What’s in a Name, and why does the Arcata [L]Eye care?

Peace be with you

As any one who has read the comments on this blog knows, I picked up an Arcata [L]Eye troll, or as one commenter put it, “a cyberbully.” This [L]Eye reporter, Terrence McNally is so childish in his attempts to disguise the truth he appears to be a 12 year old, but make no mistake, this is an adult, and the adult some of you get your news from (at least those who have not yet joined the boycott of the [L]Eye).

He uses three main tactics in his attempts to hide the hypocrisy in his boss, Keven Hoover’s, behavior. 1. distract the reader with personal attacks against the author of who ever he is attacking; 2. Rewrite history, and; 3. change the topic. Because he works in a news paper office, Terrence McNally has access to the [L]Eye’s databases. Those data bases are in of themselves Hoover’s interpretation (ie 1, 2, and 3 above) of events.

McNally wants your name so he can look and see if Hoover lied about you in the past. If he finds a past lie, not only will he parade it as the indisputable truth, but he will ultimately add to the untruthfulness of the “story.” He will attempt to distract, and harass, Plazoid readers with rewritten history, thus changing the topic to his fucking ass.

It should be remembered that Terrence McNally, and Kevin Hoover have no more creditability in their comments here, than they do in their lying gossip rag. A human can only keep so many lies straight in their heads at once. Normally habitual liars tend to move on once the whole community knows they are untrustworthy, but every once in a while, a really sick one comes along, and just disgusts everyone forever. And we got two.

Everyone learned in history class about Hearst’s deceptive involvement in the start of the Spanish-American war. If you don’t know, Hearst wired his illustrator (today it would be photographer like Terrence McNally is to the [L]Eye), “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war.” This was called at the time “yellow journalism.” Orson Wells made a movie about Hearst called “Citizen Cane.”

Hoover, whom I call “Baby Cane,” believes in that method of yellow journalism. The truth is secondary to paper sales, and third to the agenda of the Arcata Downtown Mainstreet Business Owners Association (Arcata DoMBO-Ass). He will lie in his paper today, and point to that same lie in the future as proof that the original lie is true.

I posted a post about how Kevin Hoover is really not someone the growers should start embracing now that pot may become legalized. He was not a friend to any of us pot smokers for all these years. In fact he incited hysteria against us, and especially those who grow the pot we smoke. Now he has his employee here on my blog slamming pot growers, hippies, and anyone else who realizes exactly what a weasel he is.

I encourage everyone to just ignore him. Don’t give him your name, don’t get sidetracked, and don’t read the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid. Hoover thinks he is controlling the town through his propaganda. He thinks he is a citizen cane, but he’s a little fish, in a little pond. Just a “Baby Cane” if you will.

We need to start thinking for ourselves, and stop listening to the bullshit rhetoric Hoover is parroting from Arcata DoMBO-Ass. What you read in the [L]Eye is just the elitist view of those who think they own the public spaces of Arcata. They wanted a “big commercial grow” scare, or Hoover wouldn’t of printed such.

Nobody better embodies this elitism than Alex Stillman, the founder of the Arcata DoMBO-Ass. She is not even a friend to businesses. She started Arcata DoMBO-Ass and forced all downtown businesses to join whether they wanted to or not. Businesses have to go through what I always hear called “Alex Stillman’s design and review committee.” Nobody is a more prominent marionette of Hoover, and the [L]Eye than, downtown business owner, Arcata City mayor, Headwaters fund board member, design and review committee member, and millionaire Alex Stillman.

Wake-up and stop believing lies. Remember the more we boycott the [L]Eye the more free time the staff at the [L]Eye have to be trolls on people’s blogs. We should only expect Terrence’s childishness to increase, so please don’t feed the troll.

love eternal


22 Responses to “What’s in a Name, and why does the Arcata [L]Eye care?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Living alone has taken its toll on your mind, Tad.

  2. Hank Sims Says:

    As a guarapo aficionado, I can tell you that baby cane makes the sweetest juice.

  3. Baby Cane Says:

    You made me cry… stop it. It hurts to be called names by an upstanding member of the community such as yourself Tad. Hey, how’s your buddy Geronimo’s run for office going? At least he has some balls!

  4. jackdurham Says:

    Interesting. We have comparisons to Hearst and references to the Spanish-American War. And in the middle of the Plaza stands William McKinley.

  5. Terrence McNally Says:

    Wednesday night is, in fact, Baby Cane Mojito Night at Rita’s.
    We’re meeting at 7.

    I plan on asking for… just a Tad of rim salt.

  6. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tad Robinson –

    Please send me the WordPress login and password for the plazoid.
    I own it now.

    Thanks, peaches!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    meet the new boss….

  8. jackdurham Says:

    I just noticed that there are no references in Tad’s posting to “Nazis” or “stormtroopers.” What gives?

  9. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Did you ever study how in Nazi Germany, Goebbels, the inventor of “the big lie” propaganda technique which Hoover so utilizes, (if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough the masses will believe it) got the press to “self-censor,” and back up each other’s lies. Kinda like all you Editors are doing here.

    If you want to know more about how the Nazi techniques are still used today, there are a whole lot of books written on the subject. The Nazis were perhaps the most studied hate group in the history of the world. If you three editors haven’t studied their techniques, it sure seems like you did.

