Arcata [L]Eye and gutter politics

Peace be with you

As most of you already know the Arcata [L]eye tabloid is an opinion paper which practices tabloid journalism. One of the ways that Hoover deals with people who express a different, and more honest, opinion then the Leye, is to start a campaign of slander against those people. The only problem is that Hoover has completely ruined any credibility he may of ever had. Though Hoover’s ad hominem attacks are easily seen through by most intelligent readers, he seems to rile up his dozen or so compadres.

Lately the Plazoid has been a victim of his gutter politics. Hoover has so ruined his own credibility that now he is sending his best friend and long time employee, Terrence McNally, to attack his distractors. As you can see McNally spends way more time than is healthy stating lies here in the comment section. Though you wont find any examples of McNally broaching the topic of the post, you will see plenty of examples of his attempts to attack me.

A good example is when I wrote: “As far as Bravo goes, feel free to keep dating him. Though I genuinely like the guy, he seems to have trouble liking me. In fact he is the only person to ever get 86ed from the Plazoid since I took it over. You should hire him at the Eye, then you can gang up on me. McNally wrote this: “Colors are true. Are you making a homophobic allusion to dating Bravo? That would be a Tad bigoted.,” and This: “Cuz when you said: “feel free to keep dating Bravo,” you must have meant: “that’s really great that a man could find a life partner in another person since I support everyone’s rights to love eternal. Or did you mean something different, like men dating other men was a bad thing and since you probably figure I’m a heterosexual I’d be offended since homosexuality is nasty to me and I’d be grossed out by the idea and so mad at you for saying that. Tad,” and this: “Tad. What did you mean by that?,” and this: “That gay love is bad?,” and this: “Is that what you meant?,” and this: “There are gay slurs yet to share.,” and this: “Tad, what’s the ETA on the troll fucking, panhandle post and clarification about what sounded like a homophobic statement?”

Somehow that is supposed to make you think I am anti-gay, and therefore incredible. He is playing a kindergarten variety of the question “have you quit beating your wife?” If one answers that question yes it implies one use to beat his wife, and if one answers no it implies one still is beating his wife.

Of course I m not anti-gay. In fact if go back a few comments earlier you will see he states “I think Bravo is as fun as ever.” If he thinks Bravo is “fun” then I whole heartily support his life partner choice. I know why McNally doesn’t like me – because I expose his lies. I don’t know why Bravo dislikes me. Perhaps it was because I was his sole supporter in his silly council bid. I have never felt it was my concern to make conservative disruptors like me, as that would require me to lie as they do.

This isn’t the first time the [L]eye hs accused me on gay bashing. Because they don’t have any proof of such feeling on my behalf, they just throw it out there as fact. Last time their logic was that because Quarter Mike was houseless and I was houseless that I must therefore believe like Quarter Mike that there is a “homosexual mafia.” I actually met people who believed I spouted those views. Not because they ever heard me say that, but because they heard Hoover say that I said that. That is defined as slander in the law books.

It saddens me that there are people who are so gullible that they would believe renowned liars like Hoover and McNally, but unfortunately there are. The Plazoid was started to speak truth to power, and despite the [L]eye’s smear campaign that is what it will do.


love eternal


32 Responses to “Arcata [L]Eye and gutter politics”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    We’re all saddened, TR.
    You meant “keep dating him” in a gay-friendly way.

    Throwing out random accusations about folks is indeed bad.
    Keep up the good fight. This blog is moving mountains.

    Yours in Nazism,

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I like the Arcata Eye. It is a great community newspaper.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What makes you think that hoover “is sending his best friend and long time employee, Terrence McNally, to attack his distractors.” You talk about the eye making accusations without any proof, how are you any different in this?

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    It is a great community “newspaper”if a) you like tabloid journalism, and b) if you are part of that upper class community. For the other 95% of Arcata it is just a sleaze rag, not worthy of a bird cage.

    Here’s why I think Hoover is egging this on. 1) I’ve known Terrence for a while now, and typically I’ve found him to be a good person, and not so antagonistic as he now appears. 2) Why Hoover’s rhetoric, but no Hoover? 3) Terrence has never been a troll before, but now he acts like just like Hoover. 4) Terrence treats me civilly everywhere but on this blog (unlike Hoover). And 5) Terrence is using Hoover’s MO, not his own logic, which is light years ahead of the current Hoover rhetoric. Because I attempted to answer this question sets me apart from those who blatantly make up shit about me.

