tax me once shame on you, tax me twice shame on me

Peace be with you

I didn’t go to the supes meeting today, so i’ve got some time to write. Of course you all know about the big, blue topped, recycle, garbage cans. In fact most of you are paying for that knowledge, and the use of the can of course. Paying the garbage company to haul off a container on which you paid a deposit is taxing you twice.

Many of the things we think we are recycling are just being sent off to a third world landfill. This adds transportation costs to the already environmental dangers of increasing landfills. Some of the things have value and get recycled. Though scrape class, paper and tin have value, the amount of work to value doesn’t make these financially profitable in small amounts. It is still environmentally valuable to use as little of these as possible, and recycle them when their useful life is over. But some things are taxed at purchase as California Redemption Value (CRV), adding that value to the worth of recycling it.

You pay for garbage service because it is compulsory. When the government says you must pay something or go to jail, it is a tax. The new blue topped cans are charged for on your trash bill. The government expects you to throw the CRV you have already been taxed on into the blue topped container you also were taxed on.

I understand that some of you have enough personal income not to be concerned with this double tax, but what is the precedent set by complying with the taxes. They haven’t, at least not yet, made it mandatory that you surrender your CRV to the garbage company. If you don’t care about the redemption, but don’t want to cave in to the double tax scheme, then you should place all CRV in a bin (like they used to have) with a big, friendly, “free” written on it. I guarantee in a relatively short amount of time someone, who could benefit from redemption value, will start picking it up on a regular bases.

When you give money to a poor person their immediate needs guarantees that money will circulate in the community. Likewise, when you give your CRV to the poor it creates wealth within the community. Not only is the poor person getting a couple of bucks to spend locally, but jobs are saved at the recycling center. Every dollar given to someone in your community, who is not wealthy enough to squirrel it away, creates a dollar sixty in your community. Every dollar given to someone gaining wealth only a small fraction of that dollar benefits your community. Giving a little bit to the poor would create more jobs than giving hundreds of billions to the banks did.

I am saddened that I even feel the need to mention this last benefit. Giving to the poor has good karmic value too. Not only does giving to the less fortunate give one a good feeling about themselves, but that positive energy then starts to create better health. One merely needs to look at people in their old age to see which ones spent their lives smiling, and which ones spent it gnashing teeth. Don’t do charity for the benefit of recognition. Do good, simply because it is the right thing to do, and you will be rewarded many fold.

As always, I advocate giving directly to the need. It is more than obvious that the charitable organizations already do way too little, for way too much. When I put the word “non” in front of the word “truth,” non-truth, I get a synonym for the word “lie.” When I put the word “false” in front of the word “truth,” false-truth, I also get a synonym for the word “lie.” I sometimes wonder if perhaps the same thing happens with the word “non-profit.”

love eternal

2 Responses to “tax me once shame on you, tax me twice shame on me”

  1. howie Says:

    Are you paying for trash pick up in Arcata Tad?

  2. SoHumNoob Says:

    Did you get a CRV?

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