Why exactly is Betty Chinn a “Local Hero?”

Peace be with you

I’ve been wanting to discuss the self-serving nature of a lot of recent “awards.” I know I will catch a bunch of shit from people who support the “blame the houseless for their situation” rhetoric. But someone needs to say it. There is definitely an increase in the way awards are presented to those who have achieved the oppsite of what the award is meant to recognize. Again I will reiterate that I believe that any group can give any award to anyone they want. But just because someone is given the award as the “best non-profit,” does not mean that they were either the best, or even that they are achieving the stated goals of the non-profit.

I should also point out how well the nazis played the award game. How those that preached the rhetoric of the nazi state were awarded, and those who dissented were silenced. I needn’t point it out because it is a historic fact, I need to point it out, because people need to know they are following a tried and proven plan of crushing democracy and liberty. I need to point it out, so that when it is “too late,” at least once it was questioned. If one could go back to 1934 Germany and tell the people there that their new labeling of people as mentally ill, substance abusers, and unhoused would lead to these people’s deaths, most would shrug you off, and say “it couldn’t happen here.” But we know from historians that the murder of the a fore mentioned peoples was hidden from the German people. Except for the cities where they burned the bodies, most people didn’t even know about it until after the war.

I was more than a little bothered when Obama got the Nobel Peace Price for escalating war. It really takes no explanation on how a warmonger is not deserving of a peace prize. What might take a little explanation though is how giving a prize to someone who seems in conflict with the purposes of the prize is producing a paradigm shift.

I’ve already spoke about the ACLU’s declaring the Mental Health Crisis Team their patriot of the Year I spoke how the award receiver is anti-civil liberties, and certainly no patriot.

Also recently the anti-houseless Arcata Chamber of Commerce gave the rebranded Endeavor their “Non-profit of the Year” award. In the recent past it was the two business owners associations that have rallied the loudest against the houseless. During meeting after meeting about houseless issues there have been people representing the Chamber of Commerce screaming to shut down the Endeavor and run the houseless out of town. Now that John Shelter has made “rules” that prohibit large numbers of houseless people from using their services, now that the Endeavor has rebranded themselves in an effort to vindicate all the evil things the business owners have stereotyped the houseless as, now that the Endeavor has become the police, judge and jury to houseless people who are otherwise breaking no laws, now that the Endeavor goes out hunting, harassing, and stealing from houseless people sleeping in our community Shelter is their man. Only when Shelter took over the reins of the Endeavor and made it even more oppressive than the anti-houseless business owners could imagine, did they award Shelter. In fact Shelter didn’t feed anyone during the year the prize was awarded for.

Now the Eureka Times Standard, in Sunday’s paper claims Betty Chinn is a “local hero.” I don’t mean to degrade what she does do, but why is she getting all these awards? It is great she goes out and feeds houseless people, but so do many many others. Food not bombs got run off the plaza for feeding people, People Project members got taken to jail for feeding people, and other community members got threatened with jail for feeding people.

One of the reasons Betty Chinn gets these awards is because she spreads lies for the poverty pimping industry. She is quick to label homelessness as a result of “mental illness.” She is part of the propaganda machine. In the recent article Betty Chinn claims, “I’ve come to realize that most [houseless peope] are people with serious problems that need to be addressed.” She claims she knows this to be true because she has worked with “mental health issues and substance abuse.” Unfortunately it is not true. In fact it is even more stigmatizing to have people believe we are a bunch of drug addled wingnuts, than their current false belief, that we are “folks who just don’t want to do anything to help [ourselves].”

Westley Chesbro, the anti-houseless assemblyperson who is giving this “ain’t we great” award said Betty Chinn is “Humboldt County’s angle.” I’d like to point out that Satan was also an angle. Satan’s claim to fame is his ability to deceive and lead astray. Though I don’t believe Chinn is Satan, I certainly know she is deceiving Humboldt County by playing up the bullshit “80% of the houseless are ‘mentally ill,’ and 90% are substance abusers” line that Phillip Crandall (the winner of the ACLU patriot award) made up in order to get more funding through his Humboldt County Mental Health Plan. After 10 years of zero job growth, and soaring unemployment, it is bullshit to call homelessness a mental condition. In fact most real houseless advocates believe that homelessness is more likely to cause mental problems, than vise versa.

