Peace be with you

Jack Duran of the McKinleyville Press says, “the only way to make a buck is to work.” I am assuming “buck” is the terminology for money in this discussion. What is a little more vague is this thing “work.” From the context of the rest of his comment I again assume by “work,” he means “job.” If he means work, as work, then he is being a little naive believing that anyone doesn’t work.

Does the business owner and the ditch digger both do work? No, they both have “jobs,” but it is the ditch digger doing the work. The owners get “bucks” for the ditch digger’s work, not his/her own. So the business owner doesn’t work yet gets “bucks.”

How about the landlord? The landlord has other people pay their mortgage, and give them “bucks.” How is that work?

How about preachers? They call their “work” preaching, I call mine demonstrating. They protect their flock, I protect my community. They are viewed as “hard workers,” while I am portrayed as a bum. It is only a technicality that differentiates between me and a preacher. A technicality that allows one to be called a worker though he bums, and the other is called a bum though he works.

What about negative work? By that I mean if the purpose of work is to produce “bucks,” then what about those who cost bucks, and produce none. Cops come quickly to mind. If I was a politician trying to award a contract that I would personally, or my organization jointly, stood to make 65% of the contract, everyone would (or at least should) accuse me of a conflict of interest. Cops however, decide when, where, and who, to conduct pot raids on, and Humboldt County cops get to keep 65% of any assets the grower accumulated before the raid. What is it that keeps the cops from manipulating the profit margin. If your “work” depended on asset forfeiture, and you knew of a new grower who only has a used car, and a few grow lights, what is keeping you from letting him/her grow a few seasons to build up assets. To maximize your profits so to speak.

Cops are a self-fulfilling prophecies. Once hired they make sure there is enough crime to keep them hired. There are support jobs they have to have enough crime to justify also. Prosecutors, jailers, public defenders, and the sensationalist journalist. If you went back twenty years, and calculated which city department, and it matters not which city, increased its cost the most, without exception it is police departments. They are literally the reason cities are going broke. Can we call bankrupting cities “work?”

There are a lot of other jobs in our community which I either don’t consider “work” as defined by the way it is accused towards me, or “work” at the expense of the rest. One of those which is both is the “banker.” That’s a ponzi scheme “job,” as they prove over and over again. The reason the Jewish tradition outlaws usury is it is so fucking unsustainable that no society can survive it. Bankers collect “bucks” that don’t even exist, off of every dollar there is. If you create the buck, but don’t create the interest charged on that buck soon you run into what is referred to as a “brick wall.” Eventually this non-existent interest has to be reckoned with, but because it doesn’t really exist it can’t be. This is what bankers call “work.”

The amount of “work” and the amount of “buck” have no relationship to one another. I see many who barely work while raking in a shit load of “bucks.” I see many others busting their asses, and barely surviving. I guess, besides the fact I do work, at least by comparison of many “workers,” I also don’t produce negative work like so many other “workers” do.

As a last thought I would like to advocate for the lazy. Lazy people don’t go start wars, build prisons, or clear cut forests. In fact compared to the corporations, the armies, the cops, and their propaganda machine, lazy people are the pillar of our society. If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is its father. Only someone too lazy to beat their clothes against a rock, would invent a washing machine.

love eternal


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, your understanding of business owners is woeful and your arrogance amazing. Every conclusion you’ve drawn is patently incorrect.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      No!, every conclusion you’ve drawn is patently incorrect. There defend that.

      Conclusion one; Duran thinks work and employment are the same thing. Patently correct.

      Conclusion two; business owners, and landlord make their money off of other people’s labor. Also patently correct.

      Conclusion three; cops cost society without producing wealth, have increased that cost more than any other city department, create crime and have a fundamental conflict of interest. Again, patently correct.

      Conclusion four; Bankers not only don’t work for their money, but create a phantom pool of “bucks” that doesn’t exist, and has to be repaid by other peoples labor.

      Conclusion five; lazy people are way less destructive on everything except the wage slave trade. If I am not mistaking the wage slave trade is what you are here trying to protect with your lame, blanket accusation.

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        You outta patent them patently corrects and make bank, brah.
        Sit back and watch the cash flow in.

