North Coast Journal, the McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata [L]Eye Conspired to Censor Activist Blog.

Peace be with you

I am a little tired of this deliberate attack on my blog by these three local news papers. There are some questions that can only be answered with subpoenas. I made a living learning how to operate within the confines of the criminal legal system. I think it is “high time” I consider hooking up with the civil lawyers, and learning a new trade. I have their IP addresses, I have their actions all documented in multiple places, and I know who they are.

I only mention that because the longer this goes on, the worse the harm to me. I want to end this now, as the emotional and physical stress they are intentionally inflicting upon me is getting to the point I may never overcome it.

By attacking my commentators these three newspaper representatives are effectively censoring my blog. They are creating an atmosphere, that is both very Hooverish, and highly slanderous. I really think I have a good case for an injunction right now, but I think I would have a better case if I could look at the emails sent from those IP addresses I have. If some said “hey lets . . .”, and some others said, “yeah” then we got us a conspiracy. I think it would be one thing for some random Terrence, Hank, and Jack to gang up on me (“one thing” does not however, mean tort proof), but it is something else all together, for the North Coast Journal, the McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata [L]Eye to do it. I bet they invited the Times Standard to play their little game, but their parent company said, “no fucking way, someone is getting sued.”

This is just to Terrence, Hank, and Jack: Just go away guys (and take Hoover with you), with what little dignity you have left. I don’t want to get an injunction forbidding you from the internet, but if you don’t stop I’ll try.

love eternal


84 Responses to “North Coast Journal, the McKinleyville Press, and the Arcata [L]Eye Conspired to Censor Activist Blog.”

  1. theanonymousarcatian Says:

    You forgot about the black helicopters and the Russian troop movements…..

  2. Hopeful Says:

    I agree with all except “I want to end this now, as the emotional and physical stress they are intentionally inflicting upon me is getting to the point I may never overcome it.”

    If what they want to play is hardball, then bounce it back triple at them. You’ve come too far and have put in too much energy to stress over them. They are, in all sincerity, not worth your effort. If anything, it’s up to the commenters to stand up and not tolerate it. Say something people! It obviously bothers you, judging from your silence.

    Play in the courthouse if you must, but with the amount of supreme intellect coming from them, it seems like their best ally is the courts.

    They certainly didn’t get their jobs through brainpower. These three boys are children. Obviously using your real name doesn’t make you “all grown up… and stuff”.

    “Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” ~Galatians 6:9~

  3. Terrence McNally Says:

    Here’s the deal, Tad. I’ll try to type this with as much simplicity as possible.

    If you’d like to talk to me about any issue, come find me in Jacoby’s Storehouse, instead of riding your bike past me as you did today. I am there at least 80 hours a week and perfectly willing to discuss any matter with you.

    In my experience dealing with people who threaten to sue me… they don’t. Because people who are serious about using the legal system do so without making a bunch of threats beforehand. They don’t talk about it. They act.

    Find yourself a lawyer. Hire him or her. Pay money up front. Serve me with papers.

    Do it. Stop fucking around.

  4. Anonymous Says:


    To claim emotional and physical stress now is pretty crybaby, you have made multiple unfounded, libelous, allegations about Terrence and Kevin, to which they have demonstrated the patience of Job.

    In your last post you revel in your rising popularity, all a judge will say is congratulations on finally getting the attention you crave.

    You have been playing along this whole time, to beat your chest and cry foul now is disingenuous.

    Lastly, why do you have to make yourself out to be the victim? You are not a victim, you are an angry and odious individual, and that is the root of the problem that people have with you, not your dirty hat.

    honestly, good luck.

  5. Jack Durham Says:

    So comments aren’t welcome here? No problem. Ciao, baby!

    • Hank Sims Says:

      Gotta agree. Just ask! I won’t stay at a party someone asks me to leave. To paraphrase Mr. Nice: This mothafucka don’t roll that way, yo. Yo.

      I sincerely believe you will someday come to realize that this is the most fun you’ve ever had with this blog — and maybe, in some senses, this has also been it’s most productive period. But that is not for me to choose.

      Goodbye forever, Tad.

      love eternal,


      • Mr. Nice Says:

        Fun yea y’all are cute as shit with the trolling. Tad’s commentary on this shit is hilarious. Most productive tho? Read the archives dude.

