Politicians are Crazy

Peace be with you

Is it insane to continue to do the same thing while expecting different results? Are people who constantly lie sane? Is it sane for someone to twist every event, good or bad, to themselves and their achievements? Surely those who promote, legislate, or endorse violence should be considered insane. What about those who do all the above insanities with such regularity that society not only accepts their insanity, but actually denotes it as part of their nature. Of course I am talking about politicians here.

Politicians are the most dysfunctional group in our society. They are narcissistic, delusional, pathological liars and psychopaths. They tell you that all that is good is because of them, and all that is bad is the results of not listening to them (even if they caused the original badness). They believe and give lip service to some of the stupidest concepts ever concocted. When has a politician kept his campaign promises? It should be easy to understand that those who promote war, violence, and oppression for the sake of profits are not only crazy, but dangerously so. People who pass laws to prevent a child from obtaining food, or that tears families apart, or puts Mom, Dad, or junior in jail for hurting no one are fucking psychopaths.

These politicians believe that half of all USians are crazy and need to be on a publicly paid for nut pills. A simple look around and one can see that’s bullshit, but the delusional politicians can say it with all the convection of their heart. Do they believe that because we only see that one or two percent of our communities are dysfunctionally crazy, that we believe other communities are 99% crazy? They don’t believe it anymore than the Nazis believed that executing homeless was doing them a favor.

It doesn’t matter if it is a politician like Barack Obama, or local politicians like Mark Lovelace, or Shane Brinton, they are all dangerous wingnuts. If politicians could solve anything they would of solved at least one thing by now. All they do is make things worse. They spend their time trying to find more and more ways to punish you. More fees, permits, and fines are their modus operandi.

What does it say about us when we chose the most dysfunctional members of our society to “lead” us? One could easily acquit those who don’t vote of this insanity, but still they allowed it to happen. Claiming that you thought this one would be different is no excuse either. How many times can you say that? They are all supposed to be different, but they NEVER EVER are! We need to think real hard about a society that every four years picks the craziest mother fucker we can find to make our decisions for us.

I realize many of these politicians are intelligent and cunning, but very often that is true with psychopaths. People who would hit you, or in the case of politicians, jail, beat, or torture you, because you disagree with their views is deranged. To think that because the politicians don’t actually get their hands dirty in the enforcement of their orders they are somehow less culpable, is perverted logic. If the statement, “I was just following orders” is not a sufficient excuse than, “I was just giving the orders” isn’t either.

I can handle the brother or sister babbling to themselves, and leaving me alone. What I can seem to avoid is the politician babbling to those insane people who believe them, and not leaving my community alone. When you realize you have left your family in the hands of an unstable person you immediately pay more attention to that person, and their actions. Like wise when your community, and its future, are in the hands of psychopathic, narcissistic, delusional liars then communal oversight is desperately needed. It is one thing to have crazies “leading” us, but it is something else all together when we believe their insanity. Take the power back!

love eternal


One Response to “Politicians are Crazy”


    Hey Tad,

    pretty cool stuff when listening to the two videos together – speech about nazis and music about The Machine establishment.

    The guitarist for RATM has played in Audioslave too with Chris Cornell and many other northwest musicians.


    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

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