Brother can you spare a dime

Peace be with you

I was on an Arcata “homeless task force” back in 2006. Though the purpose of the task force was “emergency shelters, and homeless services,” the public comments were often filled with someone claiming to be a “downtown business owner” demanding that the Endeavor be closed down, and an anti-panhandling ordinance be a recommendation of the task force. One of those DBOs was Alex Stillman the current Mayor of the city of Arcata.

Alex Stillman formed the Downtown Mainstreet Business Owners Association, then presided its board, with the specific purpose to gentrify the Arcata Plaza. Alex Stillman owns a bunch of the buildings on the Plaza. She has fixed up many of them with Community Development Funds, though she is very wealthy. Even her DTMSBOA extorted “dues” from every business, whether they wanted it or not. Stillman, a silver spoon fed baby, now head of the dynasty, seems to get the lion share of all the money coming into our town. She’s also on the Headwaters Fund Board.

Stillman financed the “special election” of City Council candidate, and game and fish cop, Mark Wheetley. Due to Elizabeth Connor’s sudden flash of conscience, and retirement, we had a rare summer election when the university students were home on summer break.

In the 2006 council race Stillman ran along with her little piggy. I’m sure she out spent everyone, and got herself elected. And now we have perhaps the wealthiest person in our town making her demand to the task force a reality. Despite the fact she always looks for a government handout for her funding first, just her being rich beyond belief should be enough for you to realize she has no idea what the poor begging houseless person is going through. I want to reiterate that she personally has made more money begging your tax dollars than all the houseless people in Arcata ever have. And “aggressively” is relative to how many cops and fire chiefs you have in your back pocket.

The ordinance itself is pure bullshit! It is being touted as an “anti-aggressive pan handling” ordinance, most of it however has little, or nothing to do with “aggressiveness.” I am omitting the whole section where I point out the lack on any “aggressiveness requirement” in so many of the clauses of the ordinance. You can check it out for yourself here. Asking for a quarter at a bus stop is not in of itself aggressive, but it will be illegal if this piece of shit passes. It will take a survey crew, a team of lawyers, and Jesus himself to figure out where one could beg for alms in Arcata thanks to queen Stillman.

Of course the real reason for this bullshit ordinance is exactly what Stillman claimed way back at that task force meeting – to increase her profits. To make herself even richer she wants poor people starved, harassed, and deprived sleep, so they will have to leave town.

What happened to Arcata? We were once a much more progressive and tollerant town. Now we have Stillman as mayor, the chief of police as city manager, Blogs profiling the unhoused, and the Endeavor recieving business association awards for admitting that it is their fault Arcata isn’t more gentrified. Once we stood-up, and that wasn’t that many years ago.

Of course the other two quisling* council people are in lock step with this ordinance. Micheal “the worlds smartest idiot” Winkler is the biggest anti-houseless person I ever met, so of course he’s on board. Susan “wife of Bob Ornelas” Ornelas is the wife of the “first green mayor” in the country. Bob came to Arcata homeless, left and came back again homeless, and he passed all Arcata’s anti-houseless downtown ordinances. Now he is a self declared republican. We can’t expect the right thing from Susan. Of course the Mark “the little piggy” Wheetley is going to vote for anything Alex tells him to.

I hope we can get a no vote from Shane at least, but I never count on politicians. Shane used to be one of us, but he traded standing up for his values for a game of compromise. You never know who will get sold down the river for the political compromise. Oops, yes you do, the poorest – always!

One last note. It is hard on the street to get what you need. “Care-not-cash,” and “I am working for food” tee shirts, do not get either care nor food for the vast majority of the houseless (though the latter smacks of exploitation). Imagine needing tampons and being broke on the streets, or not have eaten in a day and there’s no place to get food. The Endeavor feeding two meals a week is not care. Give your alms directly to the poor. Don’t let some rich homeless-hating bigot suggest that they can do better with your alms, because that means your alms are used for whatever evil they might perpetrate. Unless you one of those who give “your alms before men, to be seen of them . . . [to] sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men,” give to the need.

love eternal

*I’m getting to the post explaining how we are doing the bidding of a nazi type of society. Quisling is defined as “a traitor who aids an occupying enemy force; collaborator.” It just so happens that Vidkun Quisling ruled the Norwegian Government under Nazi occupation.

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  1. Truth speaker Says:

    Peace be with you,

    I understand your point-of-view. As a long time Humboldt resident, 28 years, part of what gives Arcata its charm is the diverse collection of folks hanging about downtown and the plaza. However, I have noticed a substantial increase in the amount of houseless hanging on or around the plaza over the last 5 years. My friends’ house that they rent is in close proximity to the plaza. They have had hundreds of dollars worth of recycling stolen from my yard (they recycle for a local school program) and have had personal property stolen. I realize, not all houseless people steal, however, as a local resident, I do believe it is a reasonable problem that needs to be addressed. I have friends who have dealt with similar problems caused by houseless in and around the plaza. We feel that we have a right to enjoy Arcata as much or more than the houseless, yet the houseless do inhibit our enjoyment when they steal, aggressively beg, and or physically assault us (this has happened twice in the last five years). Some houseless have generated the negative sentiment from the larger community. It was not unduly thrust upon these people.

    I think you really need to read some literature (try Ayn Rand) and open up your mind to how people view the world. You seem to think that the world should take care of those who just want to float around in life, and in many instances, just get high and or drunk (go to the railroad tracks by “K” street everyday of the week Tad to see what I mean). I’m fine with houseless being houseless and living how they choose. You however, assert that we are duty bound to feed you more than the 2 meals a day the Endeavor project is currently providing. Why Tad? If you were organizing programs trying to enable the houseless to be self-sufficient, I would gladly donate my earned money to you. You are not trying to help people do something different. You are just existing. That’s fine but eat your two meals, scrounge for your drugs and exist. You do nothing other than complain about what you are given. You live in a fantasy world where you provide nothing to society and society enables you to live. Be thankful. Thank the people that walk by you and fund the Endeavor project and pay the taxes that allow the houseless to drink and use drugs daily. If you want to leech of others, than leech and beg me for what is mine but to complain only angers and frustrates those of us who allow and tolerate your existence.

    The houseless are not evil Tad. I understand that. You have the right to live as you wish. However, we have the right to let the able-bodied fend for themselves. The fact that we don’t makes us Arcata and enables your existence. If you showed gratitude for this crazy little world called Arcata that allows you to live your fantasy, people would be more sympathetic to your cause. Celebrate our generosity rather than criticize it.

    I appreciate your thoughts and do enjoy reading a perspective much different than my own. Keep living.


  2. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you truth

    When some one tells a lie it requires more space to debunk it then it does to tell the original lie. You’ve told a great many lies here, and I will try my best to debunk them. I don’t have time to debunk the eugenics dogma of Atlas Shrugged right now. Though I will say I found it the most offensive book ever written. I think it is Hitler on steroids.

    So let’s start with your claim, you “understand [my] point of view.” That is easily discredited by damn near the entirety of the rest of your comment. I feel safe in saying you don’t know shit about my point of view on anything.

