The Plazoid Experimenting with Computer Problems

Peace be with you

We published this in the zine version of the plazoid once, and I thought it so accurate in my feelings on the matter of “pan handlers,” that I wanted to fucking post it again. Here’s part of chapter 31, of George Orwell’s, “Down and out in Paris and London”:

It is worth saying something about the social position of beggars, for when one has consorted with them, and found that they are ordinary human beings, one cannot help being struck by the curious attitude that society takes towards them. People seem to feel that there is some essential difference between beggars and ordinary ‘working’ men. They are a race apart–outcasts, like criminals and prostitutes. Working men ‘work’, beggars do not ‘work’; they are parasites, worthless in their very nature. It is taken for granted that a beggar does not ‘earn’ his living, as a bricklayer or a literary critic ‘earns’ his. He is a mere social excrescence, tolerated because we live in a humane age, but essentially despicable.

Yet if one looks closely one sees that there is no ESSENTIAL odifference between a beggar’s livelihood and that of numberless respectable people. Beggars do not work, it is said; but, then, what is WORK? A navvy works by swinging a pick. An accountant works by adding up figures. A beggar works by standing out of doors in all weathers and getting varicose veins, chronic bronchitis, etc. It is a trade like any other; quite useless, of course–but, then, many reputable trades are quite useless. And as a social type a beggar compares well with scores of others. He is honest compared with the sellers of most patent medicines, high-minded compared with a Sunday newspaper proprietor, amiable compared with a hire-purchase tout–in short, a parasite, but a fairly harmless parasite. He seldom extracts more than a bare living from the community, and, what should justify him according to our ethical ideas, he pays for it over and over in suffering. I do not think there is anything about a beggar that sets him in a different class from other people, or gives most modern men the right to despise him.

Then the question arises, Why are beggars despised?–for they are despised, universally. I believe it is for the simple reason that they fail to earn a decent living. In practice nobody cares whether work is useful or useless, productive or parasitic; the sole thing demanded is that it shall be profitable. In all the modem talk about energy, efficiency, social service and the rest of it, what meaning is there except ‘Get money, get it legally, and get a lot of it’? Money has become the grand test of virtue. By this test beggars fail, and for this they are despised. If one could earn even ten pounds a week at begging, it would become a respectable profession immediately. A beggar, looked at realistically, is simply a businessman, getting his living, like other businessmen, in the way that comes to hand. He has not, more than most modem people, sold his honour; he has merely made the mistake of choosing a trade at which it is impossible to grow rich.”

love eternal


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  1. Tom Sebourn Says:

    I know what it’s like to be expermenting some technolgical differences.
    Happens all the time.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Tom

      Yeah, they were supposed to make life easier. But don’t worry, everything can be fixed if you pound in enough money into it. I guess that’s why it happens all the time, and always a week after the warranty expires.

      love eternal

  2. zerbel Says:

    do you want me to give you some money?
    cause you are better worker than most of society, right….
    okay well since Orwell said it, it must be true, please give me your bank account number, or are bank accounts classists tools against the beggerly?

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      Thanks for the offer, but I didn’t request you give me any money, I just stated my views on panhandling through a professional writers view. One I might add that had probably a bigger world view than anyone writing on this blog. Why don’t you read the rest of the book. Why don’t you just give the money you were going to give me to the first houseless person you run into. Give it with no expectations, demands, or threats, just honest altruistic compassion.

      I don’t have a bank account (those require money to open). Banks are the classic classist tool against damn near everything, and everybody. Besides I heard it is stupid to give your bank account number out like its bread crumbs to pigeons. The thing that always needs to be pointed out during these anti-“beggerly” rants, are that just like the Nazis you never, ever, address the economic realities in the world around you. You fucking pretend like there is a crisis in the economy over there, but here it is laziness and “beggerly.” That is disingenuous.

      Orwell was right, otherwise you would of pointed out the flaw in his logic. You probably have one of the equally unimportant jobs in our society (most people do). Read the book and then tell me how his logic is wrong. If you really want to wrap your brain around George read “Homage to Catalonia.”

