Flush the Journal

Peace be with you

I read a letter to the editor in this weeks North Coast Urinal. I wanted to respond with a letter of my own. But . . . It seems I need to purchase a phone in order to be allowed into the community dialog. Is it classist to deny a segment of your readership the ability to participate? Of course it is. It is all part of the mainstream media spin doctoring done to keep you in the dark.

The letter in question is “Street Life” by Bradley Mack. You can read it here.

This was the response I couldn’t even get on the editor’s desk:

Peace be with you

RE: Street Life

I agree with many of Bradley Macks assessments (letter of December 17, 2009): the local media does give preference to the service providers over those they supply services for; many of our non-profs practice “politics without principle;” and service providers often use injudicious procedures against those they believe can’t fight back. What I don’t agree with however is that we must scrap all that does work because of the problems Mr. Mack identified. Admitting your dysfunctional is the first step to curing it.

Mr. Mack has pointed out the tendency to aid “goofy,” or broken, individuals over a seemingly healthy, working, young adult male. The current “Continuum of Care” policies reward non-profs who practice it with Federal, State, and local grants. What Continuum of Care does is reroute money earmarked to aid the poor into “case management” of their lives. Instead of food, shelter, or jobs, this money is used to pay for an extra layer of bureaucracy. That layer just happens to be one which requires large salaries, expensive equipment, and numerous, likewise costly, other bureaucratic layers.

Food is cheapest part of homeless services. The stores donate enough food to feed many more people than we now feed in Arcata. This is not entirely the fault of the Endeavor – it is the city which restricts the right to feed the hungry. Compromises with the Endeavor which prevent them from feeding lunch, proposed anti-begging laws, police harassment of food-not-bombs and other self motivated street feeding groups, the locking of dumpsters, requiring Ids to recycle at the Arcata Recycle Center, a 12.3% unemployment rate, and a vilification of houseless people has led to an inhumane lack of opportunities for people to feed themselves.

If Mr Mack believes he will get better treatment in Eureka he is ignoring the national trends. This is not just an Arcata problem. Those that believe in privatizing the US have been implementing “homeless strategies” designed to put aid money in the pockets of “service providers,” instead of in the bellies of hungry children. Despite what the politicians say, their actions are ones of blaming the un and underemployment for the results of the unemployment problem.

The whole problem revolves around the false premiss that homelessness is the result of something broken inside the houseless individual. The prevailing belief among politicians is that the economic situation we call homelessness is a direct result of a “chronic” illness on the part of those without housing. They claim that by fixing broken houseless people with multiple case managers, supervising the rest of their lives, we will end homelessness and save a lot of money. All that this premiss does is give large amounts of your taxes to the pharmaceutical corporations for doping a fluid segment of our population, and leaves houseless people without food.

Between the governmental push for the Continuum of Care paradigm, and their “new” unrealistic strategy to this centuries old problem – building housing for every houseless person – we can be assured that the need for food will easily out strip the opportunities. It doesn’t have to be greed creating desperation when it only takes a little love to create abundance.

love eternal


39 Responses to “Flush the Journal”

  1. Hank Sims Says:

    We’d be happy to print this, Tad.

    Why not just ask, I wonder?

  2. JS Says:

    Because it’s more lucrative to play the victim card?

    I was just going to suggest a phone call to the Journal from a pay telephone would probably clear up the matter, or at worst, or a visit to the Journal’s office.

    Although, I thought Journal letters were limited to 250 words and you have more than 500.

  3. fig Says:


    – why bother with “print newspapers” ?
    – Blog here, you will be heard. especially
    with some clever “digital word-of-mouth.”


    ‘…….print newspapers and magazines are rapidly headed
    to extinction.’ STEVE BALLMER, microsoft employee albeit a



    ….. heard that cops with “police powers” in
    San Jose will have a recording video device attached to
    their person………………… don’t know any more detail
    than that, but how will this work in reality ?

    …………..never thought I’d see this, even for ANY type of policing activity of these worms (armed, unionized street
    cops). Probably the cops will only selectively ‘turn on’
    the video device. no doubt. after all,

    these cops with “police powers” are classic
    case study of too-clever-by-half, smarmy ass-clowns.

    ______________________ 12-20-2009 Sunday.

    p.s. how much does the “victim” job title pay ?
    does it pay $400,000+ after-tax wage ?
    no wait, I want $400 million+ 😦

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hank

    I tried for half an hour, but it kept telling me I had to have a phone number. I knew you would be here fairly quick though. I might venture to say this was probably the fastest and the easiest way to bring it to your attention. Could I have done it JS’s way? Probably. Can I do it my way? Most definitely.

    I still believe those “requirements” are there to stifle dissent.

    love eternal

  5. Hank Sims Says:

    Let’s see if I have your method down.

    Thanks so much, you bearded crazy. It was nice of you to drop a note in between your stints in jail. Always nice to hear from the voice of Arcata’s hapless losers — even though I’ll have to spend some time cleaning up your subliterate grammar to make your letter fit for human consumption. Unfortunately, won’t be able to do much to fix its snoozingly dull self-righteousness, which gives off the unmistakable hobo tang of pure bullshit.

    Anyway, thanks for the letter! Merry Christmas!

  6. transient Says:

    Whoa! was that really THE Hank Simms? WHat a jerk! I wonder if the readers of the jopurnal were to read what his comment what they would think?