I’ve long talked about how poverty pimps give awards to themselves in an attempt to inflate their accomplishments to the community. Chesbro said she was an easy choice for the award, “in a large part because she helped changed the way the Humboldt County community sees homeless issues.” If bigots like Michael Moore Jr. and his blog are indicative of the way she “changed” the communities views, please stop it. If that “change” is to make a lot of unemployed houseless people be viewed as “mentally ill, substance abusers.” then again please stop. I do think Chinn’s feeding the poor is admirable, but her stereotyping them with unsubstantiated mental health labels is criminal.

There are those in our community who try to help the houseless because they are humans and worthy of dignity. and they deserve our praise. We need to question why those who play the blame game, and as a result cause oppression on every unhoused person in the county, are being called “heroes” by the very people who have such a historical record of hate for the poorest of our poor. If Betty Chinn really has compassion for the houseless then she should stop stereotyping them. She is probably doing more harm than good expressing lies as to the real cause of homelessness.

I encourage Chinn to keep feeding, and others to take up the cause too. But you can’t really help anyone if your purpose is to stereotype for your poverty pimping buddies. Homelessness is a direct result of a fucked up capitalistic corporate greed, not some invented disease called “mental.” Anyone who says different is restating a lie, and honesty is one thing I look for in my heroes.

love eternal


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  1. WatchOut Says:

    Fuck you Tad. Fuck you and your proud ignorance. If the people you claim are so fucking righteous maybe they would do something to help themselves, but no, it’s everyone else’s fault they can’t make their way through society.

    Fuck off, Tad.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Satan is a fictional character. You need a better example.

    Also, at some point you will need to accept that some of us housed people believe there is something wrong with people who choose to be houseless.

  3. anon Says:

    Actually, if you read the Times-Standard story, those are Wesley Chesbro’s words you attributed to Chinn. In fact, no where in the story does Chinn make any claims about the people she serves. You might want to read a bit more carefully before you publicly accuse someone of “criminal” behavior.

  4. Kevin Hoover Fan Club President Says:

    Hitler and Satan in the same post! You’ve really stepped up your game, Tad.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    It exemplifies the negative worldview that runs through Tad’s thoughts. Even Betty Chin is evil.

  6. billyjoe bob baphomet Says:

    Get a fucking job already Tad. quit sucking off the free tit.

  7. Johnny Berrypicker Says:

    I am a Case Manager working directly with the disenfranchised folks you mention. The majority of my clientelle is mentally challenged. Fact.

    I do agree with you that a major cause of homelessness is due to corporate greed, but not all of it. Not by a long shot.

    As to John Shelter and rulees and being oppressive,… well, maybe you should go hang out at the NCRC and see what really goes on down there. Maybe you should be a eye witness to how much help John Shelter gives. Sheesh!

    People have to want to be helped, and for those who want such help we have to rely on grants and some govt money. In that regard there are some rules and expectations. I guess the pot shots at John Shelter got to me. John is interested in giving a hand up, not a hand out. Or,… are we supposed to just give everything away and abandon all social behaviors for a free for all?

    Illuminate me, please.

  8. Terrence McNally Says:

    Silence! The maestro of self parody is at his labors again.

  9. Terrence McNally Says:

    And this time… he warns of… Nazis!

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I take exception with a lot of your comments. I will address them in order.


    I take it you are trying to intimidate me, not correct me. That doesn’t work, so fuck you.

    Anonymous 2:20,

    If Satan is fictional, then QED all angles are fictional. There really is no limit to the humans ability to “believe” in the fictional. After all, our world economy is entirely based on “confidence.”

    Yes I accept that which you say. If I ever meet a “chosen” I might upgrade my opinion, but until there are enough living wage jobs for everybody, and people are still refusing to work, your argument is just speculation. Even then it is a constitutional liberty.


    That is a very good point. I must admit I too thought that that was a Chesbo quote, but how could he say that? Sloppy ass journalism? Still it can only be attributed to Chinn, or a crack-pot assemblyperson – Who do you want to blame?


    Where in the County do you work? Propaganda? That’s a red herring and you know it. I could of listed a lot of other tyrants in place of nazis. This ain’t a new game, its just new to us USians.

    I really couldn’t use anyone but “the great deceiver” for the Satan comment though. I don’t know of any other deceiving angles.

    Anonymous 3:48,

    I never called Betty Chinn evil. In fact I said, “I don’t mean to degrade what she does do,” “I do think Chinn’s feeding the poor is admirable,” “I don’t believe Chinn is Satan,” and even encouraged her to keep up her feeding.

    You are not missing the plot, you are just another red herring avoiding the question.

    billy bob,

    Whose tit? Your tit? The government tit? Kevin Hoover’s tit? Whose tit?

