New Clear Explosion

Peace be with you

I don’t typically talk about my life, as it is really immaterial, but I will share this tidbit as credentials on the fact that “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single foot step.” I walked a thousand miles once. Guess what?, it did start with a single foot step, or more accurately in my case a single slight limp. The lesson of the first step kept being retaught, and retaught, through out my entire journey. There would be times when you could see no light at the end of the tunnel (I mean that figuratively), but I had faith that ten more steps today would be ten less steps at the end of the journey.

I apply this lesson to everything I do today. Yes one comment at a meeting, or one post on a blog wont do diddly, but if I do my best to be honest, and keep to my course, even when it seems everyone is against me, eventually I will wake some people up to the problems which are so obvious to a houseless wanderer. Things we believe about how the world works become dispelled once the curtain has been ripped from your life.

Today’s politician does everything they can to prevent the people from controlling the government. The reason can easily be seen through a study of what happens when people control their government. It was people control which ended the Vietnam war, started civil rights, ended the draft, ended child labor, got the “weekend,” the list goes on and on.

An interesting fact I just learned is that in early 1943, Hitler, decided to start what the Nazis called “the Finial Round-up.” This would be the application of the “Final Solution” to all the “intermarried Jews,” and Jews working in “essential” military industries. Up until this time the only protests against the treatment of the Jewish people, within Germany had been small, and very underground.

On February 27, 1943, the Gestapo arrested 10,000 intermarried Jews in Berlin, and jailed them in the Jewish Community Center. The spouses of these Jews arose and started gathering in front of the community center on Rosenstrasse (street). “Day by day the protest grew . . . and as many as 6000 had joined in by the protest’s end.” Needless to say, on March 6th, Goebbels “ordered the release of all intermarried Jews, and their children.” In fact more intermarried Jews survived the war than any other group.*

This event is known as the Rosenstrasse protest, you can google it if you want more information. I just want to illustrate how even in Nazi Germany, over someone as oppressed as the Jews were, people could rise up and take back their government. If they continue to stand up they can take it all back.

Eventually we will start talking about our problems honestly, stop lying to ourselves, and we will demand solutions to our problems, not this same ol’, same ol’, status quo bullshit we have grown so accustom to in the last hundred years. We will scrap so much of what we have been programed to believe is necessary in today’s society. We will see that their logic lacks compassion, and isn’t really that logical anyway. We will show those yelling “more of the same, more of the same” every time “more of the same” makes it worse, that they are really a small, but loud minority. We will admit that the pseudo-sciences like economics, criminology and psychiatry, are not only bullshit profit schemes, but are actually causing the majority of the problems.

People will realize all our woes are the result of our own lying. When we lie we are more likely to accept other’s lies so as not to expose ours. Plus when we lie we are condoning lying. Most people don’t stand up, because they are afraid of being found-out. Found-out about what – wouldn’t that be a “lie?” All of our shit stinks, so those pretending theirs does not, are pretending, ie lying.

If you start being honest with yourself you’ll quit saying stupid shit like, “oh my god, I can’t believe the cops shot someone else.” You can believe it, in fact you know it is going to happen again, and again until we get our government under control.

I have termed this mass awakening, “the new clear explosion.” Even Nazi Germany relied on the consent of the governed for their atrocities. A single action by one person, can cause two more actions by different persons, on and on. I amazes me how when one person wakes up many of those who know that person wake up too. It is we the people who formed this Union, and only we the people who put it back on course.

love eternal

* See: “The Limits of Policy – Social Protection of Intermarried German Jews in Nazi Germany,” by Nathian Stoltztfus


14 Responses to “New Clear Explosion”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, Tad – you talk about yourself all the time.
    Give yourself some credit, man!

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Terrence

    I am glad to see you agree with the rest of the post. If that is the extent of your analysis I can live with agreeing to disagree with you on that one point. Thanks for your 100% support on the rest though.

    love eternal

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sure thing, boss!
    It’s all coming together.

  4. Terrence McNally Says:

    Damn. I meant:

    Sure thing, boss!
    It’s all coming together.

  5. Terrence McNally Says:

  6. moviedad Says:

    There was an enormous amount of peer pressure during those years. No one wanted to appear to be disloyal to the government. mind-numbing nationalism is all it takes to justify the greatest evils. Some folks are suffering, while others are doing very well. How much longer will those who follow the rules continue to do so, while those who break the rules become richer and richer. Like waiting in line; you wait patiently for your turn, and someone brushes past you and your fellows, and goes to the front of the line, and surprise, they are served ahead of the rest of you. The injustice is enraging. The indignity of being treated as someone of less importance. That is the real danger; righteous anger. Hitler was able to use the justifiable hurt and anger of the German people against them. He truly was their enemy. Just like our appointed leaders are, in reality; our enemies. But having an enemy doesn’t give me the right to act righteous. He is not righteous, and neither am I. If I have righteous anger, then I have pride. If I have pride, then I have greed. If I want more than my fair share, then I am the real enemy. We have to return to a more socialistic society. One where each healthy person is willing to make sacrifices for others less fortunate. American society has become one of the cruelest, most draconian empires of all time.
    I know that you have strong feelings about the role of Mental Health Departments. I agree with many of your views. But I see where they are needed. I see men and women suffering on the streets, slowly killing themselves with drugs and alcohol. Having no kind of life by anyone’s standard. And those charged with caring for them, have no budget. In Shasta County, they do not even respond to calls.
    My cousin, a seriously mentally ill person, who has collected SSI his whole adult life, was kicked off conservatorship after 30 years, because he reached an age where he qualified for regular social security. His mental/psychiatric condition hasn’t changed. now that he can get his own money, he is drinking himself to death on the streets, and daily rides his bicycle into traffic in Redding, and has caused numerous close-call-traffic accidents. He’s just another crazy on the streets. You might believe that he has a right to be on the streets, free from “Forced-Treatment”, but our family feels differently. We feel that when he was in Crestwood, he had a life. He knew who he was. He knew his family. Now he is torturing all those around him. He is a menace to society in a real way, and no one cares. “This is America, Baby; Go fuck yourself!”
    This is the clarion call of the “New-American Centurion.”
    Pride, greed, fear; these are the tools of the Nazis and the Capitalists. Yes, the “Inter-married” had a short-lived victory over the Nazis. But who really won that war? Wasn’t it the Fascist elite, who went on to run the world through the United States?
    Keep writing and working Tad. Life is short.
    Sorry about the “Troll” problem. At least yours speaks English. Mine are all in Chinese.

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    I agree the we need mental health services. I disagree we need CalMAP pharmaceutical scams. TexMAP bankrupted the medicade in Texas. We can do so much more with so much less if we got rid of the ineffective anti-psychotics. We can’t accurately say how much of your cousin’s problems were caused by the medications he was on, but we do know for a fact that they cause brain deformities. I believe we need housing, mental counseling, nutritional counseling, medical care, and harm reduction strategies.

    Most mental and emotional problems are exasperated by the fact that the patient feels alone. I have a friend who is paranoid, but because he talks openly about it, like if he had a rash, he and his friends can better deal with what’s happening to him. Have heard of the “hearing voices network?” It is people who hear voices learning to live with those voices. Did you know that they don’t do drug trials against St. Johns Wort anymore? Perhaps its because it kicked prozac’s ass so bad when they did. There is much we can, and should, do to mend the broken hearted, but the mean, torturous, life shortening, sterilizing, slave creating, drugs, Crandall and the DHHS gives away like candy is not the answer. I didn’t even mention how much better it is to have a medical marijuana patient smoking on the streets, as compared to someone drinking themselves to death.

    Its been my experience that brothers and sisters, like your cousin, tend to do better without drugs, and alcohol, but they find alcohol gives them comfort. Crestwood is just a warehouse which dispenses a “cocktail of drugs.” If Crestwood had of given him good food, access to medical marijuana, real medical care, and showed real concern for his ability to function out of there, then you might be telling me how well his is doing comparatively.

    An elder in the Rainbow Family told me years ago, when Rainbow was family, that as soon as the street kids out number the Rainbow kids, the healing would end. My blessings to your cousin, may he find a healing community.

    And Terrence, could you learn Chinese?

    love eternal

  8. Terrence McNally Says:

    Everyone just says “Chinese.” But I think I could learn Mandarin.
    Yeah, I could do that.

    But Movie Dad is boooorrring. More boring hippies.

  9. Russ Says:

    Tad, it’s not as new as you think, the good news is plenty of the best educated, professional people have left. I was a computer programmer in Silicon Valley, limited experience, limited prospects. Three consecutive crooked mayors, one whose grandfather bought Chinatown, at dirt cheap prices, after it burned down under suspicious circumstances. They mismanged redevelopment funds, and shoved “toughlove” programs down everyone’s throats. This did not go well with the professionals, many, like myself highly motivated, ran for the exits as fast as possible. The elite wanted well educated zombies for scams like Goldman Sacks, and to steal elections. What they got largely was dissidents, who had the motivation and the technical knowledge to anylize election, financial, and medical fraud. Awakening is now, and when the collapse of Illuminati has cone far enough, cures for the hurt for those who wish them will be numeous and widespread.
    Unfortunately, most shouldn’t be talked about yet, as the Illuminati loves to weaponise them, even nutrition and sleep.

  10. Terrence McNally Says:

    Yes. The Knights Templar at Goldman Sachs are messing abusing hedge funds.

  11. moviedad Says:

    Cousin “Tim” was diagnosed with Schizophrenia when he was in his early twenties; the usual age for onset of the worst kind. He self-medicated with MDA, and LSD. it was the early 70’s. I do agree about the doping of the poor. It is out of control. The dope trade is now completely taken over by the capitalists. It’s too late for him. He’ll be dead inside a year or so. Brain surgery did help him for awhile, but we suspect that the mass that was removed is growing again. Anyway, Tim is just one “boring” story in a land of a million stories. many of them are far more horrific than ours. So many broken people, suffering the mocking disregard of the selfish.
    If we are measured by how we take care of the weak and infirm; then we won’t count for much.

  12. Terrence McNally Says:

    No, MD… that story is way more interesting.

  13. Mr. Nice Says:

    Everyone just says “Chinese.” But I think I could learn Mandarin.
    Yeah, I could do that.

    Did you read this blog post or is that really true? I thought these were a joke. I’m going to buy that book and study up.

  14. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, you cut me to the core, Mr. Nice. Arrggh.
    Butter knife wit!

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