    Next you anecdotally make the case because someone got stole from, and you’ve perceived an increase in people you think are houseless, that the former must be caused by the latter. If you didn’t catch the thief then how can you know this? Deep seated prejudices perhaps? Even the chief of police, now the city manager, stated he didn’t know if the “crimes” attributed to the houseless are caused by actual houseless people. In fact he didn’t even know if “those people” are actually houseless. But you know – how is that?

    Lets review your two cases you allude to. There’s the employee from the co-op who chased two people downtown with a knife, and got his ass kicked. I don’t chase people with knives for that very reason. I don’t know much about the second case, but I was in jail with the suspect. I don’t know if it was self defense or not. I wouldn’t let the kid talk about it. I told him to keep it between himself and his lawyer. I do however believe that the kid felt threatened. I do understand that crime happens, but to blame it on someones housing it stereotyping. I notice you had little to say about housed on houseless crimes.

    I’ve been to the tracks probably more times than you have. I feel sorry for those people, but I don’t know that they get their alcohol from you. I do know that a lot of them recycle to buy their drink. Arcata has way more drunks then a few unhoused ones at the tracks. Ranger Bob, and Dan Hauser are probably our most notorious. To be honest I would rather have my town drunks sitting in the sun, or rain, on the tracks then racing a truck around town with a gun strapped to his side.

    Then you claim I believe you are “duty bound” to feed me. Ha, you’ve never fed me. The Endeavor doesn’t feed me. Nobody is “spare changed” to feed. Nobody is robbed to feed me. And, no tax dollars are used to feed me. It seems I’ve been repeating these truths for too many years now. You’ve heard it, but you continually ignore it and keep repeating the lie. It is pretty obvious that it is you who are in a fantasy world.

    Your fantasy goes even deeper with that “pay the taxes that allow the houseless to drink and use drugs daily.” That is conservative crap. It is the exception that proves your rule. Most houseless people don’t abuse drugs and alcohol. I personally see more non-housseless people causing problems from their alcohol consumption. In fact here again the police chief said it was the bars that generated most of their calls.

    I should save this for last, but I think “my cause” is more important, so I’ll address it now. You “allow [my] existence?” That shit is about as Ayn Randish as anyone can get. Fuck you! you don’t allow my existence, my human fucking rights do! You have a lot of damn nerve insinuating I leech, that my rights begin and end with your tolerance, and that only by the grace of you am I even allowed to exist. Fuck you!

    Lastly I want to discuss your warped belief that one must suffer persecution in silence. That’s the same shit a wife beater says to his wife. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    I need to scream even louder. “Ayn Rand,” “able-bodied,” “allow and tolerate your existence,” dare I say it?, doesn’t that make you a nazi?
    I will keep living, at least until your view is forced down our throats as it was in 1940’s Germany, and the death camps get reopened.

    love eternal

  3. Kevin Hoover Says:


    Since you arrived in Arcata you’ve identified malefactors and Nazis in virtually every City institution – the government, business community, media, various individuals. And from your descriptions, the density of morally bereft evildoers is similar at the county level, too.

    I have to say, that’s not commensurate with my experience. But we all make our own reality.

    It’s just that when I hear these blasts about so many people being so dark-hearted, it poses a number of questions.

    I wonder why all such a large number of folks in our town would be so ill-intentioned and without conscience. By your descriptions, they (we) lead lives full of falsity and amorality. Is Arcata some sort of statistical bubble of corruption, or is it this bad everywhere? If Arcata is especially rotten, I wonder how you think we got that way? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe other people just have different values than you do, ones which might be worthy of respectful treatment? If we’re all so horrible, why would you go down to our level with all these fire and brimstone castigations?

    Finally, I wonder if you think that the best way you deal with all this erroneous behavior that surrounds you is to call people Nazis, swear at them, impugn their motives and competence? Do you imagine that this will change anything? What if instead of hosing everyone down with hostility, you provided an example of patience and understanding, a model of behavior that we could follow and that might lift us all up?

    These are the things I wonder about, Tad.

  4. observer Says:

    “Is Arcata some sort of statistical bubble of corruption”

    You almost got it right Hoover. Humboldt County is actually in totality a hot bed of ingrained government and political corruption.

    But at least your beginning to open your eyes to the light

  5. Top Cat Says:

    maybe the food tastes better in McKinleyville perhaps?

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Kevin


    I am treating you like anyone else, even though I have identified you as an enemy of the people.

    First thing I wish to thank you for doing this yourself. Poor Terrence has ruined his reputation here for you.

    I invite you to show me an example of non-malfeasance among the government. I don’t know of any truly independent government “institutions.” They all follow a national plan.

    I stated at the end of this post that a more inclusive answer to your question is in the works. I am having trouble keeping it short enough for lazy readers to get through it. But in celebration of you doing your own bidding I wil give you a little insight.

    First Arcata is a City of over 20,000 people. It contains about 20 hardcore “Ayn Rand” nazis. There are others who, like Traudl Junge,Hitler’s secretary, get caught up in the rhetoric. The main planners and deceivers are relatively few – less than 1% of 1%. So that still leaves most of the city, and county as far as that goes.

    If one was to read the local papers 150 years ago one would get the impression that everyone supported the massacre at Indian Island. It really was only a few who supported it. That few just happened to be the government, business owners, and the press. If you go back 100 years one would get the impression that every one wanted the Chinese run out of the county, but again it was just the government, business owners, and the press. It was not the majority, or even a large minority who did these things, it was very very few.

    With that being said, we can understand that those supporting running the houseless out of our town again falls in the lap of the government, business owners, and the press (you). You ask is this a bubble or a national phenomenon. Lets introduce the idea of “nationalism,” here. One of the concepts of Nazism is nationalism. Since Ronald Regan we have been turned, as a society, towards nationalism. The “New Freedom Initiative,” “No Child Left Behind Initiative,” and the “Chronic Homeless Initiative” are all national programs. So no this is not a bubble.

    You know damn well how we got this way. Just like nazi Germany we had a few “press” keep repeating the disparaging stereotypes until the ordinary people think it is the truth. Though it is rather hard to find a lot of evidence of this with Germany’s unhoused population, there are plenty of examples of how they did this to the Jews. Eugenicism is another defining characteristic of the Nazis. Eugenics is the belief that some peoples genes are superior to others. Like housed people are superior to unhoused. When you start treating those labeled inferior different than those labeled superior you are practicing eugenics, especially when you label them as “mentally ill,” or “alcoholics,” and force them on death causing pills.

    I certainly believe you have different values. I’m not so sure values that go directly against liberty, justice, and the constitutionality of our system are worthy of anyone’s “respectful treatment.” Of course you would not advocate “respectful treatment” of Hitlers values, so likewise we shouldn’t be respectful of those same values expressed today.

    When the “White Rose,” or other anarcho-syndicalist groups in Germany, spoke out they didn’t feel they were “go[ing] down to [y]our level.” To say that because I point out that your tactics are the exact same as the Nazis is not sinking to your level, but in fact raising important points to the level of discussion. I’m a poor person, and though you probably don’t know this, but we cuss a lot. We’re sick of your pomp and circumstance bullshit, where we have to treat you with respect, while you attack us with armed thugs. Poor people curse you everyday, Kevin. I just do it openly.

