Is Pot making me Unmotivated?

Peace be with you

I am sorry I have been so lax in my writing. Sometimes I just seem to give up any hope of mankind saving itself. I think the last straw that broke the camel’s back is all the rhetoric from the Humboldt stupidvisors about how much “law enforcement” we’ll need when pot gets legal. It seems that groovy liberals like Mark Lovelace want legalization to take on an illegal form. These idiots don’t talk about all the money we would save in cops, courts, and jails, they talk about how legal pot will be so much more illegal then the illegal pot is now.

The truth is that pot is basically a poor persons drug. Like a lot of things that poor people do, pot smoking bothers the rich land”lord,” and boss”man.” A whole industry has risen around people breaking the law. As an example take a look at the budgets for the City of Arcata, or Eureka. In there you will see a projected budget income from people illegally parking. That’s right they plan ahead for people to break the law. What if everyone starting following the parking laws as they were intended? The cities would have a quarter of a million dollars in lost revenue, cops would loose their jobs, and the parking laws would become more restrictive. It seems unfair to expect the town’s people to finance the wasteful politicians through accepting repressive laws.

Anyway I’m more than slightly bummed that our groovy liberals are taking this stand against the most benign drug we know of. I put up with a whole town full of obnoxious, drunk, out-of-towners on the fourth of July. Everyone was cool with that cluster fuck, but let a hundred people try to celebrate 420 by puffing a nug, and its a criminal invasion of our town. Sometimes (actually always) I think that the liberals really are accelerating the growth of the police state instead of slowing it down.

The politicians need to pull their heads out of their asses and get their priorities straight. But, they won’t as long as we sit on our asses and give them our approval through our silence. I’m tired of pot smokers being criminalized, and filling up our jails. I’m tired of politicians in fancy suits deciding what is good for me or not, especially when they campaign that its okay, but legislate that its not.

I’ll get back into the fray again. Until there are at least two of us pointing out the obvious to the insane, someone has to do it. I wouldn’t leave my mom in dirty diapers, because I don’t like shit, so I guess I shouldn’t leave my community in shit, just because it comes out of the mouths of elected “officials.”

love eternal


6 Responses to “Is Pot making me Unmotivated?”

  1. Mr. Nice Says:

    But the fireworks trash is perfectly harmless cadmium, lead, barium, and beer cans.

  2. transient Says:

    love you tad! sorry i haven’t been around. gonna email you

  3. Hopeful Says:

    I personally think it’s less about the pot than about the epiphanies that people have when smoking it. If abused, it can lead to idiocy, but if used in moderation, it allows for the loss of inhibition and the openness of intuition. Our government and “leaders” fear this.

    Don’t give up. Sometimes carrying the weight of the world is heavy, but if we all do our part, there will be a beautiful existence at the end of the dark road. Even those who strive to take away things, such as pot, are just frightened of what they don’t understand. If you view it as a vulnerability and less of an attack, maybe it won’t seem quite so heavy. 🙂

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hopeful

    We can’t really know what its about, but all the evidence points to the pot. It is their piss test, their probable cause, their prison system, their cops jobs, their child welfare system, and their black market. When they outlawed pot, they outlawed hemp which was the main resource in many industries. Those resources are now replaced with petroleum.

    As far as pot abuse goes, I don’t buy that. If someone is going to do a lot of some drug, I personally would rather deal with a stoner than a drunk. I see those who feel the need to over use pot as patients who were saved from a life of heroin addiction.

    Your right about our leaders fearing the effects of pot on our consciences, but its to late to put that genie back in the bottle.

    love eternal

  5. Hopeful Says:

    When I say abusing, I am more referring to the people who smoke it and get so lost in thought that they don’t act at all. Sitting around thinking isn’t going to change the world, getting up and doing something is. Although anyone putting positive energy into the universe is a definite plus, since we need to regenerate as much positivity as we can, and our energy is all connected.

    It is a shame that hemp has been replaced by other products. Hemp can make our clothes, paper, and numerous other things, which would lead me to think if the government wasn’t scared of the consciousness that might come with smoking pot, they, with their usually greedy agenda, would utilize it and profit off of it.

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hopeful

    Sitting around thinking also isn’t going to start a war, clear cut a forest, damn a river, oppress the people, beat a wife, create an oil leak, scam millions of home owners, etc,. etc. I personally think they “don’t act at all,” not because they’re stoned, but because they are young. Youngsters seem to go all out and then rest, where oldsters seem to chug along at an even pace. Studies have shown that teenagers need more sleep than old people. I know all ages of pot smokers, and I only find the “lazy stoner” amongst the young. Just like diapers, give the kids a chance and they’ll out grow it.

    love eternal

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