“Baby-Cain” Hoover Speaker at Pot Legalization Conference

Peace be with you

There are a few actions by those in our community that point to the possibility that prop 19, California’s Marijuana legalization initiative, may not be in our best interest. Nothing more so than the fact that Kevin Hoover idiotor of the Arcata “L”Eye tabloid is giving an address at a conference to make new rules about pot, today, 2:00 pm, Bayside Grange.

Hoover is anti-pot! If you doubt me ask any of those people who went to jail, because Hoover made a Northern Humboldt component of Operation Southern Sweep. The little snitch fucker cost people their homes, their freedom, and their families. The paper says Hoover “hopes to have ‘rational discussion.'” Nobody can have, ever has, or ever will have a “rational discussion” with such an irrational fuck as Hoover. His idea of rational is everyone must agree with the message his marionette has him speak. There is nobody in our area suffering irrational reefer madness more severely than Baby Cain Hoover.

It is pot! It was legal for 10,000 years. The only pot laws before 1937 were laws requiring people to grow a certain amount of hemp. Prop 19 doesn’t seem like an attempt to legalize a harmless weed. It seems more like an opportunity to redeploy the war on drug soldiers.

I can’t support a conference that calls our biggest enemy to be its key note speaker. Again I point to the saying, “know a tree by its fruit.” Hoover is obviously a bullshit tree, ’cause thats the fruit of his historical irrational anti-marijuana stance. I wonder what the real goal of of group who is represented by a rat fucking snitch like Hoover.

Countless people’s lives have been ruined because of pot, or more precisely pot laws. Hoover bent over backwards to help put many of those people in that state of ruin. There are those in our community who believe it was Hoover responsible for painting the words, “grow house” on the side of people’s houses right before the feds decided to add Northern to their Operation Southern Sweep. This is like when a member of your family doesn’t want to go to a party, and finally after forcing them, they want to take charge so they can ruin it for everyone who forced them to come. Hoover is proof that this is just a group who wants more laws, and more cops.

love eternal


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you repeat the lie often enough about Hoover, maybe someone will believe it.

  2. Hank Sims Says:

    … and Kevin was welcomed by everyone in attendance, and his thoroughly sensible remarks — unsurpring to anyone who actually reads him, and who has two brain cells to rub together — were wildly applauded.

    So that was that.

  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hank

    … Though he has a long history of editorializing reefer madness in the most sensational terms, he changed course 180 degrees and delivered a sensible, yet contradictory, speech.

    It seems weird that you have such a interest in seeing Hoover misrepresented as a “good guy.” None of the people there were victims of his propaganda. I know those “growers.” They wouldn’t have applauded, though they may have behaved wildly.

    Is Hoover now denying he took the LA Times film crew around town accusing community members of having “commercial grows?” The really fucked up thing about that film is when the resident said yes he had a legal 215 grow. Hoover marches off proud like he proved his “commercial grow” point, even after the guy offered to show it to him.

    People got raided because of him. He is proud of that fact. You look back through old “L”Eyes and you see “reefer madness, extant, and deeply entrenched.” He stirs up the shit while pretending he’s against shit stirring.

    I guess of era of reporters asking tough questions is dead, and now it is cover one another’s bullshit. Just remember those who claim liars are honest get the reputation of being liars.

    love eternal

  4. Nicholas Bravo Says:

    Hank, I was there and there were a lot of people other than myself booing Hoover. I also recall a few people yelling that he was a FED and a SNITCH!

  5. jackdurham Says:

    To understand Kevin’s views on this issue, you have to listen to what he says and read what he writes. The truth is much different than the baseless conspiracy theories.

    But the conspiracy theories are fun, even though they’re false.

  6. Terrence McNally Says:

    NYT film crews, eh? Don’t recall that newspaper staffing a film crew.
    Sounds neato though.

    So… are we on the love or the fear part here, T-Ro?
    Which emotion’s goin’ with the rat fucking snitch stuff?

  7. Terrence McNally Says:

    If anyone reading this blog is interested in actual factual information in addition to Gabby Johnson rants, they may see and hear what was and was not stated at that meeting.

