Gallegos Charges Charles Garth with Felony Pot – less than a pound

Peace be with you

Today Humboldt County District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, charged the father of the most recent killing-by-cop victim in Humboldt County of a Marijuana transportation and sales. Paul Gallegos, who originally ran for DA on a “no minor pot prosecution” stance, is in many ways worse than his predecessor. I must admit that I am a friend, and supporter of what Charles stands for. I already have little patience for politicians lying in order to manipulate enough votes to end up doing exactly what the last fucking politician did, but this case hits a little too close to home. Normally I meet the family after the fact, but in this case I have known the family, in fact include them in my own extended family, for a while now.

Charles Garth was best known for being the owner of the property known as Yeehaw. As you might remember Yeehaw was the property out towards Trinidad that the Code Enforcement Unit (CEU) went to with a “code enforcement warrant.” While serving this administrative warrant, back up sheriffs were sticking guns in mother’s faces, searching for pot, and pepper spraying pets. Though no pot was found, that exact same group of code enforcement and back-up left Yeehaw, and made a 1200 plant bust at the next “code inspection.” At the time of those raids the DA, Paul Gallegos, deputized the code enforcers who ran these undercover pot raids. Gallegos obviously thought those raids, which probably are a violation of law themselves, were wrong, because he un-deputized the code enforcers, and refused to be responsible.

Charles is forever taking in people with no place else to go. In the past people at the Endeavor, or even certain cops, would direct kind people to Charles as an option of a place to go. He has allowed numerous people live on his property over the years. Many have moved on into housing and employment. Such is the case of the sister who had the Sheriff’s gun trained on her with a baby on the hip, and another clutching her leg, during the CEU raids. If I had to say who did more good for our community a person who helps people up when they are down, or the DA who deputizes raids under false premises, and prosecutes small amounts of marijuana after saying he wouldn’t, I’d pick Charles.

Now Gallegos is charging Charles, a 215 patient, with felony “Sale or Transportation of (13.3 ounces of) Marijuana.” This three days after sheriff’s gunned down his son.

The alleged crime happened May 28, 2010, on Bald Hill Road. The police report explains that United States Park Ranger Quinn, and U.S.P.R. Tibbets, were conducting a “Drug Interdiction Patrol,” on Bald Hills rd. in the National, and “State” parks. In other words they were pulling over as many cars as they could looking for marijuana. I had another friend who got caught in that illegal patrol. The other friend who got stopped by these two park rangers, said they were threatening him that they were federal and would bust him if he and his 215 were caught on that public Humboldt county road again.

The “about 13.3 ounces” they found was all in one bag. Both occupants in the vehicle showed the cops valid 215 prescriptions, and both occupants got charged with that one bag. The really crazy thing is that Gallegos is going ahead and prosecuting this on your nickle.

One other thing bothers me though. If the cops are right and Charles was transporting or selling illegal pot, then they wouldn’t sell 13.3 ounces, they would sell one pound – 16 ounces. All the pot was sealed in a “large vacuum sealed plastic bag.” The cops stated he “pulled [his] knife and sliced open the plastic vacuum bag.” I don’t know if it was a pound or not. Most likely it is just someone’s medicine, which is really immaterial whether it is a pound or not, but if it was for sale like Gallegos is claiming, then something happened to 2.7 ounces officers.

Gallegos was in charge of the cops raiding Charles’ property illegally. Gallegos will most definitely declare Charles’ son’s death a “good kill,” and Gallegos does in fact go after small, and legal marijuana users. I guess what I want to know is, “why exactly is it better to vote for Gallegos?”

love eternal

Update: Ask him if this “keeping Humboldt safe” bullshit, is any different than his “justice for all” bullshit?

Citizens for District Attorney Paul Gallegos 2010: P.O. Box 1236, Eureka, CA 95502; (707) 442-9600;

Humboldt County DA’s office: 825 5th Street, 4th Floor, Eureka, CA 95501; (707) 445-7411;


22 Responses to “Gallegos Charges Charles Garth with Felony Pot – less than a pound”

  1. Heraldo Says:

    Hey Tad, any chance you can upload a pdf of the complaint? Why is it being charged as a felony?

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Heraldo

    The complaint doesn’t say why, but the police reports suggest it be charged as a felony. I would ask Gallegos. His number is above.

    I took a picture of the front page of the complaint with my camera, and copied down some of the “quotes” from the reports. The case number is on the front of the complaint, and you can go to the court clerk’s office and view the file yourself.