      Also rape is, and was, a tool of the type of war that the Europeans brought with them. I too would say it is a matter of population – one population has been living on land that the European population wants to take. We all learned in school about how the Europeans bought Manhattan for “$34 worth of beads,” but nobody was taught that those “purchasers” paraded the “sellers” heads around the fort on the end of sticks.

      Just to say, I too think you are very hard to follow. I am having trouble with your assessment that “scarcity of food” equates to a “very advanced culture.” But then again, your “Bravo get a gun” bullshit, speaks loudly towards your ignorance too.

      love eternal

  3. Noble Says:

    It’s the Calvinist “work” ethic, alive and well. God shows favor for his favored people in this world. To these people, material success in this world is a sure sign of spiritual success in the afterlife. The people at the bottom did something to deserve being there, and if you associate with them too much, their wickedness will start to rub off on you. Really, it’s just another face on the Hindu caste system.

    America is the only place on Earth where a rich artist is a good artist and a poor artist is a bad artist, by definition.

  4. Terrence McNally Says:


    Well… looks like nothing doing here.

  5. zerbel Says:

    I will read the book, and telling bravo to get a gun was a bad bad bad joke, which seems to be appropriate for the forum..

    • tad Says:

      Peace be with you

      I agree it was bad, but how can you say that anything from this site endorses violence. We both know if Bravo got a gun the cops would shoot him dead within a week of learning about the gun. That’s kind of the irony of the whole anti-houseless movement, houseless people very seldom have guns. We get searched way too often.

      I look forward to have a discussion about Orwell and his views on poverty. I don’t always agree with him, but I often do. Orwell fought Franco’s Fascists with Partido Obrero de Unification Marxista (POUM). He also watched the communist try to enforce a “Moscow type of government” in Barcelona. He came by his anarchism honestly. Plus, he ain’t half bad as a writer – I loved “1984.”

      love eternal

  6. nick bravo Says:

    Tad, for the record. I would never have a gun or a knife because I have no desire to give some crooked cop an excuse to shoot me. Most of the cops in Arcata understand I am no threat to them in any way. Also, I would never do anything to jeopardize my personal freedom. As a homeless person I regard the police as predators (as they are), and do all I can to avoid interactions of any kind with them.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I know you wouldn’t Nick. It is probably good you made a record though. The way McNally taunts you, makes me think that even a rumored armed Nick would be way too big an enticement for that sick puppy.

      I would like to say however, that I find suggesting someone “should get psychological help,” is dangerously close to suggesting someone gets psychiatric help, and that is violence – deadly violence.

      I don’t know who Zerbel is yet, but he knows who you are, has hear Hoover’s rumors about me, and seems to think he is our “better.” It could be Hoover, but if it is he is being really careful to hide his traits. Anyway be careful, you have no walls to hide behind.

      love eternal

  7. Jack Durham Says:

    Oh man. You need to stop dragging the widget.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I want to leave it out, but if you guys are going to spend most of your time blathering on my blog, it goes down again. Its the loophole. I can shut your ability to follow your own selves, while not making my heart feel like I censored you. Yeah, its fucked up that people can’t just write about the topic at hand, but that is just the way it goes in a free society. There are plenty of places where Terrence could be the bell of the ball, but he chooses to drag you into his revenge.

      I am glad you’re here though. I have seen that you are moving away from the childish things Terrence requested you do, and are really beginning to make me rethink my views on you. I must admit that I don’t read more than a dozen or so of your papers a year (have your delivery person throw a few “week old” papers in the Arcata coop newspaper recycling bin, and I’ll read them all). I like Daniel Mintz, especially how he stood up to Hoover.

      Until the L[Eye] forces me to shut it down again I will leave it up. Keep commenting, but plan your weenie roasts on your personal emails. It is possible to learn from one another, but we must be willing to communicate first.

      Also FYI, I don’t “need” to do anything I don’t want to. After thinking through the problem, after weighing the consequences, after consensus with my heart, I can, and most often do, anything I fucking want. There is no stop! There is only stop in your car culture. Make me an argument as to why I shouldn’t put it up and down at random, just for kicks.

      love eternal

      love eternal

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Dude, you’re a total Douche.