    Or not. Marijuana Folklore is fun, too.


  8. Terrence McNally Says:

    Also, REM blows.
    In my opinion, anyway.

  9. Mr. Nice Says:

    Well it’s good y’all live in Arcata where it’s all just talk and not like some Chauncey Bailey karma from tryna make people believe bad things about Yusuf Bey’s good organization.

    And is there a youtube link on that video?

  10. Hank Sims Says:

    Yusuf Bey’s “good organization”?

    I usually dig your style, Mr. N, but your habitual sympathy for the murderers over the murdered is a head-scratcher.

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Hoover created a reefer madness in Arcata, accusing Arccatans of having “commercial grows.” He then led a “news camera crew,” or what I’ve been calling a “film crew,” from LA, around Arcata accusing Arcatans of “commercial grows” nationally. The words “grow house” mysteriously appear on the side of an Arcata house, and is featured on the front page of his tabloid. The DEA raids So Hum, and amazingly decide upon completion of their raids to come to north Hum, and bust houses in Arcata, including the house that was graffitied and was featured in the tabloid. Hoover then has a meeting with only Scott Burns, deputy director of the DEA, and cops present (no other media).

    I cringe to think Mr. Nice is comparing Hoover to a real reported, and worse yet pot users as Your Black Muslim Bakery. Hoover is not an investigative reporter. He is a snitch! The pot smokers are not trying to overthrow America, they are trying to overgrow it. Comparing Bailey to Hoover is like comparing apples to dog shit.

    Your right Hoover, McNally, and Sims are all birds of a feather, and they only fool, new people, and idiots. The rest of us remember, and we will always remember. Saying one thing while doing another is the definition of a hypocrite. So besides being a liar, and a snitch, we can 100% now say Hoover is also a hypocrite.

    love eternal

  12. jackdurham Says:

    Arcata and the rest of Humboldt are polka-dotted with commercial grow houses. Almost all of us personally know commercial growers, and have probably even considered joining their ranks when going through our piles of bills.

    Pretending they don’t exist is silly and delusional.

    Peace be with you.

  13. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tad – I just wish you’d settle on a persona. Is it the Jesus love compassion hermit this week or the late night blue-glow screen hater spewing profanities?

    You’re more or less a gentleman around town, yet do bad things in the Internets. Sex with rodents. Great.

    Can you just go ahead and post your Manstral cycle calendar so that we, your neighbors, know when to close the blinds.

    There are so many factual inaccuracies in your last post that it’s pointless to tease them out.


  14. Anonymous Says:

    hey, was just searching the internet for “sex with rodents” and thought I’d pop in and say Hi, sooooooo, what’s going on here?

  15. Terrence McNally Says:


  16. tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    Yeah, around town I talk about these things, and people who know Hoover think I am right on. On the blog I am only responding to you, Hoover, and Sims. It might be the difference between talking to honest people, and talking to liars. Or it might be the difference between talking to people who wish to have me behave how they want me too, and those who allow me to do what I want. Or it might just be the fact that you don’t know shit about me, and you want to revise history.

    What ever it is, you only seemed bothered by it when I write the truth about your butt buddy.

    Isn’t it the dweeb who writes at 12:32 am who is doing the late night hating of blue-glow screens? Me, I don’t even see those screens let alone hate them and spewing profanities. Unless of course you think 8:30 in the morning in late night, but wouldn’t that make you an idiot? Oh yeah.

    love eternal

  17. terrence McNally Says:

    Butt buddy. Classic. Back with the homophobia.

    I think you were on a better track when you got all introspective a couple months back and asked what the point of this blog was. Who knows. You haven’t seemed to have made up your mind or your minds.

    Looks to me that the problem is that you’ve got too many points going. Among them, love and fear, and definitely not in equal parts.

    And when you’re hanging out with Brent in the Co-op cafe, you will no doubt continue to have him agree with your points. All of them.

    Together in idiocy,


  18. Terrence McNally Says:

    But I certainly know quite a bit of shit about you, Tad.

