The Arcata [L]Eye Boycott and Indigenous Peoples

Peace be with you

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As many of you know the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid is currently trying to spin its anti-marijuana stance here at the Plazoid. I try to ignore them, but it is so hard to listen to idiots, liars, and thieve’s bullshit and not respond. It has created a lot of good information about the [L]Eye and its perverted views, and a lot of common sense responses to their bullshit. One thing the [L]Eye advocates however, has been bugging me for a few days. That is their belief that the indigenous Peoples of the Americas were just like the Europeans in that the “tribes raped and killed one another.” They went as far as saying, “[i]f their populations were bigger, it woulda been genocide.”

In old English rape meant what we think it is today, plus it had the meaning “to carry off.” I wondered how anyone today could really believe the portrayal of the original Americans as “savages,” and “heathens.” Maybe the [L]Eye was using the old English definition of rape. I had to look at other usages of the word by the [L]Eye, to see if this is so. I found what I was looking for in the following [L]Eye comment: “Ewwww… raped by blog posts. Nasty. Tad, you’re wearing a short skirt, metaphorically speaking. We can’t help ourselve” (sic).

So we agree on the definition of “rape.” Therefore the [L]Eye must be continuing the stereotyping started by “indian hunters.” The funny thing is the only proof of “rape” to the point of “genocide” presented to back up this so-called fact is a bunch of Hollywood movies. It seems pretty scary to think people get their news from people who think movies are fact. Even “based on true events” movies are only “based” on those events, not an accurate depiction of those events.

Most Indigenous Peoples don’t have words for the most brutal of European tendencies. They don’t have words for rape. Hell most don’t even have a word for homelessness. I wonder what the Hoopa, the Yurok, or the Wiyot think about having a local paper describing them as the offspring of rapists and murderers? Seeing how fucking pissed I am, I find it hard to imagine that tribes, I personally find gentle and kind, would not be upset by the [L]Eye’s insinuations.

Anyone who is not a mindless zombie should take time to read the ideology of that rat fucking paper the Arcata[L]Eye here on the Plazoid (just type Terrence McNally in the search engine). They are not on our side, and believe we are all a bunch of saps who should relinquish our voices, our histories, and our lives to their propaganda. How much red baiting would an intelligent community take? Its time we wise up.

love eternal


22 Responses to “The Arcata [L]Eye Boycott and Indigenous Peoples”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    So what percentage Native American are you, Tad? And which tribe?
    Again. Meh, forget it.

    It is time to wise up, Theo.

    Tell you what – a mutual friend of ours told me about something nice you did for him. It was almost heart warming. I’m giving you a week off.

    For one week, I give you your freedom.

    Freedom to call people rat fuckers, hint at their rapist mindset, call everybody Nazis and… oh, just whatever mean things you want.

    Enjoy! See you next Friday at 9:02 a.m.


  2. Mr. Nice Says:

    To say “Indian tribes” raped or didn’t rape is way, way off base. Each region of this continent has a different cultural history.

    We live on the land of what I describe as the money tribes. Local tribes traded and built up juice in the form of fat ass shell necklaces. A little like folks who prize gold chains and $20,000 watches.

    Local tribes understood bank as well as payment. You kill someone or smash on their house in a squabble, you gotta pay back their folks once you squash that beef or your folks squash it if you’re already dead.

    Yurok, Karuk, and Hupa are interesting as they are from different migration lineages with Hupa being more interior and Yurok/Karuk coming down the coast yet they share the common thread of cash money mentality. This is why one-on-one gambling was and is a game for strong-willed men among these folks.

    Rape is a part of other tribes. Rape is against the same code that makes payback and wealth competition honorable traits. It is a theft mentality to rape which is why you don’t have native songs about shit like that.

    Europeans value rape because white boys love taking shit without paying anyone back. Europeans take from the environment and kill anyone who tries to stop it. It is a cultural difference. Tribes build ceremonial grounds near their fishing areas, Europeans cut down trees and build slaughterhouses.

    Europeans wonder why local tribes are still pissed well here it is: y’all never paid them back. Their nice ass life catching salmon and stacking wampum got sidelined for all this European thieving bullshit culture.

  3. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Mr. Nice, that was well said.

  4. Mr. Nice Says:

    Tad, that rape shit didn’t start in Indian exploitation movies tho.

    Mostly-black folks have stories about being Indian to say something good about the whole 7/16 white thing. Story goes your ancestor macked Pocahontas and was in the tribe but somehow got taken back out of the tribe and ended up in St. Louis from being in Oklahoma anyway… with the kids.

    Mostly-white folks made up this shit about how some relative got kidnapped and they somehow rescued her but she had a daughter and that’s great grandma.

    More Indian people got white blood than vice versa and none of that was kidnapping, it was some borg shit.

    Also folks in the Caribbean, half their conquerors’ job was rape.