  9. Terrence McNally Says:

    Alrighty – here’s the deal… and Tad, you can comment for the entertainment of zerbel, Jack, transient and your loyal legion of half-dozen anons. This is not real. This is zeroes and ones, but mainly zeroes.

    Thrice – Thursday and Friday – you and I had the opportunity to explore a non-digital exchange. Last Thursday, you were unwilling or unable to maintain eye contact with me on Eighth Street. On Friday, you briefly held a glance, then hid your gaze.

    Unoriginal men play online games to wallow in aggression. This is World of Warcraft where figures pop up to combat you. For you, they appear as Nazis, William “Baby Cain” Hearst or rat fuckers. Your avatar dons the mantle: warrior of justice… but it’s just an Internet costume that has no bearing on the real world. And we join you in this cartoon combat cuz it’s amusing to see what kind of bezerker you’re going to spin. But it’s amusement that does not carry into daylight. This is not real.

    Here comes a spell attack and a wand hit… here comes a Orwell or a Nietzsche quote… ack! I’m hit.

    This what the kids at Nu Games do before they discover girls or boys… making their preteen lives have some meaning before they learn how to deal with human beings in the world.

    So… for the sake of amusement… since that is all all of us are here for, can you advance this RPG to the next level? For fun? Then we can continue not making contact with actual human beings in a small town.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I do not like you! I don’t want to have a an “opportunity to explore a non-digital exchange” with you! You are the enemy of my people! You are the mainstream (Fox News) version of the local spin doctoring machine! I don’t want to be seen talking to you! I don not want to make any statements to you! And, I really don’t want to look at you! Get the fuck over it! You are pissing up a rope if you think I want to be your friend! I don’t pick my friends by how shitty they treat me! Become an “actual human being” first!

      As a side note to date only one thing I’ve written has been rebuked by you and your crew of disruptors. Everything else was attacked with argumentum ad hominem. That makes the informed reader realize that it is the underlying truth of my statements that is still standing after you burn the building down. You claim all kinds of “bezerkerness,” but prove absolutely none are as you claim. Yes I threw out a few “rat fuckers” as an indication of my hate of fascist newspapers, but that is not the only fact, just the only one you are intelligent enough to argue.

      Everyone here is already aware that you think that the thinkers of our past are pompous, and couldn’t hold any good advice for our generation. Again that only points to you massive ignorance. You have the intellectual maturity of those “games” you want people here to play. You think I am putting myself through your harassment for “amusement.” You are so fucking dumb!

      love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        lol – AD HOMINEM !!!!! your fingers should burn for touching those keys, how dare you complain of ad hominem even on your own blog, ad hominem is you mode of operation, your bread and butter, your spank mag, ad hominem is your claim to fame tad.

        you seriously need a logic class, but you have all kinds of reasons not to i’m sure. btw – cheap at CR, think they teach it in arcata, good for the soul.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    we could play some online risk, gimme some email addresses and i’ll set it up. nothing like a shit talking risk game, right?

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    right… and zero actual risk on the interwebs.

  12. Jack Durham Says:

    For kicks, I tried to engage in a serious discussion with you. You responded by claiming that I had certain political views, which were actually the opposite of the views I have. When I protested, your rebuttal was that you knew I hold these views based on my newspaper, even though I have never espoused these views in the paper. Upon further questioning, you admiited that you’ve only read a few issues! So you base your views nor on what you know, but what you assume. And, what you assume is often bogus. Then you made the false assumption that my debate style was being dictated by Terrence, except when it wasn’t. Weird!!!

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      Perfect! You do one thing in your paper, but believe something else in your life. What is the word for that? Hippopotamus, or something close to that? You would be accurate to say I only base my opinion of you on less data, but it is based on data, which you openly admit, anyway. It could happen to be that you, Hank, and Terrence all decided at the same hour of the same day to start three personal attacks of my blog, but that is highly unlikely. You can deny it (I suppose you need to CYA), but the facts point to an undeniable fact. Either you came here ot the request of someone from the [L]Eye, or they came at the request of you.

      love eternal

      • jackdurham Says:

        Tad, it would be helpful if you could cite a specific article or editorial that I wrote. Right now, you’re just pissing in the wind.