      • Geronimo Garcia Says:

        I write again now with this, please read the words of Tad, writer of the blog called the “PLAZOID”. Here you will find the discussion of what is happening in Humboldt County. I am relatively enjoying my freedom for now, but that can change according to District Attorney Paul Gallegos, Judge Willson, All previous Judges in my cases, current prosecutors unnamed, and all probation officers in Humboldt County and the earth. I am asking for the return of my liberties, civil,and human rights. This is an attempt to link my post to social media. I wish to not distract you from war, economic, and natural disasters. Please take care of yourself. I am inspired by your writing, and I hope to share your words and images somehow. I am sorry I can not do what is necessary to help or comfort and protect from harm the people of the earth. All I have to share at this time is the Bicycle Garden Party bicycle trailer concept that is DIY

  2. Terrence McNally Says:

    Lazy people don’t make computers for lazy people to while away on, blogging.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    from wikipedia,

    “In the tale, the little red hen finds a grain of wheat, and asks for help from the other farmyard animals to plant it. However, no animal will volunteer to help her.
    At each further stage (harvest, threshing, milling the wheat into flour, and baking the flour into bread), the hen again asks for help from the other animals, but again she gets no assistance.
    Finally, the hen has completed her task, and asks who will help her eat the bread. This time, all the previous non-participants eagerly volunteer. However, she declines their help, stating that no one aided her in the preparation work, and eats it with her chicks, leaving none for anyone else.
    In other versions sometimes the bread is substituted with a cake, and is also said from that day forward when the red hen worked on food, she found volunteers and thus this time shared with all those who aided her.
    The moral of the story is that those who show no will to contribute to an end product do not deserve to enjoy the end product, or “if a man does not work, let him not eat.” “

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I also address the other anonymous who said, “The sin of sloth goes directly against the teachings of Jesus.” I guess I should start with a Jesus quote: “foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the son of man hath not where to lay his head.”

      I have repeated here many times I am not a follower of Saul. You so-called Christians follow that fraud, and repeat his bigotry, like “if a man does not work, let him not eat.” You people who usurp the name of Jesus to implement the fascism of Saul have no more creditability in spiritual matters than your satin would. I believe Jesus’ comments on the matter were, “feed my lambs, feed my lambs, feed my lambs.”

      The problem with Saul as the “voice of god,” is that it allows you to be a hypocrite. Unless of course if you are here denying Jesus for his name sake.

      Nobody addresses the 15 million and growing unemployed. If there is not enough cake for all the party goers, why would you bitch if someone doesn’t want cake? As the unemployment goes up, wages go down. That means the business owners gets an even bigger cut of their workers labor while the laborer struggles to feed their family. Until there is a surplus of jobs, there will be no shortage of people to help make your cake. What are you proposing? That everyone work for pennies in order to have total employment? Or perhaps you are saying some people should work for free?

      I believe your thesis is based on that Nazi idea of “useless eater,” or “work shy,” or “asocial.” I just read a book called, “Social Outsiders in Nazi Germany.” Amazing the similarities between what you are saying and what the Nazis were saying.

      In order to survive as a species we need to stop a lot of needless resource extraction. It also makes since to have a more egalitarian work distribution. If workers were truly the ones profiting off their labor, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

      Lastly, lets think about the other animals. Lets put your story in human terms. One human says I’m going to make cake. The other humans say we don’t need cake we already have all we need (wouldn’t you assume those “animals” were already eating animal food). This makes the one human upset that all the others didn’t crown her queen, and love her cake. So she played her little game of belittling, attacking, and accusing the others of everything from laziness, to anti-socialism. If it had been animals they would still to this day be telling the hen to go fuck herself, but humans we can send to public school, set them in front of a tv, and feed them distorted News through Fox news, and the Arcata [L]Eye. We can sent cops out to harass those who will not, or can not, work for the hen, regardless of how oppressive that work is.

      You can continue to repeat the message of the Roman church (ie the teachings of Saul), but I don’t believe in him. In fact, I believe he was an impostor who was tasked to usurp the real teachings. If we all worked in the field of human needs – food, shelter, water, and entertainment – then none of us would be working very much. But because we have to support banker, business owners, and landlords, we are expected to work our asses off.

      love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        So one should work hard (be a worker or maybe the employed) and share their earned bounty with those who don’t want to work (the lazy). Who would want to work if there is no reward? Who would work if one’s own family would suffer for the labor? Why not be lazy and let someone else work and support your family. Eventually the workers would be the slaves of the lazy and not allowed the choice of to work or not, or am I reading too much into your words?