    Your next question is really the same as the following one. No, I do not think words are the best way to deal with this national move towards nazism. I think a general strike it the best way to stop it. But, I know it is important for people to share information. I could expect you to read all the books i’ve read, and study the histories of repression as I have done, but I know most people won’t. As a result if I want the knowledge I have studied to get out among my community, I must disseminate it.

    Will it change anything? Edmond Burke said, “Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he could only do a little.” I remember the first time I stood up and talked before the city council, I might add that it was the first time I had ever addressed a legislative body, Connie Stewart said, “were not going to talk about homelessness anymore.” Well we talked about it, and the dialog hasn’t been suppressed since. Yes, it will eventually either bring change, or at least give you something to look back upon as a harbinger of the coming storm.

    As far as me giving you examples goes, I do all the time. But you also understand their effectiveness, and attack them too. People like “truth speaker” are simply repeating what you have said about me. There is no truth in it, you are very aware of that, but you perpetuate the bullshit anyway. I document and explain what I document. You never have said “tad is wrong because of A, B, and C. You simply say “tads wrong because his hat is dirty,” or “he’s a leech,” or some other smear of character. Again my research shows this is a tactic employed by the Nazis, and other totalitarian minorities trying to gain control.

    You have never separated the basic human need of food, shelter, and toilets that all people need, from the crimes you claim, which are the results of a few. We have many hundreds of good compassionate people who help without profit. It is you who ignore the truths they say, and instead belittle them. Dave Meserve is just one a good example, and I’m sure if (and I definitely wont) I read your tabloid today I would find many other examples.

    Don’t expect to understand people who are victims of those you blindly support. It is impossible for a person advocating hate to understand love. Love based on deception is not love, it is coercion. To ignore the fact that we are becoming a nation of Nationalism, Fascism, elitism, police statism, and eugenics is not love. I will continue to point out the obvious correlations between those that seek to oppress today, and those who have oppressed in the past. Probably the most accurate comparison is the one between your actions and those of a spousal abuser. Blaming the victim, silencing their voice, and using and justifying your violence are the main things I “complain” about.

    Like Observer says, “at least your beginning to open you eyes to the light.” When you realize that the “leaders” you support only love the rights they have, then perhaps you can honestly see the oppression of those they feel are their inferiors. I don’t have mush hope for you however. You would never go against the wishes of Alex Stillman, and she is just too damn rich to change her ways.

    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

    – Samuel Adams, August 1, 1776

    love eternal

  7. nico Says:

    While the situation itself is not funny the approach being taken by perceived powerful elements like Ms. Stillman are indeed laughable. These new “ordinances” will fail as all laws that push against things inevitably do.

    I remember the No Dogs on the Plaza solution.
    I remember the rennovation of the H St. Corner.
    I remember when the Plaza cops first showed up.
    I remember when all the action moved to the Redwood Park.
    I remember when they put the nice new signs up about what can and cant be done on the plaza.
    I remember the plaza cams #1 and #2.0.
    I remember seeing cops endlessly harass the homeless.

    None of that works. This won’t work either. It will only lead to a bigger problem with stronger reactions from the homeless. You can sit back and take bets on that.

    Anger will also get us nowhere except as a stepping stone from despair. The only true solution is love. And not some bullshit notion of love thrown about meaninglessly – a true unconditional love. A love that is not based on conditions – e.g. how much money you make or how nice your clothes and teeth look. Or the way you speak. Or how needy you appear. Or how many properties you own on the plaza. Or who paid for your election. If you need something to change or be different before you can be happy then you are placing conditions on your love.

    All true movements of any substance come from the knowledge of the power of unconditional love and acceptance. It is only when you love yourself and your life enough to not allow these negative emotions to dominate your own happiness that you will find your power. Then you will truly have something to offer to the masses.

    Who do you pay for the sun to come up?
    Who did you pay for your life?
    How much does a warm day cost?
    Who do you pay for your breath?
    Who do you pay for the trees to grow?

    Money is a distraction from the abundance that flows forth from every particle of the universe. The power of the eternal source cannot be purchased. True happiness is a place in the mind. True unconditional love is free of all conditions.

    You can trust the cycles of nature.
    You can trust that the seasons will change.
    You can trust that the day will become night and night become day.
    You can trust that everyone was a baby.
    You can trust that everyone must die.

    There is no need to give your power up to a distorted view of this natural order. Have faith in the power of pure unconditional love that creates worlds and your worries and anger and frustrations and powerlessness will melt away. Know that you are good and it is your birthright to be happy and fulfilled. Only you can take that away from yourself.

  8. fig Says:


    14-March. 2010.

    (1) TAD,
    …….. death-causing pills has a nice ring to it, although
    I use pharmaceutical-psychiatric-drugs way too often than
    I should, but ……………………………..

    (2) NICO,
    a nice interesting post, TRUST – that word caught my eye.
    ……. after almost being killed in MAY 2003 via abuse of
    “5150” (FORCED Psychiatric detention/Drugging) by
    the santa clarita sheriff (aka dirty cop terrorists with
    “police powers”) – incited beating and forced psychiatric
    drugging at HENRY MAYO NEWHALL memorial “hospital.” –

    [WHAT good are laws if human beings don’t follow it behind
    closed doors !!!!! – Nazism is not something out of history
    books, it happens every day, yes you dunces out there, even
    here in America]

    …. I wouldn’t TRUST if any cop told me the sun was going
    to come up tomorrow morning. TRUST can be destroyed in an
    instant, and realistically can never, ever, ever be regained.

    NEVER again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (as the
    jewish so often likes to remind people)

    _________________________ the end. 3/14/2010 (SUN.)

  9. fig Says:


    clarification: Previous, post ….. I meant to say, I use the word Pharmaceutical-psychiatric-drug more often than I should ……………………………..

    ___________________ the end. 3-14-2010 (SUNDAY.)

  10. Top Cat Says:

    so do you want to change society or burn it down?

    are you going to work to change things, or just say fuck you to the people you need to work with in order to affect change? because you are probably going to work WITH some of the people you accuse of Nazi thought patterns?

    you talk like you want a war, maybe you just use harsh inflammatory rhetoric, maybe you think some kind of social revolution/evolution is coming and you are the Herald of this New World Order.

    It would be refreshing if you could respond with a similar word count.

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you top

    What’s your word count? I could write a book on what you just wrote.

    I doubt if you would view anything I do as either work or working for change (I’m not talking empty promises change like Obama). I’ve try the shit out of “working within the system.” It don’t work, and has very little historical signs of ever working. The system is broken beyond repair. I doubt if I will ever work with people trying to sell the poor down the river. I mean what’s the point?