  13. Terrence McNally Says:

    You never do anything I say anymore, Jack.

    But that’s why I’m waiting for the brain-eating zombie level, so we can storm the evil space wizard fortress together.

    Lock and load.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    “It is possible to learn from one another, but we must be willing to communicate first.”

    You said it, but do you mean it. You have all the pieces of the puzzle here Tad, make a picture that includes all Arcatans in your community, quit the hate.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      It is unfair, and highly inaccurate to keep repeating over and over again the I “hate.” It is not true! I dislike, yes, but I hated once in my life, and am well aware of what hate is. I do not hate these rat fuckers, I dislike them! I do not like hanging with idiots, especially idiots ruining this community, but I don’t “hate” them. You, I am sure, are just projecting your views onto me. You hate, so you imagine I hate also.

      Calling me names is not communicating. All Arcatans might be part of my town, but they are not all part of my community. My community doesn’t hurt one another. My community doesn’t profit off hurting one another. And my community doesn’t accuse each other of “hate” every time they disagree.

      Talk about the puzzle pieces.

      love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        Projecting, nice buzzword. The funny part i see is the difference in our views of community, unlikeable as I view you I have always viewed you as part of my community even before you acquired your current housing, maybe that is why I follow your views and log my disagreements, maybe also why you wonder why some of us follow just to disagree.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        I will address both you comments here together. First lets talk about the logic of believing an anonymous self-proclaimed expert. That is the fallacy of “false authority.” As far “argumentum ad hominem” goes, it has to be the basis for your rebuttal. In other words if I call you a name while giving proof then it is the proof that makes it an arguement, but if I just call you a name as proof then it is ad hominem. For instance, “the fuckhead anonymous who reads this blog is trying to pretend he is an authority on logic,” vs. “the fuckhead anonymous blogger is a fuckhead.” One is a logical argument, one is an ad hominem attack. None of you have ever, logically or otherwise, refuted anything I wrote – ever! Take this post as an example. Orwell said that beggars do in fact have a job. In fact have one of the hardest jobs there is. The closest any of you got to addressing the post is when Terrence said, “here comes a Orwell or a Nietzsche quote…” Though he didn’t point out anything illogical or wrong about Orwell, or what I posted here, but instead tried to make me “look stupid” for quoting from someone we all probably view as an intelligent man. Tell me how your logic class goes, because it is apparent I am more learned in logic than you are.

        Yes we have a difference in who is community and who is not. There are several definitions in Websters for what a community is. One definition, which I believe is the one you use, which says, ” society at large.” Another definition, which is the one I use, says, ” a unified body of individuals.” I use the words, “society,” “town,” or “city” to describe what you call community. I don’t call the cops that live out of the area, and commute to our town everyday to arrest, harass, and incite my community as “my community.” My community is unified. We believe in peace, in justice, in freedom, in acceptance, in compassion, in healing, and in love. If home is where the heart is, then community is those who fill the heart. I love my community, and would do anything for it. Those that try to harm my community will never be part of it. And for the record, it is a great community.

        love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        Ok then, logic, it’s been years but I’ll give it a try.

        You believe that I am a fuck-head who is pretending to be a authority in logic.

        I have never offered the opinion that I am an authority in logic, only that you are not an authority in logic and should not use the terms associated with logic until you understand them better.

        I believe that you make up rules of logic as they suit your needs and not as they suit the truth.

        Neither one of us are willing to accept the judgement of the other.

        We should settle our disagreement by appealing to an outside person who we both agree would settle this impartially.

        There, that took too long, but that’s what I got. Are you willing to agree with my arguments, or is there anyone who’s opinion we both could respect.

