Charles Garth in Court again

Peace be with you

The DA offered Charles a “plea bargain.” Yesterday was Charles 2nd court date, and Gallegos is going ahead with his felony prosecution. Normally I would feel that Gallegos is being a mean tyrant for prosecuting someone like he is Charles, but with the death of his child at the hands of the cops Gallegos so loves to apologize for, it is down right fucked up.

I doubt that Gallegos will find a jury to convict Charles, once they learn of his 215, but its been two hearings so far, and a third Wednesday, and a forth Friday. I can’t even afford a lawyer for an hour, but Gallegos can waste as many lawyer hours as he wants, even with nothing to show for it.

I think we need a new bumper sticker to plaster the re-elect Gallegos signs with – “I’m 215 and I vote.” We need to send the DA’s office a clear message that these types of bullshit prosecutions ruin people’s lives. It is like he is kicking Charles while he is down. I figure one more term of Gallegos and we can make a bumper sticker that says – “I’m a grieving parent and I vote.” There is a big difference between being soft on crime, and prosecuting 215 patients.

I can’t endorse Jackson for DA, except to say that at least she hasn’t proven to be a quisling for the police state yet. I know she will be, and I know she’ll suck as a DA, but so does Paul, and Paul’s proven it.

Politicians tell different groups what ever they want them to hear. Paul, being a local DA which I supported again, and again, has proven his hypocrisy. He said he would be fairer with his prosecutions of the forest defenders, I saw him prosecute a forest defender being hung upside down, 150 feet off the ground, by two Pacific Lumber climbers, for felony assault of a police officer. Of course when the judge saw the video from Eric’s helmet cam, that Gallegos fought to keep secret, he agreed that Eric repeatedly telling “Ox” to stop standing on Phoenix’s chest with his climbing spurs, while Phoenix was cantilevered over the abyss from his thighs upward, was in no way felony assault.

He said he wouldn’t prosecute minor marijuana charges, but hundreds, probably thousands, of misdemeanor possession charges have been prosecuted by Gallegos. They even offered Charles, a 215 patient, misdemeanor possession if he would plea.

He said he would prosecute PL. Not only did he blow that suit, but he prosecuted forest defenders when they legally enforced the court ordered stay of all logging operations by PL. Those brave brothers and sisters were praised as saviors of Freshwater when PL finally went bust, but we were enemies of the DAs office while we were saving those trees.

Now lets talk about him getting the police under control. No lets not, because that is a whole ‘nother post. There have been so many deaths by cop in our little community that I don’t know where to begin. Gallegos is ultimately responsible for “closing the case” on death by cop cases. He is responsible for bringing the facts to light. But he doesn’t. He will charge a 215 patient with felony transport, but he wont charge a killer with negligent homicide.

“Who needs enemies when you have friends like him?” I don’t know who said that, but it certainly holds true in this age of Obama republicans. What do they call themselves? Was it democrat?

love eternal


50 Responses to “Charles Garth in Court again”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    So, Tad – your plan is to vote for neither district attorney candidate.
    That should move your political goals forward.

    Do you vote?

  2. moviedad Says:

    My wife and I had a long-running debate about Obama. You don’t get apples from and orange tree. And Obama is a product of Chicago politics. We are in a police state. And I argue that we have always been in a police state. Was there ever a time when the anti-capitalists, or Socialists, have ever gotten a fair shake? No group in this country’s history, who questioned the rights of acquisition by the ruling class; has ever enjoyed the protections of the Constitution.
    As goes the “Micro”, so goes the “Macro” What you see happening in the DA’s office of Humboldt County, is also happening in the DA’s office of the United States.

  3. Terrence McNally Says:

    Uh, what kind of police state exactly are you experiencing in Trinity County, Richard?

    What’s the response time when you do need a cop to swing by?

  4. tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    So you think this is your blog, don’t you Terrence?

    Who needs, or even wants “a cop to swing by?” The kind of crimes we need cops for we just get reactive motions in response by those cops. Of course someone who likes to see people busted, for hurting no one, thinks cops are necessary, and that we all call them. Those who are privileged, and haven’t ever seen the business end of the cops gun, think that laws that target poverty is somehow “law and order” that is universally accepted. Its not, in fact most people don’t like the cops, and only call them when they don’t know what else to do. Often even those live to regret it (like the witness who called the cops on Robert Garth does).

