Who would Hitler bailout?

Peace be with you

I was reading cnnmoney.com and read three articles that I found interestingly related. One, titled, “Jobless claims higher than expected” dealt with the fact that 12,000 more people were unemployed by the official counting scheme last week than first reported. The second, titled, “Looking for work? Unemployed need not apply,” dealt with a new unemployed discrimination legally practiced by the very companies which probably layed off people. And the last one, titled, “More families are homeless and on the streets,” that seems self-explanatory.

Though all the evidence points to homelessness as a result of unemployment, by the time it gets here to the streets, at the local level, it is a “mental problem.” You can’t get a job unless you have a job. This means that unemployed people will have to take low paying entry level jobs in order to qualify for a better job. This intern means that the low paying jobs will be reserved for the “most qualified” and not the entry level worker. By the time you become homeless your fucked. I could talk about how this exact scenario led to a take a “labor exchange job” or be labeled “work-shy” policy in Nazi Germany.

We all got taught about the military, holocaust, T4, the ss, and that type of Nazi event, but we are not taught much about the underlying society in Germany, and how the people allowed such events to happen. Not withstanding Stanley Milgram’s work, it seems a lot of the Nazi apparatus was constructed through local society. Through “charity organizations,” through “city councils,” through local law enforcement, and through local media the Nazis were able to create a situation in which most people quietly acquiesced thinking their neighbor has done the same.

Today again, social organizations have become more and more the blind followers of nationalized policies. Fields that once had many different independent groups have become more and more homogenized. Chronic homeless solutions, homeland security policing, CalMAP mental health policies, the list goes on and on of cities, non-profits, and law enforcement becoming nationalized.

I have yet to find a good, short, definition of the National Socialism. National I have just explained above, and the Socialism seems to be a subterfuge. Economically it was a capitalistic tactic to give control of society to corporations. Just like everything else in the brain of the corporate personhood profits come first. That is why labels like “useless-eater,” “work-shy,” and “those without fixed abode,” became death sentences under the Nazi “party.”

Will a holocaust happen here? With the other parallels in things like silencing of dissent, surveillance of the society, the privatization of public services and resources, and the corporate influence in all levels of government, I’d say its only a matter of time. National Socialism is the natural result of capitalism in decay.

In 1939 Daniel Guerin wrote in his book Fascism and Big Business, “When fascism takes power, overflowing with gratitude for big business which financed it, its words and its deeds exhale the purest sort of laisser-faire economic doctrine. It announces its intention of favoring and protecting in every possible way private property and individual initiative. It rejects with horror the idea that the state might meddle in production. But the fascist state stands aside so long as Messieurs Capitalist request it not to interfere in their private affairs. It imposes on them the lightest possible taxes, the most tenuous sort of control. But it is always ready to come running whenever these gentlemen cannot pull through by themselves. In any such crisis, it is immediately at their service, “socializing” their losses, refloating their enterprises, and keeping them alive with its orders.”

Even if you don’t think the fully body-armored, machine gun toting, modern cop is an example of Nazi ideology crossing over into today’s society, you must at least agree that with bailouts, lack of regulatory oversight, and corporate influence in government, that today’s economy policy is obtaining the same results as the Nazis. We always ask, “who would Jesus bailout?,” but maybe its time to ask, “who would Hitler bailout?”

By the way, Messieurs is the plural of the word Monsieur, which is the French word for Mr.

love eternal


One Response to “Who would Hitler bailout?”

  1. stan Says:

    Interesting line of thought Tad. We all should know by now something is very much amiss in our society and government today. Of course the particulars are a puzzle maze of intricate layers purposely formulated to meet an end by those who pull and control the puppet strings.

    Only the truly blinded follower and indoctrinated optimist would deny the tragic and undeniable consequences which lay ahead of us as if thunderous looming storm.

    History does tend to repeat itself no doubt, but it also seldom follows the exact same script or course to it’s ominous conclusion.

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