        Also, you complain and criticize my arguments because they are anonymous but you still allow them and respond to them so until you want to ignore anon comments or configure your blog to not accept them please quit using that like a critical wand strike against me.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        You did offer an opinion in the form of a critique of my logic (remember all that lol shit). Only if you thought you knew logic better than me would you feel authorized to judge whether or not I used it correctly, and that makes you an authority, or a false authority. My argument is you are a false authority. Also it is my position, that you can never be an anonymous authority. Believing there could be is in of itself is faulty logic. I am impressed you separated the metaphors from the argument though. That is, unless you are a fuckhead, and are just conceding that point.

        How exactly do I “make up the rules of logic as they suit [my] needs?” Isn’t that “begging the question?” Isn’t begging the question a fallacy in logic?

        The next one is just stating the obvious. It is neither here nor there as this argument goes. Its superfluous.

        Your next argument is “we should appeal to a hire authority.” Fine, take your argument and this rebuttal to a professor of logic, and ask him who is correct. He’ll read it and say, “why?” He’ll then agree that you are both wrong in your “rules of logic,” and a fuckhead.

        Don’t take it so bad, I know who Terrence is, and believe you, who I don’t know shit about, are more intelligent. I will never give the same creditability to someone I don’t know, as to someone I know. That like I said earlier is faulty logic. You could be Kevin Hoover, or you could be a real expert on logic. How am I supposed to know?

        love eternal

  15. Terrence McNally Says:

    Well, then – looks like the Tad avatar is content staying on this level for a spell.
    Theodore Robinson: see you around town, in person.

    Somebody give me a heads up when the revolution is being blogged.


  16. moviedad Says:

    What revolution? Complacency rules supreme.

  17. Mr. Nice Says:

    Tad are you paying TMC to make you look good?

  18. Terrence McNally Says:

    I just figure that if I hang out long enough while Tad is swinging blindly, candy is bound to pour forth sooner or later.

  19. transient Says:

    Can I be the straw man? If I only had a brain…

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      Yeah that’s just what we need, another strawman. We already have half a dozen. “What would you do with a brain if you had one?” Remember the only difference between you and them is a piece of paper. “Oh I’d do a lot thinking, I’d be another Lincoln, if I only had a brain.”

      love eternal

  20. MossMan Says:

    Very useful Orwell quote, thanks.
    Sorry, I have nothing to add to the fray.

  21. Terrence McNally Says:


    Tad – there is nothing interesting happening on this blog anymore. It is completely boring.

    I gift you your playpen back. Not cuz you’re capable of driving yourself now.
    You’re just too boring to read.

    I always refrained from being as bad an actor as you and calling you names.

    But… Um…

    Speaking as an unreformed asshole myself, I am informing you that you are a complete asshole. Which is normally a trait I prize in people. However, you are a humorless asshole. And they’re the worst.

    And you lack judgment and wisdom and I think your music and reading choices reveal a permanent adolescence. And you’re pretty fucking dumb.

    In conclusion, you are a pussy… or as a female friend of mine makes me say instead, a limp dick.

    I just wanted to get that off my chest before leaving the room. I don’t wish anything bad on you, because you’re already living it.

    Over and out.


  22. Mr. Nice Says:

    Alright how many homeless people have the 5-0 rounded up on some bullshit smoking 25 feet from a bus stop tickets? Are they rolling folks on some unpaid smoking on the bench ticket? Anybody getting popped for weed like that? On Friday getting ror on a Monday? Somebody’s got to have seen something.

    I read in the Narkleyville Times that the cops made their quota on dime bags off some of those Portland street kid runners. The fuck is up with that shit? Shoulda let them handle their weed since this may be their last chance to hustle wet bud. Woulda been gone in half an hour without all that noise. 50/50 next year pot juggling will be played out. Ain’t like nobody getting shanked in the alley behind Taco Bell over a $100 quade.

  23. transient Says:

    wow…terrance has really lost it this time…

  24. Mr. Nice Says:

    Forget about dude he can keep himself busy on facebook. Still plenty of other topics warranting discussion.