    There is some truth to the Hollywood movies they just got the script upside down from reality.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I think I agree with your “how the orifinal Americans got labeled as rapists” explanation. Early settlers had to have laws to keep the settlers from running away to live with the tribes. Howard Zinn tells of white raiding parties going out and raiding villages to get their white men back.

      There is some truth in everything, but that is also how they get the lie in. Hollywood portrayed the “indian” as a blood thirsty torturer, yet everything they did in their war for their home was nothing the Spaniards didn’t teach them by example. There were guerrilla forces in the plains that were better horsemen then since the days of Genghis Khan, yet there were no horses before the white man. I agree that things changed dramatically after the observer started observing, but a violent society, as we know a violent society, did not exist. It is a direct result of capitalism, and for the most part the origional Americans were anarchists.

      love eternal

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So, putting aside all this romantic primitivism you got going on here, again you are throwing around more then a few baseless accusations.

    It appears that you refer to Terrence (,Hoover, the Eye in general?) as “idiots, liars, and thieve’s”. Does disagreeing with you doom someone to being an idiot? Do you have evidence of thievery? Are you maybe confusing differing opinions with deliberate lies? I can see where you would have the OPINION that they are liars but idiots and thieves seems like a stretch.

    You say that the Eye advocates the belief that ‘the indigenous Peoples of the Americas were just like the Europeans in that the “tribes raped and killed one another.” ‘. Has this appeared in an editorial in the Eye? Is everything Terrible Terrence types endorsed by his employer? Does he deserve his own opinions or do you brand him Untermensch and oppose anything he thinks, does, or types?

    Bonus Points for identifying the logical fallacy in the statement “Anyone who is not a mindless zombie should take time to read the ideology of that rat fucking paper the Arcata[L]Eye here on the Plazoid”. Maybe the historian Mr. Nice or the reporter Tom Sebourn would like to comment on this. I think Terrence would buy you a Ice Cream at Scoops.

    Anonymous little me is a Arcata Eye supporter and I would like to take Tad seriously as well. You have passion that a large majority of us lack. It would be a good thing to see more of that passion channeled into something more beneficial than your hate of a local newspaper. Adults can differ in opinions with out name calling and false accusations.

    • jackdurham Says:

      Nice vision, but in PlazoidLand everything is mean, ugly and full of hate. If you disagree with Tad, you’re a rat fucking Nazi. Sad.

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    You ask a lot of questions. First, it has been my experience that when you have either a liar, idiot, or a thief, you usually have all three. Second, and this is only second because it is the biggest flaw in your logic, but for you to tell me that I am not “channeling] [that passion] into something more beneficial” tells me you would only be pleased with me if I have the same view of my passion, and my beneficial as you do. Only if I am a mindless zombie following what you think is beneficial is my passion “a good thing.” Fuck you! See that’s how it works – I decide what of my actions are beneficial.

    As far as the [L]Eye’s view of the subject of the post, I gave you the tools to go look for yourself. But we both know you have been reading it all along, and know damn well what I am talking about.

    Terrence, here as a representative of the [L]Eye, not only has a whole publication as “his own opinions,” but he has taken over a large portion of mine. I hear everyday what idiots and liars the [L]Eye and its supporters are being on this blog.

    The last thing I should address is that I only call people who advocate a Nazi agenda Nazis. I believe the evidence is pretty clear what the National Socialist party of 1936 Germany stood for, and if it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck . . .

    love eternal

    • jackdurham Says:

      So we’re Nazis! It always comes back to that. Predictable.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you Jack

        I don’t remember ever calling you as in “we’re,” a nazi, but as long as you bring it up, it is a well known fact that the news papers in nazi Germany were notorious for using their pages to advocate so-called “criminals.” The Nazi press was an arm, though privately owned, of the nazi propaganda machine. So I guess the question you so accurately predicted is, “are you, as a privately owned newspaper, reporting the news in such a way as to reflect all points of view, or are you narrowly tailoring it to fit the “party,” or “official” point of view?”

        It doesn’t “always come back to that.” That’s insane – makes you sound like Terrence! (that was a cheap shot, but funny none the less). The correct conclusion would be, “it is always at that.” I don’t think you guys (as far as I am aware) are different when your not slamming me. As long as the World has Rights taking, Inhumanity, and abusive government policies, anyone supporting it is just as culpable as anyone who supported it in 1936.

        Dude read the history of the nazis. It is the “same ol’ song and dance, my friend.” The Nazis were all cool and groovy for their time. Their press just taught that this person, or that person, was bad. The press propagandized that this person “with no fixed abode,” or that person who was “homosexual,” or that other person who was a “habitual abuser of alcohol,” or the person who is “mentally ill,” or on and on and on. Their press watched as people were gunned down in the streets, and always blamed it on the victims. Their press ganged up to attack, discredit, and harass those opposed to the tyranny.

