ACLU picks Dr. Death “Civil Liberties Patriot of 2009”

Peace be with you

There’s an idiom which says, “fools rush in where angles fear to tread.” I’m pretty sure I a rushing in right now, but I can’t resist. Congratula-motherfucking-ation Phillip Crandall for being the ACLU’s civil liberty patriot of 2009. I don’t really think it elevates him as much as it deelevates the ACLU.

This is slightly embarrassing, because the ACLU also nominated me for that award. I haven’t written about it because I was ashamed to be associated with any of the other nominees. If I had been nominated with someone like Verbana, who was arrested defending civil liberties twice last year, along with training hundreds of community members on their civil liberties, I would feel ok about it. Hell, even Geronimo, who held the vigil while I was in jail has done more in the last year to promote civil liberties than I have.

Whether it is John Shelter, who goes out under the guise of his “new programs” and steals houseless people’s possessions, or Bonny Neely who voted to spend $70,000 of “homeless funds” for a Rob Amerman study that concluded we need to collect more data, and $85,000 for a homeless information collecting computer program, these are not people associated with civil liberties.

I’ve already expressed how I feel there are many others in our community still fighting as patriots of civil liberties, but definitely not Phillip Crandall. Crandall is not known for his civil liberties either in house or out. He’s a prescription pad in employment of the pharmaceutical corporations, with the tax payer as the insurance company. He continually boasts that an unrealistically large number of our community members need his CalMAP services (pharmaceuticals). He constantly brings mandatory mental health policies before the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

By nominating me, and rewarding Crandall, one might think, I might refrain from exposing the fact that this is the ACLU justifying the actions of Phillip Crandall. Call me a sore fucking loser if you want, but fuck that shit, lives are at stake. There is no justification for what Crandall does or plans on doing to this county.

Bad decision ACLU. Its one thing to defend the rights of nazis free speech rights, it is something else entirely to praise Eichmann. Please don’t ever nominate me for anything again.

love eternal


20 Responses to “ACLU picks Dr. Death “Civil Liberties Patriot of 2009””

  1. mresquan Says:

    Didn’t Crandell himself assist the officers during your episode in chambers that day?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So Mark Konkler hates the ACLU as part of his continued quest of punishing Greg Allen for driving a stake through the heart of his precious Measure T. Poor baby.

  3. David De Rothschild Says:

    No one cares Tad. The next time you find yourself in jail you may not be getting out. They’d love you in a mexican prison.

  4. moviedad Says:

    All great men are insane. Thankfully.
    I’m starting to notice a real totalitarianism streak in you Tad. You seem very ready to take away rights from all kinds of people in the name of enforcing some sort of compassion (ill defined) on the masses. There’s a lot of Hitler in your speeches.

  5. Adolf Hitler Says:

    I have to agree with moviedad, Tad is becoming the philosophical brother I never had!

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    Would you please explain how I am “Totalitarianism?” What rights am I trying to take away? What sort of “Hitler in [my] speeches” are you referring to? I don’t view you as a provocateur like SoHumNoob, so your opinion I wish to know.

    I don’t understand what you are talking about. Yes I don’t compromise away rights, I speak out against injustice, and I use my consumerism as choices for social change, but how is that Hitlerish?

    love eternal

  7. mresquan Says:

    “So Mark Konkler hates the ACLU as part of his continued quest of punishing Greg Allen for driving a stake through the heart of his precious Measure T. Poor baby.”

    Uh,please explain your theory more elaborately.And was my comment an incorrect statement?

  8. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you mresquan

    I don’t think your statement about Crandall was incorrect, and I was there.

    love eternal

  9. moviedad Says:

    Sorry man, it’s all the enemies.