    I should of made a big stink about the two park rangers months ago when I first heard, but I was being careful because I had no proof. Now I have seen a document that claims they were working a “Drug Interdiction Patrol,” and it gives creditability to the whole assholeness of the federal cops pulling people over on Bald hills road looking for pot. Why does Gallegos allow that to happen in Humboldt anyway.

    love eternal

  3. FIG Says:

    8-11-2010 (WED. )

    why is it being charged as a felony ?
    Precisely because these dirty cop terrorists can literally
    get away with murder, so what’s a little lying, falsifying, fabricating to put a shiv behind someone they’ve bee n itching to get at on their “LIST.” make no mistake about it , theese dirty cop terrorists keep “SCORE” and are just waiting for the right opportunity. watch out. DON’T BE NAIVE, sure this is AMERICA, but so what !!!! it might as well be North KOREA behind closed doors.

    why is it being charged a felony ? my question: why is he being charged at all ? Because this is not AMERICA anymore.
    _______________________________________ WED.

  4. Joe Says:

    He has no authority over Federal agents, but he could choose not to charge.

  5. Joe Says:

    Tad asks: “why exactly is it better to vote for Gallegos?”

    Do you know anything about Allison Jackson? How ever bad you may think we have it now, she would our worse nightmare come true. Ask a few defense attorneys what they think of Jackson and you’ll get an earful.

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Joe

    No doubt I would get an earful (I’ve actually already asked more than a few), but then ask those same defense lawyers what they think about Paul Gallegos – again an earful. Then go ask a few social justice activists what they think about Gallegos. Then go ask a few family members of death-by-cop victims what they think of Gallegos. Then go ask those who have been prosecuted on minor pot charges what they think of Gallegos. Then go ask all those people who had their property searched under bullshit code enforcement warrants what they think of Gallegos. You’ll get more than an earful.

    Farmer was a mother fucker, but at least our streets weren’t littered with the corpses of cop victims. Gallegos has failed us, and failed us miserably. I see no reason to reelect him. These charges against Charles is really just his coup de gras.

    Gallegos, by playing prosecutor for the feddy cops thumbing their noses at our safe harbor limits and 215 laws, is siding against the people of Humboldt county. He is using the National Park Rangers to circumvent the wishes of the people of Humboldt county, just like he used the code enforcement unit to circumvent the forth amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. I don’t want a DA who is against us.

    I know who and what Allison Jackson is, but my worse nightmare has already been realized in the reign of Paul Gallegos – a police state where the police shoot down anyone they want with impunity. Anything that Jackson will do to us Gallegos has already shown he will too. It really doesn’t matter if you eat the right or the left wing of the chicken, because it is all chicken.

    Having said all that I invite you, or any defense lawyer to get on here and list what you/they believe will be different. Keep in mind though that I heard a whole lot of things would be different if Gallegos beat Farmer, and I am still waiting “equal justice for all.” If you don’t want Jackson you had better find a write-in candidate quick, because Gallegos is burning his bridges before he even gets across them.

    love eternal

  7. FIG Says:

    8-11-2010 ( WED. )

    here is a tool to fight back with; something similar to WordPress, see LINK below.

    F.Y. I.


    same LINK:

    _____________________________ the end.

  8. anon Says:

    Nice conspiracy Tad. Except next time you post a picture of a court document claiming the charges were filed today you may want to blur out the filed date stamp clearly visible in the picture. You know the one that says “Filed July 20, 2010”

  9. Terrence McNally Says:

    hmmmm… what says Tad?

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Boy you and Terrence really shot down my arguments this time. I said “Today Humboldt County District Attorney, Paul Gallegos, charged the father of the most recent killing-by-cop victim in Humboldt County of a Marijuana transportation and sales.” I didn’t say when the charges were filed, I just said when Charles was charged, and that would be at his arraignment – 1;30pm August 10, 2010.

    It seems you want to discredit me even if it ruins your creditability in the process. Perhaps if you paid that close attention to the details in your tabloid you wouldn’t be known locally as liars. But go ahead and keep writing on a blog that you don’t like. Maybe the people who do find this blog interesting and pertinent will stop reading it and start reading the Arcata [L]Eye instead. Maybe frogs will learn to fly too.

    Sorry I can’t seem to stop laughing. It seems that for people who claim the pot smokers so love them, you spend a lot of time slamming them here. During the post on how Hoover isn’t an acceptable spokesperson for the marijuana growers, you spent your time justifying pot busts. You are either on the side of the growers, or the side of the cops. But you think you can play both sides of the fence, and boy, does that make you look stupid. In fact most of the comments in defense of the Arcata [L]Eye sound stupid. My new answer to people who ask why they should join the boycott of the [L]Eye is “read Terrence McNally’s comments at the Plazoid.”