    Your right though I don’t have any smoking gun, but I have a representative of the Arcata [Lye] tabloid talking shit. Until now it has been my experience that this is a Hoover trait, not a McNally one.

    love eternal

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The solution to all your problems is to get a job. The bulb farm is always hiring.

  6. Mr. Nice Says:

    The Eye been doing a good job of clowning on themselves. Now they even got some kinna fictional pothead stories with errors like “white” vermiculite. Errybody know they only use white vermiculite in building. It ain’t got enough iron in it to use in dirt. Hilarious. Still worth a dollar just to laugh at that. I think they know that. Maybe they don’t. I dunno.

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    WTF! How would poisoning myself with Sun Valley’s unsustainable farming practices solve any of my “problems.” Will it make Hoover fold his paper? Will it make him start telling the truth? Would working a shitty job at slave wages end the class bigotry of so many well to do Arcatans? The answer is a resounding no. In fact it would just make me sick,while still living on the streets. Why don’t you go get a job at Sun Valley, and I’ll keep protesting their environmental, and labor abuses.

    love eternal

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Seriously, dude, you need a job. How about making bagels?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, are you on Social Security disability, or general relief?

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you again Anonymous

    You would think one would ask if I am disabled first, before telling me I need a job. No, I get no government money. I don’t even get my “earned income tax credit” which I qualify for.

    I want one of those CEO jobs with one of those “to big to fail” banks. Million dollar bonuses for doing a shitty job is the only way to go. Maybe be born with a silver spoon in my mouth, so I can inherit a shit load of money, do absolutely no work, and brag how I am a busynessman. I doubt anyone would hire me for that, because I still wouldn’t be able to bring myself as low as it seems it requires.

    Maybe I should become a preacher. They don’t serve any useful purpose, and make enough begging every Sunday to lay around the rest of the time. Again I have a hard time telling people not to give their alms to the poor, but to me instead. Again a moral block fucking me up.

    Maybe I should become a cop. Take graft, sell drugs, and beat the shit out of people with immunity. Naw, I can’t do that either. I am sure I am here to help people up, not keep them down.

    Maybe I should become a county superviser. 90,000 dollars a year to lie, and enrich my friends 22 days a year. Nope lying is wrong, can’t do it.

    Oh well, lets keep brain storming. In the mean time I will continue doing what I’m doing. It suits me, its needed, I sleep well, and I’m pretty good at it. “I yam what I yam, and that’s what I yam.”

    Thanks for your abnormal concern.

    love eternal

  11. Terrence McNally Says:

    Huzzah! I know Kevin has been the subject of several imaginative theories and folklore over the years, like controlling national media coverage of Arcata and having a hotline to the DEA. But I think this is that was the first record of him having mind control over a staff member.
    Tad, Kevin and I have certainly discussed you: namely a sort of bemused running conversation about how you opted to live in a town, what, seven or eight years ago, that’s apparently so full of discrimination, hatred and a burgeoning population of Nazis. You frequently paint a pretty dismal picture of Arcata life, so there must be more welcoming communities. Personally, I don’t think it’s that bad and we’re all living here by choice.
    But I’m actually unsure if Kevin is a regular Plazoid reader. I don’t know if he considers me his best friend. I will ask him.
    I’ve generally steered clear of blog postings as I’ve observed the conversations typically degrade darn quick with a lot of venom. They seem to be overpopulated with (generally) men with a lot of time on their hands, hammering away at night in blue glows. Then there’s the ghostly presence of all those “anonymous” posters. It’s spooky.
    Jason Robo mounted a Facebook-engineered Eye Boycott in November. Frankly, that was a lot of fun to get in on and it quickly unraveled. While plenty of people joined to work out some frustrations, it was full of unintended comedy. And joyful.
    I guess my problem with this blog, and why I opted to post, is that despite its ostensible mission to battle the objectification of the houseless, dissenters are frequently… objectified… as bigots, the well-worn Nazis or “having the mindset” leading to genocide, whatever exactly that means. The amount of name calling and angst that occurs here is… it’s just… wow.. And then it’s punctuated with a “love eternal.” The Plazoid is virtually begging for satire.
    Tad, for the record, I doubt very much that you are a Nazi. I also believe when you suggested I have a romantic relationship with Nick Bravo, you were lashing out and you’re probably not a homophobe. Posters seem to give you all sorts of advice here such as gaining employment or seeking mental health treatment. I’m aware that you work and I figure you do it well. I don’t have advice for you and I don’t think you’re interested anyway.
    Regardless, I do appreciate that the Plazoid offers an uncensored venue for both agreement and criticism, like the frequently flawed Arcata Eye does.
    And I’ll continue to be cordial to you in public, as I’m sure I’ll see you downtown. I’ve never understood when people, even people who don’t like one another, ignore each other in a small town.
    Looks like not much was accomplished here and now I’ve got you talking about me victimizing the ’Zoid instead of the more pressing issues surrounding homeless rights. Oopsie. And I think I’ll go back to tiptoeing around blogosphere,
    Just as a point of clarification, tabloid is a newspaper size specification, regardless of its content. The Arcata Eye is a broadsheet.