  10. Love And Oneness Says:

    Tad, with all the police repression in Humboldt, your jailing for going a few seconds over at the Board of Supes meeting, the terror tactics used against peaceful protesters, the EPD’s killing fields in 2006-07, you’re going after the ACLU?
    Now the right can point to you and say “well we may have problems, but look at extremists like Tad”. They’ve spent billions on owning the media, so they can certainly find plenty of people who will buy into that illusion.
    As someone who is a child of 2 Holocaust survivors, I know using the word Nazi is incorrect. For one thing they’ve got 70 years more expeience in being sneaky, and developing techniques that they can convince people are “not Nazi”, through their media, and condition people that anyone who uses the word Nazi is an extremist, unless they document the parralells, but you think using that word will evoke that associations in your readers minds that you have in yours.
    The Nazi pattern of scapegoating certainly is in play here. In the ’30s, they’d beat up Communists, then start the cameras rolling when the Communists fought back. You have your own blog, so you could decide when the “cameras” start rolling. Unfortunately, they start here with you yelling “Nazi” and denouncing everyone, including the ACLU. That alienates anyone who is undecided, playing right into their hands.
    The agent provoceteurs have created so much stress through their brutality, and have you so worked up, the reaction is called “fight or flight”, which evolved in cavemen to deal with lions etc. Blood doesn’t even flow to the immune system, or digestion, and especially not the thinking brain, so it’s react, react react, without thinking about what you are trying to accomplish. As long as you’re stressed out, they have you where they want you.

    “How fortunate for leaders that people don’t think.” – Hitler

    They’ve stressed you out so much that you don’t think about how you’re affecting your audience, and those who would use any excuse to belittle the left. Destress yourself by taking a year off, there are plenty who can take up the slack.

    Sorry, bro, but the only way to learn how to convince people of your points is to relax long enough to collect your thoughts, and as far as you’ve been pushed, and pushed yourself will take a while.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    The award wasn’t to Crandall. The award was for the Critical Response Team for training the cops to not blow away mentally ill people like Cheri Moore. If they’ve forced the cops to learn a thing or two about not being killers, that’s a good thing, right?

    And Mark, we all know you hate Greg Allen’s guts and were part and parcel of that fake-ass coup you tried to pull against him with Cobb. The Green Party’s come a long way since then now that they lost all their seats on the Arcata Council they held for 20 years, right?

  12. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Love

    I wish you would read Noami Wolfe’s “The End of America.” In relation to Phillip Crandall, the person who received the award, and the person who is personally responsible for more oppression in Humboldt County then anyone else, you should read Jay Lipton’s “Nazi Doctors.” Do you feel that your parents would want people to be quiet about the return of the nazis? Are we supposed to allow a total nazi take over because of the godwin’s rule? I am not the only person watching what is happening in this world, and what’s happening has nazi written all over it.

    I will not deny the truth because it makes the very nazis I call nazis accuse me of extremism. As far as those who don’t have eyes which can see, they’ll call them extremists too. The parallels are already documented, you just haven’t read the documentation.

    If you can’t see how the “mental illness,” mandatory drugging, CalMAP, mental health/police policies work exactly like the Nazi mental health policies, then you need to read more.

    I am not known for compromising, especially when it comes to the truth. The truth is that the ACLU has in the past defended nazi groups right to assemble. And it is further true that the ACLU awarded an award to someone known for implementing, and enforcing, a very nazish type of mental health screening and medicating policy.

    I’ve read lots of book about the rise of the Nazis, and biographies written by survivors. Many point out how otherwise “liberal” groups started justifying the nazis doctrine. If you read back through this blog you will find plenty of information on how mental health drugs, are a direct result of the studying of genes. Which 1930’s nation thought the idea that people were inferior because of bad genes?

    It makes little difference if it is Zycon-B, or Zyprexa, dead is dead. Did you know that Zyprexa has paid out 2.8 billions in settlements to states so far for marketing Zyprexa for unapproved uses?

    I never called the ACLU nazis, I compared Crandall to Eichmann. But, I do believe we are all part of the problem, and that is specifically our willingness to compromise the truth for sake of pleasing the very people trying to oppress us.

