“One in Four Americans are Mentally Ill” – my ass!

Peace be with you

Rosalynn Carter told Jon Stewart the one out every four Americans were “mentally ill.” Though she admitted there was “no xrays, no blood tests, no nothing” that proves an illness, she still praised the “new medications, because of research on the brain” used to treat this supposed “illness.” Likewise the Humboldt County Board of Supes will declare May as “Mental Health month” Tuesday, stating that “within the next year, one out of every four people in our community will experience some form of mental illness either personally or through a family member.”

I say, “prove it!” It only requires one to look around to realize that that number is a load of bullshit. How did they ever get us to believe that 25% of our fellow community had this label? Just like Jon Stewart’s unquestioning agreement with Rosalynn Carter’s accusation, nobody questions what is so apparent – that nowhere near one in four people are suffering mental problems. I associate with houseless people every day and I don’t see anywhere near a quarter of that population as Mentally ill, let alone the 8 out of 10 ratio Phillip Crandall states in our Humboldt County Mental Services Act report.

It seems like it is a brilliantly planned scheme to dope one quarter of our population. If anyone speaks out against these bullshit proclamations they get accused of not caring about those suffering in our communities. Even when off-their-meds people do terrible things as a result of the damage done to their brains by these medications, such as happened recently with Layla Trawick in LA, the pharmaceutical corporation apologists claim that this is a sign even more people must be put on these meds.

The idea that 75,000,000 Americans are in need of medications is insane. With the costs of these drugs at about $8 a pill it seems 75 million scripts would make it an extremely profitable insanity. That doesn’t even include the cost of the gaggle of pills required to treat the gaggle of side effects.

The fact that these pills kill people prematurely, and that sexual dysfunction is the number one complained of side effect, seem proof of a more evil purpose for the championing the new drug first treatment of these so called illnesses. Perhaps a clue of the real purpose of curing people with dangerous drugs that are no more effective than sugar pills comes from Bill Gates, who said, “if we do a really great job with vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that (world population) by perhaps 10 to 15%.”

All the people killed during the early days of the Nazis rounding up and killing of mentally ill people were done by psychiatrists. Even though the nazis killed the first mentally ill people they “euthanized” in their T-4 programs with lethal injection, and later with “gas,” every death certificate had another medical reason listed as cause of death. The “T-4 planners and functionaries took elaborate measures to conceal its deadly designs.” Likewise the promoters of the antipsychotic solution to genetic inferiority perceived amongst those labeled “mentally ill,” don’t blame the pills for deaths, suicides, and mass murders they cause. T-4 program has been referred to by historians as “the open secret,” and I see little difference between its results and the results of our current Medication Algorithm Programs (MAP).

Unfortunately the eugenicist concept of “hereditarily unfit” has reincarnated itself as genetically unfit. Both of those terms imply that if anyone in your family tree is mentally ill then everyone in your family has those genetically unfit genes. This is why the probation/juvenile detention department gets funding to mental health diagnosis any siblings of a “mentally ill” labeled offender. That is also why there is a difference between Rosalynn Carter’s one in four Americans, and Phillip Crandall’s one in four includes non-mentally ill family members. They are already preemptively medicating people who have no outwards signs of mentally illness, but might someday develop it.

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is caused by a sever stress, and usually by war. The cops, the government, and the economic realities make millions of people the equivalent of war refugees. Unwanted people pushed out of society by gun toting cops, and as the nazis called them “charity organizations,” cause PTSD. Then with a medical slight of hand these people are incorrectly labeled “mentally ill,” and doped. The most apparent modification from the nazi paradigm is the fact that the family now has the responsibility of cremating the body. Otherwise it is pretty much the same old shit, only a different day.