    Lastly Johnny,

    Thank you for being the sanity amongst the the insane.

    I believe you are a case manager. Tell me if there were no “mentally challenged” disenfranchised, would you and/or your fellow case managers have jobs? I think you are at least honest enough to admit that you need houseless people who can’ t take care of their own management.

    Having said that I too work directly with the disenfranchised, though not as “cases.” Maybe it is because you work with “cases” you see more “cases.” The national statistics don’t show that the majority of houseless people are “mentally challenged.” In fact the national data says more around 4% are mentally chronic.

    I assume you work at the Endeavor. I have a pretty good pulse on the goings on within my community. I converse with enough people who have been effected by the Endeavor to know that what I wrote is accurate. Sheesh!

    Lastly before I try to illuminate you I want to say that your paycheck takes preference over those waiting for grants of help. Of course you wont freely give as you have been given, control is the reason Shelter is grafted that award.

    Before I can illuminate you you should talk to those who took the food out of the garbage cans and distributed it through the original Endeavor. You should talk to those who saw the ribbon cutting for the current sight, who believed tyhe rhetoric that now that the endeavor got grants no one would ever go hungry in Arcata again. Talk to those who watched the city slowly get more involved in the Endeavor and started trying to make it the community police. Talk to those who saw John Shelter make the City’s dreams a reality. Never has the Endeavor had a manager who is as unliked as Slelter. Talk to those before the Shelter occupation.

    If you do this you will realize the Endeavor is intended to feed the hungered, clothe the naked, and give drink to the thirsty. It was a place to help people, with dignity. Now it is primarily to provide you with a job.

    John Shelter’s “hand up, not hand out” is nothing more than stealing from the houseless and giving it to you. People need money! You wouldn’t last a week with out money. But your saying, or more accurately John Shelter is, “give your alms to me, not those who need it.”

    The amount of food, and money opportunities have been drastically prevented by the City of Arcata, and nowhere as much as at the Endeavor under the rein of Shelter. The Endeavor is ours, and Shelter got to a lot of us too.

    Talk to those people, and we’ll talk again.

    love eternal

  11. stan Says:

    Dear Tad:

    Of course you were going to get criticized for writing the truth, from the heart, and your thoughts here, it’s just the nature of the beast. Those in power most often reward themselves, because the act somehow tends to be used to validate untruth in an attempt to make it truth. That’s pretty much how all the propaganda machines have worked throughout modern history.

    Keep your voice loud and your message clear my friend

  12. J Says:


    I have to think houselessness was around long before capitalism, but I would agree that capitalist greed exasperates the situation. I am following your blog because I am interested in what you have to say. I do see the connection with the nazis, although it’s a bit of a stretch, but yes, where do you go when you’re houseless? Where do you sleep? Where do you park your car when you don’t have a driveway.

    Once again there is a rant here against an existing social construct (capitalism, city hall, the homeless shelter, awards…), but no offering of a preferrable alternative. Should the food, clothes, and water be given freely to all? How? In a wharehouse, church, or at city hall? From what I can tell, you are arguing for a system of distribution of food and shelter to those in need, and none of the present systems are adequate or fair. I challenge you to start your own service center. Show us how it’s done, or at least tell us how its done.

    Why are the people houseless anyway. It’s not all corporate greed. I figure some are collateral damage of the economy, some are drug addicts, some are mentally disabled. Is this correct? If not let us know, I’m curious to hear your take on the situation.

    Way to dis the case worker. In my experience social service workers are trying to help people, not get rich. Now, just because he goes to a job because he likes a roof over his head at night, he’s the evil one too.

    Are all people who sleep in houses evil now? Do you have any examples of people you like that live in houses and have jobs? What jobs are good ones to have? Are farmers good, they grow food. Carpenters make houses, are they good? I’ll bet you’d say bankers are bad, and I’d agree that many are bad. But when you say the social worker is bad I start to get confused.

    So in summary:
    How should these services be provided to those in need?
    Who are the houseless, and why are they houseless?
    What professions would you consider noble?


  13. Terrence McNally Says:

    tick tock

  14. wanderinglily Says:

    A lot of people are trying to make a difference. Yourself, Betty Chinn, John Shelter…

    I can appreciate that you have a good system of collecting information, but I think Johnny Case Manager’s invitation for you to hang out at the NCRC is a good idea. Find out first hand what John Shelter is up to. Go hang out with Betty Chinn too. See what’s going on. Walk a mile in their shoes…maybe some constructive criticism can help improve services.