        The more, and I mean more!, the number of hungry grows, the more the number without medical care grows, the more the number of houseless grows, the more the violence creeps into our lives, the more we see our loved ones drug off, the more shit keeps getting more! fucked up, and the more the rich keep getting fucking richer, the more I am going to believe you are at least partially responsible.

        It always gets back to that doesn’t it? It never left.

        love eternal

  7. nick bravo Says:

    I’ve been told you’re telling other homeless they need to get guns and defend their rights. If this is true, you need to knock it off. The other homeless are not your pawns.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Nick

      That is a fucked up thing to accuse Nick. I believe my views on the use of violence is well established. Perhaps you are falling victim to the “fascist mafia.”

      love eternal

  8. Jack Durham Says:

    Am I wrong, or did you just accuse me of being partially responsible for society’s injustices? If so, would you concede that we are equally guilty parties, being that we are both members of this society? Are we both aiding and abetting the Nazis through our actions or inactions? Just checking…

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I only mean you’re partially responsible, because no one is totally responsible. It is good you checked, because you got it all wrong. It was funny though. Equally responsible? No way. Yes we are both aiding and abetting the nazi paradigm. Notice I didn’t just say Nazis. You are not called “nazis.” Though you advocate everything the Nazis advocated, though you support Nationalism, though you are every bit as “socialistic” as the National Socialists, which was zero by the way, though you support “freetrade,” ostracizing social outcasts, wars on terror, and crimes against social norms, just like the nazis, you don’t call yourself a nazi. I on the other hand support none of the those things. Yes when I purchase a loaf of bread I am supporting the system that supports modern fascism, but as far a “equally” goes, not even close.

      But we didn’t get unequally to blame by my having the same “just go along” waveless attitude you have. My running a blog that confronts the status quo is not the same as your paper which selects this voice or that voice because you give them false credentials. You are in denial. You probably come by it honestly – your ignorant – but you in it none the less. You’re old enough to remember a freer time. If I was a teenager today, and I did some of the shit I did back when I was a teenager, fuck I would of probably spent the majority of my life in jail. When a society goes away from freedom, it is by default going towards tyranny. I’ve seen damn near every freedom we gained in the first half of my life, be taken away again during the second.

      Your right I need to become self-sufficient, everyone who doesn’t want a fascist state does too, but every year that becomes harder, and harder. That is not an accident, or just the way it naturally goes, that is because of a well orchestrated plan to turn over the entire Earth to the corporations. Oops there is that “Nazi definition” again. Tyranny doesn’t work on free people. The Nazis were not the first tyranny, but their bit on the better mouse trap, was they were the first to openly do it at the behest of the richest.

      So to answer your questions, which was an answer to my question, which in turn was a response to your “prediction,” “are you, as a privately owned newspaper, reporting the news in such a way as to reflect all points of view, or are you narrowly tailoring it to fit the “party,” or “official” point of view?”

      love eternal

  9. Jack Durham Says:

    You’ve never asked about my political views. You don’t know anything about them. You make false assumptions. In short, you’re a fucking idiot. Geeze!

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Dude, your the editor of a news paper. Your political views are worn on your shirt sleeve. Just your going alone with the [L]Eye attacking this blog is enough to verify most of my “assumptions.” You still haven’t answered my question.

    You are part and parcel of the propaganda machine. Hoover knows it, and almost anyone is smarter then him, so you should know it too. The world is being homogenized into only two choices, the party’s choice, or suffering. You sell that to the people as the only truth. It doesn’t matter if you “believe” anything other than what your actions portray, because we know trees by there fruit, not what the claim after the fact.

    love eternal

  11. Jack Durham Says:

    Which editorial or article of mine are you referring to? It’s probably safe to say that you have no clue!

  12. jackdurham Says:

    Tad, the last editorial I wrote was about a piece of land in McKinleyville that I thought should be spared from development and turned into a park. As a local paper, I don’t write about national issues. The one exception was my editorial against the invasion of Iraq before that whole mess unfolded.

    As for corporatism, it’s worth noting that the McKinleyville Press was the first paper to report on the flagrant violation of Measure T by outside corporations who influenced the vote on a local bond measure.

    Of course, as an avid reader of my newspaper, you’re aware of this!

  13. zerbel Says:

    Mr. Nice-
    That is a pleasing assessment for those of us suffering from white guilt, but I beg to differ. Instead of breaking it down to “white boys” like to rape, I would say its a matter of population growth, local resources, and cultural development. The indians in the local region didn’t have very advanced cultural by western metric because they never had scarcity of food resources. This also accounts for less warfare and less fatalities during conflict. If you can’t follow me, then I guess we are even cause I think you are dumb too.

  14. zerbel Says:

    Nick Bravo-
    I think you should get a gun

  15. nick bravo Says:

    I think you should get psychological help.

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