Phalse Profits – Us and Them

Peace be with you

I see many of the so-called liberal phrases as distractions to lead liberal people away from any truly productive resistance. I view the slogan, “think globally and act locally,” as one such phrase. That’s like saying think about checkers, and play chess. It doesn’t take much observation to realize that every shitty thing the globalists do, they do through a local government. I will write more on this at some point, because I am a big advocate for “think locally, act locally, and be local.” What I really want to discuss is the perverse logic of the statement, “there is no us and them.”

I know a lot of people, and very few of them would do what Goldman Sacks did. Very few would do what BP did. The people who were responsible for those societal catastrophes are from a “class” that we will never attain. They,re different! They’re Them.

I would never in a million years do the mean, violent, cruel things cops do everyday in their so-called “line of duty.” Nor could I accept that the most dangerous segment of our society (cops) could in its present state repersent the values of Us. Do you taze people into compliance? Do you profile people to persecute? No, most of you would say, “that’s Them.”

The United States of America was set up to be run by the people. It was designed to be a Republic in which the people were armed, and guaranteed a Bill of Rights, to prevent any tyranny by either our representatives, or the special interests which usurp Them. Our constitution was set up on the basis of an Us and Them.

The government was not set up to be our handlers, but to be our servant. Somehow, through the propaganda, the increase in government violence, the good-cop/bad-cop, republican/democrat, conservative/liberal paradigm, public education, poisons in our water, food, and medicines, privatization, the prison system, and fabricated wars, we have allowed our government to become our master instead of our servant.

There aren’t any funds to fix the holes in the roads, but there are plenty of funds to finance a whole gaggle of cops to set up a check point in Eureka to capture one drunk driver. I always think of other countries which had “check points.” I really would bet that the cell phone catches way more drunk drivers than DUI check points ever do, but for some reason they want the power to stop people and inspect their papers. That “they” is Them.

When Bush said “you’re either with us or against us,” he didn’t mean us like you and me. He meant us like in Them.

I would like to believe that Us wouldn’t destroy the Earth. I would like to think Us wouldn’t screw over each other. I would like to think that Us could be tolerant of one another. I would like to believe that Us will some day learn to love one-another.

Its a fine line between who is an Us and who is a Them, but make no mistake there is a line. I don’t know any sure fire way to “profile” a Them, but as my favorite revolutionary said, “know a tree by its fruit.”

Thems can cross that line and become Uss anytime they want, its greed that holds them back.

love eternal

3 Responses to “Phalse Profits – Us and Them”

  1. moviedad Says:

    Hey Tad. Congratulations on the rest. I would like to ask you to resume commenting and moderating on your blog. It’s none of my business, I know. But to me you are the “Anti-…..Healdo, Sohum parlance, and any of the rest of those self-satisified, self-appointed, local commentators” I think I’ve reached my capacity for bullshit. I just can’t stand anymore of these arrogant fools using titillation and innuendo to pretend they’re journalists. I know that I also have “Writer’s Conceit” But there are limits. I’m just sick of all the regulars talking about the same nonsense. using the same sources of information. refusing to “do” anything. If you point out anything about society that is true, but ugly. You are just labeled a nutjob. Who is the nutjob, if not those fools who walk around denying that they are slaves. I’m sick of the self-satisfaction of the “Good Germans” they are everywhere. Get back into your armor, you have an audience. I didn’t understand why you felt the need to stop, seeings as how you totally defeated both editors, and bloggers in the debates you had with them a few months back. They came out of it looking like fools. I like seeing “80 Comments” on your articles. So go ahead Tad, Provoke those idiots until they crack and show everyone just what kind of collaborators they really are.

  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    I really think your right. I quit posting comments because my comments seem only to be in defense of myself. I am neither the subject, nor the issue. It is hard to deny that I am different in my views and actions.

    I call it the dirty hat defense. My hat is dirty. A dirty hat is wrong, therefore everything I say must also be wrong also.

    For you I will try, but I really want to just editorialize. I just throw it out there to let the sagacious be informed, and let the idiots be idiots.

    love eternal



    you touched upon a spot of concern many have – the local government connection to the establishment. Local government is darn corrupt as heck, as much as the state and possibly the feds. It is sad that community backstabbing occurs in small towns

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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