    I am the last person who wants war! I don’t believe it ever accomplishes it’s goals. That includes armed revolution. Society, like the alcoholic, will change. The only question is will it happen before or after its death. I could explain it better with more time, but I wanted to refresh you. Read some books, and perhaps you’ll learn what I mean.

    love eternal

  12. Truth speaker Says:

    Peace be with you Plazoid,

    To clariy, everyone has the right to exist at a literal level. When I said “allowing you to exist,” I was referring to people who depend on others for food and essentials, and that their existence and/or way of life is dependent on those of us who provide for them what they need to live. If you do not work, live on a farm, hunt and gather, etc., then are you not depending on others for your essentials?

    Obviously, we all have the right to live. The question is whether or not people should be responsible for taking care of those who choose not to provide themselves with the essentials. This is where are difference of opinion occurs. It is not Nazism that I’m advocating. It’s responsibility at a basic level. You want the right to live as you want to, and I completely sympathize and agree with this right. However, you also want society to take care of the houseless and provide them with the means to exist while staying out of their way and imposing no rules on them. This is hypocritical. If you want to depend on someone else, you inheritently give up some independence (think of the child/parent relationship).

    The situation obviously depends on the capablities of the individual. Someone who is physically and/or mentally handicapped may need and deserve the assistance of others and should be provided for. However, in my opinion, a fully abled body person who chooses not to work should hold true to their resistance to our society. You bash Arcata and people like myself but depend on taxpayers like myself to allow you to live your life style. While I know you will dispute this, if this was not true, than why do you so adamentally claim the right to beg as being an essential right for houseless in Arcata? If you don’t need me to exist (figuratively) as you claim, why do you (the houseless) need the right to beg me?If you do not depend on myself and the other taxpayers, then you should organize the houseless to stop taking food from the Endeavor project, stop asking for money from passers by. If this happened, and the houseless in Arcata were self-sufficient, then I would be an outspoken advocate for the houseless. However, as it is, I think that you are a hypocrit who lives in a fantasy world.

    Keep livin’ and I enjoy your point-of-view,


  13. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Truth

    You make statements like, “but depend on taxpayers like myself to allow you to live your life style,” and act surprised I bash you? Where the fuck do you get that from?

    You are stuck in your paradigm. It is not always the ways we imagine that are the ways things really go down. Before I go into my repetitive, “look at the economy stupid” rant, I would like to point out the illogical argument you make about begging. First do people “beg off you?” I get the impression you tell beggars no.

    I think it would be preferably to fairness if we got rid of all beggars. Start with the ones costing this society the most. Alex Stillman, and her ilk, cops beg and steal, preachers are nothing but beggars, politicians obviously, and the list goes on and on. It is not begging you have a problem with it is the class of the beggar you dislike. I bet your fine with Stillman taking thousands of”your tax dollars” to increase her profits.

    What are the options for someone who is “able-bodied” living on the streets? Two meals a week at the Endeavor (formally no days), beg, shoplift or rob, dumpster dive, live off your taxes, win the golden ticket, or get the elusive job.

    Begging is a survival technique, not a life style. Begging is not something people relish doing. It is humiliating, unproductive, and very competitive.

    Lets talk about the odds of getting a job. What is now 15 point something percent “official” unemployment in California? 15 million people nation wide by the new Regan method of counting unemployment. There was only 13 million, using the old “count everybody” method, during the “great depression.” Back in the early 80s we stopped counting anyone looking for work who were not on workers unemployment insurance. This means we have thirty years of millions of unemployed people not even considered unemployed. So, what jobs? Where are these jobs the houseless should get? Unless you are willing to admit this fact, your argument is based on incomplete information, and as such baseless.

    That brings to the odds of a houseless person getting a job over millions of housed people competing for the same position. They’re very, very low. Think about it. I’m sure your a business owner, or at least close to many. Would you want an employee who is targeted to be run out of town? Most houseless people, and employers agree that an application filled out by a houseless person is probably a waste of paper.

    So with the probabilities of getting a job so low that they are statistically “improbable,” lets look at the others. Begging and dumpster diving, as I stated earlier, do provide a very small amount of income. I am talking between 1 and 5 dollars an hour. You can however get yourself some food doing those previously honest endeavors. The taxpayer funded option is just a few foodstamps unless you qualify for social security disability. Most people are in a financial crisis, not a disability one. This means that only through fraud can someone “able-bodied” get SSI. The Endeavor wont keep you alive. The “golden ticket” is only given by poverty pimps to there hand picked poster child. And,that poster child must either be disabled, or, as is more often the case, pretend to be disabled. You don’t stand being the golden ticket anymore than you stand a chance of getting the job. So as you see when all those methods are unattainable there’s only one recourse left for people – thievery. Which some people get everything they need by doing.

    I have warned you again and again that creating desperate times, you are also creating desperate measures. Unlock the dumpsters, open the soup kitchen, allow people to beg, encourage job creation, and allow groups that want t feed feed.

    So lets say you wanted to really get rid of aggressive panhandling, what should you do? Create this animosity? No a wise person would immediately see the problem as aggression, not begging. What would happen if someone went around and awarded one non-aggressive, polite, panhandler with a $50 beggar of the month award? What would happen would be every beggar doing his/her damn best to win a weeks worth of begging in a single minute. Word would spread like a wildfire. Plus it would probably make local people a little more generous, which would have the same reaction as the award, and create an even more tranquil place. Think of a parent/child relationship.

    I doubt if you can explain exactly how I am a hypocrite. You “think” I am because you are dumping your fantasies on my reality.

    Obviously someone who buys tons of crap from China is not self-sufficient. You are not self-sufficient. You are only sufficient with the help of millions of others. I too am part of a larger community. It
    just happens that most of my help comes from the local area.

    The last thing is, where do you get off telling me what I should do? I will organize the houseless to fight for the same rights and privileges that are afforded to you. They should be organized to demand jobs, health care, shelter, food, and bathrooms. Yes I should organize the houseless, just not to accept your oppression as their Stockholm syndrome. Thsnks for your offer to be an “outspoken advocate,” but at the cost of the houseless’ liberties its too expensive. What good does it so a person to gain the World, and lose their soul?

    love eternal

  14. transient Says:

    Whoa, “Truth Seeker,” talk about a “fantasy world!” Wowzers! Yours takes the cake!

    You expect me to believe that YOU depend on NO ONE? That if you work a job, then you are not living on government handouts? And, of course, the age-old false personal attack on tad, claiming that he doesn’t work (I’ll bet he can work your ass under the table), as if that had anything to do with the right-or-wrong of the pan-handling ordinance.

    Why should we, the taxpayers, have to support the illegal war on Iraq? The corruption-full pharmaceutical industry? The subsidized beef industry? Advertising and marketing specialists? Vacations for wealthy politicians?

    I personally have no problem with some of the money that I make feeding people who don’t have money. What the hell is wrong with you that that seems so abhorrent to you?

    By the way, your pseudo-philosophical crap about begging from people that don’t exist is just crap. If society weren’t divided into “have”s and “have not”s, then nobody would have to beg.

    And wow, buddy. Do you think really think that Arcata is the only city that feeds people for free? or has houseless people and people who hang out? Your fantasy world sounds terrible!

    So, I don’t know you (at least as far as I know), and maybe we’ll take the system down together or whatever, but first you need to get your head right.