      • Hank Sims Says:

        Yeah, you’re right, Nice. I look back and see all those Plazoid posts that changed the world.

        OK, for reals this time! Bye!

    • Terrence McNally Says:


      You were too beautiful for this world.

  6. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Don’t worry Tad, they didn’t say they wouldn’t still read your blog.

    You’ll still leave it open for comments unlike another Arcata blog about the homeless. I seem to remember the stories there about parked vehicles and such. But nobody goes there anymore because they don’t want to have to join a group that would suggest that they endorse such trash.

    Do your thing and don’t worry about us in the press or what ever that give your grief.
    Rise above this trash and keep telling us how to get through the courts without all the B.S.
    That’s what you do and you do it well.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Tom

      How have you been? I am tired of them running off, and attacking any commentators on this blog. Their actions would be the equivalent of me harassing every person who tries to buy their rag, except I don’t have deep pockets. I don’t really think I would have too much trouble convening 12 jurors that three news publications conspired to harass commentators on my blog. This truism is most evident in the fact that the North Coast Journal, and the McKinleyville Press, both graciously abandoned the Arcata [L]Eye’s campaign.

      Tom ,there is no way to get through the courts without all the bullshit unless your a cop.

      Your right I should get back to what I need to do, but sometimes if you have rats you must try to get rid of them as kindly as you can. Terrence is right most people don’t give fair warning of a pending action, but as you may know I am not most people. I don’t want to sue them, hell I don’t really want people to see them acting so stupidly. Hank and Jack probably saved their companies tens of thousands of dollars – I saved them that money by giving them an opportunity to do the right thing. Hank and Jack, who only pretend to be imbeciles, realize that the emails behind their scheme will hang them. Terrence however would rather see his employment crash and burn in bankruptcy before he gives up his right to be an ass in public. I kind of admire that.

      Hank said in his farewell, “I look back and see all those Plazoid posts that changed the world.” I think Hank, in his sarcasm, believes that the purpose of telling my community the shit I see, is an expectation of changing the world. It’s not, it is about telling our story, and it is a story that they wont tell honestly. Blogging is the loudest voice the poor have ever had. Direct redress of grievances is our most powerful one. The “press” isn’t our voice, never has been, never will be. It’s about taking control of our lives away from their manipulation.

      Thanks for reminding me, “remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works.”

      love eternal

    • Terrence McNally Says:

      You’re arriving late, Tom.

      I’ll fill you in on background. See, it all started with a rat fuck, like most great adventures…

  7. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tom… Tad can’t get through the courts without B.S.
    He’d say as much.

  8. Any Name I want Says:

    I’ve read your blog for a long time, I enjoy your writing most nights, but I have to ask, have you considered that your trolls aren’t who they claim to be?

    Especially since you get so worked up and blog about what your commentors write. It seems like you might be inviting random trolls to pretend to be your enemy to get laughs.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you

      When you run a blog you have access to information that points conclusively to where the comment came from. If they are impostors then they work on the same computers. I am worked up because it is three professional news papers conspiring to disrupt my blog. How is this any different then the fabrications of Fox news? I think this is news worthy. It certainly fits what I have been saying about the Arcata [L]Eye all along.

      The problem is Plazoid has a history of not restricting comments on this blog. I’ve only done that once, and it was for impersonation, and that person is back, and doesn’t do that here anymore.

      love eternal

  9. Terrence McNally Says:


  10. Jack Durham Says:

    Dammit. I’m offended that you think I have to pretend to be an imbecile! Thems fightin’ wiords. Ok. Now I’m leaving. Time to join the chemtrail conspiracy.

  11. transient Says:

    Gosh, I’m gonna miss the “town dandy”! By Hank! Kiss my ass!!

  12. Terrence McNally Says:

    And with that, the wisdom of transient…

    end. scene.

    Goodnight, folks!

  13. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Jack, you saw the chemtrails yesterday too? I mean contrails?

  14. Mr. Nice Says:

    Art Bell trails.

    I didn’t like dude’s bigfoot segment. He doesn’t pump up how bigfoot is the original man or anything even close to what’s really going down. I still don’t understand why I am supposed to believe bears are attacking my cooking clothes. It’s bigfoot, no doubt. I just pray bigfoot never figures out weed.