We can keep denying the truth, god knows millions of Germans did during the T-4 days, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It’s not a question of money, because those government sponsored pills, and the army of “mental health workers” used to catch and dope a quarter of our communities, cost enough to give true compassionate care to those with disabling emotional problems. It is wrong to believe that the government is achieving anything less than what they want to achieve. They want to take us from one or two out of a hundred to one out four in our labeling people as “genetically defective.” Just like the proven fact that more cops always equates to higher crime levels, it seems obvious that the more we spend on the modern MAP programs, the more people are being labeled as “clients” of those programs.

love eternal


7 Responses to ““One in Four Americans are Mentally Ill” – my ass!”

  1. suzy blah blah Says:

    “One out of four people in this country is mentally ill. Think of your three closes friends; if they seem OK, then you’re the one.”
    Ann Landers 1989

  2. fig Says:


    mentally ill: senator lieberman in Conn.
    mentally ill: couric, K., also the other two “newsreaders”
    mentally ill: congressmen, and women with law degrees.
    metally ill: Whitman, m., brown, J., poizner, forgot first name,
    so-called Calif. insurance commissioner (aka insurance co.

    mentally ill: spending, taxing tax dollars like it was water.
    massive, massive waste. The only question is when it blows up will it look like GERMANY 1920s or current
    ZIMBABWE currency ???? anyone care for a TRILLION-dollar loaf of bread ???????? COMPLETE INSANITY !

    _____________________ Sunday . 5-9-10 tomorrow Mon. 5-10-10 .

  3. stan Says:

    It’s actually fairly amazing that there is really no divide when it comes to this issue between the Dem’s and Rep’s. They both support this deep pocketed cash cow based not on science and truth, but on nothing much more than mere greed and power.

    Pharma is one of the most powerful lobbies and contributors in both federal and state capitals (they even have a nice cash lined open door to the White House for secret special strategy meetings).

    Pharma also pretty much controls the vast majority of university institutional education and research facilities; where they derive those mighty medical key opinion leaders signing off and promoting tainted science for cash and status.

    How nice that this corruption has been so institutionalized by private for profit first and foremost corporations, and this criminally greedy industry, that our very health and emotional well being has been bought and sold in favor of this corrupted industries bidding, and is not about the greater good and health of citizens)

    Of course Pharma also are one of the largest advertisers in the world (spending countless billions per year). This in true essence creates a situation where main stream media refuses to report and even actually buries any pertinent news that might threaten this false mental health modality and monstrous run a muck industry.

    If this wasn’t enough, Pharma also owns and controls pretty much all the largest mental health supposed advocacy organizations. Examples being NAMI, DBSA, CABF, and many more they create as an ongoing operation of their effective information control campaigns.

    Pharma also employs most of the world largest PR firms and data gathering entities to quash or minimize any counter information that may run as a challenge to their vast drug cartel monopoly.

    Pharma has even garnered deep influence upon our judicial system by helping create a mental health sub-court system that subverts basic constitutional principles in favor a mythological, false, and dangerous forced drugging medically based modality.

    So it’s no surprise to see ex-first ladies and the entrenched elitist jumping all over this propaganda indoctrination/misinformation campaign. When an industry can buy and sell every prominent safe guard within a free society, you get exactly what we face today.

    It’s just the nature of the beast so to speak.

  4. Truth Speaker Says:

    Tad, I totally agree with you for a change. Nicely said.


    I saw the stat as well – fraud for profit without supporting data. In fact, mental illnesses and emotions are too similar in the most basic forms – life necessities that depend upon proper sleep, proper nutrition, proper personal health, love, etc…

    Being single is not as easy as one may think; nor, is marriage. So, what to do when as a child, one is used as a tool but, then as an adult, one is twisted into being the problem. Kinda like children who are abused who grow up and have “issues”. Well, guess what, issues costs money to resolve and surely the parents who caused the issues should be responsible for all costs to resolve the issues.

    Yep, a circle jerk of a cluster…. ! Generation after generation is inbred with false needs and irresponsible behaviors.

    Jeffey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  6. kateascot Says:

    I remember well the days when a doctor here in CA drove around the country using a screwdriver as a lobotomy tool. He was heralded as a master of psychiatry. These people (psychiatry) want quick fixes and care little for future generations. Loving people and accepting our differences while creating social systems that can and will treat everyone fairly and equitably is what is needed, NOT PHARMA!!!

  7. ex-offenders Jobs Says:

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    […]“One in Four Americans are Mentally Ill” – my ass! « The PLAZOID[…]…

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