    You guys keep it up. Your logical rebuttals, your examples of evidence, and your creditable witnesses, have at least convinced each other that Hoover is not a lying hypocrite. Not all Nazis were stormtroopers, some worked in the propaganda ministry. You should read more if you want to start speaking your own thoughts.

    love eternal

  10. lying hypocrite Nazi stromtrooper puppetmaster Says:

    how is your “truth” you keep repeating any different?

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    cuz he said so. duh.

  12. jackdurham Says:

    I jumped the gun. Now we have Nazi comparisons. Everything is back to normal.

  13. Hank Sims Says:

    Kinda like all you Editors are doing here.


  14. Hank Sims Says:

    On the other hand, Baby Cane Mojito Nite was a total effin’ buh-last.

  15. Kevin Hoover Says:

    From the 4-1-10 Arcata Eye:

    Fascism Foiler Earns Prestigious Award

    Kevin L. Hoover
    Eye Editor

    ARCATA – Known to most Arcatans as a wry, relaxed presence at public meetings, Theodore L. “Tad” Robinson has gained legend for selflessly pitching in at all manner of civic improvement projects.

    From creekside tree plantings to road-shoulder cleanup events, firehouse fundraisers and kids’ bike rodeos, the outspoken houseless advocate somehow always finds time to lend a hand and improve conditions for his fellow citizens.

    Radiating benevolence and understanding, Robinson’s ready smile and endless words of encouragement for his fellow Arcatans have earned him town-wide affection.

    “Arcata can be better,” he is known to say.

    But now, Tad has a new honor.

    Friday, the famed Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) named Robinson as “Nazi Hunter of the Century.”

    Though the honor might seem premature just 10 years into the 2000s, SWC officials say the odds of anyone else uncovering so much rampant Naziism are near-nonexistent.

    “It’s scandalous,” said the SWC’s Ruben Florbidge at an awards ceremony honoring Robinson. “Within months of moving to what was considered a ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’ community like Arcata, Tad had identified the City Council, police department, various staff members, the business community, the news media and even some anti-homelessness volunteers as Nazis.

    “Since comparing anyone to history’s most depraved mass murderers isn’t something anyone would do lightly, the revelation that the town most Humboldters consider a hippie haven is actually a Third Reich enclave is all the more disturbing,” Florbidge reflected.

    Robinson’s reich-rolling isn’t limited to Arcata. His uncanny Nazi-radar has also detected insidious strains of National Socialism stretching into the county leadership, including the care providers at County Mental Health and members of the Board of Supervisors.

    Over time, Robinson has ferreted out nests of Nazis, thought police, brownshirts, quislings, pimps, liars, slanderers and innumerable other depraved malefactors – most masquerading as working people raising families – at all levels of the Arcata community.

    A major recent accomplishment was Tad’s recent identification of an African-American citizen as a “bigot” and disciple of Benito Mussolini.

    “It’s a reminder that evil comes in many guises,” Florbidge noted.

    In his acceptance speech, Robinson quoted Jesus, Mohandas Gandhi and Carlos Casteneda and then took his leave. “Peace be with you,” he said. “Love eternal.”
    “We could never doubt the word of one so wise, literate and temperate in his rhetoric,” Florbidge was heard to say over the roaring applause.

    But even in his moment of triumph, Tad’s vigilance never wavered. Incredibly, his unerring radar for stealth authoritarians just moments later turned up yet another devious dictatorship devotee in the organization’s own ranks.

    While rummaging through the SWC’s dumpster, Robinson was asked to leave by the center’s groundskeeper of 25 years, Ernie Norgle.

    Robinson lit onto Norgle, calling him a “fascist,” then stalked away, howling about “you people.”

    Closing the dumpster lid, Norgle chomped stoically on his cigar. “That’s that dude from Arcata, right?” he said, spitting on the dank asphalt. He said he sure hoped he wouldn’t get fired now that his secret was out.

  16. Hank Sims Says:

    Three black pegs.

  17. Baby Cane Says:

    I get so tired of Nazi analogies… how about something more relevant.

    – Kevin Hoover treats his readers like the Obama administration treats female black employees of the Dept. of Agriculture.

    – Terrance McNally has almost less ability as an editor, than Afghan President Hamid Karzai has running Afghanistan. Oh and they both take bribes.

    – Hank Sims makes me think of what would happen if Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter raised an elderly man in a closet together.

    – Jack Durham is Sean Hannity with a wig.

    There… I like those better.

  18. concernedmcnally Says:

    So great.
    Tight. Succinct. Done.

    Boom! Pussy anon blogger BC hit it and quit it.

    Pay attention, peoples.

  19. concernedmcnally Says:

    Consulting fish biologists named Mike should still use their real names.
    For the sake of science.

  20. transient Says:

    holy cow – this blog’s comments has become like “The View” or something! Funny….but gross.

  21. A non emouse Says:

    Stop hating on Nazis.

  22. michael "little brother" Says:

    Tad this is a friend from the summer of 2004, seeing if i could get in touch with you. me and my little dog had the pleasure of staying with you and oz at the old aclu office. been trying to find you for a while.
    love little brother

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