    If you aren’t willing to do that, then start putting energy toward starting your own service center as J Says. People are hungry in Arcata. People need safe places to sleep. Oh…and good luck dealing with the city of Arcata.

    We don’t have enough (any) affordable housing, our economy has tanked, our cost of living is high, SSI has flat-lined, paying jobs are few and far between. Long-term unemployment benefits were just cut which probably affects those who are almost houseless and………services for single houseless people are practically non-existent in Humboldt County, with houseless families faring just barely better.

    If it wasn’t for folks like Betty Chinn and John Shelter, things would be worse.

    As a community we need to do something. Shelter and Chinn are trying. As one who has followed the Endeavor/Arcata drama I realize that a lot of the limits on services were put on the organization by the city. Shelter has done his best to work beyond this and still be able to provide some sort of service in Arcata. It takes people and money to care for others. Without those two elements, any type of service won’t last long. Ideas and activism alone won’t feed folks.

    Meanwhile something is better than nothing. Rather than tear that something down, work to improve it. I think we agree that something is not enough.

  15. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    It is really refreshing to have people actually discussing the problem instead of just childish name calling.

    First of all lets be clear that the federal government says that only 10% of all houseless people are labeled “chronic.” Second, “case managers” are only paid to “manage chronic cases.” Third, local non-profits play loose with their definition of “chronic.” I suppose that is probably the worse thing about Chinn and Shelter.

    The preferable alternative is to make food the highest priority. The cost of feeding people is the cost of the energy used to pick it up, and produce it, I will pay the Endeavor’s one dollar a month “rent.”

    Only 4% of the houseless need “mental health treatment,” but 100% of them must eat. I know for a fact that the “mental health treatment,” lowers the quality of life for those forced on them. I am also pretty sure that the food, or lack there of, fed to houseless people also takes its toll on houseless people’s mental health. The stereotyping also adds a tremendous amount of stress to houseless people’s already stressful life.

    Houseless people are people too. There are nice ones, mean ones, neat ones, trashy ones, tall ones, short ones, every variety that exists in the housed community. Stereotyping them as all one thing or another is wrong. It is both incorrect and just morally wrong. The revisionist history of the “social workers” is bullshit too.

    Work is one thing we need to start talking about in this country. Unfortunately the protector of corporate rule creates situations that discourage small businesses and encourage corporate take over. When I say work I mean wages that allow a person to live, not work as a slave for a crust of stale bread.

    I really don’t think I “dissed” any case manager. I simply pointed out the truth that case management takes priority over food within houseless services. If someone feels that that truth is insulting, then they need to question the priorities, not the messenger.

    I don’t buy that crap about how today’s poverty pimp doesn’t do it for the money. I just have to listen to Fox Olsen for five seconds to know that ain’t true. Poverty pimping is a career field, just like prison guard. They go to HSU to study pseudo science, and expect big salaries. Though I believe salary is John Shelter’s motivation, I believe Chinn is doing it because she cares. It is those Chinn has buddied up with that is motivating her to stereotype.

    Yes I should open a safe zone, but as was pointed out – good luck with the City of Arcata. I do what I can, and won’t give up trying. Until the people of Arcata realize that this is our town, not a few rich business owner’s, little can be done beyond just documenting the problem.

    I have spent a lot of time in my life at the Endeavor. I am sure I have spent more time working at the Endeavor than Johnny has. I have trouble with the rebranding of our Endeavor. Blackwater USA had to rebrand themselves because they killed people. The Endeavor rebranded themselves because they wanted to revise history. Shelter wanted to take the blame for something that was not the purpose, fault, or responsibility of the Endeavor. He rebranded it so he could say yes those things were the fault of our soup kitchen, but now because he has started repressive “new programs” its better all better. If we blamed liquor stores for drunks, and car dealerships for accidents, and pharmacies for drug addiction, then yes blame the Endeavor for houseless people in the plaza, but we don’t so we shouldn’t make a businesses that deal with the unhoused responsible for the actions of those the City Manger said, while he was still chief cop, he doesn’t know if they are even homeless.

    love eternal

  16. Top Cat Says:

    sorry for harping on the whole job thing and please don’t infer snide into my comment here but the question was asked, “What professions would you consider noble?”, and I for one would really like to hear your reply.

  17. Terrence McNally Says:

    tick tock, tick tock

  18. WatchOut Says:

    Oh, and just to repeat, fuck you Tad. You’re a fact-challenged dipshit who makes Sarah Palin appear as a MENSA candidate. You have yet to correct the slander you hurled at Betty Chinn. And one other thing, when you have fed, clothed and assisted even 1/100th of the people that Betty has then we’ll listen to your craptastic bullshit. Until then you get nothing but mockery and insult all of which you richly deserve. What a fucking tool.

