McNally’s guest column

Peace be with you

long live RATM

Terrence McNally, my pet troll, has requested that we discuss the recent tragedy in Kneeland. I know you’re saying, “what the fuck does any reader of the Plazoid give a shit about what a disruptor like Terrence has to say about anything.” I agree, but hey he did shut down that blog he fraudulently created in my name. I also told him that I thought Nick Bravo stood a better chance of becoming a person I would hang with than he is. I know that is one hell of a blow for his ego, but Nick, though eccentric, doesn’t try to hurt people, where as Terrence, also eccentric, loves to see people hurt. I understand that the more we hurt, because of hurt being done to others, the closer we are to that god thing. Terrence he watches hurt for entertainment. So while Terrence is in Blue Lake watching grown men punch each other in the face, I want to offer him an opportunity to post a guest post telling us just how the recent ugly situation in Kneeland is indicative of what we know to be the nature of medical marijuana. I expect him to tell us how these types of situations are the fault of the Herb, and not the natural tendencies of a black market. I expect him to explain how reefer madness in the local media (Arcata), increased the profit margin of pot growing by reducing the supply, and increased the national publicity of pot growing in Humboldt. I expect him to break from his restricted [L]Eye guidelines of opinion and rhetoric, and give us facts, facts and more facts. I expect him to either write like he knows what the fuck he is talking about, or go and start his own blog.

So there you have it Terrence, you fucking write it, and we can do your “I want to.” Otherwise like my grandma use to say, “shit in one hand, and want in the other, then figure out which one comes out fuller.” You send me a guest column about the Kneeland incident, and how it makes marijuana growers the bad guys, and I’ll critique it in the comments.

I guess in the name of fairness I should also disclose that I already believe that your whole “Hoover’s love for the pot grower” bullshit is really hanging in the wind on this one. You blame the pot, and I show different.

Write it soon, ’cause I have livelines.

love eternal

PS: Nick Bravo, I know you are getting fucked over by McNally, and probably the [L]Eye. I can tell by his “I’m calling the cops” comments, that he is inciting you. He invites you, then calls the cops on you – what the fuck? You can write a guest column also, keeping in mind I want facts, facts, and facts, then I will post your’s too.


12 Responses to “McNally’s guest column”

  1. Hank Sims Says:

    You send me a guest column about the Kneeland incident, and how it makes marijuana growers the bad guys, and I’ll critique it in the comments.

    Holy shit — you mean someone out there thinks that there were bad guys involved in that Kneeland incident (besides the cops, obviously)?You mean someone’s even saying that there was a grower who was a bad guy?

    No effin’ way. Not even McNally is that crazy.

  2. transient Says:

    Shut up Hank – you are not clever. It is McNally’s time to shine, if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    if hoover or anyone called the cops on little nicky then it’s public information, right? find it, put it up, or shut up. Prove something real.

  4. Terrence McNally Says:

    Good God, that band sucks.

    OK – here it is, Tadarooni. Please print in full.

    Growers who kill their imported Guatemalan laborers and hunt them through the night are terrible people and not fit to smoke the shitty ass dope they grow.

    End scene. Critique till yer fingers bleed.

    If there was ever a better buddy film I’d like to see, the feel-good movie of the summer… Tad and Bravo on the road.

    I will buy the Greyhound tix.

    Love ya, smooches. Send me a post card.


  5. The Real Nick Bravo Says:

    Terrence I’d rather go on a road trip with you, we can take my van. But if you pass out and wake up in the middle of nowhere, buck naked and with no cellphone, don’t whine to me about it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    tad and nick are haters
    and haters gotta hate

  7. top cat Says:

    when did you begin censoring the anontrolling?

  8. Terrence McNally Says:

    Great. If you had a van.

    Tell you what, you can pull me around in your old lady shopping cart.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    how were the fights?

  10. Terrence McNally Says:

    You know, Anon… actually real good.

    My sensei warned me that the crowd was kinda mean. But I found all ladies and gentlemen present to be such.

    Better yet, instead of fisticuffs pussified, as represented by all of us on this blog… the fighters squared off face to face… gave it their all… and shook hands/hugged at the end.

    Inspirational, really.

    Months of training. Fairness. Honor. Well refereed. Real names used. Real abilities exhibited. Great times.

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