        Also, I’ve been looking around for some kind of Anti-Saul version of the Bible and I’m coming up blank, is there a testament you would suggest?

        Hey could you please turn back on the recent comments, you have had a lot of traffic recently and it’s easier to get really in depth into these issues with that feature enabled. Trolls always get tired and go.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        I am not advocating everyone sit around and starve to death. What I am saying is the way this system is set up is just that for millions of workers. Just do the math. You need certain things to get and hold a job. You need transportation, laundry, phone, shower, work clothes, baby sitters, etc. On top of that because you send all your time working you need instant entertainment, expensive prepared foods, intoxicants, and other things people consume trying to make their jobs bearable. At $7.75 an hour, nobody can make it.

        If however we shared the work and shared the bounty, then there would be plenty for everyone. We don’t need so many “jobs” in this world. The banker is only necessary for our “economic system,” not for our survival or quality of live. Why isn’t that son of a bitch pull his fair share? He is getting rich under this system, but really he is just sucking your ability to survive away from you. It is not the bum who is not pulling their weight, it is the parasitic blood sucking leaches profiting off the backs of the bruised that is sinking this ship we call Mother Earth.

        I study the Nag Hammadi books, the Gospels of Peace, the dead sea scrolls, and limit my studies to just the “red letters” in the “Red Letter New Testament.” I am not saying that Saul/Paul has nothing good to say, I am just saying his bad is anti-Jesus. The Romans put those books together in order to maintain their control of the world they conquered. Just ignore everything past John in the New Testament. Nothing is stupider than some idiot saying “Jesus said,” when they really mean “Paul said.”

        Trolls always get tired and go away if they have no stake in protecting their paradigm. These trolls are being exposed as liars, and they make their livings convincing people they are honest. To them this isn’t about disrupting for the sake of disruptions sake, its about survival. People are beginning to realize that the whole Fox News style of propaganda is being practiced here at a local level in the form of the Arcata [L]Eye newspaper. I find it easier to ignore them if I don’t see them in that recent comment thing.

        love eternal

  4. Terrence McNally Says:

    I think you should read this aloud to your boss next time you’re doing physical labor next to one another.

    No doubt, he’d be glad to hear it.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The sin of sloth goes directly against the teachings of Jesus. I mean, right, anybody got a amen?

    • humboldturtle Says:

      Avarice does too, though. Amen, amen.

    • humboldturtle Says:

      The Seven Deadlies:

      wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony.

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        silence is deadly.

        silent. but deadly.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        Look at you. If someone isn’t on line all day, just in case you comment, then you assume you have won the argument with your lies, distortions, and revisionist histories. Not everybody gets to spend they days getting drunk, and acting the ass. People shouldn’t give the [L]Eye money, they just spend it on booze.

        love eternal

  6. Mr. Nice Says:

    Tad is hot on google. Is Tad the second non-anonymous Humboldt blogger to have a popular blog? Him and Eric Kirk? Fred is hot but he don’t have 71 comments nowhere. I can’t think nobody else with that much. Heraldo? Not unless you are on 5th Street and say what’s up. Hum Bugs? Captain Buhne? He’s hot still. Hella fake comments on his “I’ll be back” posts from bots all “Can’t wait for the update. I will support you” in Chinese. Good work tho Tad.

    Hella people googling Plazoid Work though. Maybe it’s just y’all. We can go more rounds if you want.

    There are a lot of other jobs in our community which I either don’t consider “work” as defined by the way it is accused towards me, or “work” at the expense of the rest. One of those which is both is the “banker.”

    That’s fiat money system problems. Can’t really single out bankers or bank owners. Like blaming corner kids for prohibition problems.

    As a last thought I would like to advocate for the lazy. Lazy people don’t go start wars, build prisons, or clear cut forests. In fact compared to the corporations, the armies, the cops, and their propaganda machine, lazy people are the pillar of our society. If necessity is the mother of invention, then laziness is its father. Only someone too lazy to beat their clothes against a rock, would invent a washing machine.

    Human nature is lazy as hell. Way I see it, we evolved with two goals. One: make fast dude run down a gazelle or some shit while you relax with some prehistoric weed. Two, grub fruits and roots while you post on the grass all day tryna figure out how to get Bigfoot off your tip and the rats out your crop.

    People call dank growers lazy and they may be right. But dank growers got the fast dude running their shit around and most of what they do involves plotting against rats of one kind or another.

