Humboldt Supes Vote for Stricter Probation

Peace be with you

The Humboldt County’s board of supes gave the Probation Department official blessings to start an “Evidence-Based Probation Supervision Program,” and hire and train one additional probation cop.  This Evidence Based Program (EBP) is the merger of mental health and adult probation. The reason I specified adult is because they already pulled this shit on our kids.

Before I discuss this unanimous vote to hire another probation cop, I need to write a little about newspeak. One of the ways they use newspeak is to combine two words to make a mental picture of a third thing. You’ve heard me bitch about the “chronic homeless” label before. Homelessness is not an incurable medical condition. Neither is something labeled with the term “best practices” the best practices. In fact we see in many cases it is not even the second or third best practice. Likewise “evidence based” is not based on evidence, but Twainian statistics.

When the Mental Health Department first talked about “evidence-based” mental health services, it turned out they were talking about Atypical anti-psychotics. In California (and several other states) everyone who is receiving “mental health services” through the government gets treatment according to a “medication algorithm,” called “CalMAP.” The “medication algorithms” require the mental health service providers to use Atypical anti-psychotics first before any other help is tried.

Evidence shows that these Atypical anti-psychotics are very dangerous, and lead to several life threatening illnesses, while herbs, counseling and improved diet and exercise have been shown to get better results, with considerably less side effects. I’ve already shown how our mental health policies are made, advertised. and lobbied for by giant pharmaceutical corporations. “Evidenced-based mental health services” are really profit-based corporate scams, and way to many people are forced, maimed and killed over those profits.

The next place I saw the use of this newspeak phrase was among “homeless service providers.” The so-called “homeless experts” started talking about “evidence-based” homeless solutions. Again those solutions came to fruition as Atypical anti-psychotics through the County’s “mental health plan,” and its “homeless services plan.” Again the evidence didn’t support the evidence the “evidence-based” theory was based on. Also the “homeless service plan” originally was supposed to be a “chronic homeless plan to end chronic homelessness in ten years,” but through that newspeak magic it was turned into a “plan to end homelessness in ten years.” This is reflected in the “mental health services plan” with Crandall reporting that ninety percent of ALL houseless people are substance abusers, and eighty percent are “mentally ill.” I’ve explained how this both defies logic and classifies homelessness as a medical condition.

I know I have said a little more than a few words about this, but I believe we need to start recognizing the mad dogs before they bite us. Anytime you hear the word “tool” ask, “are they talking about cop stuff?” Every time you hear “evidence based” ask, “are they talking about mental health?” This item uses both of those newspeacks phrases a lot. The head cop in the probation department, Doug Rasines, also calls his “new tool” an “instrument.” It’s a fucking questionnaire with a computer program. And he never calls the people on probation, “people.”

Rasines, states in the supe’s packet that “[t]he primary objective of the ARRA funding is to create or restore jobs.” Currently he has 15 probation officers. Each of these probation cops are currently supervising 52 “high risk felony” people on probation, and 31 lesser risk people. The board packet indicates he has 1275 people to supervise. The National Institute of Corrections, undoubtedly a cop think tank, “indicates” that POs should have less than 50 “high risk felony” cases. He also states in the packet that he has positions allocated, but de-funded, for 12 more POs. If he was fully funded he would have 27 POs. A little math tells us that if he had all the POs he wants then each PO would have a total of 47 cases. Since 47 mixed risk people is below the 50 “high risk” people he claims one PO can supervise, what is to prevent his POs from making every case into a “high risk” case?

Further along in the packet we learn that he is also changing the “assessment tool” from one he calls “a modified Wisconsin model” to one called “STRONG.” He claims that he is switching to this tool because it has “a stronger scientific base.” Again I will point out that all the pseudo sciences, especially one that is designed to see the future, has absolutely NO scientific base! Though the percentages of people who are violated are extremely low, just 6.8%, or 87 out of 1275, the fact he has 570 on “high risk” status is enough to tell me his science is full of shit, and as such no science at all. Imagine if gravity had an error rate.

Not only is the STRONG assessment “more scientific,” but Rasines assures us, well really the supe’s, that changing the “instrument” to STRONG will result in more people being labeled “high risk.” Being “high risk” means more hoops to jump through, along with “services.” These services are assigned by “identifying the particular programming to address an identified criminogenic need.” There are really only two profitable “services” available. One is drug treatment, and Rasines claims they are staffed by workers “typically of limited educational background.” Isn’t it ironic that you only need a high school diploma to be a PO? Rasines makes it clear they are insufficient, so that only really leaves the other service. Yep “mental health services.”

The POs with this “tool” will get the additional duties of “facilitating cognitive behavioral programming.” What did Orwell call it? Rasines further writes, “Development of EBP-cognitive behavioral programming in our community is proposed to be effected by the training of the Probation Department in facilitation of a particular program curriculum.” Not only is he running loose and wild with that “community” reference, but he literally said “programming.”

The EBP, or evidence based program, Rasines is referring to is from the National Institute of Corrections just like the study that convinced him he needed another PO. It’s called “thinking for a change” (t4c). I wish I knew more about the specifics of t4c, but that’s not the kind of information department heads allow “our community” to know. It does say under objective 3, “Probation officers with active supervision caseloads to assess probationers coming on to probation using STRONG tool to determine criminogenic need and appropriate outpatient treatment referrals to meet those needs.”

I wish we had the data they already keep. I know it will show an increase in forced druggings in every population group where “evidence based practices” are implemented.

One other thing I should mention is, this $231,055 grant wasted on more police for the police state is administrated by the California Emergency Management Agency. I don’t understand what CalFEMA is doing administrating probation grants. Maybe before the FEMA camps are filled they want to dope all the ex-criminals. I don’t know. but this is scary shit, and it passed with very little objection.

love eternal


2 Responses to “Humboldt Supes Vote for Stricter Probation”

  1. Joshua Stengel Says:

    The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. You can read more about them here:

    Information about the “Thinking for a Change” program you mentioned from the National Institute of Corrections can be found on their website:

    If people have questions about Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs), the T4C program, or about the National Institute of Corrections, please feel free to contact us through our Information Center:

  2. fig Says:

    ____ Sat. Feb. 13, 2010

    Excellent post as usual. newspeak is indeed a frightening
    tool, it takes a lot of reading to be able to NOTICE and
    take into account even for a college graduate, much less
    a high-school graduate who never reads. Of course, if you
    don’t know how to read or even understand bureaucratic-government employee English , maybe you might be better off.

    At least, you won’t be inadvertently bamboozled through
    double-talking, newspeak (propaganda) with hidden,
    deleterious meanings.

    the “programs” mainly geared to ROBBING taxpayer dollars,
    millions of dollars of it — and distributing among government
    “agencies,” “think-thanks,” “institutes.” — what have you.

    COMPLETE ripoff through and through — and of course
    the destruction of people’s lives through forced
    pharmaceutical-psychiatric-drugging. JUST LOOK AT
    the current story of professor in U of Alabama in Huntsville
    shooting and killing 3 persons, etc. Another
    pharmaceutical-psychiatric-drug-induced killing.

    _____________________________________ the end.
    2-13- 2010 (Saturday)

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