trials and punishment

Peace be with you

If you remember I said I had a couple of grievances, well the second of those reached its peak October 12th. As some of you are already aware, on January 27, 2009, I was drug out of a Board of Supervisors meeting by half a dozen shaved headed, steroidal, lock-stepping, Humboldt County Sheriffs. Bailiffs to be precise. As you recall, I was tried in a court of which I complained of cheating. As you further might recall, I spent a couple of weeks in jail. The appeals court ruled that the DA was in fact cheating. Then the DA set it for trial again. Court appearance, after court appearance went by and trial was set to begin on October 12.

The DA refuses to prosecute. It now appears that I didn’t break any “law” on January 27, 2009 after all. My file fills up a fucking file-box. Now after a year and a half of lawyering, 30 days in the hole, and hundreds of hours of legal research, its just over. No apology, no explanation, just “we’re not going to prosecute.” On the day of trial again too.

This is just like the Co-Op’s bigoted tactic. You don’t have to prove I’m a thief, you just have to act like I am a thief, and to the community at large I am labeled a thief. The Supervisors, the Sheriff, the DA, not even Phil Crandall had to prove I did anything wrong when I was addressing the Supervisors. Nor did they have to explain their actions. They punished me both with brutality, and imprisonment. By deed, and by word, they publicly proclaimed I was a criminal.

Public meetings should be made public! The legislatures speak bullshit for hours sometimes, while giving us, the public, one or two minutes. I believe they are going to continue to attempt to silence, restrict, discredit, and harass us when we speak truth to power. The illusionary qualities of their “system” requires it. If the truth be known then this would be a very different world. In a world where everyone is truly equal the rich and powerful, are equal too, and they can’t imagine just having enough. The politicians don’t want to listen to the public, they think their smarter than us. I merely point to our violent society to refute their claims of fucking brilliance.

love eternal


27 Responses to “trials and punishment”

  1. nick bravo Says:

    Its not fair or just. But it happened and now its over. So you can do one of two things, one bitch and moan about it and hold onto it for years. Two, get over it and move on with your life. Your choice.

  2. Joe Blow Says:

    Well you proved one thing. That “that” system is broken – trying to talk when no one wants to listen.

    They also proved one thing. No one’s going to try to talk to them and be put through that ringer.

    Was it worth it?

    • theplazoid Says:

      peace be with you

      Standing up for liberty and justice is always worth it. If they try it again I’ll resist again. No compromise when it comes to the earth and her children.

      love eternal

  3. Mark Sailors Says:

    Like I told you when I met you the other day, it is only a violation of a rule, not a law.
    Yet more proof that at all levels, the powers that be need to learn how to READ the laws they are charged with enforcing.

    You are due an apology.

    Mark Sailors
    Arcata City Council Canidate

  4. Robert Norse Says:

    Thanks for carrying on this struggle, however futile it felt (and feels). As you know, standing up to these powerful clowns does act as a deterrent, particularly when you’re exposing it in an articulate and regular manner. At least that’s my belief.

    You’re invited to talk about this on Free Radio Santa Cruz if you’ve a notion.

    Plaudits for continuing to inform the community on other issues while engaging in this Kafkaesque journey.

    Keep it up if you can.

  5. Joe Says:

    Welcome back, Tad. Stay connected, and in good spirits and health. Peace.

  6. transient Says:

    so glad you’re back…was wondering if you were in the clink. figured you wasn’t.

  7. HumboldtScumbag Says:

    Welcome back.

  8. moviedad Says:

    Hey Tad,
    I pray you are in good health and spirit. What’s the word on the whole pot thing? Is anybody getting any of the work?

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      It is weird I suppose that California pot smokers didn’t want a “Regulate, Control and Tax” law. I personally vote no on anything that mentions taxing, regulating, and especially controlling. Pot is the basis of our economy so yes almost all the “work” is because of the whole pot thing. Voters didn’t vote against legalizing pot, they voted against a bad referendum.

      love eternal

  9. nick bravo Says:

    Jerry, what gives you the right to tell people my personal information? Its no ones business where I get my money. Its funny how you hide behind anonymity and yet feel the right to expose me to the world in the harshest light. Maybe we should settle this like men, in public. I know I don’t have to worry about you showing your face to me anytime soon because you’re a gutless fucking shit swallowing coward! Face me in real life or go fuck yourself you braindead fuck.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Nick

      What happened to “when I was homeless I did all I could to keep clean and be productive, I didn’t whine about all the supposed injustices?” Now its, “we should settle this like men.” Come on dude! Every houseless person thinks your “clean and productive” act was just that.

      You got “case managed off the streets.” That means you were referred to three places – food stamps, mental health, and ssi. Only one of those can get you off the streets – a wingnut check from ssi. Don’t get mad this is the way the system works, and any one who is just unemployeed and houseless knows it.

      Personally I think you get paid as a professional disruptor. I bet you have a badge somewhere hidden. You play the idiot real well. Almost too well. I read what you write, and it is not only lies but often contradictions.

      There are many people who dislike me. That’s just the way it is. There are a lot of people who like me. Perhaps enough for those who now dislike me to say cool shit about me when I’m dead. Most people who dislike me dislike me for two basic reasons. One I wont do what they want, and two, they only know me through stories told by those whom want me to act a certain way. And to quote that Slater song, “what you think of me is none of my damn business.”

      love eternal

  10. Mr. Nice Says:

    Public meetings should be made public! The legislatures speak bullshit for hours sometimes, while giving us, the public, one or two minutes.

    They are not smarter, just paid to lie.

  11. tooby Says:

    “Prejudice is an opinion without judgment. The individual who prosecutes a man, his brother, because he is not of the same opinion, is a monster.” ~Francois Voltaire

    The trick is to hold opinions without letting opinions hold you.

  12. BenT Says:

    You should write a book Tad. All this internet shit is like pissing in the wind and is no way to record your life. Assuming you’re interested and aren’t already busy with that type of thing. Good to hear the charges were dropped at least. Be well.

  13. funny as shit Says:

  14. judges send kids to jail for money Says:

  15. transient Says:

    So now do you get to sue the bastards for arresting and throwing you in jail without cause, by their own admission? Let me know when the victory party is!

  16. transient Says:

    Funny how Terrance has disappeared from the blog once you won the case….seems that he only wants to try to kick when he thinks that you are down. Now he’s probably running scared. Did the Arcata LEye ever do a follow-up story on your arrest? They sure were eager to cover it while you were locked up. Oh well. I guess looking for journalistic integrity in the Arcata Eye is like looking for pearls in a pigpen.

  17. nick bravo Says:

    So Brent and other homeless have told me that Tad isn’t homeless at all. Apparently Tad lives in a trailer by the old creamery building and works for the land owners in exchange for a place to sleep. Hmmmmm, looks like Tad the crusader is no more homeless than I.

  18. transient Says:

    Nick, you are a fucking idiot.

  19. nick bravo Says:

    Transient, please provide evidence. I have evidence…pictures. I may use them for a show I do on Access Humboldt, should be interesting.

  20. transient Says:

    evidence that nick bravo is a fucking idiot: see posts above and below that start with “nick bravo says.” I rest my case.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Transient

      Nicks blowing a main spring. I’ve seen this before. Poor guy would yell at everyone, and then yell at them again about how he wasn’t catching a break. Any time you would attempt to help him, or comfort him he would go all “Nick Bravo” on your ass. Anyway the poverty pimps have captured him and are exploiting him to “Nick Bravo” anyone educating the community about their con-games. I wouldn’t tell the world where he lived, but I guess an education in theology without learning any morals proves my point about the fucked-upness of the system.

      love eternal

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