  19. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Top

    I tell you what, you tell me who you are, and why you want the answer to that question, and I’ll still give you an answer which you are not able to comprehend. There are ignoble jobs, but no job is inherently noble. I say that of course, assume by noble you mean “possessing excellent qualities.” I believe there are noble people who take that nobleness with them where ever they work. Therefore the most noble job I could think of would be the job of creating nobleness in myself, and I already got that job.

    love eternal

  20. Mr. Nice Says:

    I’ve read 25% of homeless have mental issues, 40%, “over 50%,” but never “80 to 90%.” Damn.

    Anyway, yes, poverty pimping, that cuts to the heart of the matter.

    These politicians are quick to point out figures of how many people need “treatment,” but never talk about how much of their funding goes straight into jobs for people to allegedly deal with the problem. What is the common consensus, 65% of funding for homeless programs goes into employees and administrative costs?

    This is why I donate to reputable charities and directly to people asking for a dollar for coffee or a sandwich or whatever excuse they think they need to think of for me to part with some tiny fraction of my income. I disagree with this mindset that hard working people need to be taxed in order to fund the health and human services racket. These taxes drain the money available not for real job creation.

    Betty Chinn does have a good heart, but I agree she is running with the wrong crowd. The bureaucrats who design this system make it so complicated that very little actually goes to primary functions such as meals at the end of the chain. Defenders of such things are surely conditioned by a lifetime of being taught that this system is good and cannot stand the thought that the very system they have been paying into for most of their life does very little in the end. Unfortunately, the only people who realize that the “war on poverty” is broken have been systematically disenfranchised and have little power to voice an opinion on the matter.

    Thank you Tad for voicing some unpopular opinions so that at least a small discussion may be had. Too often people only want to look at the sunny side of things without considering that they may be blindly accepting an underlying evil.

  21. J Says:



    So in summary:
    How should these services be provided to those in need?
    Who are the houseless, and why are they houseless?
    What professions would you consider noble?


    I ask because you cast blame at almost every comment on here. Obviously you think that the current system of services should be improved. Please elaborate on how, and be specific.

    I asked about the causes of houselessness because you told everyone they were wrong.

    I am very interested in what professions or careers you think are good. All I read up there was some nonsense about noble/ignoble, and the job of creating nobleness (is this religion?). I’m serious here, you are very critical. What professions are good, or at least not so bad? Again, farmers, carpenters… What do think?


  22. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you J

    Again I ask you look into the people I mentioned before. I will answer your question briefly, but there is a much deeper context. I can’t be specific due to time restraints (I type real slow). Keep badgering me, or email me, and I’ll buy you a cup of coffee, we can talk! I like meeting people, and I believe Shelter doesn’t really know what he is creating. Email is in the upper right corner of this blog.

    How should these services be provided to those in need?

    Food, shelter, toilets, the basic necessities for life should be available for everyone. If all’s you give is food, showers, and toilets, then you should make those your first priority. The Endeavor was set up to feed the hungry! Why do they have the money to hire a case manager, but not feed all the hungry? “Feed my lambs” is how I see it.

    Who are the houseless, and why are they houseless?

    This is a question that can’t be answered quickly. Jesus said, “For ye have the poor always with you,” so as you can imagine there have been lots of definitions. I tend to go with the HUD, and VA definition – anyone sleeping where sleeping is not legal (paraphrase mine). People do not become poor because, it is cool. People make poor cool because, they run out of options. You are dealing with people who are out of options.

    In short I don’t believe anyone is homeless. They should have a home wherever they are. What they don’t have is a house!

    What professions would you consider noble?

    I view this as a loaded question. I see egalitarian, compassion, honesty, courageous, altruistic people in all kinds of jobs. Farmers have GMOed our crops, but locally I depend on them for keeping me free of GMOs. I occasionally work as a carpenter, but again only for those who recycle, or use the most environmentally alternative. Noble is the person, not the profession.

    I look forward to meeting you. Keep an open mind.

    love eternal

  23. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Mr. Nice

    Check out the Mental Health Service Act plan. It was on the county’s HHS web page. If you take those numbers to be true, then it means that a bunch of people labeled either of those labels, are labeled “codependent” to the other label. And as J can tell you, that means those numbers add up to over 100%.