  15. Tom Sebourn Says:

    Bigfoot days this Saturday in Willow Creek. Parade starts at 10 am according to my source Squid.

  16. moviedad Says:

    It’s pretty disgusting when people who are in pretty good shape; kick sand in the face of someone who is not.
    It’s pretty infuriating when people who are doing well financially in this economy; attack those who are suffering want.
    There is an underlying threat being delivered. One of these guys thinks he’s a tough guy.
    The problem with the self-satisfied, is they’ve never had to suffer violence. Real violence. They report on it like it was brief storm that happened outside; while they themselves are safe in a warm house.
    There are so many men walking around with violence on their mind. No job, no more family, no veteran’s benefits. So many men with a fuse cut so short, that even eye contact can be enough to set them off on a murderous rampage. But fools are ignorant of others. Fools tweak the nose of Grizzlies without worry; they have cell-phones. They can dial 911 and have the bear killed, if it should fight back.
    I have never witnessed anything so low-down and base. For three so-called professional writers to keep up an attack on a homeless advocate. One of them constantly offering to meet face-to-face. For what? There is a menacing undertone to it. But skillfully devoid of any overt threat.
    I don’t know what you can do about it Tad. There is no system in place for you to defend yourself against those the system deems: “Respectable.” These “Pillars of the Community” know that they have power, and you don’t. Again, to me that is the same as a strong, healthy man; humiliating and attacking a weaker (physically) man. They have lawyers, they have cozy relationships with police. They have the ear of the community and can say what they like. I find it all reprehensible. I am totally disgusted. Personally I would never publish one of their comments.
    Long ago Tad, I warned you that using profanity would give your opposing side ammunition to use against you. And that is really all they have to take you to task over; certain words and phrases.
    Turn on your moderation when you tire of the sarcastic attacks. I personally will never support these guys in any way. And I will relate this whole despicable charade to any of my friends who do.

  17. jackdurham Says:

    Holy crap! I have money, a lawyer and cozy relationship with the police? I wasn’t aware of that. An offering to buy someone ice cream is a threat? Wow!

  18. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Moviedad’s response typifies the double standard in place on these ranty blogs.

    Theodore here can call people rat fuckers and Nazis, project rumor as fact, lie about people like me (while calling me a liar) and so on, serially, day after year. And he does. His trick is to create the false symmetry, and that’s good enough for him and the other self-advertised seekers of truth and justice, peace and love. But it’s false.

    The ones who really promulgate those values don’t trumpet their idealism, and they certainly don’t commingle it with incessant attacks on their fellow community members.

    When actual creators of intellectual wealth like Hank, Jack and Terrence dabble in answering the Tads of the world with the same dialect – actually a scaled-back version – anonymous commenter/sock puppet-types harumph about it, excusing the blog’s host for the torrent of venom he has deployed against our community for years but skewering the ones he attacks for responding.

    We who don’t cloak ourselves in the false mantle of righteousness by invoking hollow phrases like “Peace Be With You” and “Love Eternal,” or brand ourselves as “homeless advocates” are held to an entirely different standard.

    It’s not particularly fair, but then again, it’s just another angry crank’s blog. It’s pointless to refute the nonsense that comprises this venue because it would just be servicing one grumpy person’s public therapy, and it has no bearing on the real world.

    The tragedy of it is that, like others who go down this path, a person with Tad’s intelligence and energy could be a contributor to the community. He has chosen a different way for himself. But there’s no indication that after years of relentlessly projecting his anger on our community, anyone other than fellow online cranks embrace his demon-haunted narrative.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you “rat fucker”

      Okay, lets deconstruct this bullshit! I showed where you lied, but where exactly did I lie? By calling you a rat fucker? I think you are.

      How exactly by speaking our story is it creating “the false symmetry?” Tell me! You say that shit, but that is it . How is it false?, you fucking liar!

      You call yourselves, “[t]he ones who really promulgate those values,” and “actual creators of intellectual wealth.” You call that planning an idioters banquet “answering the tad of this world,” some kind of creation, or promulgation?

