucked up.

I doubt that Gallegos will find a jury to convict Charles, once they learn of his 215, but its been two hearings so far, and a third Wednesday, and a forth Friday. I can’t even afford a lawyer for an hour, but Gallegos can waste as many lawyer hours as he wants, even with nothing to show for it.

I think we need a new bumper sticker to plaster the re-elect Gallegos signs with – “I’m 215 and I vote.” We need to send the DA’s office a clear message that these types of bullshit prosecutions ruin people’s lives. It is like he is kicking Charles while he is down. I figure one more term of Gallegos and we can make a bumper sticker that says – “I’m a grieving parent and I vote.” There is a big difference between being soft on crime, and prosecuting 215 patients.

I can’t endorse Jackson for DA, except to say that at least she hasn’t proven to be a quisling for the police state yet. I know she will be, and I know she’ll suck as a DA, but so does Paul, and Paul’s proven it.

Politicians tell different groups what ever they want them to hear. Paul, being a local DA which I supported again, and again, has proven his hypocrisy. He said he would be fairer with his prosecutions of the forest defenders, I saw him prosecute a forest defender being hung upside down, 150 feet off the ground, by two Pacific Lumber climbers, for felony assault of a police officer. Of course when the judge saw the video from Eric’s helmet cam, that Gallegos fought to keep secret, he agreed that Eric repeatedly telling “Ox” to stop standing on Phoenix’s chest with his climbing spurs, while Phoenix was cantilevered over the abyss from his thighs upward, was in no way felony assault.

He said he wouldn’t prosecute minor marijuana charges, but hundreds, probably thousands, of misdemeanor possession charges have been prosecuted by Gallegos. They even offered Charles, a 215 patient, misdemeanor possession if he would plea.

He said he would prosecute PL. Not only did he blow that suit, but he prosecuted forest defenders when they legally enforced the court ordered stay of all logging operations by PL. Those brave brothers and sisters were praised as saviors of Freshwater when PL finally went bust, but we were enemies of the DAs office while we were saving those trees.

Now lets talk about him getting the police under control. No lets not, because that is a whole ‘nother post. There have been so many deaths by cop in our little community that I don’t know where to begin. Gallegos is ultimately responsible for “closing the case” on death by cop cases. He is responsible for bringing the facts to light. But he doesn’t. He will charge a 215 patient with felony transport, but he wont charge a killer with negligent homicide.

“Who needs enemies when you have friends like him?” I don’t know who said that, but it certainly holds true in this age of Obama republicans. What do they call themselves? Was it democrat?

love eternal

New Clear Explosion

August 13, 2010

Peace be with you

I don’t typically talk about my life, as it is really immaterial, but I will share this tidbit as credentials on the fact that “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single foot step.” I walked a thousand miles once. Guess what?, it did start with a single foot step, or more accurately in my case a single slight limp. The lesson of the first step kept being retaught, and retaught, through out my entire journey. There would be times when you could see no light at the end of the tunnel (I mean that figuratively), but I had faith that ten more steps today would be ten less steps at the end of the journey.

I apply this lesson to everything I do today. Yes one comment at a meeting, or one post on a blog wont do diddly, but if I do my best to be honest, and keep to my course, even when it seems everyone is against me, eventually I will wake some people up to the problems which are so obvious to a houseless wanderer. Things we believe about how the world works become dispelled once the curtain has been ripped from your life.

Today’s politician does everything they can to prevent the people from controlling the government. The reason can easily be seen through a study of what happens when people control their government. It was people control which ended the Vietnam war, started civil rights, ended the draft, ended child labor, got the “weekend,” the list goes on and on.

An interesting fact I just learned is that in early 1943, Hitler, decided to start what the Nazis called “the Finial Round-up.” This would be the application of the “Final Solution” to all the “intermarried Jews,” and Jews working in “essential” military industries. Up until this time the only protests against the treatment of the Jewish people, within Germany had been small, and very underground.

On February 27, 1943, the Gestapo arrested 10,000 intermarried Jews in Berlin, and jailed them in the Jewish Community Center. The spouses of these Jews arose and started gathering in front of the community center on Rosenstrasse (street). “Day by day the protest grew . . . and as many as 6000 had joined in by the protest’s end.” Needless to say, on March 6th, Goebbels “ordered the release of all intermarried Jews, and their children.” In fact more intermarried Jews survived the war than any other group.*

This event is known as the Rosenstrasse protest, you can google it if you want more information. I just want to illustrate how even in Nazi Germany, over someone as oppressed as the Jews were, people could rise up and take back their government. If they continue to stand up they can take it all back.

Eventually we will start talking about our problems honestly, stop lying to ourselves, and we will demand solutions to our problems, not this same ol’, same ol’, status quo bullshit we have grown so accustom to in the last hundred years. We will scrap so much of what we have been programed to believe is necessary in today’s society. We will see that their logic lacks compassion, and isn’t really that logical anyway. We will show those yelling “more of the same, more of the same” every time “more of the same” makes it worse, that they are really a small, but loud minority. We will admit that the pseudo-sciences like economics, criminology and psychiatry, are not only bullshit profit schemes, but are actually causing the majority of the problems.

People will realize all our woes are the result of our own lying. When we lie we are more likely to accept other’s lies so as not to expose ours. Plus when we lie we are condoning lying. Most people don’t stand up, because they are afraid of being found-out. Found-out about what – wouldn’t that be a “lie?” All of our shit stinks, so those pretending theirs does not, are pretending, ie lying.

If you start being honest with yourself you’ll quit saying stupid shit like, “oh my god, I can’t believe the cops shot someone else.” You can believe it, in fact you know it is going to happen again, and again until we get our government under control.

I have termed this mass awakening, “the new clear explosion.” Even Nazi Germany relied on the consent of the governed for their atrocities. A single action by one person, can cause two more actions by different persons, on and on. I amazes me how when one person wakes up many of those who know that person wake up too. It is we the people who formed this Union, and only we the people who put it back on course.

love eternal

* See: “The Limits of Policy – Social Protection of Intermarried German Jews in Nazi Germany,” by Nathian Stoltztfus