  15. nick bravo Says:

    I am homeless. I have read Rand and believe in her philosophy to a great extent. Here’s the thing, while no one is obligated to help me survive, if one interferes with my ability to survive then they are attacking my life i.e. committing attempted murder. I reserve the right to preserve my life at all costs, if that includes begging, stealing, selling drugs, etc then so be it.

  16. theplazoid Says:

    peace be with you transient

    When one hits a certain age, one shouldn’t try to drink, fuck, or work anyone under the table. Yes your right I work too much, but that is because most jobs are useless. If we got the bankers, the lawyers, and the cops to do beneficial work instead of useless work then everyone could take it easier. In the mean time we must all work harder, longer and for less pay so we can pay for the blood sucking, parasitic leeches, who don’t even live in our citys. Maybe one day we will not have professional bullies in our society.

    love eternal

  17. Anonymous Says:

    so nick, you depend on, yet reject, the “social contract”.

  18. Mr. Nice Says:

    I remember the No Dogs on the Plaza solution.
    I remember the rennovation of the H St. Corner.
    I remember when the Plaza cops first showed up.
    I remember when all the action moved to the Redwood Park.
    I remember when they put the nice new signs up about what can and cant be done on the plaza.
    I remember the plaza cams #1 and #2.0.
    I remember seeing cops endlessly harass the homeless.

    Like some fuckers like Heraldo who say smoking bans on the plaza or on the boardwalk in Eureka aren’t purely targeting homeless folks. It’s purely targeting homeless folks. If I want to spark a blunt, I’ll just go hop in the truck. People lacking transportation can’t do that nor can they pay some bullshit fine.

    Any city that tries this crackdown on homeless nonsense ends up inundated with “problem” homeless folks. Like in Berkeley when they started shutting down businesses at 11pm and fined that one drug… er… restaurant for keeping their closing time as 4:20am, chock full of homeless folks. Or when they kicked all the homeless people out of that one Berkeley overpass after the earthquake and they went to the dump, then the cops later kicked them out of the dump. I mean how the fuck does it solve issues to kick people out of the dump?

    That’s basically where Arcata is at. They done kicked homeless folks out to the Redwood Park. Good fucking job, idiots. I’d much rather people be sleeping in some tent city, overpass, gully, or whatever than the fucking park. Morons.

    Gahd Arcata is full of wackjobs. I swear these people copy cities with much worse problems than they have. Why the fuck do they think those cities have such bad problems in the first place?

  19. nick bravo Says:

    Anon, you think I like depending on charity. I’ll have you know that I have gotten no disability money or general relief money for over a year. I am literally living off the kindness of strangers. Do I want to live like this? HELL NO!! I want a car, a house, a steady income! I want my fucking American dream and I can’t have it because a bunch of globalist bankers have turned Washington into a goddamned puppet show and the vast majority of people are too lazy and stupid to do anything worth doing to change it!!

  20. Truth speaker Says:

    Nick, what do you do, presently, in order to achieve the “American Dream”?

  21. transient Says:

    Hey “Truth Speaker,” please go on back to your fantasy world where you are somehow better than Nick Bravo.

  22. Top Cat Says:

    Well Nick it’s good to know that you WANT a job, or, at least a steady income. You originally came to Arcata to attend HSU right? did you leave with a degree? What in (if you feel so inclined)? What is your dream job?

  23. nick bravo Says:

    I have 2 B.A.’s. one in theater and one in religious studies. my dream job is actor or public speaker….writer would also be good. But first I need the stability of a place to live and income.

  24. Truth speaker Says:

    Transient, why do you think that I think I’m better than Nick? My asking Nick what he does to accomplish his dreams insinuates that I think I’m better than him? Come on now.
    I hope Nick is either happy now or actively pursuing a course that will make him happy. If he’s doing neither, then can’t we agree that the problem is Nick. If he is either happy or pursuing his happiness, then in my opinion he is doing fine.
    You have to reflect on yourself sometimes Transient and assess your own situation. I’ve had times when I was down and engaging behaviors that only deepened my bad feelings. By consciously changing my behavior, I became a happier person and continue to work on myself so that I feel good spiritually and physically.
    I’m not trying to belittle you Nick. You said you wanted to achieve the American Dream. I was wondering if the problem was you or other circumstances. You are obviously the only one who truly knows the answer. I think it’s worth thinking about. While Tad will always blame his circumstances and those around him, I believe we all possess the ability to make ourselves happy regardless of our surroundings. I also believe that my outlook on life leads to more lasting happiness than Tad’s negative outlook that is reflected in his articles that always assign blame to some other person or group for the way he feels about himself and his fellow houseless friends.

  25. trransient Says:

    Sorry, “Truth speaker,” but you are full of shit, and it’s obvious.

  26. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you truth

    Let’s see you assume that I am unhappy now, while giving the illusion you are a blissful bodhisattva. When a houseless person asks me for some money, I give it to them, and wish them peace. How does your happy ass react? Oh yeah, you’ve made that clear already. I don’t even understand that shit about me blaming my circumstances.

    Since you try to give the illusion that you are a “think about it” type of guy, why don’t you think about the concept of wanting people to only blame themselves. The battered wife is a good example. The wife beater says, “see what you made me do to you.” He doesn’t take responsibility for her beating, because like you he believes she should stop “assign[ing] blame to some other person.” Its bullshit in that example and its bullshit in your houseless example too.

    I refuse to get in some silly argument where I must defend my happiness from the likes of you. It is just a red herring. I bet you said,”boy, that Jesus is really a miserable mother fucker,” after reading his sermon of the mount. Yes your right I editorialize about shit that is negative, but that is the original, and only, purpose of this blog.

    If you want people who deny the truth, and preach a watered down version of it, try Fox news, or the Arcata [L]Eye. I personally find it hard to believe that people who lie to themselves can find genuine happiness. I sure know I couldn’t when I used to bury my head in the sand. Jesus, my spiritual teacher, though don’t start making your assumption that you now know about my beliefs, because you will most certainly be wrong, taught that the truth will set you free. That means the real truth, not that shit you make up. I also doubt very seriously that Jesus blamed himself, or the other houseless people he daily dealt with either. I wont blame the poor for shit that is obviously the fault of people who think like you.

    I suppose you want me to report thing like “because I am not what Truth Slayer wants me to be, congress will fuck us over on health care reform,” but that’s, well stupid. If you think that way then your stupid. I don’t say that because I am trying to be mean, or blame someone else, or any other reason besides the fact it is true.

    We never ended the Jim Crows laws, we just redefined who those laws should be used against to include all poor people, not just brown people, though brown people are still the vast majority of victims. I realize telling you all this is like telling it to a rock, but maybe someone else will benefit from reading it. Besides you make me laugh my ass off.

    love eternal

  27. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you transient

    I think assuming that Truth Slayer can recognize the obvious is giving credit where credit is not due. I really think he believes his own lies. Perhaps his fantasy world is where he goes to find that spirituality and happiness.

    love eternal

  28. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Nick

    Go to the poverty pimps and tell them you need housing, a job, and some money. They love to call people like you “the chronic homeless.” I know you don’t come close to the criteria set forth in the chronic homeless initiative, but their more interested in statistics than helping the less fortunate. They would take a duel-degree college grad over a down and out, alcoholic, mentally , and physically challenged, truly chronic homeless any day. Their methods are not based on compassion, there based on reportable statics. Remember they get very well paid to “manage” your life.

    love eternal

  29. J Says:


    Why do you respond so hatefully to people who question you?

