Reefer Madness and Humboldt Liberals

Peace be with you

It really seems that a new reefer madness has struck the liberals of Humboldt county. From the Times Slander putting a pot leaf on any paper that mentions the word marijuana, to the Arcata Leye making a big enough stink that the federal government raids our fellow Humboldtians, the county has begun to develop an unhealthy fixation on pot use.

The most recent issue of the southern Humboldt paper, The Independent, ran a article titled “Supe Cites ‘Magnitude of Complaints’ about Grow Houses.” The article is a push by Humboldt supe Duffy to outlaw pot growing through zoning codes. Duffy claims she gets two or three call a day complaining about people growing pot in their homes. She claims, “people are really struggling with neighbors who have indoor grows that are having huge impacts on their neighborhoods” (emphasis mine). What are and how huge are these impacts?

If you bother to read the whole thing, you will see at the very end are the “impacts.” Duffy claims that the huge impacts are “odor and safety concerns.” First as to the odor, it is harmless, and causes no adverse problems. We live by the coast for crying out loud. We have low tides much more offensive in odor than the smell of crops growing. Odor is only a problem to those who want to get others in trouble with the law.

The second “huge impact” is that some people think that “home invasion incidents” will be mistakenly perpetrated against the wrong house. Duffy said, and I shit you not, “There has been an uptick of home-invasion incidents and the concern is that if someone’s growing in your neighborhood, it’s just a matter of time before somebody gets an address wrong and shows up at your doorstep.” Talk about fear mongering! This is perhaps the most illogical argument I’ve ever heard about pot. The “matter of time” bullshit is a propagandist’s way of saying that though the odds are astronomically small, you should still fear it. First there are the odds that someone is feloniously trying to strong arm someone for their pot. Then there’s the odds they get the wrong house, and then there’s the odds that your house is that wrong house. Add to that the fucking odor at the right house. The odds that the cops get the wrong house in a pot bust and shoot your family dead is much greater, and will be even greater than that with more anti-pot policies.

There is no serious impact except that made by the anti-marijuana liberals. I agree that there are many things that would be beneficial to teach the more “easy money” of the pot growers, but driving them further underground will not accomplish that end. On top of that legal grows will have less odor reducing equipment, and so will smell much skunkier.

I also realize that marijuana money is really all that is keeping our local economy going. Would any of Humboldt’s businesses be comfortable refusing to accept marijuana money? Of course not. It may be cool if your business caters to the University or the Government, but still a lot of the restaurants, markets, and shops you visit would probably shut down.

There is nothing dangerous about cannabis. There are plenty of dangerous things about the black market underground you have resigned marijuana to. Among the most dangerous are those who have taken up arms to either defend it or eradicate it. What is the evidence of this “uptick” Duffy speaks of? I do see an uptick in body armored cops with assault rifles kicking in doors and putting their barrels to peoples heads. It seems it is the job of the police and the supes to protect us from those wishing to steal our stuff, not to take away our stuff. Think how much easier it would be to stop bank robbers if money was outlawed.

I believe we should put no limits on marijuana growing. We should have so much that we can’t give it away. Nobody’s gonna bust in your door to rob you of something that grows everywhere. That’s another thing it grows, and that means it was meant to be outdoors. Growing stuff under lights is both unsustainable, and unnatural. Especially somewhere like here, where it grows soooo nicely outside.

Its a money game for the supes though. The more they can put in their rules, the more they can collect from those who break them. While the criminals continue risking themselves for the insane profits, the legal patient will find they can not maintain enough medicine for their needs. It’s just a plant, the sooner we realize that, the sooner it’s leaves can be use for the healing of nations. If you haven’t watched the video “The Union” perhaps you should.

love eternal


9 Responses to “Reefer Madness and Humboldt Liberals”

  1. Randy Says:

    “I believe we should put no limits on marijuana growing. We should have so much that we can’t give it away. Nobody’s gonna bust in your door to rob you of something that grows everywhere.

    Amen, Tad!

  2. William Van Hefner Says:

    Um… I assume you meant “REEfer Madness”?

    Also, wouldn’t it be anti-marijuana conservatives, not anti-marijuana liberals? The latter almost seems like an oxy-moron.

    As for the “uptick” in home-invasion robberies, anyone not living under a rock has noticed a dramatic increase in these over the past year, especially in Arcata and Eureka. There was one on the front page of the Times-Standard less than a week ago. How many of these did we have 10 years ago? Hardly any. Now, they seem to be at least a weekly event, and that’s only counting the ones that growers are stupid enough to report to the police!

    You do realize that you are kind of contradicting yourself by first going off on a rant supporting grow houses, then stating that people shouldn’t be growing them indoors, right? So, is growing indoors a problem or not?