    It is none of your business whether I vote or not. Again, you don’t know shit about me. You play this game where you tell us everything you know about someone, but the problem is you get most of your information from the cops, and everyone knows “cops lie.” What does Moviedad’s name and county have to do with anything? I doubt if any regular readers put any creditability in anything you say. You’re worse than any of the local trolls, and it is all archived right here on the Plazoid.

    For your information, I am not going to vote for Gallegos again. Whether enough people switch to Jackson, or whether enough people don’t vote for anyone at all, is really immaterial, because the results are the same. How’s that Rush song go? “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. . . I will choose a path that’s clear, I will choose freewill.”

    love eternal

  5. Terrence McNally Says:

    It’s open to the public, is it not? I mean, you wouldn’t want to restrict my free speech.
    But you’re not really serious about changing the system if you’re not participating… in the system.

    I think that was in a song, or something.

    It does matter where Richard lives, as posted on his Movie Dad blog, because when he makes a statement about living in a police state, I want to know where he actually lives. And I don’t think Trinity County has ever really had a police state, per se.

    I frickin’ love Rush. One of the best rock shows I’ve seen. Nice. I still think Red Barchetta can not be topped.

    So here’s the deal: you’re not a good driver on the Information Superhighway (does anyone use that any more).

    Tad Robinson will be cruising along, then – whoops – road rage. “Fuck you, rat fucker,” and other bad, bad things. Which would be fine, but there are other people on the road with you and it’s bad for traffic.

    I’ve issued you a citation for bad driving for the next six months. And I’ll be sitting shotgun and helping you with directions. When to yield for other drivers. Slow down. Stop. Proceed. Turn here. Flip the indicator. Merge safely.

    At the end of that time, I’ll review your record and see if you’re capable of driving solo.



  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Terrence

    Are you saying you are a cop on the “information superhighway?” Are you are comparing driving, which is a choice, and a “privilege,” with free speech? You actually believe you have the fucking right, let alone the authority, to tell me “[w]hen to yield for other (information) drivers. Slow down. Stop. Proceed. Turn here. Flip the indicator. Merge safely.” I’ll flip you something – fuck-you, you rat fucker.

    You’re way the fuck over the line when you start telling me that you are going to stalk me for the next six months. You’re way the fuck over the line telling me you’re some kind of judge of what I can, or can’t, freely say. You’re a fucking troll, you’re only here to disrupt, and everyone knows who you are. Anyone who didn’t think you were off your rocker, surely can’t feel that way anymore. You’re going to tell me exactly jack fucking shit!

    Though you will deny that you are doing this as part of your employment at the Arcata Eye, the record of your involvement with this blog will show otherwise. Got any juicy e-mails I should subpoena? I can think of a lot of past compromises to my safety due to the Arcata Eye, and I am kinda feeling one now. Please go away.

    love eternal

  7. mresquan Says:

    Rat Fucker=Awesome!!
    Perhaps Magnum can now become Magnum and The Rat Fucker!!Or just remain as Magnum,but surely keep the Rat Fucker pseudonym.

  8. Terrence McNally Says:

    I am your cop.

  9. Hopeful Says:

    *sigh* Boys, boys, boys. Please. I’m assuming both of you are adults. There is no point in taking personal/low blows. It does nothing, except maybe feed your ego if you’re insecure. The comments should be about the blog, and not about the writer himself. I’m hoping you, Terrence, don’t feel like you’re a better man because you can be a smart ass online. Stop and really think about what you’re trying to prove and to whom. And Tad, take a deep breath, and remember, he can’t truly do any damage, so don’t get caught up in the anger. “Love thy neighbor” even if they act less than how you’d hope.

  10. Terrence McNally Says:

    Snore. Put your name on your posts if you want to be all grown up and stuff.

    I am a better smart ass than Tad. He is humorless. Which is perfectly fine.

    However, since he arrived in my town, he’s made several efforts to lower the quality of dialog in Arcata through angry, misguided, futile and profanity-laden public events and blog posts.

    Additionally, he is a folklorist.

  11. Hopeful Says:

    A name will make me grown up (and stuff)? Seems like I’ve been going about it wrong the whole time. Silly me, thinking that a name was just a pseudo identity that our parents gave us at birth, or better yet, something people can call us so they don’t get us confused with other “rat fuckers”.

