Tad’s Trial

Peace be with you

I had a court date last week. My trial is now scheduled to begin October 12. I have been reading the transcript from the last trial, and see many places I could improve my case.

One thing that concerns me is the DA now has the opportunity to change my charges again for the forth time. The DA was only able to “convict” me by cheating. The appeal panel ruled that he did. Last trial they offered me a plea of guilty of a disturbing the peace on the day of trial. Now that the DA has cheated and sent me to jail unjustly, I am afraid he wont give me the opportunity to vindicate myself. I am afraid he is going to change my charges to an infraction, after I already served time on a misdemeanor.

Can Gallegos convict me if he has to follow the law?

Two of the jurors left the trial with tears in their eyes. They wanted to find me not guilty, but the cheating DA convinced them they couldn’t. The judge at the behest of the DA would not give them instructions on what the “lawful duties” of a cop really are. The judge allowed irrelevant prejudicial evidence to be presented by the DA. If those two jurors, and maybe even more, had not been fooled by the DA then I would of had a hung jury at worse.

Shouldn’t our qualifications for a District Attorney be justice, not treachery? If the DA ignores the rules he is elected to protect, if sneaky tricks are used in places of real evidence, if the number of convictions are more important than the constitution Gallagos swore to uphold, then we have a breakdown of our entire system.

Another question that I feel needs to be asked is, “how much does it cost us to have our DA play censor for politicians?” Is it really what we want to pay for? I mean a trial, a month in jail, and an appeal so far, and it will only cost more. That is just one case who someone made it public. How many other are prosecuted with deception?

I don’t think any government is sustainable because they always end up restricting liberties. Our constitution was a compromise – guaranteed liberties in exchange for governance. If you make a deal and the other side does not live up to that deal, can you really keep supporting the deal? I want freedom back. That was the deal, and it is the only deal we should accept.

love eternal


47 Responses to “Tad’s Trial”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    Maybe that wasn’t the best time to start that anti-Gallegos campaign.
    Before the trial and all.

    Just sayin’

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      Do you mean I should “leye” in order to profit? I understand you see life that way, but some of us remain true to the end. You would endorse me if you thought it would make you a buck. Hypocrite!

      love eternal

  2. Terrence McNally Says:


    I mean from a PR perspective. Kinda like yelling at someone in a position to help you out.

    Just, you know, counter productive.

    And fucking stoopid.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      Define “a position to help you out.” If you mean beating me up and then not “helping me out” by taking me to the hospital, because I spat a “fuck you” out with my blood and teeth, then you’re “”stoopid” not me. I mean yeah I guess someone can “help me out” of a situation they created for me, but that is neither productive, nor just.

      Besides what do you expect the counter culture to produce if counter productivity?

      love eternal

    • Terrence McNally Says:

      I don’t equate keeping yer trap shut with lying, toothless or not.

      Duder, you’re like double counter culture which is back to becoming what you’re fighting.

      You’re like a double rainbow… no, now it’s a triple rainbow.
      What does it mean?

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        Full of light, beautiful, and a talisman of better days ahead, yep I’m at least twice that. No, no, three times that.

        love eternal

  3. terrance is an idiot Says:


  4. Terrence McNally Says:

    Spell my name right, braniac.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, you have freedom. You choose to abuse your freedom, and then complain about the outcome.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      How exactly can someone “abuse freedom?” By being free? By exercising ones freedom? That has to be the stupidest thing I ever read.

      love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        well, by allegedly speaking for more then three minutes during the time alloted for public comments at a board of supervisors meeting, as i understand it.

        and that can’t be the stupidest thing you’ve ever read, not by a long shot you drama queen.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        One can abuse something, but that something can not be freedom. Freedom is freedom and can never be abused. If it is abused then IT IS NOT FREEDOM! If your are free to, then you didn’t abuse. That’s like calling water dry. It is stupid. In fact it is the stupidest thing I ever read! Hands down!

        Also that accusation that I violated some “rule.” Not a law, not a policy, not even a written down rule, but a rule that was selectively utilized because my freedom of speech upset the power brokers. But if we all had no “understand it” like you, then a rule is not freedom, and breaking it can not be an abuse of freedom. It would logically be an “abuse of the rules.” If it is freedom, by definition it can not ever be abused.