    I’m noticing a pattern where people respectfully ask you questions from a different viewpoint and you make broad assumptions about their judgment of you and respond with venom. I don’t think its helping your cause.

    I’ve seen some very good questions on here, and I do believe you have something to add to this dialogue. I am genuinely curious of your perspective and ideas. Yes, the system is broken and corporations are generally greedy and contribute to increased homelessness. What I’m not seeing from you is meaningful solutions. Please, elaborate your solutions and stop wasting time cursing those who question you.

    I am wording this very carefully to continue a discussion and avoid becoming just another person you spit venom at here on your blog. Please, be nice.


  30. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you J

    It is funny how you claim those questioning my happiness, or a desire to blame the poor for the oppression, or accusing me of begging, or living off their taxes, ect., as “responding with venom.” You learned that in your poverty pimping classes didn’t you?

    I don’t care how many of you poverty pimps try to spin the truth to be mine, or the huseless people’s fault. I wont play you game. Yes it is a game. It is funny (really it is sad) how new grads of the BS-Squared social engineering play that bullshit word game. The truth is I’m mad at the way certain people try to pretend they have all the answers for people who they know nothing about. Your the jail guard, not our friend, especially when you want us to kowtow to our oppressors. I suppose you must believe I am really deep in some kind of Stockholm Syndrome. But I’m not. I can recognize bullshit from truth.

    I try to answer the questions, and point out the bigotry (stereotyping) involved in those questions. You can’t understand poor people, and that is true! You can’t put on goggles and calim you now understand what a schizophrenic understands. You even can use that cop term “tool” to describe your cop experiment, but in reality you are just some BS-squared graduate, pretending to be an intellect. Its bullshit. Now your here slamming me as making broad judgments, and venom.

    People who are not unhoused don’t know what it is like for those who are. You are looking from the perspective of someone who receives the houseless dollars, not someone who wishes they could actually go towards their needs.

    Why don’t you give me an example of a question I haven’t answered? I am really curious where I didn’t answer the question. Remember while you are at home relaxing in your hot tub, I’m still on the streets watching the cops, and other bigots oppressing the poor.

    Niceness is a two way street! Though you are not talking about that are you? You seem to imply that I should be something I’m not, while I get slammed by people calling me a “venom spitter.” Truth is a double edged sword. It is hard for some people to hear the truth, but is is liberating for those who have ears to hear. Wake up.

    love eternal

  31. Kevin Hoover Says:

    Hi Tad,

    I never said you were wrong because your hat was dirty. I’m sure you’ll issue a correction, being dedicated to truth as you are.

    I did urge you to wash your hat, and you did, and thank you, as it was distractingly filthy. I do hope you distilled and retained the vital nutrients contained therein, because they would surely sustain a small Third World village for weeks.

    I also said you were wrong on various occasions, which you were and are, but the scabby hat wasn’t a factor.

    I’m still in the dark about the Nazi connection, though. Do those of us you’ve accused of Naziism actually maintain collections of Third Reich memorabilia? Are secret handshakes involved? Or is it more of a generalized embrace of National Socialism?

    And do we go for the whole Nazi enchilada, or do we grab bits and pieces a la carte to expedite oppression?

    I also wonder, was Arcata always such a horrible place? Or was it kind of OK in the 1950s and then became this Nazi enclave? Was it a gradual slide, or was there a specific tipping point?

    Thanks for any help.

  32. Mr. Nice Says:

    I have 2 B.A.’s. one in theater and one in religious studies. my dream job is actor or public speaker….writer would also be good. But first I need the stability of a place to live and income.

    Dreams. That’s all they are.

    I went to a nice school on the school’s dime, interned, and worked a job in my field making major ducats although paying up the ass for rent in a studio downtown apartment. I started to get stressed the fuck out and went to a doctor who told me even though my diet and exercise regime was angelic, my blood pressure was off the chain. I tried medication but psssht, all that did was cockblock my orgasms. I said fuck this and moved to So.Hum (I tried No.Hum for a bit… nice place to visit) and now I sit around all day smoking doohickey. Much better. I don’t have that mad look on my face anymore. Try it. Ain’t nothing more of a pain in the ass when you aspire to your dream job just to find out that it ain’t fulfilling at all once your dreams come true. Nothing sweeter than growing food, occupying yourself with a miter box and shooting off 30-06 rounds at tin cans… I guess some people ain’t into that.

    You have to reflect on yourself sometimes Transient and assess your own situation. I’ve had times when I was down and engaging behaviors that only deepened my bad feelings. By consciously changing my behavior, I became a happier person and continue to work on myself so that I feel good spiritually and physically.

    Well la di fucking …

    I mean for real, do you think all these houseless people just need to soul search and do some yoga or some shit? The man is oppressing your every fucking move. You think folks want to hide from the cops all day or hold their piss until they can find a pot? You think if they just did some self re-assessment, all that shit would disappear? Even folks who came out of a funk like that former alcoholic Barbeque (y’all know who I mean, dude who was perpetually in front of a pitcher in Hey Juans last decade) have to go through some shit even when they get all full of determination to better themselves.

    While Tad will always blame his circumstances and those around him, I believe we all possess the ability to make ourselves happy regardless of our surroundings. I also believe that my outlook on life leads to more lasting happiness than Tad’s negative outlook that is reflected in his articles that always assign blame to some other person or group for the way he feels about himself and his fellow houseless friends.

    A lot of this shit is circumstance perpetuated by society. What about that is so confusing? People can’t just blame themselves for everything. That doesn’t sound “happy” at all to me. Sounds like bullshit, no offense.

  33. Top Cat Says:

    what’s wrong with hot tubs? were they invented by Hitler?

  34. Truth speaker Says:

    Peace be with you Tad,

    We’re not discussing anything when you take it personal that I question your views on life. I’m not stupid. I simply have a different point of view. It does not speak to your character if you choose to identify those whose opinions differ from yours as being “stupid” (sounds Fox newish to me). Since my posts seem unwelcome and do not stimulate any serious/ interesting discussions from you, I will now and forever stop blogging with you.

    Last two things: not looking at others points-of-views has gotten the world to its current point and your grammar is bad for someone who calls others stupid (example: your=possessive and you’re= you are). YOUR grammar mistakes kill me especially when they are part of your rants about how I’m stupid when I only discuss my differing point of view.

    Keep living,


  35. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you truth

    Isn’t it stupid to blame victims for their plight? Isn’t it stupid to think that those who speak out against abusive policies, and its vanguard, are blaming their circumstances on others? Would it be stupid to expect the Jew to take the blame for what Hitler, et al did? Is it stupid to blame the Wiyot for the Indian Island massacre? I don’t think anyone would disagree it was stupid, unless it was an intentional attack on those groups, in which case it would be evil.