    Your town eh? That’s a mighty big claim you have there Terrence. I’m sure most of the people in Arcata didn’t vote for you to be their dictator, how unfortunate for them. Just out of curiosity, when were you named Supreme Judge of Dialog Quality? With an entire town to run, it really sounds like you have your work cut out for you.

    Humor is fine. Necessary even. It’s just a shame that some people use it to feel better about themselves while putting others down because their entire image is based on how other people respond, not how they actually feel when looking in the mirror.

    But you Terrence? No. I’m sure being Arcata’s supreme ruler, you love what you see when you dig deep inside. You’re perfectly content with every aspect of yourself. That must be such a lovely feeling.

  12. Terrence McNally Says:


  13. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Tad, I can’t believe you’ve never quoted this tune:

    It should be your theme song.

  14. nick bravo Says:

  15. nick bravo Says:

    OOPS! Hey here’s a video of my most recent encounter with Terrance.

  16. nick bravo Says:

    sorry for the double post.

  17. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Nick

    The video just tells me its a private video. I can’t watch it.

    love eternal

  18. nick bravo Says:

    its fixed, its viewable now. if not then try again in a few minutes.

  19. Terrence McNally Says:

    Nice! I was wondering when you were going to post that, Bravo.

    Also, you’re banned from Jacoby’s Storehouse. FYI.

  20. nick bravo Says:

    highly doubt that terrence.

  21. nick bravo Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that you’re this petty terrence.

  22. Terrence McNally Says:

    You should doubt it.

    I want to offer you my heartfelt apology to you for my behavior, Nicholas Bravo.
    Please come back to Jacoby’s Storehouse so I can make me feelings known in person.

  23. nick bravo Says:

    Sorry Terrence but i’m smarter than that I know your shitty little rag is in league with APD and you thuggish cowards would love nothing better than to set me up and haul me off to jail.

  24. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh. Jeez.

    Well, the offer’s open.
    Come back to the Storehouse anytime.

    Ya hear?

  25. Anonymous Says:

    you know?

    so it must be the truth( or slander or libel?)

    mom ready to take you back yet nick?

  26. Terrence McNally Says:

    Any day now… things are not working out in Humboldt.


  27. Mr. Nice Says:

    Tad dude you can’t chase off these Arcata Eye dudes how else would people like me get to read their opinion? They barely post on the mirror anymore.

  28. Mr. Nice Says:

    And just so you know Tad a lot of us appreciate you tackling streets when it comes to behind-the-scenes issues. There is only so much media drivel out there, the little stuff you post up means something.

    It’d be weak if you quit posting or quit coming back at these bullshit attacks and let them win. Let them speak on some shit they don’t know about, it’s funny to me.

  29. Terrence McNally Says:

    And Mr. Nice – a lot of us really appreciate how you continually post… everywhere…. all the time… under your pussy moniker.

    Without a real name. Like a pussy.

    Cuz yer so funny.

  30. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tick tock, Nice.

  31. Cleroy Says:

    Ooooh, Terrence’s talking smack cuz he’s safe at a desk. Keep munchin them fritos and drooling on yerself bud.

  32. Terrence McNally Says:

    You got it, Anon.
    I’m happy to meet you in person, however.

  33. Terrence McNally Says:

    Not up for it, Cleroy?

    You can wear a burka when we meet if you’re still concerned about your identity?
    Think it over.

  34. Sheldon Sabbatini Says:

    It is pretty sad when people talk shit as an anonymous poster. I mean, they can’t even sack up on the internet enough to stand behind what they want to say.

    At least Tad doesn’t hide behind a (supposedly) clever nickname.

    Also, I’ve never seen Terrence eat Fritos but he DOES drool on himself daily.

    To Cleroy, he might be safe at a desk, but it wouldn’t be too hard to find him there and actually have a conversation. But you’ll never do that.

    Man, I didn’t realize Bravo was Brian Posehn’s doppleganger.