    You came into my office when you were first in town.
    I drove you to your first marsh campsite on South I Street. We chatted.
    Then we spoke at your Camp Ariel protest. Then again when you protested that MainStreet meeting at Hotel Arcata. I listened to you speak.
    Then at your Co-op BBQ protest. We chatted there.
    I’ve proofread your columns when you used to write them for the Arcata Eye.
    That mugshot we run, I photographed.
    And I’ve listened to you at numerous Arcata City Council meetings. Then I covered you when you were on the Homeless Task Force for several months.
    Then when you gave up on Arcata and began speaking at the Supes meetings, I listened to your public comment statements right up to when you were arrested.
    And then that time when we were both on top of the Creamery Building and you cussed at me and called me names.
    Or when we’re passing each other on 8th Street and nod, sometimes a wave and are civil to one another.
    I know how when you get mad you slur someone by calling them a homosexual.
    And I frequently see you working on 8th Street or walking your dog.

    It’s not like we’ve hung out on a three-week backpacking trip, but there are dozens of Arcatans that I work with every week that I don’t know half as well.

    We’ve certainly communicated about our feelings on this blog, too.

    I know lots of shit about you.

    And I know that blogging with you is futile, but kinda fun. I think you think it is too, but I don’t know that.

    However, I’ll leave you alone if you start being reasonable when complaining about other people we both know. Cuz we’re all neighbors and all.

    Actually, that’s probably not going to happen, so I’ll just leave you alone.



  19. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Its weird you know all that stuff, but if you were honest you have to admit you made up anything you didn’t know. Like the many, many, many times Brent and I adamantly disagreed on many things.

    Or, the accusing me of homophobia. No matter what I say you try to twist it around to be some kind of supposed “slur [of] someone by calling them a homosexual,” but that dog don’t hunt. Drag all that proof out, but do it in context. I think it is you who are homophobic, and see everything around you as a homosexual reference. I really didn’t mean to make you think I thought you fucked Hoover. I meant to point out how I think you need to get your lips surgically removed from his ass. Funny how out of all the stuff I write about it is only the Hoover stuff you wear out your welcome on.

    Look who is here defending his ass: You!, his employee; Sims!, the editor of the North Coast Journal; Durham!, the editor of the Mckinleyville Press; and some anonymous person who stays out as late as you on a work night. You don’t think the connection here is obvious to everyone?

    Yes, you are here trying to “put me in my place.” Fuck you, I stand behind what I say. Yes, I get the little shit wrong like which fucking mega-conglomeration send out reporters, and people to film Hoover and his bullshit. I know I saw it on the NY Times web site. I know they got it from the LA Times. I Know Fox News was involved. And, I know that bullshit, and that’s all it was, got out there.

    Call me names, accuse me of being homophobic, make up lies, do what you do, but I documented the truth, and my interpretation of the relevance of what that means to the welfare of my community. Most of whom don’t blog, and none whom read the Arcata [L]Eye.

    I am being attacked by a bunch of professional bloggers, or so Sims wrote once, who wish to revise history . . . what do you think I’m calling you now?

    love eternal

  20. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh. Well, that clears that up.

    Carry on, then.

  21. jackdurham Says:

    I don’t feel any peace or love on this blog. It’s rather dark, dreary and bitter. Maybe “love eternal” is a reference to vampire lore, where life is eternal and there’s love, but it’s dark, disturbing and depressing.

  22. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, it’s a mudbath. You have to take a shower afterward, but it opens your pores, or something.
    Wait, what are mudbaths for exactly?

    The blog operator says “fuck you” when you disagree and he gets hoppin’ mad and then says you’re gay, or you hate people who have less cash in the bank than you, or a nazi, or a facscist or a section of the Human Centipede.
    Wait, what is the blog for, exactly?

  23. jackdurham Says:

    It would be better if there were coupons, recipes and an occasional article on how to organize your closet. Then I’d visit more often.