    You should go back and read the article more slowly. I don’t agree with their choice, because it sends the message that Crandall is somehow looking out for people’s civil liberties. He ain’t and the ACLU should of known that. Maybe they know now.

    love eternal

  13. theplazoid Says:

    peace again Love

    History will consider every psychiatry-survivor a Holocaust survivor. Just like it does every original American.

    love eternal

  14. mresquan Says:

    “And Mark, we all know you hate Greg Allen’s guts and were part and parcel of that fake-ass coup you tried to pull against him with Cobb. ”

    Who makes up we?I’ll publicly state here that I like Greg and think he’s a good guy,now hopefully you’ll publicly state the evidence to back your claim that I hate his guts.I suspect I’d be waiting a long time to hear that response.

    “If they’ve forced the cops to learn a thing or two about not being killers, that’s a good thing, right?”

    They didn’t force the cops or themselves to do a damn thing,public outrage did.Without that happening,they would have proceeded business as usual,and some will argue that indeed they have.
    Sorry,but I can’t get over the irony of Crandall with an award in his hand on an ACLU podium on the same night that Tad’s name was on a piece of paper as a contending nominee for the patriot award.The same Tad who was addressing the Bar-O-Boys camp and enslavement occurring there,only to be arrested with the aid of Crandall,for speaking 30 secs. over the allotted time,while being interrupted a couple of times during his 3 minutes.

  15. Love And Oneness Says:

    I’m tired of your extremism, Tad. You’re alienating your allies, and become a focal point for ridicule on the right. You’ve been playing on the toxic lands the right has created so much, you’ve lost the perspective of nurturance that the left has. I have no more purpose on this blog.


  16. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Love

    I can do nothing about either your “tiredness” or your perception that I am an extremest simply because you label me one. I believe it is the toxic lands of the right which play the “extremest” game. I am only an extremest, because you feel some sort of loyalty to the power I am speaking truth to.

    I would have suggested you not read this blog anymore if you are so against it, but I believe you have made that choice already. I’m not here to please onlookers, I’m here to save lives.

    love eternal

  17. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you mresquan

    The problem is that Crandall didn’t tell the cops anything more than to let mental health, with the help of all the compliance tactics of the cops, capture and drug for life, anyone deemed a crisis by the cops.

    There was absolutely no reason for the cops to have killed anyone in the first place. It is just like the taser was supposed to reduce gun play among cops, but it just invented more taser play than we ever had gun play. The ability to dope someone is used more as a law enforcement “tool” than as aid to broken people.

    There is nothing in totality of what Phillip Crandall does as head of health and human services that does not connect to mental health evaluations somehow. He has publicly stated that 30,000 Humboldtians need his mental health services, and he wants to be paid for every one of them.

    Mental health services are performed according to CalMAP. CalMAP requires atypical antipsychotics as the “services.” So many of these services (ie drugs) are given without the consent of the victim. Especially a “mental health crisis response team” which can drug anyone, anytime, anywhere on their own discretion. Once someone has been doped it is next to impossible to convince a judge that it wasn’t the dope that made them better in court. The Judge finds that the person now has to be doped, and very, very few ever get off those drugs, and those that do are often damaged for life. That is about as non-libertarian as one can get.

    I find it very disturbing that our community would allow the above to be portrayed as either defense of civil liberties, or patriotism, especially since it is so clearly the opposite of both. Did you see Bonny Neely illegally add it to the agenda two weeks ago? She bragged Crandall up.

    love eternal

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Tad, it was the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, their local advocates like Lea Nagy and Human Rights Commission members who were the real impetus behind the Critical Incident Team.

    The fact that they got some cooperation out of the less-thuggish element of the cops, and yes, big bad Crandall, is as a result of the public outrage described here. That doesn’t discount that the cops for most local agencies now go through training to keep them from shooting at mentally ill people and at allowing caregivers (whether county employees or the doctors/family members of the ill person) to defuse the situation before the storm troopers charge in.