  12. nick bravo Says:

    Just so everyone knows, I would not date terrance. However, as a cannibal I would be inclined to throw him onto a roasting spit should ever the need to do so present itself.

  13. nick bravo Says:

    Why is everyone so obsessed with my sexuality???……

  14. Mr. Nice Says:

    Damn Nick Bravo, sorry I gotta say it but you are an example of why not to try to mess with politics in Arcata. All those haters got is some character assassination tactics. Look what they did to Geronimo when dude tried to run for council. Had it like he was all some kind of violent lunatic when dude wouldn’t hurt an ant.

    They even tried to drag out the ice cream man’s socialist beliefs. They still got it in for dude and he got elected hella easy. He better not accidentally get arrested by the pepper spray patrol, that mess will be the end of his political career.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Terry marches on, his unbroken record of male-on-male sexual harassment continues.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    pleeeeasssse Tad go back to censoring little nicky.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Terrence McNally in his usual stalker way was the one to bring Nick Bravo up on this blog in the first place. It’s always a man younger than himself that attracts Terry’s attention.

  18. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Nick,and anonymous

    I’m sorry Nick- he said you were fun. I figured the reason he said you were fun, was that he doesn’t appear to have fun so I assumed it must be those behind closed doors type things. Both you and he said you were not interested, and so case closed. Me I swing all four ways.

    As far as Nick commenting here, he is as welcome as anyone else – as long as he doesn’t pretend to be someone we all know, and would conceivability post here. I disliked it when some asshole pretended to be the “PLAZOID” when we registered as “THE PLAZOID.” That’s why we have both registered at wordpress.

    People shouldn’t pretend to be anything but what they are. They pretend to be someone else because they are trying to use this slander to get retribution for some wrong they believed was perpetrated against them by those they try to counterfeit.

    It is easy to believe that it was “that bitch’s fault,” or that “campaign opponent’s fault,” or even the fault of your supporters. But really it is always our own fault. Besides the fact that we can look at anything from any emotional perspective (I exclude those chemically raped by the pharmaceutical corps.), there are infinite reasons why we may not of given 100% ourselves. Be leery of those that fuck you, but forgive the ignorant.

    Anonymous; I said I wouldn’t censor comments, and already I found Nick’s use of local’s identities to be the exception. I’m not an Utopian, but I believe we can be a little more open and accepting of all views. As long as Nick doesn’t use anyone else’ identity he’s just another troll.

    Maybe they can shout me down, but they can’t shut me up – “the truth will set you free.”

    love eternal

  19. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Terrence

    ugh! to you too.

    Where did the LA Times hear that one out of, what was it, five houses were “growhouses.” Hell where did they even get the word “growhouses.” Oh yea the “local newspaper editor.”

    Explain who everyone is in that photo from the front page, when Hoover was looking longly in the eye (sic) of the head DEA dude? Lets see, Head DEA dude, cop, cop, cop, cop, cop, Hoover.

    Those aren’t “imaginative theories and folklore over the years,” those are facts. Enough people were busted up North here during operation Southern sweep, due to the publicity, for it to become “folklore” anytime in the foreseeable future.

    You don’t know how long I’ve been here do you Terrence? Just guessing huh. None the less, first the nazis are, and always will be a very small, fanatical, portion of any community; Second, not everyone, that it has been claimed I was bashing, was I bashing; And third, and probably the truest is I love it here. If there is anywhere where USians might wake the fuck up it is here.

    Who degraded this blog here Terrence? I mean you became an out of control troll. Many things that you admittedly didn’t believe, you stated as fact.

