Pissed off fruit flies

Peace be with you

Yesterday the NY Times ran an article titled “Angry Flies May Help Explain Human Aggression.” The article said, “biologist David Anderson set out to learn whether flies, like bees, can get angry – part of a broader effort to study how animal behavior relates to genetics.” The theory that drugs are an effective way to control human behavior is founded upon research with the “flys” in the above mentioned anger study. The Drosophila, or the Fruit Fly, is the fly referred to above, and the favorite of human control experimenters.

The article points out that most of the fruit fly’s genes are also in the human, “including neurons that produce brain chemicals associated with several psychiatric disorders.” This theory started when Seymour Benzer realized that he could change the behavior of fruit flys by adding different toxins. He started “behavioral genetics,” which led to today’s pharmaceutical based mental health services. Rollin Richmond, the president of HSU, is a geneticist who experimented with fruit flies. He also did some experimentation with mice and cocaine, clearly implying a “behavioral genetics” slant to his studies.

Behavioral genetics rhetoric has all the same traits of nazi eugenics rhetoric. The rhetoric goes that if a parent has a “bad” gene then the child will have that bad gene. Likewise sisters and brothers can share the same bad gene.

One of the most disturbing theoretical gene is what I call the criminal gene. It is the belief of many in the behavior and social science ranks that, if uncle Joe was a criminal, then his sister, say your mom, is also a carrier of the criminal gene. That means you, all your siblings, children, etc. have the criminal gene. If some day they decided to eleminate all criminals by eliminating everyone with a bad “criminal gene,” then your fucked. Right now they only have funds, and permission from the State, to examine siblings and parents of those declared to have a bad “mentally ill” gene. They currently blame plenty of crime on “mental illness” however.

The scary thing about this article is the introduction of some supposed angry gene. They have already begun to claim that genes are responsible for mental illness, alcoholism, obesity, other human frailties. The way the experiment goes is you fuck with the fruit fly until it decides to take a different than normal route. In this case they baited the fruit flies with food and then blew them away when they tried to eat. Guess what?, the fruit flies got fucking pissed. Then the frankin-doctor messes with the fruit flies genes until he gets a fruit fliy willing to passively starve to death.

We saw this type of “research” with anti-psychotics. “The brain must have a chemical imbalance because when we fuck with the brain chemicals we get a behavioral modification.” One only believes this illogical crap, because of the pharmaceutical financed, Universities, studies, trials, FDA approval, Pharma field reps educating psychiatrists, ghost written professional articles, and the biggest lobbying group lobbying our governing bodies to adopt these theories as policies. The frankin-doctor in question, Anderson, “believe[s] that the findings ultimately may be relevant to the relationship between the neurotransmitter dopamine and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.”

I’m pretty sure the “angry gene” is suppose to there. It is probably already happening that people are being drug in front of some judge getting sentenced a shortened life on drugs for being angry. We have a right, nay a duty, to be pissed. We should be pissed that they are pushing doping millions of the US’s poorest peoples. Especially when, their projected cut off point is 50% on the financial scale.

love eternal


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