New Stupidity Tax in Arcata

Peace be with you

With so many taxes already bleeding you dry, along with the terrible waste of those taxes by the government which collects it, why would someone volunteer to pay an unmandated tax? A volunteer tax is the actual results of Arcata’s new “give us your CRV for free” elimination of a CRV redemption center. When you buy a beverage in California you pay a deposit on the container. If you don’t redeem the container and get your deposit back, your paying a voluntary tax. That is exactly what the city of Arcata is trying to pull over your eyes.

At first they were going to charge everyone for the right to thieve CRV deposits, but in order to hook you they only charged you for there new money making bins. This new curb side pickup, and resulting shutting down of the buy back center (Arcata Community Recycling Center), will rip off millions of dollars from the people of Arcata.

Though the city’s richest business lady’s dictatorship hasn’t openly stated that part of her objective is to starve the unhoused in our community, the results definitely point to that objective. Hopefully the people of Arcata will remember how Alex Stillman treats the poor next election. You may not be able to stop the corporations from making all our national policies, but you sure as hell can stop the wealthiest Arcatan from ruining Arcata.

love eternal


15 Responses to “New Stupidity Tax in Arcata”

  1. Fact Checker Says:

    The recycling center is not controlled or managed by the city. If ACRC wants to accept CRV materials at its facility, that’s up to them.

  2. Randy Says:

    The real truth about the ACRC situation is that they need to steal CRV from customers because ole Loughmiller went hog wild with spending when prices on recycled materials were sky high. Now that the prices have bottomed out, they’re losing somewhere in the excess of $10,000 a month, so they turned once again to the city tit.

    ACRC has been the largest organized crime syndicate in Arcata for decades. The city has pissed away millions of dollars in “support” of this worthless organization. The leadership of this organization has been in the toilet for years. I know, I’m a former employee and I watched it unfold right before my eyes.

    Classic example: During my employment at ACRC, Loughmiller’s predecessor received a $15,000 annual bonus during a fiscal year in which the center was operating thousands of dollars in the hole and employee wages were frozen. Maybe ACRC should see if one of the big banks wants to buy them out, since they operate along the same principles.

    You are absolutely correct that Arcata is criminalizing the poor and well on its way to Carmel-ization.

  3. moviedad Says:

    When you have criminality at the highest levels of society, people all through the society become more and more dishonest and greedy. Immoral people are elevated in an unjust society, while honest dissenters of the crimes in high-places become the new criminals.
    You don’t have to read George Orwell, you are living George Orwell.

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    I agree that the ACRC is no longer a nonprof. But just like the Endeavor, when an “independent” organization is dependent upon city financing, the city ends up calling more of the shots then it should. The ACRC may not be managed by the city, but I definitely believe it is controlled by them.

    love eternal

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The ACRC may not be managed by the city, but I definitely believe it is controlled by them.

    Is this an article of faith for you, or do you have evidence to share?



    So, if a location for redemption does not exist for those who are being charged a CRV tax, then the businesses are illegally charging the customer. Now, the basis of a CRV tax is in question because of the “original intents” of the CRV tax.

    Good post Tad!

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  7. Anonymous Says:

    if a location for redemption does not exist

    There are a number of places you can redeem CRV in this county and statewide. Arcatans need travel only 10 minutes north or south to communities that are also served by public transit.

  8. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    I wont spend a lot of time trying to convince you that lugging 100 lbs of bottles on a $5 bus ride, for an $8 refund is overly expensive. Try it you’ll figure it out.

    No your right I have no direct evidence to share on why I believe the ACRC is controlled by the city. I do however know how the river flows. I don’t have to follow the drop of water from the ocean to the mountialn top to understand that it will once again make it back to the ocean, Likewise I don’t need proof that it is an Alex Stillman plan to cut off houseless peoples food source by restricting their ability to feed themselves.

    I had a long conversation with Mark Loughmiller about why he suddenly started a policy that required you to prove who you are in order to redeem your crv. His “reason” was the ACRC got robbed. What he didn’t tell me is he caught the thief. He didn’t catch the theif because he used an ID, he caught him because they marked the stuff the thief was boosting. In other words he started a policy that achieved absolutely none of the results championed as the reason for the policy. We do however know that Alex Stillman and her quisling council members which she paid for, are doing everything in their power to prevent houseless people from obtaining food.