    I understand you don’t understand, either ignorantly, or intentionally, the historical references. I intend to rectify that. You must understand that I have no deadlines, I am not paid to make one paper a week, and I do publish an editorial blog, so be patient and I will try to explain what the majority all ready know.

    I’m not going to suffer myself further here, but believe me when I say I love you, eternally. But brother love never means backing down to oppression. If you don’t get it that’s okay, but don’t believe for a second that most people don’t also. I’ve got to be being successful, otherwise why would so many people be making such asses out of themselves to “prove me wrong.”

    Thanks for your show of support.

    love eternal

  20. transient Says:

    Up from the gutter
    comes the spluttering splutter
    of yellowish off-color journalism,
    The Arcata Eye, adding to the waste-paper clutter.

  21. transient Says:

    oops! Didn’t mean to let that last one slip…where the heck am I?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Yup tad, you are on a roll, I think it’s time for another run at the Board of Supes. Babylon needs a push.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Heck I’d vote for Tad over Leonard, Bass or Neely. At least Tad would actually break up the local cartel system and make room for some actual local job creation (unlike the abject failure of those three at this basic task).

  24. nick bravo Says:

    Thank you Tad.

    Any comments about my salami stealing foray at wildberries. it in the EYE. I fully plan to fight this in homeless court. Wildbarfies has bitten off more than it can chew. Yes indeed.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Actually I don’t think this will go to homeless court, since it’s not a ticket for camping or sitting on the sidewalk or having a dog in the prohibition zone or any of the other lame non-crimes Arcata Police hand out tickets for.

    It’s alleged petty theft, so it would go up as a criminal misdemeanor. That’s definitely in your favor Nick! It means you can get a jury trial, instead of this admiralty law judge-as-god crap they pull in these ‘special’ courts for the homeless, for families, etc.

  26. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Nick

    Salami? Bitten off more than it can be chewed? That’s why everyone is curious about your sexuality.

    If you were hungry why didn’t you go eat at the Endeavor? Is it maybe because they’re fucking closed?

    A little truth about homeless court. You must plead guilty to go to homeless court. It’s just like the Nazi “Jewish court.” You only go to get sentenced. They make it sound like a “kind” way to deal with selectively enforced anti-homeless laws, but it is really a way to lower their cost of prosecuting crimes that would otherwise find the defendants not guilty in regular court. As punishment they make you a slave for John Shelter to use to steal other houseless people’s stuff.

    My advice would be to go to court, do any jail time and be done with it. If it is a misdemeanor then you will get a lawyer and a jury trial. If it is an infraction, then you will get fined. If you don’t pay the fine it will be added to your credit rating. There is no debtors prison here yet.

    Good luck with that. Next time try “panhandling.”

    love eternal

  27. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    I am not a politician. If I ran for office it would be on an Anarchist platform – take the government apart. Of course your right that by getting rid of cops at a minimum of $90,000 dollars a pop (sic) would free up a lot of money for real jobs for local citizens, not occupational armies. And ending the “war” on marijuana would free so much money I can’t even begin to estimate it. And rolling back the elitist rules governing owner operated businesses would clear the way for massive job growth. And a living wage law would put more disposable income in the pockets of local consumers that existing businesses would need to hire more people. And rejecting grants and their “conditions” would free us and allow us to control our own sovereignty. But who would vote with me?

    We can take our local government back without elections. All it requires is people standing up. It is said that we get the government we deserve. When you leave watch dogging to the houseless guy you can’t expect much more than we’re getting. Be leery of leaders, even if they appear “cool” in their campaigns.

    “Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up: stand up for your rights!
    Get up, stand up: don’t give up the fight!”

    love eternal

  28. nick bravo Says:

    hanx for the info on homeless court. Too many are willing to squirm like worms before the corrupt judges and kangaroo courts.

  29. Anonymous Says:

    You could run as a write-in candidate for Supervisor here in Eureka this year Tad. I’d really love to see you in the debates ripping into the bozo incumbent and the neocon Republocrat challengers.

  30. nick bravo Says:

    yeah, Tad should run as a write-in supervisor candidate. It’d be just deserts for those who wronged you.

  31. transient Says:


  32. Tom Davis Says:

    Nick Bravo was arrested on February 25, 2015 on 12 felony counts ranging from forgery to grand theft. He is currently in Los Angeles County Jail. Do a jail inmate search for ‘nick bravo’ to see the details.

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