    And your paying for it! TMAP bankrupted Texas’ medicaid. Wonder why we don’t have a health care plan? Ask the mental health department. Some of those “cures” cost eight dollars a pop . . . everyday . . . for millions. Oh well, Crandall also did it to foster kids, juvenile court, and everyone at, or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

    To quote a good friend, “I wouldn’t be so paranoid if they weren’t out to get me.”

    love eternal

  24. wanderinglily Says:


    I’m still a tad confused at how we can care for one another without someone somewhere picking up the tab.

    Food may be able to be gathered for little or no cost, but how is it transported? Even if it’s transported by pedal power, who bought the bicycle? If it’s transported by motor vehicle, who is paying for the gas and upkeep of the vehicle? And who is paying the rent for the driver’s home? Is it okay that the driver has a house in this scheme?

    People who devote themselves to social service and environmental science get lumped into the same category in my mind. They are people who work for a cause rather than a paycheck–but the employed ones do get paid.

    I have no idea how much Fox gets paid, but I bet it’s more than John Shelter. Which person is attempting to do more to address poverty issues? And again, is it wrong that people get paid for working?

    Is Betty Chinn more noble than John Shelter because she works for smiles? Or is she just more able than John Shelter to work without pay?

    I’m trying to understand your viewpoint. I agree that we need to find effective ways to address issues of poverty. Can you tell me again how you see this happening?

    And I went and reread the Betty Chinn article. Chesbro is the one who spouted the stereotypes. Betty’s words were noble–and she didn’t seek out the attention. Chesbro’s stereotypes were much nicer than some other viewpoints I’ve heard.

    This was my favorite thing that you wrote in all of this:
    “Houseless people are people too. There are nice ones, mean ones, neat ones, trashy ones, tall ones, short ones, every variety that exists in the housed community. Stereotyping them as all one thing or another is wrong. It is both incorrect and just morally wrong.”

    Let’s start by demonstrating that we are all people capable of nobleness. When we succumb, we succumb to others easily labeling us as certain stereotypes; like “dipshit” for example. What good does that do?

    I’d rather be labeled by those noble qualities. There are times when I succumb and act like a jerk, but I strive to not be identified as a jerk.

  25. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you wanderinglily.

    I believe “the driver” is the hero here. In my opinion it is the driver who should be the “manager.” I know the driver, and he is an example of a noble job!

    I would also like to meet with you, but I’m not smart enough to meet you in a pack, so make an appointment for coffee. Also be prepared to pay for your own coffee, as I don’t drink coffee.

    love eternal

  26. Mr. Nice Says:

    TMAP bankrupted Texas’ medicaid. Wonder why we don’t have a health care plan? Ask the mental health department.

    The federal government is still trying to push mandatory screening down our throats even after it has been blocked so thoroughly in Texas after the controversy over TMAP.

    Government forcing psychotropic drugs on public school children seems like a good example of poverty pimping to me.

    The average person doesn’t seem to think a thing of this or even be aware of its existence. I’ve tried to talk to people about that and they are all like who cares, my kids aren’t crazy. I don’t see any benefit to systematically drugging our population. Screening early to ensure lifetime drug taking seems like a big waste of money. It’s as if society has gone full circle from de-institutionalization to drugging grade schoolers.

  27. Terrence McNally Says:

    Hmmmm…. looks like it’s been 45 hours since a Nazi sighting.

    Mr. Nice, the Daily Show had a great breakdown of the Republican/Fox News talking point use of “down our throats” re: health care reform last night.

    Nice stuff!

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like McNally has moved on in his cyberstalking to pick on poor Tad here…must be an easier target since Terrence was so thoroughly exposed and torn apart on the Boycott the Eye discussions.

  29. Terrence McNally Says:

    Yeah, totally exposed, anonymous chuckles at 1:04 a.m. How’s that Boycott the Eye facebook page going? I haven’t checked it in a while. Hey, take solace in your friend Nicholas Bravo returning to town… He’s back! Like you!

  30. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Terrence

    I would like to point out that Mr. Nice and myself were tlking about the pharmaceutical corporation’s exploitation of county/state’s medicade money for mental health drugs. Your not even on topic, unless it was the accurate comparison between what Fox passes for news, and what the [L]Eye passes for news.

    I’m writing a post about the bigoted pan handling ordinance. Though I have yet to mention the similarities between Nazi rhetoric and Stillman’s, classism is definately a main factor in that anti-houseless legislation. Stay tune.

    love eternal

  31. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you again Terrence

    Are you endorsing the boycott? Good move.

