Is The Endeavor Dead?

Peace be with you

The Endeavor, Arcata’s local soup kitchen is through feeding its two meals a week at the end of this week. I remember Papa John telling me that during the “ribbon cutting ceremony” the ribbon cutters talked about how there would never be another hungry person in Arcata. But that was before its current manager, and downsizing expert John Shelter slashed and burned a local grass roots organized effort to do the right thing.

I have a video that shows Alex Stillman, the current Mayor/dictator of Arcata, telling the Arcata Homeless Task Force that she is a “business owner,” and that she wants the Endeavor closed down, because she thinks she and her fellow Downtown Business Owner’s Ass. are losing money because of the Endeavor. I am currently trying to get it from vhs video to digital so I can let you finally hear for yourself. I apologize that no one got to see the videos while the task force was happening. but the “community access television” told us they were airing them, when they weren’t. Rewatching them years later I remember why. They call themselves “mother Teressa,” while acting like Leona Helmsley.

I know several ex-board members of the Endeavor who have quit the board due to the spineless direction the rest of the board is taking. Starving people to get them to leave (or die) is not a new Shelter/Stillman invention, it was successfully used by the Germans in the late ’30s. Almost everyone has heard of Kristallnacht, but how many have heard of the “Reich Beggars’ Week?”

Forest Defender broke this story Friday on his Arcata Reporter Blog. Its been news in the houseless community for a couple of weeks now.

love eternal


6 Responses to “Is The Endeavor Dead?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    My experience with activists is that when they claim they have a video showing such-and-such, but they won’t show anyone the video, it means the video does NOT contain such-and-such. Let’s see the UNEDITED video if it says what you say it says and let the people decide whether Arcata has a dictator, or just a reasonable person that an unreasonable activists hates with great conviction.

  2. MossMan Says:

    Thanks for the heads up. You do a great service for Arcata.

    They need 100 of you though as I fear corporations have set their eyes on marketing Humboldt County as the Next Big Thing and what Big Money wants…it usually gets eventually.

    peace be with YOU.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    The last time I checked, the city council has bent over each and every time the Endeavor’s lease came up for renewal. It’s a dog and pony show sure to continue for decades. If the Endeavor cannot afford to provide services, it sure as hell isn’t because of the city government.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    You’ll see the video Anonymous. I’m not a big fucking media corporation, and I need to find the technology to convert it into a usable format. It was just public comment in a public meeting.

    I doubt that requiring them to discriminate against the houseless, and ending hot lunches, is anyone bending over except the houseless getting fucked. Its poverty pimps breaking the bank, not the donated food, the one dollar rent, nor the volunteer crew. They can’t feed because they DON’T fucking care.

    love eternal

  5. Charles Says:

    You know I’m happy to help you with that, Tad. Drop me a line.

  6. Russ Says:

    Penny wise and pound foolish! The plutocrats will only create more mental illness in their own back yard through malnutrition and stress. The system is so bankrupt, they’re forced to lie to “the rich”, who think their “magic paper” – money is their God, yet The Fed, their “redeemer”, is so broke they have exchanged gold plated tungsten ingots, claiming it was 24K gold. The Humboldt crooks have been robbed by even bigger crooks. Thank God!

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