    I can’t but help think how many beggars are former workers who had or practiced a job or career they strove for. Further, it seems pretty clear that the governmental controls put in place to manipulate economics disallows many from finding work without dealing with the repurcussions of a systematic culling of ghe citizenry through multiple controlled intersections, as like when driving a car that requires a person to be signed into something and on the record for something and having a database regarding something to be compared too and so on. It is also clear that the establishment would graft from those who need every little bit of what they earn just to have an opportunity to retain the basics and necessities for sustaining their lives – something more and more people are going without.

    Beggars are not necessarily moochers either.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  26. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Tad, I have a computer guy on the air that gives free computer advice over the phone. The show is Computer Talk with Dave Mason and you can call him weekdays between 9am and 4 pm. The show is Sat. 10 am to noon.
    Just say you heard the show once on kgoe. You know you listen. It’s free and so is the call.
    He’s not a Dr. but goes by Dr. Dave.

    He makes his money from the show and advertisers as well as the ability to get just about anything off of a dead drive.

    He helped me install my wireless router and get some free antivirus software among other things.

  27. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Tad call the guy on Sat. between 10 and noon. Find an am radio and tune it to 1480. Listen for a few minutes and then get on the phone and get right to your problem. Don’t say rat fuckers though. That would be bad on the radio and I won’t offer you anymore real advice if you did that.

    I don’t know if I check in here to see what you are doing or what Terrence is doing.

    You shouldn’t be so hard on Terrrence. Most of what he sees is through that lense thingy of his. He’s just a kid. I’ll bet he doesn’t even have any film in that camera of his.

  28. Gramps Says:

    Tad, haven’t heard from you in two weeks and miss the discussion. True, it’s a bit quirky and even rude as fuck, but I enjoy hearing the contrary view of all things conformist that is enlighteningly brought by you to the fore. That’s why the ACLU suprisingly honored you for speaking out independently.

    Hope you return soon, stay strong, fight injustice and dirty works, and carry on with one of the most interesting forums in Humboldt. Peace be with you, too.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    “Don’t say rat fuckers though.” Tom, couldn’t you give that advice in general and not just in specific. It’s cute how you pretend avoid the mud from your high horse.

  30. Tom Sebourn Says:

    The refrence is from earlier in the thread.

  31. Mr. Nice Says:

    Stop talking about rats do you know what time of year it is

  32. Baby Cane Says:

    A mans worth should be determined by the value he gives to society. I know people go through hard times, and there are many reasons people turn to begging; I have had to do it myself before. However, a beggar gives little if anything of value to society; a beggar does not work. Work is using the tool that is your mind to contribute to the community.

  33. Mr. Nice Says:

    Baby Cane ain’t you never heard of He Xiangu? You gotta be real with “beggars” who knows when that shit will help you out. “A beggar does not work?” For serious, only thing you begging is the question.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! Terrence McNally is almost as charming as Kevin Hoover.

  35. Terrence McNally Video Says:

    Check out this candid Terrence McNally Vidfrom Nick Bravo.

  36. Terrence McNally Says:

    At least you spelt me name righto, Chuckles.
    Also… I can’t wait… to see you… soon.

    Last time you yelt: “Don’t touch me!”

    But I’m compelled to ignore you.

  37. Terrence McNally Says:

    Sorry, Charles. Or Nick Bravo.

    I’m not supposed to post here anymore…
    My bad.

  38. Gramps Says:

    Hello Tad,

    Still haven’t heard from you in a long while, where have you been? I hope you’re well and in good spirits. Come back soon. Thank you. Take care. Peace.

  39. Sparky Says:

    Tad, you need to return to the fold, we need you. Another poster had this to say about Humboldt, it can’t be true, can it? What’s happened to our eautiful Humboldt?

    I hope this encourages you to return… so you can give us the REAL scoop here of what gives!:

    “In June, the California Department of Justice reported that violent crime across the state in 2009 had dropped from the previous year by 6 percent. Humboldt County, however, reported an increase of 17 percent in violent crimes, with assaults rising more than 20 percent and homicides more than doubling, going from three in 2008 to eight in 2009.

    Gallegos countered by saying that crime has actually been reduced during his time as district attorney, except last year, and attributed the recent increase to a faltering national economy.