    As for the “huge impact” grow houses have, the most substantial impact it has had so far is to dry up the availability of affordable rental property in places like Arcata. Unless you are growing pot, I don’t understand how you could afford to rent a house to live in that town. The rental market there has always been overpriced, due to its proximity to HSU, but rental prices are off the charts now. Whether we are less safe or not due to grow houses being around us, I have no idea. It would be speculation either way. Finding an affordable place to live around here is definitely becoming an increasing problem though.


  3. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you William

    Yes I did mean reefer, thank you.

    No I meant anti-marijuana liberal. It is the groovy liberals that want more pot laws (and other restrictions on freedom) in Humboldt. We know what conservatives want, but even you don’t really know what the liberals are striving for. Don’t confuse the good-cop with a non-cop, because the good -cop is still a cop.

    If there is an “uptick.” isn’t it a failure on the part of our “leaders” to protect us? Plus I believe all crime increase is directly related to the increase in cop hiring. You say we’ve had an uptick in the last ten years, I say we have doubled the cop portion of our budgets in the last ten years.

    Yes, I am pro-organic, pro-outdoor first. but I am not so anti-marijuana that I advocate cop calling. Ideally I would want such lax rules that we grow our medicine in our front yards. It is its legality that causes the need for lights, and secrecy.

    I don’t even know where to start with your last complaint. Do we think that people who turn a room into a study, or a rec room, cause a loss of rental property and drive up rents? As you correctly pointed out we live in a college town. The land”lords” charge a higher price because they know students must live here in order to go to school. They also have rental companies rent out their housing for them. This adds thousands of dollars to the price of rent. Arcata is a town which contains a group of people that learned they could exploit renters. These land”lords” call their buying and selling of the same housing a business. They charge in order not only to pay off their property, but to also show a monthly profit. I other words many of the local land”lords” are greedy bastards.

    I too don’t know there is an decrease in safety between this year and say last year, but I do know denying legal patients, and driving illegal patients further under ground is not the answer. It seems that meth use has also increased under Duffy’s tenure. This too is a result of strict marijuana enforcement, and inaction by the cops and supes. The more and longer we use stupid, liberty stealing tactics, the more crime and injustice we can expect. How many people have died in the hands of the cops in the last ten years, or committed suicide due to mental health drugs, or died from overdoses of the drugs supplied by the CIA? More cops and more laws have actually made us less safe. That is the nature of the beast.

    Lastly I noticed you didn’t attack my position on the whole economic argument. I did fail to report in the original piece all the savings the cop shop could expect if the laid off marijuana eradication. We spend more money fighting illegal grows than any other crime. As our cops take over our town we should learn that giving over half or budgets to the pigs is more dangerous to our liberty than grow houses are dangerous to our safety. (Randy Mendosa transferred from the cop shop to the city managers desk signaling the complete take over of our town by a bunch of goons from Fortuna. An occupying force if you will.)

    The time to stop this madness is way over due. Our government should just assume if someone is growing pot it is because they need to. We encourage an increase in the number of drinking establishments which cause the majority of problems, but limit the number of grow clubs which cause people to chill out. What’s wrong with that picture?

    Stop the madness, free the weed, put rent caps on the out of control land”lords,” and fire a whole bunch of cops. Freedom requires me to accept your freedoms, and as long as you are not hurting anything I am down with that. Freedom will set you free.

    love eternal

  4. David De Rothschild Says:

    The drug war nets far more profit than would legalized and heavily taxed marijuana. I believ we should more heavily tax ALL things ingested by the masses, including air and water, and punish drug offenders even more harshly. Get caught with a joint, become the governments servant for the rest of your life. Sad thing Tad, had you the money and power that I do you’d be a bigger tyrant than I.

  5. William Van Hefner Says:


    I guess that I don’t run across many anti-marijuana liberals. Just because I don’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist though. 🙂

    I think that the recent spate of home invasion robberies is just taking cop’s time away from things they would be doing otherwise. Like, handing out speeding tickets. I don’t think that there will ever be a shortage of crime, or cops. It’s just a matter of priorities.

    I’m wasn’t speaking of homes where someone might have some weed in a corner of their room. I’m talking about GROW HOUSES. The ones that people don’t actually live in, but are used exclusively for growing pot. The rental market is strictly supply and demand. The more rentals that are turned into grow houses, the less there are for people to live in. Landlords can only afford to charge what supply and demand will allow them to, or no one will rent from them. It’s the lack of supply that is driving prices up so high. Greedy or not, landlords have to conform to the laws of supply and demand in order to stay in business. Failing to do so is as fatal as failing to adhere to the laws of physics.

    The last time I checked, it IS now legal to grow medicine in your front yard. So, I’m not sure what that statement is supposed to mean.

    I have no argument with your overview of the economic impact of marijuana on the local economy. If someone grows enough of it to make a living from it though, it should be treated as a business and follow the same laws, rules and pay the same taxes as farmers have to. It should be treated like any other legitimate business. If people are just growing it for their own use, they should be left alone entirely though, IMHO.