      Please tell me what fucking “higher standard” that troll problem is? Fuck you and your higher standards. There could be nothing further from the truth than that you have any standards, let alone “higher” ones. I agree however that you don’t cloak yourselves in any kind of righteousness, humanity, or trustworthiness, because you can’t.

      It is very Fox Newsish to attack me as an “angry crank,” “false mantle,” “hollow phrase” “invoking,” “demon-haunted,” non-“contributor,” “grumpy” “theodore.” Fuck you Fox News! Your lies are apparent!

      Oh and for your fucking information!, YOU!, ARE!, NOT!, PART!, OF!, MY!, COMMUNITY! You are an enemy of my community.

      Thanks for leaving.

      love eternal

      • Anonymous Says:

        “I believe it is time to start a movement which holds “love one another” as its main doctrine.”

        No you don’t.

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        Well, that’s that, Tad.

        Nuther six months. Guess I’m canceling my trip to Cabo.
        Gotta monitor you again.


        Clear the passenger seat. We’re riding dirty.

  19. Mr. Nice Says:

    Hell yes Bigfoot Days is sweet. Bigfoot is down with classic cars. If there would roads in the woods I’m sure bigfoot would roll in a Donk.

  20. Baby Cane Says:

    “It’s pretty disgusting when people who are in pretty good shape; kick sand in the face of someone who is not.
    It’s pretty infuriating when people who are doing well financially in this economy; attack those who are suffering want.”

    I think you’re right Movie Dad… It isn’t fair someone with a stable income is messing around with someone who has an unpredictable and unsteady livelihood.

    So Tad should leave Kevin alone, Tad gets an income from SS and Kevin only has his shaky newspaper to depend on.

    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you “baby”

      Prove that I get one fucking cent from the government that I paid taxes to most of my life, and served in their military. Expose me you fucking liar!

      love eternal

      • Jack Durham Says:

        Normally, I’d shy away from arguing about individuals and I’d just stick to the issues. However, you’ve opened the door. If you served in the military, why aren’t you eligible for veteran’s benefits? There are people who can help you get them. If you’re not getting SS, I’ll assume you’re not old enough, and you’re not mentally or physically disabled. In that case, you’re like the rest of us — the only way to make a buck is to work. It can be brutal at times. I don’t have any easy answers in that department.

      • Terrence McNally Says:

        You’re exposed. Massively.

  21. Mr. Nice Says:

    When actual creators of intellectual wealth like Hank, Jack and Terrence

    Word, or prolific news people like Kronkite, Rather, and Manny Machado.

  22. Jack Durham Says:

    Tad is not only critical of Kevin, but has advocated a boycott in an effort to damage him financially. Based on his own words, Tad would like to deprive his fellow citizens if their livelihood.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    well that’s unAmerican

  24. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    It is funny how redress of grievances, free speech, and even the “we vote with our dollars” Chicago School Economics, all goes out the window when it is Kevin Hoover they are defending. “Fuck you! Boycott the [L]Eye!” I see a bumper sticker in that.

    love eternal

  25. Jack Durham Says:

    No one is questioning your right to be an ass. That’s your perogative. You can call people names and accuse them of being Nazis all you want. But it’s mean, nasty, tiresome and unproductive. Continue on!

  26. Mr. Nice Says:

    No one is questioning your right to be an ass. That’s your perogative. You can call people names and accuse them of being Nazis all you want. But it’s mean, nasty, tiresome and unproductive. Continue on!

    It is his prerogative dude.

    I’m starting to not get y’all’s point here. The Eye talks shit about growers in grower land and goes pseudo-informer publishing graffiti. And talks hella mess about broke ass, weed juggling hippy corner kids. A little counter shit is expected since it’s not all about dollars. As the Jamaicans say, don’t go in the jackass yard talking about big ears.

  27. Mr. Nice Says:

    And I don’t mean Hambone I mean shit like “Grow House”

  28. Jack Durham Says:

    My postings here are fucking sloppy. Damn.

  29. Jack Durham Says:

    It’s pointless to have a logical debate here. But why the hell not try. Eventually, it will grow tiresome, and I’ll walk away like I did with those birther idiots.

  30. Mr. Nice Says:

    This ain’t some knucklehead birther belief you are tryna debate. All type of controversial shit was in the Eye.