    • Anonymous Says:

      gee, I guess savage henry and tom sebourn just can’t bring the sauce.
      but come on, no amen?? how ’bout a what-what then? come on at least give me a what-what.

      btw typing hella is even lamer then saying hella.

      • Mr. Nice Says:

        gee, I guess savage henry and tom sebourn just can’t bring the sauce.

        Terrence McNally, Ryan Hurley and Chris Durant like this.

  7. Terrence McNally Says:

    That’s some good prose again, Nice.
    You’re the anon slam poet of local blogs.

    You outta branch out.

  8. Tom Sebourn Says:

    I am like Tad in a way because people can’t quite figure out just what it is that we actually do.

  9. Tom Sebourn Says:

    It’s like we were both put on earth to try to help some people while irritating others at the same time. Is that a job?

  10. zerbel Says:

    Fuckin’ magnets! How do they work?????

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    Hahhaa! Perfect.

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  12. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, it’s just an awesomely bad video. No real point.
    That’s what zerbel was referencing with the magnet comment.

    The lyrics are ridiculous.
    To wit.

  13. transient Says:

    Somehow I always knew that Terrance was a juggalo…

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Tad is his own worst enemy. He may have a valid point in his courtroom case, but nutty posts like this one, and pretty much every other one, makes it very difficult to believe he is in touch with reality. And given that situation, how can we believe him regarding what transpired in the courthouse?

  15. jackdurham Says:

    Tad, for the record, I’m a bigger supporter of not working and being lazy. Saturdays come to mind. If it was possible, I’d make everyday a Saturday. It would be groovy.

  16. jackdurham Says:

    Tad wrote: The amount of “work” and the amount of “buck” have no relationship to one another.

    Jack responds: That’s true.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      Your beginning to come around Jack. Are you splitting with the “tad’s always wrong, because his hats dirty” crowd?

      I might modify that “relationship” statement though to, the harder the work, the fewer bucks one gets for doing it. Though that is not always true, it is true most of the time. Also if all those who doesn’t contribute to the food, shelter, water, and entertainment of society would start doing that kind of work, we could all be employed 10 hours a week, or less, and have more than enough for everyone.

      But right now we are living and working so a few that don’t work in necessary trades, and for the most part don’t work at all, can live better than anyone else. It was difficult to see the difference just a few years ago, but now with the unemployment going up while the statistical economy is “improving,” it is obvious that the billionaires are skewing the average. If one person in Arcata made a billion dollars a year, and everyone else made minimum wage, the average wage would be fifty thousand dollars a year. Sure everyone could live on fifty thousand dollars a year, but that is really a skewed average. Mark Twain correctly pointed out that “there are three types of lies, lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

      One other thing I think would benefit you: it is only impossible if you believe it to be. People lived on this continent for 12,000 years of everyday is Saturday. I’m sure you wouldn’t say those peoples accomplished the impossible. We have created a world in which the possible is taught as impossible to maintain the hierarchical power structure. It is only impossible, and not the norm, because we must pay for those few who live in gluttonous excess, at the expense of everyone else.

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        Right, worlds without medicine, building coded structures, tool advancement and computers are friggin’ bitchen.

        Tad, in such a world, you would have expired 13 years ago of old age.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        Gentle people, living sustainably, healthy, happy, with quality of, and a long life. That was what the Europeans found when they arrived here with their sorceries, their building codes, gun powder, and other tool advancements, and written language. They then set about to systematically destroy the sustainable lifestyle, and replace it with the death you think is “friggin’ bitchen.”

        It is funny people always figure life expectancy by European standards. But Europeans (and their technology) are the plague that killed the Earth. I find no creditability in the preachers of death. I might even be healthier today if I was in such a world. You can’t measure my time, by the stupid things done by past Europeans. You probably have predicted your life expectancy, but to predict mine, is an elitist point of view.

        love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        So archeologists that measure lifespan in pre-columbian societies are full of shit, because, they are, fascists? I think I am beginning to get it. You fight science like you fight logic.

        I think you turned off the recent comments just so you can get in the last word.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        I didn’t turn off comments. Sometimes the spam catches them, and there they wait for me to come along and set them free. I don’t know why it does, but if it comes between that and having 50 ping backs every time I post, I’ll take that.

        I turned the thing on the side bar off to counter the trolls. It seems to have improved things a bit.

        love eternal

  17. Terrence McNally Says:

    that’s where it stops, JD.
    The buck stops before the work starts.