    You probably don’t believe that there was anything sinister about Prescott Bush using Auschwitz labor in his Consolidated Silesian Steel Corporation during wwii. Neither Bush nor the Nazis will tell you that, and likewise neither Loughmiller nor Stillman will tell you there conspiracies either. It is pretty obvious that having policies which achieve none of its stated objectives, but effectively achieves non spoken oppressive goals is there to achieve those latter goals. As long as Stillman is trying to starve the houseless, and Laughmiller actively supporting her, one can draw no other conclusion. Go back and watch the city council meeting where Stillman violated the Brown act by voting to close the Endeavors hours of operation.

    love eternal

  9. Anonymous Says:

    No your right I have no direct evidence

    Nothing to substantiate your claim? End of story.

    As for Henchman’s distaste for traveling out of Arcata to do recycling, sorry, but CRV doesn’t guarantee you a recycling center on every corner.

  10. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Anonymous

    You keep that good cop/bad cop logic right on top. It really doesn’t matter whether it is the good cop or the bad cop the results are the same. It likewise doesn’t matter if the ACRC is doing what it is doing because of direct control or not, because the resulting “policies” are in fact the city’s policy – ending homelessness through starvation and sleep deprivation.

    You are also right that crv doesn’t guarantee a way to collect my deposit, but it does guarantee that I will pay my deposit. That however means its not the end of the story. But don’t worry, we appreciate that you’re over it and will be moving on.

    love eternal

  11. moviedad Says:

    How clueless can a person get? You can’t carry anything on a bus. I saw a women refused passage because she had a box of groceries. Another time a young guy had a tv he just bought, it wasn’t very big, but he too was told no. We live in a heartless, decadent roman society. I can survive that. What I can’t take is these self-satisfied posters who think they “win” when they offer paternalistic, condescending solutions. As if to say that the person suffering the injustices of “policy’ just isn’t using common sense.
    I’m speaking in general terms. I don’t know anonymous. But there is a demographic in America that is content with “Liberty-Lite” or “Human Rights-Lite” As the society worships money more and more; those without it will more and more become the heretics and infidels in the new religion.
    I knew the Christians would somehow bring about their Armageddon. They will create their Beast as well. They are a culture of death. Along with money, they worship death. There again, if you believe in life, here and now; you are once again a heretic and an infidel.
    There are two types of priests in my church: One is in the mud hut with the indigenous freedom fighters. The other is sitting with the corporate CEO in Manhattan. Such is life, no one is clean.

  12. Edgar Allan Poe Says:

    Once upon a time in the distant land called America, (in this far off fantastical land it was empty coke bottles and a like that were worth as much as a nickel) CRV’s were redeemed at any store that sold them. Easy to buy, easy to redeem was the motto of that day and considered good/honest business practice.

    Yet today in Humboldt, as in other corrupted counties ran by greedy elite bureaucrats with those forked shaped silver tongues, you must pay the trash collectors an extra fee to haul away your CRV’s and other recyclable materials , which they in turn redeem for a nice profit themselves.

    So at the end of the day Joe Citizen gets double or even triple taxed (once for the product, another for the container, and then again if the product contains alcohol), and then we get screwed once again when having to pay to have the double/triple taxed item you bought hauled away.

    Now since we have Government always doing it’s best job effectively for the people. The rich get richer, and the poor? well, we all know how the story ends, not quite a happy fairy tale ending to be sure for those poor people.

    (If people want change, just throw all CRV’s in the trash with everything else. ” maybe they even belong in your local representatives yard with other prize goodies perhaps”.

    Pretty soon local government will not meet their mandated legal requirements for recycling and will be penalized into changing policies, or they’ll just pass those cost onto to you the tax payer as they so often do in Humboldt).



    I believe, but correct me if I am mistaken, that during the re-cycling campaigns done over the years (including CRV’s used today), the advertised benefit was that one could locally recycle in their community. Now, if Arcatan’s recycling option is going to be in a different community in order to redeem “full value” for the container, then this is more than an inconvenience. With respect, no “direct guarantee”, but certainly an “implied guarantee” if you go back in history to listen to old ads, political debates and such.

    It is not that hard to see that a service such as recycling for $$$$, which does help those in need who care to recycle, creates a raw deal in so far as the obstacles put before people just to provide for basics in their life.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  14. anonymous Says:

    Fuck alex stillman in her bitch ass.

  15. Sam Says:

    Recycling is nothing but a feel good scam and total rip-off. Pay huge trucks and burn untold thousanbds of gallons of fuel and tear up the roads to haul…garbage back and forth. If it made sense, the .gov would not have to tell us to do it. Steel and aluminum, once manufactures, are cheaper to collect, clean, and re-cycle than to make from raw manterials. Hence, there has always beena market for it. You see world running out of sand anytime soon? No need to recycle glass. How about plastic? Apparantly no shortage of that either. Paper? if was worth it, people would recycle it.

    Brn the burn-able, recycle the steel and aluminum, throw the rest in a landfill.

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