A Distorted View of 420

Peace be with you

Lying liars, and their lies are one of the reasons I am tired of blogging. If you are stupid enough to read the comments, which I was was, you will see “LaterZ” claim “that’s it. No more from me,” at 8:50pm. Then at 9:02 pm a “shardon-eh” posted from the same computer. Then at 9:36 pm “clooney” again posted from the exact same computer. Three times this same person attacked this blog with lies, and extremely inaccurate and slanderous comments, all the while pretending to be different people.

The short little clip is from Channel 3 news. It shows Eureka resident John Shelter (human rights commission member) pretending to be an Arcata resident.

I don’t know who decided that we would spend thousands of dollars on police to stop something that has been an on going celebration here for decades. I don’t know who decided it wasn’t our celebration. I do know that this is the results one gets when they promote the Chief pig to the city manager job. A cop telling cops to be more copish, who would of thought?

Don’t believe the bullshit hype.


5 Responses to “A Distorted View of 420”

  1. Umm Says:

    Paying for the cops is still cheaper than replacing the lawn and restoring the affected portion of the community forest.

    Oh, who am I kidding? The soil compaction has pretty much killed the front-end of the forest. It won’t be revegetated in my lifetime. Whoo hoo! Smoke pot, kill nature. Peace out.

  2. Humbeau Says:

    Ya you looked really brilliant when you said to “respect the sacred herb.” kudos on making yourself irrelevant.

  3. Ben Says:

    You are not the only one who has noticed a suspicious increase in anti-pot comments all over the internet. (As the November election nears expect that to increase, we’re getting close to something very important!)

    My only question is why pro-pot advocacy groups are not responding in kind. I intend to write them about that.

    But you are correct.
    The typical comment section is the technological version of toilet stall graffiti. That’s the level of commitment and honesty and humanity and intelligence you will see. ‘Is google making us stupid?’ (the magazine article) was the tip of the iceberg as far as the issue of technology acting for our benefit and health goes.

    The internet is an intellectual dead zone, basically.
    It’s information not intelligence in most cases. And is not conductive to reflection and focused attention.

    All style no substance in most cases. And the crap most certainly floats to the top. Anyways, keep yer chin up. Internet forums and blog/newspaper comment sections are NOT an accurate sample of the real world. As soon as people realize that… everything gets easier. And you’ll sleep better at night, I promise.


  4. SoHumNoob Says:

    Umm said, “community forest” lol.

    People of fear have to hate, then tell themselves how good they are.

    Like Kat Williams said “Haters have to hate that is there job.”

    Let them hate, Christ will judge us all.


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