        So your ignorence of the meaning of freedom makes these comments about “abusing freedom” the stupidest thing anyone could ever read.

        love eternal

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        If you feel that way and are not just here in an attempt to make freedom abusable, and do damage control for Kevin Hoover, then why do you read this blog? There are right-wing fascist blogs everywhere on the web, it seems those would be more to your freedom abusing tastes.

        love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        wow, you have such huge wood for hoover, it’s very distracting. there is no secret plot to fuck with tad. get over it, ok. if you are being fucked with then you brought it upon yourself in each individual case. you put yourself and your views out here of your own volition. you allow response and running discourse, but when it turns a direction counter to your ego then you freak out, TYPE IN CAPS, and lately ask or beg people to leave. Sorry Charlie. you started this insanity, you propagate this mess, if you can’t take the heat then stay out of the internet. maybe you need a more healthy hobby then blogging.

        and your notions of freedom are curious, am i abusing my host or expressing my freedom? do you ever abuse people around arcata with your expressions of freedom? only difference i see is point of view.

        you should lose the hate tad. that is, if that’s what you really want.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        I get to view all the ip addresses of those commenting here. There are two of you left. Jack is being very careful to avoid the subject at hand. So that leaves you and Terrence. Who are you? I type in “caps,” TO MAKE MY FUCKING STATEMENT EXCLAMATORY. I curse for the exact same reason. Some things are so stupid that only by replying “WHAT THE FUCK” can someone express how fucking stupid it is. Like “abusing freedom.” What is the opposite of freedom? Rules! Freedom is the natural absolute, and rules are the invented anti-freedom. You can add all the red to black you want and you still have black. That is the way freedom is. You”re free to do anything. If you add just a touch of red to white, then it changes a lot. That is like rules. Abused is to freedom, as absolute zero is to hot.

        So if I abused anything I abused a “rule.” If it was in fact “freedom,” then I am not guilty, because all the freedoms I have are protected by the bill of rights.

        You don’t have freedoms to hurt other people. Are you admitting you are “fucking with” me? It that “brought it upon yourself” the same thing rapists use in court? “Discourse” is the operative word here. From what I observed there is very little discourse, and a whole lot of provocateuring.

        I see Hoover is a destructive force in my community. I boycott him, and ask others to do the same, because it is time for healing forces in my community. Do you hate the snails that eat your strawberries? No, you just remove them so they can do no more harm. I would say Hoover is like a snail if I didn’t think it disparaging to the snails.

        love eternal

  6. Terrence McNally Says:

    I think it should just be:

    Tad be with you.

  7. Tom Sebourn Says:

    The Tad runs strong in you young Terrence Walker.
    May the Tad be with you.
    Do not fight the Tad, you will only make him grow stronger.
    Gallegos should also do right by the Tad. Mess with him at your own or ours, the tax payers expense.
    Is the Tad really something that should be locked up?

  8. Terrence McNally Says:


  9. Terrence McNally Says:

    Freedom’s just another word for… nuthin left to abuse.
    Nuthin… and that’s all that Taddy left me.

  10. Mr. Nice Says:

    They threw Tad in jail for the two reasons you are not supposed to moderate public comments. One the social services politicians don’t like Tad and two Tad brings up positions contrary to their policy. Going over on time is an excuse. What kinna bullshit time allotment they have anyway, two minutes?

    Anonymous 11:23 you won’t make Tad feel a thing talking no kinna shit like that. Don’t you think he used to it? Read up on the comments this blog has had for months you see character assassination all day. Please. Shit ebbs and flows. Y’all will get interested in something else. Go on twitter or something.

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, Nice – we’ve all been waiting for you to twitter yerself for years.
    Anon.R.Mousely or not.

  12. Terrence McNally Says:

    Ewwww… raped by blog posts. Nasty.

    Tad, you’re wearing a short skirt, metaphorically speaking.
    We can’t help ourselves.