  18. Terrence McNally Says:


    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      It is funny, people who don’t labor love this holiday. It is always like that. Labor day should be the celebration of the day humanity stopped useless labor for useless labor’s sake. The day labor ended, and living began.

      love eternal

  19. Terrence McNally Says:

    Right O – I just saw you laboring in the Co-op to warm us all with these good tidings.

  20. Terrence McNally Says:

    But… back to work for me, peaches!

  21. jackdurham Says:

  22. Terrence McNally Says:

    I forgot I liked that song.

  23. jackdurham Says:

    While I appreciate Devo, this one is musically better.

  24. Terrence McNally Says:

    Flatmo just gave me the new Devo album.

  25. Terrence McNally Says:

    Anyway, lots of folks like to wax nostalgic about pre-Colombian Americas as some edenic landscape of bounty and peace.

    Never happened. Tribes raped and pillaged one another. And they experience happiness, too.

    Central and South Americas metropolises were equally cruel and guilty of militarism… and also cool things like architecture, science and medicine.

    I know you like you tout your native street cred. Speaking as a latino, I’ll remind you that things were just as fucked up and equally wonderful before the gringos stumbled onshore.

    Nostalgia is the longing for something that never happened.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      That is the biggest load of crap I ever heard. I agree that that “victors history” claims all conquered indigenous people are savages, and rapers, and pillagers. That is not what those indigenous people’s history says though. It is your eurocentric point of privileged view you’re telling us, not any study of peoples before the white man skewed things forever. How can anyone who exists in this world not see that it was the Europeans that came raping and pillaging. In fact most indigenous peoples didn’t even have a word for rape. How can you have something happening without a word for it?

      You tout bullshit to justify what is obviously the same ideology as the Nazis touted. Things were not just as fucked up!

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        I keep shocking you and impressing upon you wows and largest amount of things you’ve never encountered. You outta get out more.

        But my opinions are actually thoroughly Mexican, gringo. That things were wonderful and fucked up before whitey and wonderful and fucked up after whitey. Every civilization has at some point been conquered by somebody else. And horrible things happen when that occurs. And then everyone starts having sex and falling in love and they make different colored people who start the whole process over again.

        Historical whiners keep whining and whining and whining and pretending the past was way awesome… which it was… but it was also just as fucked up… as human beings – all colors of them – show equal capacity for kindness and cruelty.


      • theplazoid Says:

        La paz esté con usted

        You are full of shit! You are a revisionist historian. Well besides the fact that you are no historian at all, just a liar. I think you need to go back and restudy what you are spouting. Here is a piece from that other “Mexican Gringo” European, Columbus:

        “They…brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned…They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance…They would make fine servants…With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.

        As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts.”

        amor eterno

  26. jackdurham Says:

  27. Terrence McNally Says:

    That looks like hurting.

    But, Jack… do you remember when the lead is being chased by the guard and stumbles upon the beach and the friggin’ Conquistadors are rowing in, led by the padre and the cross… and he is both figuratively and literally “saved” while his wife is being “saved” by a baptism of water that brings her out of that hole…

    Mel Gibson’s take on history is almost as poorly orchestrated and obvious as Theodore Robinson’s… whoever that is.

    But… they both like to say “fuck” a lot. You gotta give ’em that.
    Nothing like a good “fuck” to set you free.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I’m glad you can at least see the difference between “Hollywood” and the truth. It is a sad day when the reporters of our news think movies are history.

      love eternal

      • Jack Durham Says:

        That was obviously a Hollywood version. However, it’s worth remembering how those temples were built and how they were used. It was a violent world back then, with totalitarian leaders. Hardly the Shangri La some may imagine.

        Your Avatar version if the past is not accurate.

  28. Terrence McNally Says:

    I also noted the removal of the recent comments from this blog.

    Nazi censorship indeed!
    Can I get a what what, Anon.R.Mous?

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      I have removed comments before. I removed them for impersonating someone they were not. Freedom does not give me the right to allow commentators who I know are not who they say they are to pretend to be someone else. It was your buddy Micheal Moore that was being impersonated by the way.