  24. Terrence McNally Says:

    Anyway, I ran into Bravo on the Plaza yesterday and he maintained that he was booing at the forum, but admitted that he was being very quiet about it, which is the reason no one heard the booing. Or the yelling. He said that he thought he should be respectful of the event by not booing too loud. And then he said that he felt it was unethical to… which is when I stopped listening, cuz Bravo was weighing on on ethics and that wasn’t going to to anywhere…

  25. Anonymous Says:

    do you know the difference between am and pm?

    what exactly do you mean by “butt buddy” other then referring to a homosexual relationship?

    it’s funny that you rant so much about Hoover being anti-pot, maybe you should ask him sometime for his feelings about the issue. unless you would rather just assume you know the truth.

  26. Terrence McNally Says:

    Or you could read that in every editorial regarding marijuana since the Eye’s founding in 1996, the Arcata Eye has called for its legalization. But perhaps that’s “anti-pot” in Tadsville.

  27. Terrence McNally Says:

    I take it you’re done then, Tad.
    Laying low.

  28. chilly wind Says:

    to find out that hoover was a keynote speaker at meeting on pot legalization is very absurd. first of all for one to advocate for pot legalization one would think the interloper would have respect for the people who put their freedom on the line developing pot with the humboldt standard of quality, which is considered by many to be the best. in 2008 “somebody” spray painted a house i leased with the words “grow house.” there is no proof as to who the “tagger” was but prior to the graffiti hoover called my landlord as well as sent the police a letter notifying them that i operated a grow house. i was subsequently arrested and punished. Hoover claims it was a grow house, maybe there was a room in my house with pot growing in it, but the house was my home and was set up primarily for living first and foremost. growing pot inside for medical conditions is a viable option for those who can’t afford a home of their own. Hoover also lies he published in his paper that there was a house full of plants, not true and i can prove that. In 2008 there was hysteria around the pot issue it could have been handled differently and without the police as person who cares about community safety hoover could have notified the growers not the police. he started the hysteria which affected the lives of many with no regard to the fact growers, who have been pushed indoors for various reasons, kept the good humboldt standard of high quaulity pot despite being persecuted hoover in concert with various police and federal authorities. we held the torch which you scum are now trying to rip from our hands. as a former grower it very upsetting to me to see hoover trying to come out on this issue my thoughts are that he has a personal motive for doing so, as he does with all his endeavors. remember how upset people were on both sides of the issue in 2008. Now there is a chance for legalization and folks from humboldt are freaking out about it. I ask who made humboldt known for its good weed not kevin the horrible, but the growers who put their freedom on the line because we know the benefits of the medicine not because we want to be rich as hoover would claim. Hoover smokes pot probably grows it in his own house, but is too much of jingoist to be the pot spokesperson for northern humboldt. remember it was daddy-cain who helped make pot illegal now baby-cain wants to try and fill his shoes but in different way. all hoover and his supporters have to offer is more hysteria and lies. I have had medical grows in different spots throughout the years and have always recieved my deposits back after i moved and left the homes ready for new tenents as do most people. when hoover starts slinging mud there is no telling who will get hit often times it is hard working people who mean welll and lead peaceful lives despite the constant lies hoover publishes in his paper. hoover are you a journalist or one who creates hysteria and then reports on it? the question may require some thought on your part. come on man leave the issue alone or just report on it, don’t throw yourself in the middle and act is if your reporting is valid, ethical, and helpful. through my own personal growth i have learned taking a backseat is better then trying to run the show as you are now doing. i have forgiven you for your 2008 antics lets have a hoover free decade when it comes to pot you have no idea what your actions have done to people and with my forgiveness comes a hope that you never will know what it is like to have your life put on hold because of my personal decisions that drew the attention of yourself and your band of mercenaries who will go to any length to have their secret agendas met.

  29. Terrence McNally Says:

    Chill, if you had a valid 215, were growing medicine what could you have possibly been busted for?
    You must have had a terrible lawyer.

    Additionally, both you and Theodore have hinted at a picture of Kevin Hoover, the editor of the local paper and one of the town’s highest-profile public figures, skulking through the night, spray can in hand to tag “your” house (and we’re only assuming this since you’re posting anonymously), risking being seen on one of Arcata’s most-highly trafficked streets.

