Cops Increase Scare Tactics in Budget Crisis

Peace be with you

Yesterday’s Times Standard ran a couple of opinion pieces on the importance of more cops. The first was a front page article about how if three lieutenants in the Eureka Cop Shop get fired, this sargent cop named Watson would have to do so much paper work that the four thugs with cop haircuts, who were strong-arming community members, might of gone on a killing spree like the one the cops didn’t prevent when they did have all their lieutenants back in 2009. Though some, at least, of these four suspects “beat and bruised” their victims, robbery was all they were booked on.

I personally think it is pretty serious when someone breaks someone else’s nose, especially if they’re trying to jack them. Yet despite having “multiple EPD teams” mobilized for an 80 minute, all points bulletin, “just the facts Ma’am,” “book him Danno” situation, they didn’t charge any of the victim identified suspects with assault. Could it be that they were exaggerating the severity of the incident to scare us into feeding there monster?

The next article is a “my word” piece by Sue Brandenburg. Sue Brandenburg is a retired “business woman,” who helps “neighborhood[s] with a crime abatement problem[s].” She starts out with the statement that, “[o]f the $4.5 million shortfall the the city (Eureka) is struggling to overcome, the lion’s share is proposed to come from public safety, which is already operating with fewer officers and fire personal than is needed for a city with our level of big city problems.”

What does the “lion’s share” mean? If she is referring to the fact that the cop budget is over half the city’s budget, and therefore logically should suffer over half the cuts, then that makes sense. But if what she really means is that though the cop shop is 50-60% of the city’s budget, but only taking 20-30% of the cuts, as the lions share, I might have to disagree with her analysis.

What did she mean by “our level of big city problems?” With all the time and effort EPD spends on harassing the unhoused it seems they really don’t have enough cop work to do. One of those lieutenants they want to retire is an old grouch who spends his time trying to make life harder on people without housing. Almost every day Redwood Cop Watch hears about how EPD cops harassed, stole, and cited houseless people for living. Is it Ms. Brandenburg’s business owner’s hate for those suffering homelessness that she is referring too as “big city problems?”

Of course those who read the piece know that the rest of the rant is about how “social service” (quotations not mine) corporations are bad. I agree with her assessment of the extreme poverty pimping that is going on in the social services industry. I disagree that it is the people who have been committed to these places who are at fault. Ms. Brandenburg paints the “residents of these … buildings” as people who “have no expendable income, and generate no real sales taxes.” Hmmm, isn’t someone laying in a hospital bed recovering from some injury, or sickness, in the same metaphoric boat?

She also paints them as criminals. She says that two social service corporation buildings “had more that 500 two officer . . . calls . . . over the last two years.” It seems funny that people like Ms. Brandenburg convince people to call the cops on neighbors they don’t like, and then use that manipulated increase in calls to justify their theories on criminality. I really believe she is substantiating the claim “that poor people have way more interactions with the cops than the wealthy.” Those living with no “expendable income,” which is way more than just a few people in social service corporation, court mandated incarceration, are more likely to be viewed as criminals, especially with the broken window policing policies like Eureka’s POP policing.

Public safety is manipulated by the cops for their own profit. They have been playing this scare game for years. That is the method they used to go from less than 20% of city’s budgets to over half. I like to use a cup of coffee as a analogy. If you have sixty percent coffee and forty percent cream you have a cup of coffee with cream in it, but if its reversed then you have a cup of cream with coffee in it. The police are over half of every city in America’s budget. Therefore it is a police state with just a few liberties. What it should be, and really all we can afford, is a libertarian state with just a few police.

The really fucked up thing about Ms. Brandenburg’s take on things is these people were sent to the “buildings” that she wants shut down by the courts. What does she want done with those she considers undesirable? The real question is how far will people upset that their fellow community members don’t have any money to spend on non-essential stuff go? “No expendable income, and generate no real sales taxes” is just another form of the old Nazi “useless eater.” Those “useless eaters,” along with homosexuals, Roma and Sinti, Mentally and physically handicapped, “habitual criminals,” “asocials,” the “work shy,” the homeless and itinerants, Slavics, foreign laborers, and of course Jews, were “subjected by the Nazis, in varying proportions and with varying degrees of severity, to arrest, imprisonment, brutal maltreatment in concentration camps, sterilization, and murder.”

love eternal


3 Responses to “Cops Increase Scare Tactics in Budget Crisis”

  1. moviedad Says:

    It’s hard to enjoy a steak in a fine restaurant, when there are three hungry people looking through the window. I can’t blame the person eating out for the suffering of the people not eating. The eater may be a minimum wage earner who treats himself to a steak dinner once a month. The hungry could be people who just left a religous-Org-sponsored dining facility because some Nun prayed at them.
    We make a lot of assumptions based on our own prejudice.
    Cops are a necessary element in a society that allows exploitation and seizure of the worlds riches by a few well-placed criminals. Insurance companies would not be able to extort huge percentages of working people’s income, if not for the enforcement tactics of the police state, or the active refusal of the government to prevent alternatives to liability coverage, from ever seeing the light of day.
    Americans are the most ignorant people on the planet. The whole media system works overtime keeping off the air, even a glimpse of life in socialist countries like Germany, Sweeden, the Netherlands. Where people are in control of their countries. where the cops are servants to the people, not overseerers.
    It’s getting worse daily. The fact that there are not daily occurrences of brutal violence against the american population is a testament to the civility of the population, and not to the heavy-handed security state.



    insurance companies should be paying 100% costs of its policy holders service needs. A motorist who needs a service call for aid should be charged for it, just like the causers of traffic accidents. Taxpayers always get hit with other wealthier people’s liabilities too even though these people are insured. WTF!

    Yes on the “invention of police report incidents”. There does exist spineless, backstabbing and inhumane political panderers who are pure evil and play vindictive games against those in the community they disfavor, especially politically involved critics!!!! Also, some cops will go so far as to more than just “fudge” the report in order to skew it to the peer group/party they favor (like families with kids, women, children, non-political, etc….). Kinda sad that humans still repeat the same historical misconducts time and time again upon the masses of humanity. Yet, when the masses of humanity are so enamored with money and material stuff, what can the truly aware do except shake thy noggins.


  3. Noble Says:


    I don’t say it enough, but reading your site is such a breath of fresh air. I’ve read and heard enough about how having fewer police would be such a crisis.

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