    ”Since I’ve taken office, Humboldt County has become safer,” he said.”

    “Eureka is the county’s retail and social services center, and our already reduced police department must contend with 169 known sex offenders, 553 parolees, 496 supervised probationers and hundreds of unsupervised probationers living in the city, many of whom are drawn to drugs and contributed to the 166 violent and 2,267 property crimes last year, totaling 10 for every 100 Eureka residents.”

    Tad, please offer some thoughts here, this can’t stand!

  40. HAHAHAHA! Says:

    just had to post that video of Terrance and Nick again!!!

  41. Anonymous Says:

    don’t you have your own blog?

  42. Raphael Says:

    Hi Tad,
    My name is Raphael Vieira and I’m a student at HSU. I’m giving a speech next week on homelessness in Arcata and you seem to be the man to talk to about the subject. I was wondering if you could possibly make a few minutes to talk to me before the end of the upcoming weekend (weekend of the 22nd) about some of the issues homeless people face in Arcata. I read something online that suggested that you are currently incarcerated so I’ll understand if you don’t respond (also, you have my sympathy). Anyways please let me know if an interview would be possible, I would love to hear from you.
    Raphael Vieira

  43. Mr Purvis Says:

    I’m writing in response to the [column] titled “A Different Kind of Streetwalker.” This article implied that the tweekers, daytime acid trippers, street kids, and raving derelicts that wander the streets are one of the aspects that makes Arcata unique and interesting.

    Well, I must say that you’re absolutely right. Curbside turds and hypodermic needles are unique and interesting.

    I couldn’t believe the subtle implications of this article. The author was basically justifying the bizarre and often scary behavior of our ever growing homeless population as almost a work of art to be respected and adored. Unbelievable.

    Yeah, I must say that the other day as I watched a man punch himself in the face I thought, “How unique and interesting, isn’t Arcata such a great place!” “Oh shit, I think I stepped in human shit! Awesome!”

    Get real. I’m sure since the author enjoys these people so much they have no problem inviting them over for hippie dinner. You know, the kind that is devoid of protein and looks as it tastes, like ass. Just make sure you serve a bottle of ‘Thunderbird” slightly chilled. Oh what’s that, you don’t like bed bugs and syphilis? Next you’re going to tell me that you don’t like smoking crack-rock either?

    This article makes me long for the lobotomizing sights and sounds of daytime television. At least Ricky Lake is upfront with her bullshit. What I really liked about this article was the rhetorical question in reference to streetwalkers as, “Would we have it any other way?”

    Actually, I would.

  44. Mr. Nice Says:

    I’m writing in response to the [column] titled “A Different Kind of Streetwalker.”

    You do realize that was published in a student newspaper, not here.

    The author was basically justifying the bizarre and often scary behavior of our ever growing homeless population as almost a work of art to be respected and adored. Unbelievable.

    Humanity is what it is and you take it for what it is or forever be disgusted. Look in the mirror. Believe that.



    I’m sure since the author enjoys these people so much they have no problem inviting them over for hippie dinner. You know, the kind that is devoid of protein and looks as it tastes, like ass.

    Hyper iron eating, heart attack timebomb ass. You can’t even stay on subject tryna talk shit.

    Just make sure you serve a bottle of ‘Thunderbird” slightly chilled.

    Quit quoting tv sitcom dramas. Nobody drinking Thunderbird, Maddog, Night Train, or Cisco in Arcata. Those lushes drink PBR, Natty Ice, and cheap ass hard liquor. You seen the bottles on the tracks.

    This article makes me long for the lobotomizing sights and sounds of daytime television.

    Damn big surprise you like television.

  45. passin thru Says:

    We need to help our fellow neighbors in Arcata which continues to be impacted by large numbers of houselss folks and young transients.

    Some at Humboldt State University believe the sheer number of homeless in the Arcata city center may be significantly reducing the university’s potential enrollment, as prospective students and their parents witness, hear, or are frightened about the situation. When customers stop shopping in areas frequented by transients, merchants too become concerned.

