Who pays the Toll for Killer Cops?

Peace be with you

I view the excessive force of the cops as suspected murder when someone dies in their presence. I see no reason to trust an investigation, by cops, of cops, for cops. It is a well known fact (in fact case law) that cops lie as a regular part of their job. It has been my experience when when dealing with a known liar, that it is prudent to understand they are likely to lie again. I will always listen to a known liar with skepticism, especially the secretive, inclusive, privileged, habitual liar cops.

The latest death by cop was four cops against one person with a three foot wooden stick. If it had been four hippies Robert would have been disarmed, but because it was trained cops he was shot dead. If a person is being aggressive with a three foot stick, or even a metal pipe, and you have three more hippies with you, surround him and stay six feet away. Sooner of later, he will position the stick in such a way that one of you can grab it. Once one of you grab the stick, the rest grab the person with it.

Because the Humboldt County Sheriffs didn’t/don’t do it the way I described above, I assume they don’t think like the the community, because that’s how we think. If a mountain lion attacked me and my dog, and it gave me a small scrape, and killed my dog, it would be accurate to say the mountain lion took a toll on us both. If four cops shoot a community member dead, yes it takes a toll on both the cops and the community, but I really don’t think the toll on those receiving the paid vacation is really comparable with the toll on those burying a loved one.

In fact all evidence shows that the toll paid by the killer cops is always minimal, compared to the excessive toll paid by society. Cops never get charged with the murders they commit. Even the Bart cop who pulled his gun and shot a subdued person execution style, on film!, only gets manslaughter charges. And, that is the rare police prosecution.

Cops aren’t liked anyway, so most of their friends are other cops, and those who think they can do no wrong. So the toll on the cops is less of an almost nonexistent respect. Yes they killed a person, but if that shit bothered them, like it does us, then we would see them quit after killing someone, yet we don’t.

The real toll, which the cops won’t talk about, is having to keep quiet. This is what makes all cops bad cops. There are no good cops when they know about an incident of bad cops, but keep silent behind the blue wall. If a cop witnesses another cop break the law, and keeps silent, then that cop is guilty not reporting a crime in his presence. Judging from the national statistics of about half a million complaints of police abuse a year, and the many I hear about not being reported, it seems that it would be next to impossible to be a cop and not witness at least one bad cop in action. Yet nary a cop ever came forward to report the crimes of a fellow cop.

When we can’t trust the cops because they are separated from the laws we must follow because of their gang affiliations, we especially can’t trust them when one or more of them gun down our community members in the streets. We’ve had community members who had to defend themselves against attacks, and sadly someone got killed, but none of those got paid administrative leave, and most had to sit in jail at least until an OR hearing.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Who pays the Toll for Killer Cops?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not a conspiracy theorist, so I believe only in seeing potential wrongdoing when there is evidence of such. I’m afraid of a world that is run by Tad’s rules. It would be a dictatorship.

  2. FIG Says:

    8-10-2010 (TUE. )

    who pays ? nobody. but the words “police” “cop” is transformed in the minds of people as “untrustworthy” “killer cop” “dirty cop terrorist with “police powers” “thug” “armed, unionized shit” etc., BASICALLY, the human being as cop is turned into a caricature, something below an animal.

    BASICALLY, if i see a cop bleeding, dying, I WOULD just laugh and go on my way, most definitely. dirty cop terrorists with “police powers” KILL and get away with it every day precisely because they are unionized, armed thugs, fearing no one and no thing (most laughably, not some law written on a piece of paper ).

    ONE new tactic: after some chp patrolmen were killed by wayward drivers on the freeway, most stops are now, especially in heavy traffic, directed to exit the closest freeway off ramp instead of by the side of the FREEWAY.


    Once unionization is stripped from patrol cops, then the brazen killing of UNARMED, no-threat (running way) citizens might lessen. NOT BEFORE.

    _____________________________________ the en.d

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