    The owner of this blog is generally pretty loose with the logic here, but does that sound like a reasonable scenario to you?

  30. moviedad Says:


  31. chilly wind Says:

    don’t know about any pictures of hoover being published there terrance of course that is your specialty. as far as logic goes it does not make sense to have hoover represent northern humboldt when the people who currently grow medicine as well as the clubs generally don’t care for him. i think we can find another less contraversial person to represent the northern humboldt region. people in southern humboldt should be wary of their associations with hoover as well as be thankful he does not operate from down there. you may feel as though you know what is going on but all of us do terrance and few truly do know the whole scope of this pot matter. i am not saying that i am in the few, however my life experience has brought me to many bus stops and choosing carefully which route you take is most important. your freinds and followers are free to do as they chooose as am i. my point is that hoover has so much hate in him for whatever reason that he is not willing to look at his own reason or logic for that matter, the same problem you are dealing with. pot shots at my attorney do not serve this discussion they only distract from the real isssue: a mukraker who helped create anti-pot hysteria is now the voice a pro-pot campaign if you can call it that. two years ago people flippped out over pot and now i can sit back and watch the scramble from the outside looking in as a witness so to speak. it is very telling about many things i once found trivial. good luck to all who put energy in this issue you will need it

  32. Terrence McNally Says:

    Well, by deductive reasoning, you might conclude that there weren’t any photos to publish of Kevin Hoover spray painting “your” house, because this event didn’t happen. Or you could continue perpetuating local folklore, I guess. Your call.

    But you didn’t answer my question, Wind.

    How was it that you were busted for growing medicine with a valid 215 card at the top of 11th Street, Arcata? Or was there something more to the story?

  33. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    Picture of Hoover in the act, where? I merely said that some think it was Hoover who tagged the houses. After all simply following the money shows that Hoover, above all others, gained the biggest benefit from the tagging.

    Let us take a closer look at the tagging. First no real tagger would give up what he thought was a “grow house.” Second Hoover is world class in starting shit so he can sell sensationalist journalism. Third Hoover whipped up what Chilly accurately calls “hysteria” over people growing pot. Forth, Hoover, on national television, accused a brother who claimed he had a legal 215 grow, also on nation television, of being a commercial grow house. Hoover incites hate. I’ve been complaining about this with the houseless population during all those previous encounters you had between me the activist, and you the mass media journalist.

    So to me, and anyone else whom Hoover has written about in his tabloid, knows that Hoover either tagged the houses, had the houses tagged, or incited the taggers to tag. All’s that can be said at this point in the investigation is that Hoover incited the taggers, but I usually find that with Hoover “all’s that can be said” is just the tip of the shit pile.

    As far as you thinking you know me goes Terrance – you wish. I quick purview of your list of our meetings shows a clear activist/journalist relationship. In fact, you should also mention that many activists, including your’s truly don’t talk to [L]Eye reporters any more. You and your [L]Eye are just a local version of Fox news, and Fox news reporters are right up there with cops of people to watch your words carefully with.

    I could write a book about Hoover and the manipulative games he has played in my presence. Like the time he printed an advertisement in his tabloid about the Plazoid, without our permission, and frankly against our wishes. Yet to hear Hoover tell it he was doing us a favor, and we should be grateful. We didn’t, and still don’t, think associating us with Hoover is a favor.

    After I am dead and gone you can tell your grandchildren that we were best buds, but here and now we should admit that we really don’t know shit about each other. If you’re using that mark, “Theodore,” then your reading a file, and I didn’t write any of those files. If you know tad then you know me.

    love eternal

  34. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Chilly

    Get hold of me through the E-mail in the corner. I really want to know which pillar of our community tagged those houses. I need the picture of the hand writing.

    love eternal

  35. Terrence McNally Says:

    1, 2, 3, 4… Tad came out to play once more.

    I see, so you never actually said that Hoover tagged the “grow house,” you were simply repeating a rumor. And repeating and repeating. That’s fairly responsible, Fox like.