    It is funny how you at one point claim how you “enjoy my point of view,” but now I “do not stimulate any. . . interesting discussion.” I can’t honestly say I’m going to miss you here, but I did get a chance to dispel a lot of your bullshit. There are lots of productive “other points of view,” but yours is just the same old bigoted bullshit that is the real reason the World is at its current point.

    You don’t question my views on life. You state that you know my views on life along with a real heavy dose of what you claim to know about what I do. That a way different mother fucker than addressing what I actually say. You claim I live off tax money, and begging.

    No matter what else you say, I know from that Ayn Rand refrence, which I have read, along with numerous essays, pro and con, about the writings of Ayn Rand, that you are a supporter of that “privilege makes right” ideology. And I am sure you are aware that those who believe the teachings of Jesus, can not support the teachings of Ayn Rand. Rand believes that privilege should be top down, while death should be bottom up. It is people who believe that shit who made the World what is is today.

    I believe in a better way.

    Though people may sleep while society crashes around them, there is no doubt that even your Ayn Randism has to admit that “bottom up democracy” has proven to work better then this shit. Yeah, we had a few “welfare queens” during the 60s and 70s, but we also had jobs for those who wanted one. Your Randinite values have made this an economy of monopolies, thieves, and privatization. It has failed to meet any, I mean any, of its objectives since a few Chicago Boys test ran their version of “Free Trade” in Chile.

    We have an entire system of economy based on poverty pimps, and police. We are a fucking “service sector based economy!” How can the majority of Americans be waiters?

    So you see, we disagree at a very fundamental place in both our World views. You read Rand, I read Jesus. So as the saying goes, “don’t go away mad, take Hoover with you.”

    As far as my grammar goes, I be learned that way. I’m a product of the US school system. Too bad I didn’t go to your school.

    love eternal

  36. Top Cat Says:

    Still betting on mercury poisoning.

  37. J Says:


    I was really hoping that you had interesting ideas. I really was. All I’ve really found here is ranting against the system, and yelling at pretty much everybody on here. I haven’t seen to propose one idea. All I see is pompous platitudes worthy of any of today’s politicians.

    I do understand most of the rants too, I spend a good amount of time ranting about the same things. I even get the Nazi reference. It makes me think. Although you have taken it a bit over the top.

    If all you’re going to do is yell at me I guess I’ll just leave. But I’d rather listen to what you have to say. Please don’t yell and me, but talk to me about how you think it should all work.


  38. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be wit you J

    How exactly am I “yelling?” I believe yelling in print LOOKS LIKE THIS! I have a bunch of houseless people who claim that you are often quick with what one calls “mind melt” games. It really seems that you are just trying to neutralize the truth I am saying. It is obvious that this procedure of twisting the truth with red herring, and outright false accusations is intentional. Your not the first one to utilize that “tool” (tool is a cop word for oppressive measures).

    I don’t believe you have read much of content of this blog. I do talk about ideas all the time. One easy solution (idea) is to fire the Endeavor “case managers” and put that money into food, shelter, and bathrooms. I’ve heard it claimed you have said you “would do your job for free.” How about you putting your money where your mouth is? Isn’t that a good idea?

    I do have many good ideas. Though they all came from seeing, and listening. One idea that might be beneficial is allowing the houseless to have their own voice. That would require you to admit that you are not the “expert” of other peoples thoughts, feelings, and culture. You only know what they allowed you to know in your BS-squared classes.

    I am sure all you see is “pompous platitudes,” but I see “social workers” gaming the system to finance their poverty pimping careers. I realize it is very time consuming to go back and read this blog from the beginning of this blog, but most of this has been addressed. I’ve read all the “homeless plans,” “mental health plans,” and “chronic homeless publications.” I watched the your fellow poverty pimps rapidly increase the number of “chronic homeless” from 10% of all houseless to 160% (this is Phillip Crandall’s numbers not mine. I understand mathematics.). Unfortunately these numbers are not to reflect a truth about homelessness, but to create a jobocracy of poverty pimps.

    Though you may find it acceptable to classify people as chronic who are not, when that label is “mentally ill” (because you can’t fake physical) you label those people for life. When you drug those people you kill them early. Then your “case management” runs out of places to refer them to.

    I know you are already aware of this “paradigm shift,” but are complicit because you personally profit from its continuance. If you don’t want to visit this blog – fine. If you don’t want to respond – fine. If you want to interpret words on a piece of paper as yelling – fine. If you want to lie, accuse, or tell me what to do – expect me to speak out.

    If one knows his enemy he will win half of his battles. If one knows himself he will win half his battles. If one knows both his enemy and himself he cannot be defeated.

    love eternal

  39. nick bravo Says:

    Tad, I see you and a few other homeless with laptops. How does one procure one as a homeless person? Is it just lots of recycling money? Or are there other methods you’d be willing to share?

  40. J Says:


    Finally some ideas. Sorry, I don’t have time to read the entire history of the blog, maybe you could direct me to a couple of your better articulations of your solutions to get me up to speed in the discussion here.

    By “yelling” I mean that you are speaking in such a manner, with or without CAPS, that’s how it feels. Your last response was a little better. But you are still speaking very aggressively, I try to look past it.

    As far as “mind melt”, I do tend to be very philosophical. I’m trying to get you to articulate your ideas while not offending you, which means I’m being very careful with my words. I have a tendency to be blunt and hurt peoples feelings. please don’t take any of this personally, I’m trying to have a discussion. I’m not trying to anger you. I believe these are very complex issues, sorry if I “mind melt” sometimes.

    You claim that I’m making presumptions and accusing you of things. I’ve tried hard not to accuse you of anything. All I know about you is you live on the street in a trailer?, have a job, speak up for the houseless and appear to be articulate and well read.

    Yet, I find you accusing me of many things. I don’t have a hot tub. I do have a college degree, but I don’t see the relevance, anyone can read these books. Who said I would do my job for free? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t. I wish I felt that way, but none of the things I would do for free put a roof over my head. Call me a sell out, but yeah, I work.

    I’ve never claimed to be the expert. I’m sorry to have given you that impression. I’m just another person interested in this issue and trying to talk about it. Let’s leave me and you out of it, and just talk about the issues.

    Are you suggesting that I am I your enemy?


  41. Top Cat Says:

    If the “NCRC” fired all the case managers wouldn’t they lose their conditional use permit the very next day?

    I have a hot tub, what do you people have against hot tubs? are you bigoted against hot tub owners? do you want to falsely label me as bourgeoisie?

    In my defense I would add that I don’t have a college degree.

    Let’s discuss the homeless task force next.

  42. Truth Speaker Says:

    J, your stuff is well-reasoned, thought out, and presented in a really fair, non-critical manner. I believe you have the wrong site.

