Humboldt County anti-215

Peace be with you

There is only one 215 dispensary in the Eureka area. Hummingbird Safe-access is under pressure to stop business until Humboldt County’s attempt to shut them down is final. It seems Humboldt County has issues with the business. Why? The same reason they are already writing laws to be enforced once herb is legal – they’re anti pot.

I hope we can organize a large (fucking huge) group of 215 patients/voters to go tell incumbent supervisor, Bonnie (Mrs. Terry Farmer) Neely, that 215 is not a “conditional use” business. If you don’t want people buying their pot from Eureka High students then they should have a clinic.

Check out Highboldtage’s blog for more info on Hummingbird, and links to the mainstream.

love eternal

One Response to “Humboldt County anti-215”

  1. Mr. Nice Says:

    Supervisors want people to go buy weed in those apartments one block away.

    Kids need new shoes, cell phones, and hats. Hummingbird been taking their hustle.

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