  35. Nick Bravo Says:

    Terrences life is meaningless, he and others of Arcata’s political elite desperately want to sit at the table with the big boys of the globalist elite. Sadly for terrence, hoover, and so many the only way they’ll get near the table is when they’re served up as the next dish. Rather than fighting the darkness they play with the darkness deluding themselves that they will be spared from the same destruction that befall others. I myself have lost so much fighting the workers of darkness. If I was a worthless nothing, a parasitic drone powered by obedience to my masters, the way terrence is, I wouldn’t be attacked. In reality I am attacked because the true elites know I’m a power to be reckoned with. You cannot kill a god terrance, indeed I am a god.

  36. Terrence McNally Says:

    Yeah, I think people don’t like you because of your restraining orders and shoplifting convictions, there. And you’re weird in the creepiest of ways.

    Not. Trust. Worthy.

    Good luck, Zeus.

  37. Nick Bravo Says:

    spin….spin….spin….gee terrence ain’t you gettin dizzy yet?

  38. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, we’re not going to get anywhere chatting up Tad’s blog.

    Come back to the Storehouse so we can discuss it in person.

  39. Nick Bravo Says:

    I got better things to do….

  40. Terrence McNally Says:

    Or Wildberries, if you prefer. The deck is a convivial place for a cup of coffee.

    Is there any problem meeting at Wildberries?

  41. Jerry Says:

    What better things do you have to do, Bravo? Collect cans? Stalk women? Work on your “celebrity”? What a joke you are. You came back to Arcata because it’s the only place you can get attention. The pond is so small even a fart like you can partially clear a room, which, in your delusion, you interpret as power. Born trolls like you really are parasitic. You feed off of negativity. It’s all you know. You’re an ugly little fuck. I watched the video you took in the Storehouse. You giggle like a bitch. You have a rodent face and a rodent voice. You’ve done nothing with your life. Nothing. Except be a nuisance.

  42. Nick Bravo Says:

    I have a right to exist. I know that many people like terrence and jerry think that the homeless should go off into the woods and die because they are no longer useful to the great socialist society that is arcata. I exist. That’s a fact. I am my own highest value and have a right to survive. That’s a fact. I am not your sacrifice. I have a right to defend myself if attacked.

  43. Jerry Says:

    Sure, you have a right to exist; but you should expect some backlash when you’ve made such a ridiculous ass of yourself in this county. You’re a creepy, creepy person, with bad intentions. This is why people don’t like you. This is why you’ve never been laid. This is why you’ve never been able to hold to a job.

  44. Nick Bravo Says:

    Jerry, if I pissed in your cornflakes (6 years ago) I sincerely apologize. Now get over it and move on.

  45. Terrence McNally Says:

    Just on background – when Nicholas Bravo first arrive in town, he advocated during several Arcata City Council public comments that the homeless should be rounded up.

    Now that a series of bad lifestyle choices and poor decisions have led to his being houseless… well, he’s singing a different tune.

  46. Nick Bravo Says:

    Bullshit Terrence. Sing another tune.

  47. Terrence McNally Says:

    Damn. Now you’re gonna make me look it up.
    Will do.

    Hey, when I saw you at Eureka Natural Foods last Saturday… and you know, you hustled in with your backpack on aisle four and were there for a short time and then made a hasty exit… I was checking out at the cashier and I mentioned something about your arrest at Wildberries Marketplace for scarfing those sausage nuggets in the aisle that was on their video surveillance system.

    She said, that’s weird. I’ll let my manager know.

    Apparently the owners of both stores are pretty good friends. Maybe they play poker, or something.

    Small town, no matter where you go, huh?

  48. Anonymous Says:

    lolled in an epic Tad thread.

  49. Mr. Nice Says:

    And Mr. Nice – a lot of us really appreciate how you continually post… everywhere…. all the time… under your pussy moniker.

    Thanks dude.

    Without a real name. Like a pussy.

    Cuz yer so funny.

    You come cyberbully on Tad’s blog and then act hard because you sign your legal name on trash talk. This is gonna generate respect for the Arcata Eye from Tad’s readers or what is it you are tryna accomplish?

    Your sense of humor is alright though.

  50. Terrence McNally Says:

    Thanks, Anon.R.Mous. Well played.

    Tad – or you – call me a cyberbully or a troll when I say things he don’t like.
    I’ve yet to call him a name.

    Just trying to see this wonderful blog held to the same accountability and ethical claims its owner professes.

    But he’s been a good driver for the past 72 hours. I’m pulling for him.

    However, I will delve into the name basket on just one issue. Blog posters who do not use their real names are total pussies.

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