    I will dig up that story and the photo as I don’t recall how it was that Chilly, a 215 card holder growing medicine, could have possibly been arrested for a crime. That sounds outlandish and he must have a good case to get those charges dropped. I know some great attorneys. Also, I’ll email you the photo at the address in the corner so we can track down a handwriting specialist, though I’ve yet to hear of one skilled in graffiti analysis.

    I sure don’t know everything about you, Tad… but I do know that you are absolutely committed to love, eternal and all, which is why it’s so dang weird that in a single blog post committed to love, eternal, you’ve levied at commenters who’ve disagreed with you and your target:

    idiotor, little snitch fuck, irrational fuck, Baby Cain, bullshit tree, rat fucking snitch, snitch, liar, snitch, hypocrite, butt buddy, dweeb, idiot,
    lips surgically removed from his ass, fuck you, professional bloggers.

    That last one doesn’t sound hateful… but maybe it’s a mean thing to call someone. Dunno.

    Now let me check… nope… nobody else was hurling epithets. This must be a revolutionary new way to maintain dialog about an important community issue. I need to learn more about this technique of love, eternal.

  36. Terrence McNally Says:

    OK, Chill Wind – so you are the former 11th & A resident Joel Davis who was busted on June 3, 2008 by the Drug Task Force. Looks like you got that “Grow House” tag on May 26 (Tad, I see Kevin’s handwriting all the time. It looks different).

    You had 77 cloned plants, scales, packaging material. A bunch of shake. The cops claimed that the grow had been recently harvested. Who knows. Apparently the rental had suffered extensive water damage for your Healdsburg landlords.

    DTF made no mention of a 215 card or medical marijuana. But I guess you you wouldn’t really need the packaging material if you weren’t selling it for personal profit instead of medicine.

    Also, you had a loaded shotgun.

    Why did you want to bring this up, anyway?

  37. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    It seems that one of the tagged houses was tagged on May 26 3009. It was then photographed for the [L]Eye, but not put in the paper for two weeks. It seems that Hoover had a reason for sitting on the photo. Was he privy to the up coming bust?

    It seems that you, like the cops, view circumstantial evidence as proof. I keep my medicine in a masson jar, does that mean anyone with empty masson jars is a commercial grower? 77 plants is easily with in the Humboldt County safe harbor limits. You are defending Hoover’s place as spokesman for the “Humboldt county brand” by defending the cops bust of what appears as a legal 215 grow.

    With home invasion muggings it is little wonder that someone with the words “grow house” spray painted on his/her house would protect themselves. I’ve known way too many growers who have been arrested in the last 30 years to put in creditability in that whole “armed and dangerous” label the sensationalist journalist spin about almost every grower. Here you had one willing to discuss the situation, and all you, the defender of our spokesman, can do is spread more reefer madness.

    At best Hoover motivated the tagging, at worst you and he were out there drunk with a spray can in your hand.

    love eternal

  38. Terrence McNally Says:

    You’re right! There was a reason for him to sit on the photo!

    So, Tad – calendar lesson: May 26 was a Wednesday, which is the Eye’s publication day. It goes to print on Monday night. So anything after a Monday night isn’t making it in the paper until the next issue.

    Ergo, a photo from May 26 was in the next issue, June 3.

    It’s Mason jars, as in Mason-Dixon line.

    And since you’re committed to non-violence, a loaded shotgun must perturb you a lot. How about bear spray? That doesn’t kill anyone permanently at all. And since Joel got his felonies maximized because of the loaded shotgun, I hope he’s guarding his stash with bear spray.

    Finally, the graffiti is well done. There’s no way I could have done it drunk.

    Back to work!

  39. Terrence McNally Says:

    Oh, man – I blew it. That story wasn’t in until the June 10 issue as the bust was the previous week.

    My bad. Sorry.


  40. tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    Yeah and the graffiti was painted over before the bust. So you took the picture before the bust, but didn’t use it until after, why? Could it be because Hoover was writing letters to landlords, and police, and ya’ll totally expected that house to get raided? Could it be that the reason Hoover wrote letters to landlords and cops was because he was secretly spying on Arcatan’s electricity meters? Could all that added together explain why a person with a valid 215 card, within Humboldt county safe haven guidelines, and got security deposit money back after moving out, was run through our corrupt and one-sided jurisprudence? And does any of that qualify Hoover to be the spokesman for the new legalization efforts?