    How is Bravo? Has he been hanging with you? I’m so glad he has a friend. You two have always impressed me as simpatico.

    love eternal

  32. Terrence McNally Says:

    Sure, Stillman’s a Nazi, too. I’ll add her to the list.

    It seemed timely that the anon Nice also uses over-the-top rhetoric evoking forced felatio when talking about stuff he don’t like. Like Southern congresspeople. And downtown Nazi hunters.

    I think Bravo is as fun as ever. But I actually figured you two to be better bosom buddies as y’all like to talk at committees, councils, commissions and boards past your time limits.

    But yes, I did join the Eye Boycott in November. It was a hoot while it lasted. We kept waiting for you to join the Interweb fun, but you never did. Chuckles and Bravo came. It was neato. You’ve got your own newspaper dismantling project going, I guess.

    I can’t wait to read your new missive. I bet there are Nazis afoot. See you on 8th Street!

  33. truth speaker Says:

    Peace be with you Tad,

    This is the first article that I’ve ever read off of your blog. Comments like these: “Homelessness is a direct result of a fucked up capitalistic corporate greed, not some invented disease called “mental.” Anyone who says different is restating a lie, and honesty is one thing I look for in my heroes.” are so generic and played out that I likely won’t ever bother to read your pathetic drivel again.
    For the vast majority of homeless, substance abuse is a real problem. Betty’s a hero because she has dedicated her life to helping others while not receiving any material gain for her services. What is more heroic than sacrificing your time and sweat to help others? You try to make heroes out of beggers who mooch off of society. If you and others want to live outside the confines of society, I solute you and say goodluck. However, you don’t actually distance yourself from this capitalistic society. You attach yourself to society’s tit because you are too weak to truly break-away. Then, with time on your hands when you are not begging those of us engaged in making society a better place, you try to tear down those who are infinitely above you, both spirtually and mentally, as a way of justifying your existence.
    I will buy myself a cup of coffee and discuss life with you if you would like. Good-luck in life.


  34. Terrence McNally Says:

    Man… it’s taking you forever to wrap up that pan-handling post, Tad. It’s already two-days late. Come on already. What the hell? You can slap this shit together by now:

    • council bigots
    • panhandlers good
    • throw in some Nazis
    • couple old quotes from wise guys
    • um… corrupt capitalistic system
    • uh… there, um… class war
    • hate
    • love
    • eternal

    Whamo! New blog post. Bad people with jobs get mad all over again. Then you write, “Peace be with you, asshole” and we got ourselves a productive discourse again.

    Time’s a wastin’!

  35. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you truth speaker

    You a liar! Prove to me that the “vast majority of homeless are substance abuse[rs].” Show me your evidence. Prove I try to make heroes out of “beggars who mooch off of society.” Show me some proof. Prove to me I beg. Show me one little bit of proof that I beg, anything. Oh yeah you can’t, because you are like McNally, and just make up shit to fit your warped world view.

    At least you, unlike any of the other commenters, at least tried to answer the question I posed. Chinn may not get money directly from her help, but she definitely gets some satisfaction out of labeling the houseless people. If she didn’t make cracks about how she believes most houseless people are wingnuts I’d agree with you, but she does.

    Thanks for your wishes, but people who have honesty don’t need so much “luck.” That shit is for people who lie. I’ll take Karma over luck any day.

    love eternal

  36. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Terrence

    Have you ever considered AA? When have I ever said “peace be with you, asshole?” I’m not saying I haven’t said that, but I haven’t said it enough that I remember it. So do the research and get back to me on it.

    Now lets take a look at your list.

    council bigots – abso-fucking-lutely! Randy Mendosa said he doesn’t even know that the so-called “homeless problems” are caused by the houseless. Yet 4 out of 5 council persons accuse houseless for them. Why? ‘Cause their bigots.

    panhandlers good – panhandlers are like newspaper workers – some are good, some are bad. I certainly don’t think that they are not good simply because they’re panhandling.

    throw in some Nazis – I have never thrown in Nazis. I simply point out the similarities. It offends you because, either it hits a little too close to home, or you just don’t know enough about history to be intelligent about the subject.

    couple old quotes from wise guys – I am not sure how you are defining the term “wise guys.” If you mean I take wisdom from others, and use it to make my point then your right on with this one. If you mean it derogatorily, then reread the line about knowing history.

    um… corrupt capitalistic system – are you stating it is not? If you aren’t then that explains why you can’t get away from Hoover.

    uh… there, um… class war – again are you stating there is not? Pretty naive for a newspaper person.

    hate – who hates who. Does a deer hate the lion chasing it? I feel pity, but I don’t feel hate. It seems a little bit of a stretch for you to say you know how I feel.

    love – again, abso-fucking-lutely! Love is the answer!

    eternal – Yes we are eternal. Even those of you who are clueless as to it. Matter is neither created nor destroyed.

