McNally – Identity Thief

Peace be with you

As you can see I picked up a new commenter called “concernedMcNally.” This commenter who has the exact same IP address as Terrence McNally, has set up a blog called “ It’s kinda funny they are making so much fun about a blues guitar player out of Chicago. I am tad, so any mention of “tad robinson,” obviously is in reference to Tad Robinson, of the “Tad Robinson Band.”

I know you all are thinking what a fucking jerk this Terrence McNally is, but remember he is the sidekick of Kevin Hoover, and Hoover should be required to register as a fucking jerk. He lives in a town where he dislikes the community, and the community dislikes him. There is a small, small group of people in Arcata trying to be its town boss. They need a propaganda machine, and Hoover is really good at that kind of sucking. Lies, distortion, fraud, and slander are the “tools” in Hoover’s propaganda machine.

There is a group of local bloggers, who believe that is is okay to pretend to be someone else. This is illegal! Terrence is one of those frauds. Hoover is another. This isn’t an accidental mistake, it is a manufactured lie.

I realize they view me as a serious threat to their power base, and really have no real issues they can discredit me with. So they put their dicks in the slander mousetrap hoping it doesn’t slam closed.

I refuse to buy their crap, that only by going along with the abusive power players, can someone be considered worthy of respect. Is the way McNally and Hoover treat me really any different then the way Shirley Sherrod was treated? They selective edit my words, make up shit that never happened, and repeat it over and over again, hoping to convince you I am not creditable. Is that news?

I guess it is okay in their minds to attack someone they feel can’t legally defend themselves. They have this, if they’re too poor to sue us then we can make up anything we want, attitude. My question is, how long do I have to suffer the harm, before they cease and desist? My guess is they have no intention on doing the right thing, it will take legal action. I also think there is a crime being committed here, but getting the right hand to prosecute the left is like getting the pope to remove pedophiles from the Catholic church.

Even if you think McNally is a funny troll, you surely can’t think identity theft is funny. I am in the market for a lawyer to help me sue the [L]Eye for slander. Anyone who has any information that will help in my endeavors can email me at the address in the upper right corner of this blog.

love eternal


12 Responses to “McNally – Identity Thief”

  1. concernedmcnally Says:

    Dude, it’s totally me – Terrence McNally.
    I just had to create another whatchumacallit for the WordPress guidelines.

    What do you think?

  2. concernedmcnally Says:

    I thought you said Tad Robinson is a blues player from Chicago and not you.
    So Tad Robinson from Chicago would have a beef with the blog, not you, correctomundo?

    Where’s the problem?

    Also, the Supreme Court has been over the issue of parody dozens of times.


  3. concernedmcnally Says:

    Sorry… in closing, I already told you how long.

    Six months without telling your neighbors to fuck off.
    Then you get the wheels back. You’re a week into it and doing real good.

    Then I give you the login and password to Tad Must Stop Listening to Rage Against the Machine.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I realize they view me as a serious threat to their power base

    That’s where your delusion goes off the rails. You’re not a threat. You’re a running joke, a way to be amused through a long day. Tad, you’re just so crazy it’s funny. Virtually every criticism you have of other people actually describes yourself. Until you realize that fact, there’s no helping you.

  5. Terrence McNally Says:

    Man, nobody gets this shit right.

    Tad, slander is spoken – libel is the written, published word.
    You’ll want to tell your attorney that before he rejects your case.

  6. transient Says:

    Terrance just can’t leave this blog alone! It’s great! I don’t really have time now, but I look forward to toying with him later.

    But where’s Hoover? Hello? Kevin? Can you hear me? I liked the bear-tracks thing – that was way cool!

    Ok. Gotta go. Keep up the good work tad. Let me know what you thing of the 1905 video “Can’t change everything.” Terrance didn’t like it, but he’s a dumbass. Haters gonna hate. Nuthin’ new.

    And by the way, RATM rocks, of course.

  7. Terrence McNally Says:

    It was just that musically, that 1905 song was poorly performed.
    The drums and rhythm were not playing together.

    And the production was not good so I couldn’t hear the lyrics.

    They just need some more practice. Until then: Thumbs down.

  8. transient Says:

    hmmm…well, terrance, maybe you will like this one – I think it suits you a little better…

  9. transient Says:

    oh, terrance, ust in case you can’t understand the lyrics again I’ll include the first couple lines…”Your heart filled with hate vacuums the smile off my face, it makes a bad day pass slower – your backward ideas – stumbling and falling instead of reaching…”

    haha! SO GOOD!

  10. Terrence McNally Says:

    that is good.

    thanks for the transcript.

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    But do they diverge into more that three chords?

    Sounds like the bass player is holding everything together.
    The drummer can’t hold a beat and the guitarist is not ready for prime time.

    And the cookie monster voice. Always the last vestige of an unqualified singer.

    This is not good music, transient.

  12. Baby Cane Says:

    I like this song…

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