Duffy’s lies

Peace be with you

During the last two Humboldt board of supes meetings the supe Duffy has blatantly lied to the public in an on going attempt to neutralize my comments. When I tell the truth and Duffy lies it would seem to do the opposite.

This week I pulled an Item C-13. In it it clearly says “we are requesting that the Board of Supervisors grant the Sheriff authorization to sign the documents necessary for submission of this Request for Application and the acceptance of this grant.” Yet Duffy said “I think if you read the title a little closer you would see it is to sign the documents that are necessary . . . to submit a request for an application. Your right there is no dollar amount, but it does say ‘to submit a request for an application.'”

I think Duffy should read the item she voted to approve, because it does say, “the acceptance of this grant.”

Last week I pulled Item C-3, and again Duffy lied about what was in the supe packet. She boldly stated, “I’d just like to note that the application that we have before us specifically states that the funds for this is going to be for the seizure of clandestine methamphetamine laboratories.” The supes packet again clearly states “to conduct significant investigations and prosecution work involving a variety of controlled substances. . . The program assists in combating the sales, manufacturing, and distrabution of drugs in our local community.” Meth is methamphetamine, period! “[A] variety of controlled substances” is more than just meth.

When the supervisors vote yes for something it is approved. It doesn’t matter what they “think” it means, it only matters what it says. Obviously Duffy believes if Humboldtians knew the truth then their grant whoring days would be numbered. Panicky, Duffy (and also Lovelace) are trying to confuse the issues to make it seem that they are voting for something other than what they are voting on.

It seems that every time they get a grant they can use to attack pot smokers they tell us it is a methamphetamine grant. It is pretty shitty of them to spend such large amounts of our tax dollars busting community members for pot, but to get that funding by lying to our community is bullshit. I say if those reefer madness Supervisors are getting millions to hunt down and bust pot smokers, then they should at least have the balls to tell us that up front that that is their goal.

love eternal


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