    Like when NCJ ran that surfing article. Difference is NCJ didn’t go and try to run the same type of article a dozen times like the Eye did. The NCJ didn’t post some editorials defending their square perspective. If NCJ did that, you’d see the same kinna frustration with that. Nobody remembers that shit at all now. Guess they do but not as much.

    Terrence easily shut down Robo by running some cyber game. That dude prolly got distracted. He was obviously more interested in running his mouth about 9/11 or busy downloading hella mp3s or some shit.

    Slack posting is okay. Go ahead.

    • Terrence McNally Says:

      and your shut down is coming, too!
      Just takes longer…. since you don’t use a name and all.

      Result is the same.

    • Baby Cane Says:

      Dude… you talk shit about everyone just to talk shit don’t you. One: of course Terrence defended the paper. Two: you clearly don’t know Jason enough to be saying the things you are about him, if you care about your credibility I suggest you keep to topics you know (like Blue Clues and the latest Miley Cyrus CD). Jason has something you don’t BALLS… and when are you going to learn English?

      • Mr. Nice Says:

        Psssht all I’m saying is dude hella gave up after Terrence internet smashed on him. T did a good on that hilarious ass shit.

  31. Jack Durham Says:

    I once wrote an editorial urging the construction of a trail along the Mad River near the foot of School Road. A year or so later, the river washed away the entire chunk of land where I proposed the trail! Nobody ever called me out on that one. Shit, that dumb idea was totally worthy of a boycott. Go figure…

  32. Mark Sailors Says:

    I like your blog, Ilike you, BUT if you cant take teh heat, shut down the blog.
    Just sayin’.

  33. Terrence McNally Says:

    Anon – you’ve got that about right.
    Fuck with my livelihood, and you’re gonna hear about it.

    For days.

    Now, if you’d like the drop the ghostly cloak of invisibility, we can have a real conversation. But it’s scary out here… in the open.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    sorry dude, shit sticks, and all.
    Hey tad has my IP (just like the Nazi’s) so ask him.
    Would love to chat but you always seem too busy.
    I’m just here for the lol’s, if there was real discussion here and not ratfuck spewing nonsense I might use my name. I am a subscriber to the eye and love it so I hardly fuck with your livelihood. keep up the good work.

  35. Terrence McNally Says:

    10-4, Anon.

    Got it.

  36. jackdurham Says:

    I like Cain the best. Cane is OK. But it should be Kane. OK?

  37. Terrence McNally Says:

    I don’t like Kanye.
    Too much drama.

  38. jackdurham Says:

    The first rap album I bought was “Doggy Style” by Snoop.

  39. Terrence McNally Says:

    That was your first hip hop album?
    Dude, that was like 1993!

  40. jackdurham Says:

    I know, I know. I was stuck in a time warp before that and listened to the Doors, etc. By the way, in 1979 I went to the record store by myself and purchased “Get the Knack” by The Knack on cassette tape.

  41. Terrence McNally Says:

    Mine was Working Class Dog – Rick Springfield.

  42. Jack Durham Says:

    A short time after buying The Knack album, I heard the Eagles’ “Heartache Tonight” on the radio and realized how crappy the Knack album was. But even then, I still really liked my James Bond soundtrack album with the “Goldfinger” song on it. That song rocks! Just saying…

  43. Terrence McNally Says:

    I don’t know, Jack.
    I never need to hear the Eagles again…

  44. Jack Durham Says:

    I’m with you, but in 1979 it was new stuff, so it was fresh. Think of all the great music that has been ruined for us because we heard it too much. It’s unlikely that I’ll ever put a Beatles album on the turntable. The first 50 times I listened to Stairway to Heaven were nearly orgasmic, now I yawn.

  45. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tru dat – If KXGO plays Born to Be Wild one more time, I’m taking hostages.

  46. Jack Durham Says:

    When I hear Candle in the Wind, I feel like grabbing a sniper rifle and climbing a clock tower.

  47. Terrence McNally Says:

    Never knowin’ who to turn to, when the rain came in.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    KXGO, they completely blew Pink Floyd for me

  49. Terrence McNally Says:

    Totally. I can no longer hear any Floyd.
    And now the Point is a Floyd station, too.

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