    That’s what the award was for, and that’s all it was for, and was not an endorsement of every last thing any of the cops or NAMI members or mental health do outside of that.

    Must the ACLU analyze the Dewey Decimal habits of the Librarians before giving them the award for resisting the Patriot Act spying scheme? Should the ACLU scrutinize Jack Nounnan’s opinion of Hugo Chavez before deciding that he’s done great work for the rights of people to protest locally? There’s a little thing called context at work here; no doubt the ACLU nominated Tad for his free speech advocacy, and didn’t care whether he was an Earth Firster or a Christian or anything else off the subject.

  19. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    I see your argument as comparing apples and oranges. First I want to reiterate that my only purpose of this post was to bring to the attention of Humboldt that not everyone agrees the award receiver, Phillip Crandall, or his “mental health” department, is a civil liberty protector. In fact I will say that the “mental health department” is probably the biggest violator of human, civil, constitutional, and health rights in the county. There is a big difference between forced drugging policy carried out by a government agency, and the filing system in the library. You can’t give the offensive team of the superbowl winners the trophy without giving it to the defense also.

    Your right the ACLU can do what they want, and they can do it without any background information. I’m not saying that. I do doubt if any of the lawyers on the ACLU would say that the results of the “crisis intervention services” upholds “civil rights.” They all should know how “mental health” detentions violate your right to a speedy trial, your right to make your own medical decisions, your right to self determination, and your right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment.

    People declared “mentally ill” by a “mental health” worker have their own special court. No jury, no trial, just a judge deciding who’s to be drugged and who can go free. The judges, self admittedly, are not experts on MH so they rely on the testimony of so-called experts within the MH department. The MH department is the department which oversees the “Crisis Intervention Services.” In fact it is often the members of the Crisis Intervention Services Team” which testify in this special court. Members of CIST are authorized to drug anyone on the spot as long as they declare they thought they were a danger. I can parallel this with the same actions of the early nazis if you wish.

    The “real impetus” was a national policy to drug as many USians as possible. The CIST was a result of the policy’s desire to forced drug those who are below 200% of the national poverty level, and who refuse to come in. There are two such vehicles roaming the streets of Humboldt county. Their goal, just like the goal of the entire MH department is to give MH “services” to 30,000 Humboldtians, voluntarily or not. By services they mean, according to the “California Medication Algorithm Project” (CalMAP), atypical antipsychotics.

    Again agreeing that the ACLU is welcome to pick anyone they like, I find your justification of their choice weak. That is like giving the award to Terry Liles because he didn’t kill anyone last year. Hopefully the police have always gone through training not to kill. But you are incorrect if you believe they will allow anyone but the CIST to attempt to defuse the situation.

    Just like SWAT teams were created to stop a particular thing, and then were used to make pot raids; Just like tasers issued to prevent cop’s gun play were then used as pain compliance; our CIST will be proven to be a “tool” of force drugging. It doesn’t help any of us when an organization we respect, like the ACLU, designates someone who disregards human rights as someone who does.

    I’m sure many ACLU members are having second thoughts about their choice. I’m sure some had second thoughts when Phillip Crandall got up to receive the award. I am also sure it was not a consensus either. I know many of the members personally, and feel there was no intention on their behalf to promote Crandall’s crimes. None the less, I personally would feel derelict not speaking out against this. I feel the community needs to be informed of the policies Crandall has publicly stated, and how those policies preclude civil rights.

    love eternal


    Sadly, when it comes to the “LOCAL” ACLU:

    Sorry folks, I believe the “local power insiders” hijacked that “local” organization too.

    This is what is happening: They field complaints about local political abuses. Then, it is forwarded to the “local political abusive insiders”. Your complaint or concern is now “DEAD ON ARRIVAL”.

    The community sell-outs have created a “political front” essentially.

    This is why a citizen MUST “Leap Frog” the “Locals” to a different “stakeholder” if you will. Twist it right back on ’em if they violate you.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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