    Terrance you have some redeeming features, but you throw it all out the window when you try to defend Hoover. You sound like a kid who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. You guys documented it your own selves. You editorialized again and again about how “commercial grow houses” ruined your town, and pot smokers hijacked your plaza. Now for Hoover to get up in public and say how bad the pot laws are, and how he is going to be relieved when the madness ends, is disingenuous. Disingenuous is just another way of saying bull-fucking-shit.

    How can you play both sides against each other and not expect to get called on it? Just the video I saw on the NY Times website is enough for people to say “fuck you Hoover, you don’t speak for us, and I ain’t buying your paper no more either.” I’m surprised his reefer madness readers aren’t up in arms about his sudden flip too. It’s a narc thing to turn someone in and then talk about how fucked up the system is.

    love eternal

  41. tad Says:

    Peace be with you

    Oh yeah, you’re being pretty naive believing that I have persuaded anyone else in this world to take up pacifism. I am little surprised someone would load a shotgun when some unknown person writes “grow house” on the side of their house. How much more stalker can you get? I think the person who wrote it should be thrown in jail for trying to incite violence. Its a small town, he must of bragged to someone, and I’m guessing Hoover is that someone.

    love eternal

  42. Terrence McNally Says:

    Got it. So the anti-cop guy wants someone imprisoned for graffiti. Makes sense.

    See now… here’s how the Plazoid and Tad Robinson operate. Throw out a bunch of suppositions and “could it be’s” until you get four or five out and arrive at a conclusion mired in quicksand. Aha! So it was you in the drawing room with the candlestick!

    Weaksauce. Or as you might write: bull-fucking-shit.

    Tad, after this last round, you’ve been placed on permanent intellectual disability. Your science is less that tight. I have no interest in how you feel about me as I’m uninterested in the thoughts of Nick Bravo and Charles Douglas and Shawn Warford and the rest of self-appointed moral authorities who do bad things on the Internets.

    However, I’ll keep calling you out when you write nonsense at 8:30 in the morning.

  43. Mr. Nice Says:

    I agree about the grow house thing. It’s foul to graffiti on people’s houses. Why don’t folks spray paint more on city property? If there is any place for graffiti, it is on public transportation, street signs, cop cars, city hall windows, mailboxes, libraries, and public schools. Keep it real, stop tagging up people’s houses and fences and whatnot.

  44. Mr. Nice Says:

    I cringe to think Mr. Nice is comparing Hoover to a real reported, and worse yet pot users as Your Black Muslim Bakery. Hoover is not an investigative reporter. He is a snitch! The pot smokers are not trying to overthrow America, they are trying to overgrow it. Comparing Bailey to Hoover is like comparing apples to dog shit.

    Yea Bailey did do Oakland television for years. I preferred Al Ballard you know on the Scotty’s night club show but anyway.

    Chauncey flipped. As soon as he got a good position he thought he could out his old friends the YBMB for all the gossip.

    Now, young Bey may have had some part in it or ordered it or something, but it is indisputable that Bailey already knew all this shit the whole time and just put it in the spotlight to make a name for himself. After all these years being the only brother in a newsroom and then rising to some prominence he thought maybe he could expose his old friends’ financial problems.

    Really the only thing he had on them were busting up all those liquor stores and maybe a body or two. Bailey’s career intersected too closely with YBMB’s rise to have not known some of the financial things happening.

    Still, I don’t feel sorry for Bailey or mad at young Bey. I feel bad for all the good people in that organization having so much bad news publicity.

  45. Terrence McNally Says:

    You agree about what aspect of the graffiti, Mr. Nice?
    That people should tag homes? No shit.

    Why can’t folks stay on topic here?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    “sex with rodents!”

  47. Terrence McNally Says:

    Now, that is on topic! Rat fucking!

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