Kicking up the Police State

Peace be with you

It seems to me that the police state is the only thing really growing in this shrinking economy. In today’s yesterday’s (I get a huge discount on day old papers) Times-Standard there is an article on an APD “crime mapping tool,” a POP (problem oriented policing) bust, and new case load size for PO’s (parole officers). Though they are all attacking the problem of how to implement a total control policing paradigm in different ways, they are all trying to achieve the same goal.

The crime mapping tool is to get you used to your neighbors being taken away, and cause general suspicion among community members. The “tool,” and remember “tool” is a law enforcement term, is a website in which you can see “crimes” committed in your neighbor hood, within a day or two of it happening. This means that your getting the untried statistics. Cops like the untried statistics when talking about what a cracker jack job their doing. 10 arrests sounds better than 2 convictions.

The cops hope that when you see a crime was alleged in your neighborhood you will remember other crimes to allege. The T-S article said “Chapman also said that the crime mapping tool could allow for an increased amount of tips from citizens who might see something on the website that would spark a memory of a crime.” If I already forgot about it it wasn’t really a call Chapman when I remembered type crime to start with.

The article about POP, the broken window’s policing paradigm that “POP’em” Nielsen started when he became the chief cop in Eureka, is nothing spectacular. POP caught a sister with an amount of tweek so inconsequential that they only referred to it as “a small amount.” But!, the article ended with the following sentence: “anyone with information concerning suspected drug activity is encouraged to call the Problem Oriented Policing Unit . . .” (emphases mine). We read about the times the POP unit gets a bust, but we never hear about the times they stalk, spy, harass, and threaten people without scoring a “small amount” bust.

Not only has the Eureka cop shop gone to a lot of time and trouble to get people to snitch on their neighbors, but the APD’s new “tip increasing website” is “similar to the one that the Eureka Police Department currently utilizes.”

Turn in your neighbor is a Nazi idea. Instead of communists, now its druggies. We are separating out a whole class of people from our communities, and hiring a special police force to control them, all because the cops are paid to enforce laws instead of keeping the peace.

The article about POs discusses decreasing, by approximately half, the the number of parolees in an experimental “test” in four counties in California. All police policies fall under what I refer to as the swat rule. No matter what a policy within law enforcement is originally intended for it always gets incorporated into use in lesser and lesser crimes as time goes on. Thus we can expect this “test” to be a grandiose success, and eventually it will apply to parole, and probation cops. Thus we will double the size of these cop shops, and violate many times more people with violations.

If a town the size of Arcata has 20 cops, and 20,000 people, then each cops watches an average of 1,000 people. If out of each 1,000 people you took out those whom you wouldn’t bust no matter what they did, it would probably reduce the ratio to 900 to 1, or so. If you further assigned those who had a history of disobeying the law, ie on probation or parole, to cops (POs) with a ratio of 50 to 1, you could reduce the ratio even more. I don’t know how many Arcatan’s are on probation, but I sit in those court rooms again and again and see person after person get sentenced to probation. The court is nothing more than a punishment factory, and that punishment is primarily dealt out through probation, and probation violations.

So to recap the three stories. The cops want increased “tips,” especially of “drug use,” they want to double the number of PO cops, and they want you to think this is the normal way it should be. They talk about homicides, rape, and other violent crimes when they propagandize their policies, but it soon turns to drugs. Drugs of which in my life time, with the exception of Herb, the government have been the biggest, and longest running suppliers of. We should be uniting to end the war on drugs, not becoming the cop’s snitches. “Drug abuse is a terrible thing, the war on drugs is worse.”

love eternal


8 Responses to “Kicking up the Police State”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    After voting to voluntarily tax themselves and their neighbors an additional .75 percent sales tax with a two-thirds passage, Arcatans got the Arcata Police Department fully staffed, defying state budget trends.

    So I guess Arcatans and their neighbors got their way about how many cops they wanted in town.

