Anti spanging law coming to Arcata

Peace be with you

I have decided to postpone my editoral about the “anti-‘aggressive’ panhandling” ordinance until further notice. I am doing this to intentionally taunt Terrence McNally of the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid. He has become somewhat of a troll on this blog, and I like fucking with trolls.

But rest assured I will write something on this subject. You can read about it here, and find video here.

love eternal


10 Responses to “Anti spanging law coming to Arcata”

  1. Terrence McNally Says:

    Taunted. Intentionally.

  2. Terrence McNally Says:

    Troll fucking.

  3. Terrence McNally Says:

    Why would you allow the dispensation of wisdom to be affected by annoying people? There are gay slurs yet to share.

  4. Terrence McNally Says:

    It just doesn’t seem fair to transient and Anonymouses 1 through 4.
    I’ll stand back… the movement awaits.

  5. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tad, what’s the ETA on the troll fucking, panhandle post and clarification about what sounded like a homophobic statement? Soon?

  6. Stan Says:

    I’m not quite sure why Tad has not banned “Terrence McNally” from the comment section here. I can only assume/surmise by allowing this person to continue spewing his/her vile ignorance; Tad is using this person as stellar example of how a nanny puppet reacts when their debunked policies, support for corruption, and blatant hate mongering are challenged/exposed in a public forum.

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Stan

    You are again correct.

    love eternal

  8. Terrence McNally Says:

    Totally, Stan. Stellar.

  9. Terrence McNally Says:

    Wait, what does this have to do with Betty Chinn not being a hero?
    I’m getting lost.

  10. nick bravo Says:

    Check out the new article about me in the Eye in its next issue!!

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