  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you William

    I know someone who rents a house in Arcata, but lives elsewhere. He doesn’t grow pot. Most grows don’t take the whole house. I really think the housing argument is a red herring. Local liberals (every government in Humboldt are liberial democrats) can’t get the people to support their goals of cutting off all pot, so they made up this “its making housing unavailable.” Of course they would be ecstatic over a massive second-home market in the county. Rents have always been too high in Arcata, and again most of that is due to rental agencies which have added their fees to the cost of rent.

    I agree that it should follow the same laws as all farmers. Unfortunately the federal and state governments don’t agree with us. So in the mean time we should ignore it. Let that money flow through our shops, and car dealerships, and such. Plus we free a lot of cops to do real crime prevention. Perhaps the biggest reason the government has for not legalizing pot is the massive number of cops, jail guards, prosecutors, and judges employed in the liberty stealing business. It has also taught a generation of USians to have a disregard of the law. If everyone who broke the pot laws were behind bars we would truly have half our population guarding the other half.

    We can’t grow outside and follow the law. The current limits in Arcata doesn’t allow the production of enough medicine in one outdoor season. So most patients must have a new crop every few months to maintain an adequate medicine supply. These new, more restrictive pot laws came from our LIBERALS!

    I personally view any marijuana use as medical marijuana. My view is, that if some otherwise healthy person smokes pot all day, then without the pot they would drink, or do some other more harmful drug all day. Since the “harm” done to pot smokers from pot is mostly aesthetics, while the harm done by most other drugs is physically harmful, it can be viewed as harm reduction. The harm done to society by pot is caused by its legal status, not its pharmacological properties.

    We once had very little meth and heroin. These drugs appeared after the local governments started attacking pot, and the hippies who once lived here. When High Times wrote that you could buy a bag of nugs on the Arcata plaza that was all you could buy there. Now that you can’t buy a bag of nugs on the plaza, meth and heroin are readily available. This is the same thing that started the heroin epidemic in Vietnam.

    Once I asked the city of Arcata to change their priorities on pot and make it lowest. Though every single council member campaigned they were pro-pot legalization, not one would take up the suggestion. In fact the “first green party mayor in the nation” said he didn’t want to be known as someone who legalized drugs. We are not considered a conservative county, so it has to be the liberals who are creating more and more restrictive 215 laws.

    Another problem with the pot laws are they make people who only grow and smoke marijuana de facto non-participatory members of our community. Thousands of people don’t speak out because they are afraid it will put their pot use under scrutiny.

    Lastly it is a pet peeve of mine, but economics is a pseudo-science, while the laws of physics is a true science. Failing to do anything within economics is NOT, will never be, and can’t ever be as fatal as failing to adhere to the laws of physics. Bernanke said he had mistakes in his model, but really he just guessed wrong. Chicago school economics is based on another psuedo-science called “game theory,” Game theory is based on the premise that humans will always act in their own best interest. I’m just waiting for humanity to prove that wrong. If people worked in the best interest of altruism the entire economic model falls apart. Little acts of selflessness will destroy our entire consumer based culture. According to my view of game theory we could literally hug Babylon to ruins. Watch out believing that psuedo-sciences are “laws,” because mostly those laws are only enforced with a gun.

    Thanks for your dialog, William.

    love eternal

  7. moviedad Says:

    Wow, the aristocracy is out in force today.
    I suggest that there is not an increase in the home invasion robberies from ten years ago. There may be less. But ten years ago they were never reported. It’s only been since the cloak of legality has been draped over pot that the victims of “Pot-Crimes” call the police.
    There are plenty of laws already on the books that make growing indoors illegal. Anytime you have groups crying for “New” laws, you can bet that those new laws include unconstitutional aspects that were kept out of existing laws governing what you can and cannot do in your home; rental or otherwise.

  8. Mr. Nice Says:

    I suggest that there is not an increase in the home invasion robberies from ten years ago. There may be less. But ten years ago they were never reported. It’s only been since the cloak of legality has been draped over pot that the victims of “Pot-Crimes” call the police.

    Nail on the head there boss. If you asked a grower what they thought about rippers in 2000, they would say that’s why I have this gun. Folks on the outside looking in think that home invasions are new because now cops are called to solve this problem instead of just hiring badder thugs to go rip the shit back.

  9. joe redenbocker Says:

    Many people do not realize its not the growers fault for the housing shortage in arcata, if you want to blame it on growers who have 2nd, 3rd rental propertys that no one is living in then i would say the number is very very small. The real reason theres a housing shortage is because the area is so anti development that they havent built enough new houses to keep up with local demand, instead development is pouring over into mckinleyville and making it arcata #2. HSU has consistantly been upping its enrollment by 1000’s of new students a year over the last 5 years. This has added 3,000 or so new students who need housing to the area further forcing a housing shortage. Plus lets not forget the housing bubble inflated the prices there not growers and the prices have not poped / lowered because arcata has continued to be a highly desired place to live!

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