    The ironic thing is if you read the complaint you would realize that the word “and” is suppose to be “and/or.” If it is just “and” then that means Gallegos has to prove all the accusations. They have to prove that Charles did “unlawfully transport, import into the State of California;” and Charles did “sale;” and Charles did “furnish;” and Charles did “administer;” and Charles did “give away;” and Charles did “offer to transport, import into the State of California;” and Charles did “offer to sale;” and Charles did “offer to furnish;” and Charles did “offer to administer;” and Charles did “offer to give away;” and Charles did “attempt to import into the state of California;” and Charles did “attempt to transport marijuana.”

    I guess I should just be glad that I caught the misspelling of the word “felony” in the title, because that would have been proof positive to you that I was making the whole thing up. It is hard for me to believe that you two actually have relationships with adults. Everyone who talks to me about what McNally writes here is amazed at how childish he seems. I just say, “those are the types which bring you the news.” They usually say, “they don’t bring me my news.”

    Thus says tad.

    love eternal

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh…. wait… huh?

    Now it’s Thus says Tad? Like Nietzsche and shit?

  12. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Oh yeah Terrence you don’t have to comment on every post, because it has been exposed that a quick search of your name only shows a history of you commenting on Micheal Moore, and Hoover posts. Everyone knows what a troll is. It doesn’t take a comment of every post to establish yourself as one. Moore and Hoover posts will suffice.

    love eternal

  13. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I like that Nietzsche book, but am not surprised to hear you think it shit. Let it go brother, your mouth can only handle so much foot.

    love eternal

  14. Terrence McNally Says:

    I like that book, too big guy. A lot.
    I’m just concerned about you parroting a good thinker.

    I can’t really comment on, say, EPD staffing as I don’t work in Eureka and I’m really unsure what’s up with this 299 shooting. My initial response was: where the hell was the Tazer. But this story will tease out.

    Time for work, T!

  15. theplazoid" Says:

    Peace be with you Terrence

    You would rather me “parrot” a bad thinker? That’s an interesting debating style I had never considered, but does explain why you get so self-righteous when you insist something is true because you said so.

    “Just see these superfluous ones! Sick are they always; they vomit their bile and call it a newspaper” – thus spoke Zarathustra.

    love eternal

  16. Terrence McNally Says:


    Here’s some Tad-centric ones!

    After coming into contact with a religious man I always feel I must wash my hands.

    Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate.

    Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

    Fanatics are picturesque, mankind would rather see gestures than listen to reasons.

    He that humbleth himself wishes to be exalted.

    No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.

    What were you talking about again? RIght: The DA is mean.

  17. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, shit. I almost forgot this one. Must’ve the Birth of Tragedy.

    He who goes through airport turnstile sideways
    is going to Bangkok.

    Think about that for a while!

  18. transient Says:

    McNally sure sounds like a dumbass! – but I’m definitley pleased that he is back – more fun-time for me!!! And just in case you were wondering, I don’t claim to be a “thinker” or parrot of good or bad thinkers, and I don’t care about grammar, and I don’t mind stooping to name-calling (at least when internet-warring with McNally and the like).

    On the quotation wars: tad wins. Hands down. McNally’s quotes don’t make sense (except the “religious man” one, which I think that tad would probably agree with anyways!!!) and aren’t sourced. And they aren’t relevant. Geez, Terrance, is that really the best you can do? If you would like some practice, maybe you can try to make fun of me – I’m easy! …but I think that you’d probably still end up sounding like a buffoon. “A rose by any other name…” or whatever, you know what I mean? It’s a quote? Get it – McNally’s a baffoon, even if I don’t know the quote! See- I can make a joke about quotes too – and better than Terrance even though I don’t even know the whole quote!

    Oh shit, this is too much fun. But I really got to go. Thank you tad for staying on top of all this shit, condolences to all who hurt from the latest murder-by-cop and bogus pot charge.

    And, of course, thanks to Terrance for the entertainment.

  19. Terrence McNally Says:

    You already said I was a dumbass several months ago, Sient.
    Make story funny.

  20. Anon Says:

    Alright children, do you need to be put into separate corners? Let’s keep the comments relevant. Your pissing match is beginning to splatter onto my keyboard.

  21. Terrence McNally Says:

    You got it, Anon.
    People being shot and arrested are bad things.


  22. Anonymous Says:

    Any update? I stayed at charles’ when i was young….when Paul and Fatima and Eric were there too…….I have been searching online for Charles for years but never knew his last name. …I knowthis must be him…..what happened with these charges.?? I am an attorney in massachusetts now…..

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