    Tad and Transient: the system is fucked up. To take this much writing room to summarize and explain that, Tad and Transient, is fucking ridiculous. Yes, the government wastes money and time. What to do about it? The best way to fix it is at an individual level. That is my point. Sitting and whining like two giant pussies doesn’t help anything. I try to make myself happy and those I love. I also try to donate time (seldom money) to help my community. It works for me. If you are unemployed and houseless, I think it would be hard to be happy. You should do something to try and achieve happiness. It really is that simple. Go ahead and list all the things that oppress you, Tad and transient, instead of addressing things you can change. Shit has always and will always oppress people. In any system, in any form of government, people will be oppressed in some way. It’s part of life and you have to deal with it the best you can. If crying like a bunch of pussies and critiquing people like me who have differing views on life makes you feel better, than keep it up and keep acting like spoiled, rich kid pussies who now get mad because the government they hate does not provide for them and is not fair. No shit!

    Sorry Tad. I really didn’t want to post anything anymore but I was starved for some stimulating, albeit crazy fantasy world, reading.

  43. J Says:

    Truth, Thanks, I liked your posts too.

    Tad, We all know the system if fucked up. We are all fighting the man. Do you have real, reasonable solutions or suggestions? or are you just bitching about it.


  44. transient Says:

    dear “Truth Speaker,”

    Why do you assume that tad and I are unemployed? (btw, fuck you)

    Why do you assume that neither tad nor I donate our time to help our communities? (again, fuck off you fucking stuck-up jack ass)

    I think that what seems to really piss you off is that we call bullshit on the system. I wouldn’t say that it takes up all that much of my time, and definitely doesn’t cost me any money, so, what exactly is your problem again? Oh, I am a “lazy homeless person.” Right. Go fuck yourself. You have no idea how hard I work and seem to have no understanding of what I work for.

    Would you also have criticized Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, Bakunin, Steven King etc for writing too much? You sound ridiculous. YOU JUST WANT TO HATE, or at least that’s what it sounds like. You really don’t offer any content in your criticism.

  45. p-cat Says:

    hitler on steriods- that is comedy gold! What a great image you put in my pea- brain.

    Don’t stop writing the blog tad, I think it keeps you balanced….

  46. Truth speaker Says:

    Congrats Transient. You just took pathetic blogging to a first grade level. During your writing, you never made one coherent point other than to say fuck me. I didn’t say you were houseless nor do I care. I said you were a big pussy who whines about a system we all know is fucked up. If you actually read what I wrote, you would see that we are agreeing on a point: the system is fucked up. I’m not going to summarize my other main point for you. If you can’t discern from what is written above, than you should probably stick with name calling and not disputing points and/or theory.
    By the way, you just compared your writing to Chomsky and King amongst others. I wouldn’t tell them to write less. I told you to sense your writing is so bad and you never bring anything to the conversation. I do apologize to Tad for putting his name in the same sentence with yours.

    Peace be with you Transient,


  47. transient Says:

    I think to fix this broken system,Truth Speaker should take a long walk and fuck off.

    You correctly point out that the only point I made is “fuck you,” which is exactly the point that I was trying to make. So I’m glad that I am finally getting through to you. As for the “first grade leve,” well,I don’t know where you went to school, but I didn’t learn the f-word until at least the third grade. So again, fuck you.

    I never compared my writing to anyone else’s (go ahead, re-read what I wrote). You complained about wasting “writing room” on pointing out that the system is fucked up. I am simply pointing out that both Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky have used a lot of “writing room” to point out that the system is fucked up. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but some people don’t get it yet. Anyhow, I don’t think you care what I wrote or Chomsky or Zinn or even what Steven King wrote – you just want to be a hate-monger on the internet. That’s kind of sad, but hey – I’m enjoying it! At least own up to what you are doing and don’t try to cover it up with intellectual dishonesty. Which is just a long way of saying “fuck you.”

    Your other main point was that I don’t do anything to fix the system and I should do something on the individual level, to which I responded that you have no idea what or how much I do, and so you can just go fuck yourself. I hope that clears up any misunderstanding.

  48. transient Says:

    oh,I almost forgot –

    Go fuck yourself Truth Speaker,


  49. Really? Says:

    oh wow man, just think, if TadPole quits, this will all go away.

  50. moviedad Says:

    Tad? If you fire the case managers, how would you give out the funds for food and clothing? This kind of thing is where we part company. The whole: “Poverty-Pimps” thing. My wife is a social worker, front line, off the street assistance. I don’t know where you get the idea that anyone would come into this profession looking to make a good salary. It’s just not true. I’ll agree that there are a lot of cases of too much administration. But that is not true across the board. Stop attacking people who dedicate their lives to helping people. You have no right to do that.
    My vote is that you continue to blog. Tilt at windmills. Speak truth to power. But at least make sure you are speaking to the powerful, and not taking out all your angst against the lowly worker who is crying with the lonely and desperate people who come to them for help.
    I think you’ve done a great service in bringing out the hypocrisy of some community leaders. And it’s really sad and telling to hear local Arcata “News” people make fools of themselves on your blog. So go ahead and attack the hypocrites. But in my opinion you have no right to disparage front-line social workers. You and I my friend, are not fit to unlace the sandals from their feet.

  51. don juan capistrano Says:

    thought yall might dig on this –

  52. truth speaker Says:

    peace be with you Transient,

    congrats for the most unintelligent ranting this site has to offer. by the way, when you made the point that you hadn’t compared yourself to chomsky, stephen king, etc, you then once again compared yourself by relating the similarities of your points and theirs and how they both took up writing room. You should have been able to identify that as a comparison.

    also, “fuck you” is not a point, it’s a statement. i’m trying to make a point that you are fucking stupid and reading your blogs is a waste of time. that’s my point. my statement to you, “fuck yourself,” is similar to your statement to me and is just that, a statement. once again, i think you can handle these distinctions.

    lastly, i’m no hate monger and certainly have no hate towards you. i feel completely ambivalent towards you as nothing we’ve said has been worth creating any serious feeling other than some anynonmous insults. let’s not pretend that we hate each other. you may think i’m stupid as i do you, but we don’t hate. it takes away from the somewhat peaceful vibe of tad’s blog.

    keep livin’
    truth speaker

  53. trsansient Says:

    Thank of you for the multiple congratulations, Truth Speaker, but no thanks.

    As for assuming that I don’t hate you, guess again.

    You still make baseless accusations against my character without even knowing me and then refuse to acknowledge it when I called you on your bullshit. You pull the same shit with tad. Your sophomoric semantics are hardly worth the “fuck you”s and “fuck off”s that I repeatedly treat you too and that you repeatedly congratulate me on.

    Notice this: My writing, in my opinion, is not as thorough, articulate, or well-researched as Zinn or Chomsky’s. There. Now I have compared my writing to theirs. Hopefully this clears things up for you.

    Honestly, though, I don’t think that you are confused. You are a disruptor or a hate-monger or whatever, but a mere play-thing for me. I have enjoyed your stupid responses tremendously. Now fuck off.

    Heartburn be with you,

    Congratulations, me.

  54. p-cat Says:

    I’m going home, gonna get my dad, who is this tall, he’ll beat up you and your dad!

  55. Snoop Dawg Says:

    p-cat, yo daddy’s busy gettin pimped out to larry glass and david cobb, Those flamin faggots got yo daddy wrapped round their finger like some nasty pinkie ring.

  56. musclepharm assault review Says:

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