This wasn’t the first 420

Peace be with you

I have video of police at 420 celebration,but what I saw deserves a quick documentation. Every one was run back and forth across the lawn back into the woods. I am scared.

Somewhere along the line we learned to hate what we are. I believe in the liberty of my self and others. I believe that the police acted in a too harsh manner. I believe a lot of things that I believe* I can back up with what I know to be good video; at least as good as I could get it not being a photographer. *I hope this isn’t Freudian.

I think I opened a can of whip ass over this one. I love you, and remember that love equals truth, the truth is within.


Pretty harsh for just a few stoners who hung out in the rain in Redwood park. 420 is not considered a violent event, but it was an event which was violently attacked. It is the last attack on the hippies which came here and generation after generation starting businesses, spending money, and non-violently flipping off the Arcata Police Department.

When I left the cops had the crowd pushed back into the trees, while very colorful actors took control. I haven’t decided what I saw, but it is an omen. Believe a pot initiative is possible? Not from what I saw.

What did strike me was that it could of saved a shitload of money with a few less cops. I am sorry, but 420 in the park is a tradition. We’re cool because of it. If all the people who I saw today spent one dollar in our town that would result in thousands money into our “economy.”

There is an anti-marijuana movement trying to eliminate a culture. It was, and is, a peaceful culture. Medical marijuana for the society I believe. We need one day when we say it is legitimately a medical need. Isn’t it a little extreme to have half, or over, of our cop shop out to prevent a bunch of stoners from “smoking in the park,” one day a year?

I saw some “professionals” going up shoot the obvious “professional clowns.” I don’t know what it means, but I bet I scooped everyone.

Again for the umpteen time. The truth will set you free, but that means yourself. I love you, and wish you peace.

love eternal


14 Responses to “This wasn’t the first 420”

  1. laterZ Says:


  2. Umm Says:

    How many is “just a few stoners”? Because that phrase, to me, means more than 2 and then it gets vague, but I’d say no more than 12. How many stoners were in the park? How many stoners in the children’s playground? Or did the evil police make the stoners leave the playground?

    Will this video depict anything other than police doing normal, legitimate, legal, embraced-by-non-stoners police activity at an large gathering that is taking place without a permit?

  3. Ben Says:

    If you don’t like the 420 celebration, there are 364 other days when you can go to the park.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    or maybe they could get a permit?

  5. transient Says:

    Whoa, look out – here come the haters. Wow. If they actually live in Arcata or even nearby then they must be in a small lonely group of herb-haters.

    Anyhow, I just want to encourage you and say I love you and keep up the good work.

    I thought you were getting rid of comments? Anyhow, I will continue to read this blog even if you take my little hate-filled playthings away…yoo-hoo, Hoover, McNally, Moore, come out and play?….heh heh heh.

  6. moviedad Says:

    I agree with your assessment that the “Pot Initiative” will not pass. A commentator on KMUD fm, reminded us that Humboldt County is not the whole state. When one starts to add in the communities of Riverside, all of Orange County, Anaheim, San Jose, Cuppertino, Oakland, Redding, Bakersfield, just to name a few. Most counties and Cities in California are conservative. It’s always San Fransisco, and West Hollywood that make the news. But I don’t think they represent the rest of the state. Look at the Governor’s race for the last few decades and it’s easy to see the right-wing nature of the majority of the state.
    I maintain the only reason 215 passed without court challenge, is because it was a useful diversion from the elimination of the majority-passed “Open Primary” law, which actually did threaten the corrupt politicians and Corps.
    The initiative to legalize Pot for all; doesn’t stand a chance.

  7. suzy blah blah Says:

    LOL! no it wasn’t the first –the Essene’s used it according to “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer.

  8. shardon-eh Says:

    jeez man, even me, a huge stoner (i’m medicating right now from my new bubbler) thought the 4/20 thing was totally stupid.
    “Hey, everybody, let’s go hang out in the rain and mud and cold wind for a few hours and break the law right in front of like 20 cops while stomping all over native redwood forest vegetation, smoking dope in a playground, littering all over, antagonizing the cops and then we’ll claim it’s some kind of demonstration!”
    Nah, I’ll sit at home and read a book with my dog curled up at my feet while enjoying my warm slippers, comfy PJ’s, and, my nice and legal 215 weed in the exact way the law prescribes.
    I have no idea what kind of moron it takes to go to 4/20 but I’m suspecting that the author of this blog is an excellent example.

  9. moviedad Says:

    Suzy? How does the use of pot jive with the Essene’s belief in purity? They did not even cook their food. They held that if you put heat to any “living food” you killed it and you ended up taking in a dead substance. I suppose they might have eaten it raw, like every other thing they ate, but that wouldn’t have much of an effect.
    I think the more common method of entering the spiritual realm, was simple starvation and sleep deprivation. Much like modern day Meth-Addicts. No shortage of spiritual visions there.

  10. Mr. Nice Says:

    Aight soz

    RIP Jack Herer and shit, but the “Emperor Wears No Clothes” was chock full of bullshit non-research. It’s like hippies will believe anything as long as it sounds good.

    Nothing wrong with 420. Who cares if it is an unlicensed event? So is protesting some stupid bullshit in front of a government building. Y’all ain’t down to break that up but are willing to axe the First Amendment when it comes to a bunch of potheads lighting up on a bigass lawn for two hours. The fuck country were you people raised?

    Shit is critical mass for the hip. Y’all wouldn’t show your face at any event designed for cool people anyway.

    No joke, next year on 4/20 there is gon be hella weed usage on the lawn no matter what some Arcata Eye subscribing, anal retentive, anti-reality freakshows say or do. Mark my motherfucking words.

    I don’t know why the Arcata yuppies suck so much establishment dick anyway. Alex Stillman doesn’t have enough money to kick down to all you assholes. Y’all’s pussy government jobs at HSU don’t produce any profit and therefore are insecure as fuck no matter how much you think of yourself, your education, or your wack ass stool pigeon career. 420 forever, squares can eat a dick…. basically.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    you are not nice at all

  12. Mr. Nice Says:

    And you’re not anonymous.

  13. SoHumNoob Says:

    Arcata was and is a “stoner” town most of the economy comes from marijuana.

    If Umm wants to hog a park 365 days a year and not let the ones that contribute the most to Arcata have their one day he/she should move to Kansas or Texas.

    Then he/she and his/her redneck, goatee wearing, buddies can circle jerk each other and shoot animals for fun, while singing the praises of George Bush.

    Until then take our pot money let us have our day, and stfu.


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