    In Arcata, the homeless situation has been exacerbated by free food and other services given transients in Arcata but not nearly so generously or at all in other communities in the region. Proponents of helping young transients point to studies that show these are often refugees from abusive home environments. Others say help, but help by moving young transients, when possible, to more productive lives by not enabling their current lifestyle.

    Petty crime in Arcata has ballooned and you would be wise not to leave valuables visible in your vehicle while parked in Arcata or anywhere in the region for that matter. However, most ire is directed toward what seems to be the utter disregard for the environment by many younger transients. This is evidenced many believe, in part, by the sheer volume of garbage and human waste left in illegal camps abandoned in Arcata’s community forest, its marsh, and elsewhere. This has become the main reason for a growing reaction against assisting young transients. Funds for the young transients are drying up and the most high-profiled “homeless advocate” was unceremoniously booted off the council by a large margin during a recent election. Moreover, no one seems to want the current homeless service center, currently just off the Plaza downtown, moved to her or his neighborhood.

    Advocates for the homeless point out that Arcata doesn’t even provide a proper toilet for the homeless or anyone else in the Plaza area and that the city can well afford to provide a secure and hygienic campground, which the other side says would attract even more transients. Proponents counter that you can’t expect people without an address, phone contact, or a facility to keep clean, all of which a permanent camp would provide, to obtain employment in today’s economy.

    I think we can do more and help the houseless, young, and fellow travelers enjoying our beautiful area by accomodating needs respectfully. Everyone should have food, clothing, shelter, and place to sleep and some compassion to go along with it. This is what makes Arcata a unique place.

  46. Nick Bravo is a holocaust revisionist sympathizer and closet racist Says:

    You’ll see his sympathetic even sycophantic comments on David Duke’s YouTube channel, as well as his comment on a holocaust denier’s channel where he states he posted one of his videos on Facebook and doesn’t understand why he got so much flack for it.

    Bravo’s way off the deep end now.

  47. street G Says:

    Geronimo Garcia says it’s a hard life for those living on the streets, where people have to deal with laws aimed toward this community, from anti-camping, loitering, drunk in public, and the controversial panhandling ordinances. APD, he says, arbitrarily executes these ordinances on the houseless community, often leading to a revolving door situation where they are constantly moving through the criminal justice system.

    Garcia also has no love for District Attorney Paul Gallegos and wants nothing more than for Gallegos to be ousted, naming numerous situations where he dropped the ball or had no respect for people’s First Amendment rights, including an incident in 2006 where a critical mass ride turned into a melee between activists and law enforcement on Highway 101, or when a professor bicycling down that same highway was hit and killed by a driver without penalty.

  48. Alexa Says:

    “I was born on the Mendocino Coast but I don’t want to die here. My parents both died here and it hurts more now than it did the day I was told that they were gone. The day I was told they would never return for me. The police killed them during a drug investigation. No, they didn’t die in a raid. I know what you are thinking and it’s not true. Both of the officers went to jail and the Chief of police here resigned in disgrace after the truth came out that the two detectives were acting alone to steal our crop. They shot my beautiful mother and father in cold blood and initially told the district attorney that my mother and father had guns drawn towards them.

    They weren’t aware that the D.A. was a third generation Mendocino local and grew up with my father and mother. He initiated an internal investigation and found that the guns that they had planted were stolen from the evidence lockers and had been marked due to previous firearms thefts from the station. Once that came out, one officer ratted out the other for a lighter sentence and even though the Chief was in on it, he was able to avoid charges with a resignation and a secret handshake of some kind.

    I was nine years old then. Ten years have passed and it hurts as much now as it did then. My head is angry but my heart is broken into a million pieces. Both of those police officers are out of jail and long gone, doing who knows what now. They only did three and five years. For killing two people? We have friends who are doing twenty years for possession alone! And the chief who resigned and got away? I hear rumors now and again that he is a police officer somewhere in Oregon. I truly hope that is not true.”

  49. suzy blah blah Says:

    I was nine years old then. Ten years have passed and it hurts as much now as it did then.

    You can read more at Alexa’s blog

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