    But Tad does not like this. Not one bit.
    Didja vote in the 2008 election?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Most interactions with police people have are not good, so putting more police on the street means more tickets, stops, and subsequent fees. So did arcata is say that we want to tax ourselves so we can pay more fees? Now our town shirts can say, “Come to Arcata for a Liberal Dose of Fascism.” If it was left up to Arcata residents to fully fund the police department my guesss is their would not be one, and people would police themselves as they are fully capable of doing.

  3. Terrence McNally Says:


    ‘sides… the better trained and well rested a department is, the more likely its officers will be to deal professionally and appropriately with its employers – the public. Even when dealing with particularly cranky and humorless struggle junkies like Tad Robinson.

    Anyway, his staffing figures are not correct, but reasonably close. 1,000 to 1?
    APD sounds pretty outnumbered.

    But that’s what the public called for…

  4. moviedad Says:

    It would be nice to see a little sociology applied to policing. I guess that’s too much to hope for in this land of “enforcement”. Enforcement of the laws of human decency is easy. Most people are not out to kill and rape and steal.
    Yeah, yeah…
    But laws whose sole purpose is to advantage corporate/business interests; are another matter. Why is it that in Germany, there is subsidized insurance and everyone pays a nominal fee. Here, we are cheated, and exploited. And this is encouraged by the “Jews for Hitler” folks who offer the straw-man excuses about “public responsibility” and “personal liability” not even mentioning that public liability is exactly the kind of necessity that private enterprise should never be allowed to profit from. Just as in Health Care.
    Drug addiction is another matter. In progressive, socialist countries; addicts are treated. Treatment? My god I must be a Criminal-loving, pot-growing, welfare-receiving……….Liberal!
    I sometimes watch: “Lockdown” It is amazing to me that corporate-media is broadcasting, incident by incident; the inhumane and criminal actions of America’s prisons. In every show, the over-stuffed, obese guards are playing the superior to people, who in many cases, are guilty of crimes of addiction. if you harm a person, then yes, you deserve to go down for it. But if there is not one single victim, no one to say you did…whatever. then there is no cause. But what has happened now is the state stands in for some ethereal ‘victim’. who in reality does not exist. The “People” In justice, its not “the People” it’s the “Person” who has to be harmed.
    Treatment would make two thirds of the crimes disappear overnight.
    Back to: “Lockup” I was intrigued by the ad: “See the prisons in Poland, Bulgaria….Eastern Europe, on: ‘Locked Up Abroad’.”
    Well, what a shock. In the women’s prison there were counseling rooms, with real therapists; who actually cared for the inmates. There were gyms, schools, job-training. There was a separate section for women who had children while doing their time. it looked like a small day care with living quarters.
    Just like everything else the “New-American-Centurion” tries to do to shock or mislead the public, it totally backfired. What a stark comparison to the horrific, crimes against humanity that are taking place every day in this country. And it all starts with “Wars”. War on crime, war on drugs, war on the poor, war on the un-employed, war on the injured, war on the old. War on everyone except the rich and their minions. And just how did the rich become so rich? More tired lies about how they “worked hard”?
    My beloved country, the land that I cherish; has become the greatest evil the world has ever known. And the only thing that can save it is to dis-empower capitalism, and bring about socialism, based on the Northern European model.

  5. Terrence McNally Says:

    Um… little off topic there, MD.
    But great you noted the boob tube guards are fatties…


  6. fig Says:

    Aug. 7- 2010- SAT.

    welcome to North korea (manifest destiny “America” style)
    — hear about 5150 (AKA, forced [via “police powers”] psychiatric drugging, jailing. ) TO confuse people, it’s usually referred to as INVOLUNTARY HOLD. kinda like wanting a hole in the head. lawyer slime talk basically. WATch out. READ blogs by real people like otherwise you won’t know what hit you. YOU’LL BE DEAD, unfornuately . GO TO THE LIBRARY, at least once a year , please. ______________________________

    ___________ look up, police state, police powers, etc. READ. READ. READ. and come to a judgment. come to a point of view. come to a decision. ___________________ the end. 8-07 _AUG- 2010 –

  7. Terrence McNally Says:

    And that clears that up, too.

  8. moviedad Says:

    Does this guy drink, or what?

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