    • transient Says:

      ok, Terrence. NOW I HATE YOU. You stupid fucking jerk. Rape jokes ARE NOT FUNNY, not even “metaphorically speaking.” Up until now I figured we just had a difference of political persuasion or whatever. You may have noticed that I am usually just playful and not hateful….BUT NOW I HATE YOU> Fuck off, jerkface.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      What an excellent example of your ideology. If they have a short skirt you think it is alright to rape them. Fucking pig!

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        Now I’m fucking pigs? Rats. Pigs. Horses.

        At least I’m moving up the evolutionary ranks.

        Since I actually spend time with women in short skirts and don’t rape them, I think I’m good, brah.
        Thanks for checking,

  13. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, damn… nuther one lost.

    Now, what kind of person equates blog postings to being raped?
    Who would use language to such an extreme and violent effect.

    Who could that be… let’s see…

    Could it be someone who would accuse someone he doesn’t agree with with raping rodents?

    Any idears, transient?

    Either way, I’ll try to soldier on without your friendship.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      It is funny, that for someone who calls themselves a “news reporter” you can’t even read. Transient is pissed at your characterization of people who didn’t even have a word that meant rape, being rapists. Your a rat fucker. Rat fucker does not mean you fuck rats, you idiot, it means you are both a rat and a fucker. It means you’re the lowest of the low.

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        Bummer. I’m starting to think you and me aren’t going to be friends either.

        Once again, this makes zero sense:
        Transient is pissed at your characterization of people who didn’t even have a word that meant rape, being rapists

        Just as you’re using “your” incorrectly.

        But I’m the idiot, I guess.

        Down here in the gutter with Theodore.

      • theplazoid Says:


        My name is tad


  14. moviedad Says:

    Freedom means: Not having to educate the other guy. Not having to correct stupidity. Not having to fight back in a rigged fight.

  15. Terrence McNally Says:

    A rigged fight on the guy’s own blog.
    Got it.

    Hey, speaking of – your blog is massively overdue for an update, Pops.
    Nuthin doing in Western Trinity County?

  16. Mr. Nice Says:

    Twitter is the best shit since ready rock.

  17. moviedad Says:

    I’m waiting on the proper planetary alignment.

  18. Terrence McNally Says:

    Well, keep posting about the doings down the hill, then.
    Carry on.

  19. transient Says:

    Dear Terrence:

    You said this:
    “Since I actually spend time with women in short skirts and don’t rape them, I think I’m good, brah.”

    I just wanted to remind you that you ACTUALY SAID THAT. Well, congratultaions, “brah,” on having not raped anyone (I hope). That doesn’t make your abusive language okay. YOU SUCK. I suggest that you acknowledge your mistake and apologize.

  20. Terrence McNally Says:

    To whom? To you, t?

    Should I apologize to you about that? And you are?
    You are who beyond an anonymous blog poster?
    Are you a woman, or just a dude with bad music taste?
    I have no idea who transient is.

    Tell you what – when yer buddy Tad learns to use language responsibly, and not tell people to FUCK OFF!!! or be rat fuckers when they ask him pointed questions… I will acknowledge to you personally and to the world as a whole that I am indeed an asshole.

    Which I am.
    Damn! Too soon.

    Let me take that back…

  21. Mr. Nice Says:

    Hella good bruh bruh.

  22. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Movie Dad, objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

    The planets are aligning and shi*t is happening. I hope is is good sh*t. It doesn’t look so good but looks can be deceiving. Stay positive and be well.

  23. moviedad Says:

    Sometimes it appears things are happening. But most times it’s just breathe in, breathe out.
    I’ve been stealing spare moments to Kayak after work on non-school days.
    Please feel free to download any of the Pictures for wall-paper or whatever. http://www.box.net/rix-rivr-pix.

  24. moviedad Says:

    That goes for anyone.

  25. Mark Sailors Says:

    Lets not forget the “reason: for the trial to begin with; going over the alloted time at a meeting. To make any real commentary on government take more that three minutes. I, for one, was shut down at the Arcata City council for going over three minutes, and then watched the prefered speakers ramble on for 15 to 20 minutes without question. Therefore i decided to submit everything i had to say in writing, and i am sure that it was not read and ignored. We as a nation have the right to petition our leaders, and it is their job to take the time out to listen, no matter how long it takes a person to speak his/her mind.
    Just sayin’

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