Homelessness is an economic problem!

Peace be with you

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us
Although them again we will never, never, never trust.

We have 15 million “officially unemployed,” there was a net gain in jobs in the last decade of less than zero, there are 6 million people whose only income is food stamps, and no one knows how many millions of others living on nothing at all. Every year 1.9 million more people join the labor market (just graduated, second family income, etc.) than retire from it. This means that everyone of those 19 million people during the aughts displace someone already working. We saw record profits, bailouts, and executive bonuses all through the last decade. 7.2 million jobs were lost in US since 2007, 4 million was cut from welfare in California, and Arcata wants to outlaw begging.

We mostly accept this bullshit system, because we believe if we play subservient to the elite we might fly under the radar. Unfortunately most people will discover the error in their logic as the radar gets lower and lower. Think how fast “property owners” became non-property owners when the “bubble” burst. We incarcerate more people per capita than any other nation. Statistically speaking your odds of being “in the radar” are greater here than anywhere else on Earth.

We believe we are a nation of laws, but really we are a nation of privilege. Laws are “tools in the toolbox” to keep the poor from bothering the rich. The few who own most everything, whether it be Chase Manhattan or Major Alex Stillman in Arcata, make the laws. Everyone else is subject to them.

No one is more bothersome to the rich than the poorest of the poor – those without shelter. It is fairly obvious that if 6 million people live only on food stamps they have no rent money. The US government claims only 671,888 people were houseless on one night in January 2008. The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, estimate there are between 2.3 and 3.5 million houseless people nationally. The problem is that, just like the unemployment numbers, the “homeless counts” are worthless statistics designed to spin a better than reality measure of the politician’s performance. The truth is that by playing down the extent of homelessness it is easier to convince a gullible public that the houseless are just a bunch of lazy drunks.

The laws don’t outlaw homelessness, but every jurisdiction in US has a law outlawing sleep. The law says that you can’t perform “sleeping activities” unless you own property, or have permission from someone who does. We’re not talking about property like cars, or tents, or sleeping bags, we’re talking about the Earth. If you don’t own a part of the Earth you must have permission to sleep anywhere on it. It is relatively easy to get permission when you have rent money (and make at least three months rent each month, pay a bunch of deposits (usually forfeited to the land “lords” anyway), and be in good standing with credit companies, and rental management companies, and etc., etc). If you don’t have rent money (like 6 million people living on nothing but food stamps) – then you’re fucked. Last time I was sentenced in court I told the judge I couldn’t take his probation, because among other things I broke the law every night when I slept.

Though these laws against life sustaining activities are implemented at a local level, the obvious similarities from jurisdiction to jurisdiction implies rather strongly that these laws are universal in both there scope, and design. In other words it is a national policy to deny houseless people sleep when ever possible.

New anti-eating laws, rules, and policies have equally creeped into the rich’s anti-houseless toolbox. Arcata’s anti-begging law proposal is just one example of how the rich locals create hardship upon the poorest, while driving the houseless into the arms of federally supported poverty pimps profiting off their poverty pimping head counts. These local self-congratulatoring grant whores get federal funding to, and I quote “End Homelessness in ten years.” They’ve been given this money for ten years now. Obviously the problems are worse, and the poor are even more desperate. Is it really our dream to only allow the displaced to eat FEMA food, if they agree to take anti-psychotics.

Land is what is needed. Shovels and seeds wouldn’t hurt either. The time must come when we admit the dysfunctionality of our “government,” and do things ourselves. We’ve proven in the past we could do it, and we can prove that once again. We can demand that our government allow soup kitchens to be soup kitchens once again. Food, and opportunities to obtain food, must be free from interference. When I look upon those who society has cast aside, and unfairly blamed I think, “there, but by the grace of God, go I.” It is said, “we will always have the poor among us,” so isn’t it time we accept them among us, and realize that each of us, at certain times, if the truth had been known, could of been on the path to homelessness?

love eternal


11 Responses to “Homelessness is an economic problem!”

  1. DM Says:

    Very good article Tad. It summarizes some of your other posts in a less sensationalistic or combative tone. Community gardens for the poor with sleeping areas sounds like a good start.

  2. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    The human herd will be culled! Starting with the weakest members of the society. Financial viability will play a huge part in this and legislation should be drawn up to declare that citizenship must be based on the money you earn, yes as a global citizen you must earn $50,000 a year to be considered HUMAN. Any less and you will be treated like the livestock and vermin you are.

  3. transient Says:

    tad, please block the bravo/impersonator from commenting…sheesh.
    also, similarly, you seem to be getting spammed by google ads…

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Transient

    Don’t you agree that: a) everyone thinks, “what an idiot;” b) his crime is mostly just stupidity; c) he bothers you not me (I wouldn’t even read his comments if I wasn’t trying to figure out what you are talking about); and d) it is unfair to block every twit who thinks acting the ass is “cool.” In a way it is kind of funny imagining him sitting at his parents house thinking he is somehow “hurting me.” What fun is doing something so stupid that you would be embarrassed to tell anyone about?

    I don’t know about the google ads. If you are talking about those things in the spam bin, I thought those were ping backs. They don’t seem to be getting on the blog. You should keep your info qt. E-mail me.

    love eternal

  5. Board of Supes Says:

    Tad, we threw your ass in jail for 30 days. Next time it might be 30 years!

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Bravo

    Do you really think that because you changed from “Arcata Cannibal” to “Board of Supes” I don’t know who you are?

    Listen I am trying to help you. People find you stupid, petty, and irrelevant. Try to write about the subjects at hand, or a least subjects people find interesting. Attacking me (your reasons still elude me) is interesting to no one. I don’t give a shit what you say, and neither does anyone else.

    You used to be a smart guy, but you seem to have degraded into some kind of weird stalker. Take care of yourself, get some sun shine, and start eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, then come back when you have something relevant to talk about.

    good luck

    love eternal

  7. Board of Supes Says:

    So amusing that you think I’m Barfo. That fucker’ll be floating face down soon enough.

  8. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Bravo

    I know your Bravo. You use the same e-mail address that nick bravo uses to log into internet forums. You use an ip address from your mom’s in Arizona. And you say the same stupid shit you always have.

    If your not him then you’re the only person stupid enough to impersonate Bravo. Would you like me to post the evidence here? Of course you wouldn’t.

    When you think dark, you act dark. There are limits to the darkness, but I’ve yet to see the ends of the light. You must become a human before you can become a god.

    love eternal

  9. moviedad Says:

    Hints of Sybil.

  10. Adam Says:

    Is it really forgiving if you refuse to ever trust someone?
    Doesn’t that preclude them from changing?
    Doesn’t that keep them from seeing that their enemy is really their brother?
    Doesn’t that feed their perception of threat that makes them want to lash out in anger?

  11. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Adam

    You go ahead and trust those that have always lied to you. Maybe this, the thousandth time, they are telling the truth.

    I doubt my “brother” would do the things they do, and if he would I wouldn’t trust him. Would you trust an abuser, even if it was your brother?

    Nothing I do or not do will prevent them from “lash[ing] out in anger.” They are control freaks and “lashing” is the way they get what they want. They lashed the original Americans, they lashed the slaves, and they lash the poor here, and around the world. They aren’t slowing down, let alone “changing” anything.

    So in answer to your questions; no, no, no, no!

    love eternal

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