    As far as Bravo goes, feel free to keep dating him. Though I genuinely like the guy, he seems to have trouble liking me. In fact he is the only person to ever get 86ed from the Plazoid since I took it over. You should hire him at the Eye, then you can gang up on me.

    I’ll get to the post, but in the mean time keep commenting, it shows your true color so well.

    love eternal

  37. Terrence McNally Says:

    make up shit
    world view warped
    chinn satisfied
    makes cracks
    thanks, wishes
    liars need shit luck
    I’ll take karma
    any day

  38. Terrence McNally Says:

    Colors are true.
    Are you making a homophobic allusion to dating Bravo?
    That would be a Tad bigoted.

  39. Terrence McNally Says:

    Cuz when you said: “feel free to keep dating Bravo,” you must have meant: “that’s really great that a man could find a life partner in another person since I support everyone’s rights to love eternal.”

    Or did you mean something different, like men dating other men was a bad thing and since you probably figure I’m a heterosexual I’d be offended since homosexuality is nasty to me and I’d be grossed out by the idea and so mad at you for saying that. Tad.

  40. Terrence McNally Says:

    Tad. What did you mean by that?

  41. Terrence McNally Says:

    That gay love is bad?

  42. Terrence McNally Says:

    Is that what you meant?

  43. Terrence McNally Says:

    Do you hate the lion, dear?

  44. Anonymous Says:

    McNally is sick sick sick

  45. voomaui77 Says:

    On Betty Chinn – Tad is off on a few points, but right on others. I do think it strange that houseless (homeless) advocates are negatively perceived, but Betty Chinn, with her new, expensive refrigerated van somehow sanitizes the whole issue, and I do see where Tad is going on democracy. Consider how ONE person is pushing an agenda and setting up a little hierarchy without having to answer to city or county ordinances or CA social service laws.

  46. Kirsten Says:

    I would love to meet you, Tad and discuss this further. I’m making a documentary on the homeless situation in Eureka and am looking for people to talk to, to voice their opinion on the situation and the efforts being made.

    I’m serious about this.

    Thank you.


    • theplazoid Says:

      Peace be with you Kirsten

      Email me at the the address in the corner of the main page. I’ve been thinking about your project for years now.

      love eternal

  47. Terrence McNally Says:

    She’s serious, Tad.

    And she has a camera.

  48. vooman77 Says:

    On making your film, make sure to ask (what no one wants to ask): WHERE did you come from, HOW LONG have you been here, and WHY did you come here? I would say that in about 90% of the cases, homeless folks in Humboldt County are from out of this area, have been here 2 years or less, and had no particular reason to come here. The knew jobs weren’t plentiful, that the resources are limited, and that Humboldt County is one of the poorest counties in the state.

  49. titfortad Says:

    After spending the day with Betty Chinn recently, and hearing her story in her own words, I googled her and came across this nasty, lie-filled, ignorant post. Betty Chinn survived a cultural revolution in which she witnessed her family members murdered in front of her, in which she endured torture, hunger, homelessness as a young child. She was forced to wear a wooden sign around her neck calling her a “Child of the Devil,” and here I read that you, Tad, compare her to Satan? “I’d like to point out that Satan was also an angle (sic).” She walked over a thousand miles, endured cruelty that no human being should endure, arrived in the United States at age 13 with $20 in her pocket. And somehow she survived, and instead of being a vessel of hate and animosity, she used the experiences in her life as a way of healing, by helping others. She has no agenda other than to feed, clothe and help people. She does not classify anyone or make judgments about any of the people she helps. Every day she feeds 500 people. She sleeps 2 or 3 hours a night, and it is her passion to help all people, to give kindness to others, because she remembers as a young child with a plaque around her neck, that those few people who were kind to her were the ones who allowed her to endure, to move forward, and to ultimately survive. She spreads love, she shuns the awards and the attention. She never ever has sought fame. She is an “angle” as you would misspell, Tad. An angel, truly. The world is very lucky to have her. This community is very lucky as well. And it greatly angers me that anyone would write anything so negative about such a truly positive person. Ask the 500 people she feeds daily what they would eat, if it weren’t for Betty.

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