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        Can you tease the meaning out of this for me, good buddy:

        Freedom does not give me the right to allow commentators who I know are not who they say they are to pretend to be someone else

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        It is obvious that you have been distorting things for so long you have no idea what freedom even means. You are responsible for the results of your actions. If I know you are someone who is other then who you’re pretending to be, and by that impostor you damage the reputation of who your pretending to be, I’ll exercise my freedom to delete your false representation. Kind of like you setting up a wordpress blog under my name, and information. In fact even the state legislature agrees and made it a crime to pretend to be someone else on line.

        love eternal

  29. Jack Durham Says:

    We’re back to Nazi comparisons! That didn’t take too long. I’m also enjoying the bogus history, in which everyone lived in peace and harmony until the Europeans arrived. It ignores that there were territories and resources that were fought over.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      We have been back to the Nazi comparisons since 1936. If it is big and gray, with huge floppy ears, and a trunk, it probably isn’t a puppy.

      You are right that indigenous people didn’t live in perpetual peace and harmony, but comparing the European invasion to tribal skirmishes is revisionist history. Not only can’t the Original Americans hold a candle to the “fought over territories and resources,” but the violence against their own people is almost unheard, especially compared with the modern militarized police force. You are trying to justify a genocide, and that is never justifiable.

      Hitler admired the way the Europeans oppressed the Original Americans.

      love eternal

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        I know this one! An elephant.

        Here’s the one in the room – tribes raped and killed one another.
        Constantly. They stole resources from one another. Food. Women. Weapons. When the Spanish got here, they started stealing horses from one another.

        If their populations were bigger, it woulda been genocide.

        Leave the Tad library of “progressive” history and read an archeologist’s take. Or talk to a tribe member old enough to recall how they were at war with their neighbors.

      • theplazoid Says:

        Peace be with you

        If you can see an elephant in the room, then why don’t you? You would rather disparage an entire peoples with your “Spanish European” point of view. I know about the little skirmishes that tribes would have. Death was rarer than common among those tribal wars. The word for rape is rape in every language. That is because you Europeans brought both the word, and the first examples of what the word means to this continental.

        Okay, how about Howard Zinn’s “a peoples history of the US.” Of course you meant one of those European justification histories.

        I might point out that killing 12,000,000 Original Americans was genocide! In fact Arcata’s “homeless policies” fit the UN definition of genocide.

        Here is some more European history of indigious peoples:

        “Upon arrival at La Navidad in the second voyage, Columbus found the fort burned to the ground and all 39 of the men he had left behind had been killed. It seems the sailors left behind had “misbehaved” as our history books tell it, but their “misbehaving” was in often in the form of rape of the local women and children and theft of anything they saw that they wanted.

        “One of the local leaders – or Kasikes as they were called – named Caonabo, had met with the other leaders and all but one agreed that men who were gods would never have behaved in the manner the Spanish had, and they decided the Spaniards had to go, and so they eliminated the Spaniards and the threat they posed to their people.

        “Columbus vowed to find Caonabo and retaliate. From that point on, life as the Taino knew it ended. Columbus forced all of them over the age of 14 to work in the gold mines searching for gold for the Spaniards. Those who refused were killed. Those who did not make their quota of gold had their hands cut off and were left to bleed to death. Taino women were given to Spaniards to do with whatever they wished. The fields, unattended, failed to yield enough food for the Taino (and the Spaniards whose supplies had run out). All were hungry. Many Taino starved to death, others were worked to death. They were beaten, tortured, raped, enslaved and murdered. Columbus found Caonabo – they tricked him in order to capture him – and he was put on a ship that was sent to Spain and was never heard from again.”

        love eternal

  30. Terrence McNally Says:

    Jack- I was totally gonna bring up Avatar too.

    Awesome 3D. Stupid story.

  31. jackdurham Says:

    Avatar would be better if it was simply edited down to a series of pretty little videos with a super-trippy soundtrack.

    The movie starts with them being super groovy people who are appalled by the brutality of man. Then they suddenly became “warriors” and say things kinda like “Take that, Bitch!”

  32. jackdurham Says:

    The City of Arcata is conducting a campaign of genocide? Wow!

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

      (a) Killing members of the group;
      (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
      (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
      (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
      (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

      love eternal

  33. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tadster – what percentage Native America, since we’re playing the ethnic card, and all?

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

  34. Geronimo Garcia Says:

    I typed for hours but my post disappeared, I’ll try again later

  35. Geronimo Garcia Says:

    i hope to share the “Green House Effect” solar bike garden trailer. my next prototype that i am developing now is the “FREE BRADLEY MANNING FROM JAIL NOW”! bike garden wagon to assist with 24/7 peace rallies

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