Happy Holiday

Peace be with you

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing. I figure a small group of people actually find benefit in what I say. Another small group probably reads it as confirmation of what they already know. By far the vast majority of readers are brain dead idiots who will some day follow someone off a metaphoric cliff. If there is any one piece of useful knowledge in this world it is the Shakespearian “to thy own self be true.” If you can lie to yourself then your just a fucking liar, because you’ll lie to anyone else after that.

Is global warming true? Who knows? Is the mother Earth dying? Absolutely, and if you can’t see it with your own eyes your not paying attention. When one is in a situation where they are limited on how much food, water, or air they have, one tends to be cautious.

I could go on and on about all the things we see but deny exist anyway. What’s the point though? I already told you I realize there are only the three types of readers. I do have some shit I wrote that isn’t current events that I’ll post eventually. I wrote a really long essay on work versus laziness, (spoiler alert!, laziness wins).

Anyway I just wanted to implore you to make being more compassionate one of your new years resolutions. If everyone would be just 1% kinder next year things would be vastly better for us all. Peace on Earth starts with peace with you. Peace be with you. See you at the bottom of the cliff.

love eternal


16 Responses to “Happy Holiday”

  1. transient Says:

    thanks tad! peace be with you.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    and will you try as well Tad?

  3. Hopeful Says:

    I think everyone is a brain dead idiot at some point in their life, and has probably gone off of a metaphoric cliff more than once. Just don’t give up faith that everyone has the capacity to learn to open themselves to love and light.

    It’s funny “to thy own self be true” when stated in the play, follows a list of should and should nots, therefore, is extremely contradictory. It’s like conforming to not conforming. Everyone’s road is different, and those who don’t see eye to eye, might not be blind, they might just have a different role to play in this crazy world we live in. Every piece of the puzzle is important. How can we embrace love if there is never an opposition? As you said, how can you value air, food, and water, if you have never had to live without it?

  4. skippy Says:

    Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
    ~Will Rogers

  5. Old Smokey Says:

    (spoiler alert!, laziness wins). What a surprise coming from you.

  6. truth speaker Says:

    Funny Tad. You called the majority of “your” readers brain dead idiots. Since I often disagree with you, I am guessing I fall into that category. However, if you are going to call people such names, you should probably learn the difference between “your” the possessive and “you’re” the contraction. Also, if you want help on the other grammar mistakes in this and other pieces, feel free to ask this brain dead idiot for help. I promise, it will make YOUR already superior intellect shine through, and it will help us see that YOU’RE a brilliant writer and social advocate.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Truth

      That is a typical typo of mine, I understand that “rule.” What I don’t get it the dash thing in it’s. Is it its, or it’s. It is both a contraction and a possessive, but often written “its.” That’s one that is typically not a matter of just allowing spellcheck to do its, it’s thing.

      As far as you being brain dead goes, ask yourself these questions:

      Do you both drive a car, and know that driving cars is ruining the environment?

      Do you eat large amounts of meat protein, and also realize that it is the main promoter of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes?

      Do you believe anything the government tells you, even after they were caught lying to you?

      Here is the neat thing about being a brain dead idiot, you can change. Only people who think I am talking about them get upset. I didn’t list any names nor do I plan on it. The sad truth is that we live a lie. We have an economy based on people being sick. Way back in 1997 we passed the trillion dollar a year medical costs in this country. We have known about peak oil since the 40s. Which one of the thousands of scandals should I mention to explain the lies produced by our government? How about the war on drugs as a start?

      I didn’t come into this world to be a “brilliant writer.” It is just what happens sometimes when you stop being brain dead. If you think the point I was trying to make was something about your/you’re, then need I say more?

      One sentence to that bullshit identity thief Old Smokey: I read the following books, in addition to others, to write the essay: Bertrand Russell, In praise of idelness, (1932); Paul Lafargue, The Right to Be Lazy, and Other Studies, (1907); Herbert Marcuse, Aggressiveness in Advanced Industrial Society, (1967) and; Max Weber, Protestant Ethics and the Spirit of Capitalism, (1930). If you chose to read any of those books here is a spoiler alert – laziness wins! Here is a line I out of the essay that I learned from a book called, “A Gathering of Wisdom – Tribal Mental Health a Cultural Perspective” – “A Roanoke colonist said it only took 24 hours a year of work to feed one “Virginia Indian.” That’s less than a half hour work week. Laziness is the natural state of humankind.

      love eternal

      • Hopeful Says:

        Thanks for the reading recommendations. 🙂

        P.S. you only put the apostrophe in “its” when saying it is, never when used as a possessive term. I.E. It’s very odd that its apostrophe is placed there.

  7. jackdurham Says:

  8. Stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Good to see you’re still plugging away & continuing to beat the drum here. Not surprising to see you’re promoting that people do the right thing in their actions toward others of less means. After all, the simple act of compassion is as much a gift to ones self as it is to another.

    It’s unfortunate the Humboldt County has fallen under a rein of corrupted government & an organized criminal monopoly. May the new year bring with it not only a good measure of compassion from the citizenry, but also encourage a revival of hope that the bright light of true justice will shine upon Humboldt County’s landscape in the coming months.

    May peace & many deeds of good fortune be with you Tad

  9. moviedad Says:

    The divisions in our society are getting worse by the day. I think the recent assassination of Rep. Giffords is just the beginning of our troubles.

  10. biome Says:

    It is (It’s) inevitable that humanity wakes up and that the world gets saved (from tyranny, criminality, evil, sin, oppression, et. al.), and that heaven and earth become one, for the experiencing. Yes, it means, all get fed, all get to sleep without being harassed, ticketed…kicked, jailed, all get to poop and pee to their heart’s content. Eating, sleeping, and excreting in complete and total God appointed freedom. It’s simple (and simpler yet for those who take the gospel to heart). Love God, Love your Neighbor, Love Yourself. If you have a human heart, these tenets will arise and take root. If you do not…hehehe you are (you’re) in for a big surprise. Enjoy the show.

    “When you fast….
    “when you pray…
    “when you give alms… when, not if.

    “Greater love hath no man than this… ”
    do you homework and complete the passage.
    The answer is its (its’) own reward.

    Tad, thanks friend.

    ex-aracata, ashland, oregon resident

  11. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Tad you’re it! We’re in the bloggers tournament. You and me. Your strategy of not posting to win this thing is un nerving.

  12. jackdurham Says:

    Don’t underestimate Tad. Posting nothing may be some sort of genius “Art of War” tactic. I’d be careful if I were you.

  13. EffUwhineybitches Says:

    Fuck you Tad

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