    You, Hank Simms, are a jerk. I’m glad you read this blog though, you beardless jerk-face. It gives me the perfect opportunity to tell you to GFY! ha haha. Oh, and nice icon, Mr. Toast-of-the-town-dandy. How so very hoity-toity of you.

    It sure is fun to read your crappy comments though, and see you get all flustered. It’s also funny how you use the term “hobo” derisevely. One would think that someone of your social stature would surely be educated on the role in AMerican history of the hobo, and realize that you, sir, by comparison, are a soft-handed, nude-faced doily of a man.

    Eat train grease and barf, truffel-eater!

    I love this shit!!!

  7. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Transient

    Yep, that’s our Hank Sims. I think he drinks a lot, not that that excuses is a valid excuse. He is like a king with a paper crown. He is one of those people which one can easily say, “consider the source” about.

    love eternal

  8. Hank Sims Says:

    I’m just trying to point something out to you, Tad, in case you ever wonder why you’re so impotent, politically speaking.

    It might have something to do with the fact that you start out with people by unleashing every nasty bit of invective you can imagine, whether or not it has any basis whatsoever in reality. As is the case here.

    You might want to rethink those tactics. Doesn’t exactly persuade people to your cause, eh?

  9. SoHumNoob Says:

    Nice to hear the abundance of Hanks heart.

    Hank must go around judging every one he sees on the street, calling them losers or winners. Judging a man by what a man has instead of what a man is.

    Luke 6:45. A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.


  10. transient Says:

    What about me, Hank? I am SO mean and nasty, don’t you think, “eh”? You fucking doily-tassle. Do you have any Grey Poupon? Kiss my rumply-cumberbun, you pissed-in trouser lining!

    Dear Hank: Do you remember when tad discovered the fraud going on in the Humboldt County Mental Health system two years before the whistleblowers (Dr. Utecht and Patients’ Rights Advocate John Webb) went public? Oh, but your journalistic integrity probably wouldn’t let you cover news from some “hobo.” You are too good for that, Hank. You really are.

    Or how about the court cases against homeless people that tad has been instrumental in winning on constitutional grounds? What’s that you say, Hank? Court cases involving the violation of people’s constitutional rights isn’t of interest to a distinguished journalist such as yourself? …or you just don’t give a fuck about homeless people? …oh, right – you are too good to listen to some “hobo.”

    So, tad has been involved in quite a few movements in the humboldt area, advocating for reason and compassion. And what have you done, oh politically virile one? Oh, that’s right – you write snotty bullshit for an advertisement-driven free weekly fish-wrap. If I were a dead fish, I would prefer to be exposed for all the world to see, rather than be draped in the pages of your drudgery.

    Before now, I didn’t really hate you, Hank. In fact, I hardly even knew who you were until you started commenting on this blog. I knew that you wrote for the Journal, but since the journal is usually not very interesting, I hardly took notice. BUt now I have seen the light – tad, who will even go to jail (on a hunger strike, no less,)for standing up for what’s right is the “politically impotent” one, according to you at least (and probably Kevin Hoover too), and you, the voice of advertising, are the very spermatozoa of political virility.

    Tad: pleeeeaaaase continue to pick on poor Hanky Simms so that he will continue to come back and entertain me with his authorial word-smithery!

  11. Hank Sims Says:


    What about me, Hank?

    Er, you weren’t the one asking me for a favor.

  12. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Hank

    “you weren’t the one asking me for a favor”

    That is he reason I didn’t “just ask.”

    Don’t print the fucking letter! Hell everyone who is going to read it probably already has.

    I don’t want any favors from you. I just wanted all sides to be heard. That really doesn’t require a “favor,” it requires journalistic integrity.

    love eternal

  13. Hank Sims Says:

    Too late, Tad! The letters have already gone to bed!

  14. flymetothemoon Says:

    hobo tang = powdered white port

  15. transient Says:

    12:20 in the morning, Hank, and you’re up reading the plazoid? Shouldn’t you be working on something for your newspaper?

  16. unfunny guy Says:

    Transient- Shouldn’t you be working? Get a job.

  17. unfunny guy Says:

    P.S.- I don’t care if you actually have a job or not.

  18. transient Says:

    dear unfunny:
    I don’t get it…”get a job” or not to “get a job?” I thought that “homeless people are lazy” was the centerpiece of your argument – and now you don’t even care how much I work? Is this because you’ve shifted focus to making sure that all us who work get a “living wage” and a nice place to live?

  19. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    Perhaps if the journal took a position on the proper meal preperation of the common homeless, and lets face it…the homeless in arcata are excessively common, mediocre, wastes of good meat, etc. One thing one does have to give Hank credit for is that he doesn’t focus on the homeless the way Hoover does, this helps to keep the homeless population isolated and thus they are easier pickings for someone of my culinary persuasion.

    Transient, it is best if the homeless are lazy and refuse to work. When they sit around all day smoking and drinking their meat atrophies and then they become tender like veal and far easier to cut, cook, and consume. Nothing worse than tough stringy meat…so I geuss that means Tad is safe from my predatory predalections.

  20. transient Says:

    oh dear! how terribly funny you are, Arcata Cannibal! Let me introdue you to one of my favorite classical political slogans. It goes something like this: “eat the rich.” Get it? you eat people, right, that’s your joke, isn’t it? so why not help yourself to steaming-hot pile of rich-people flesh? They would be much easier to catch, not being used to being hunted, and, if hunted into extinction, would not adversely affect the environment. One could say that we would all be better off without them. And you could still be “freegan.”

  21. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    The rich are too well gaurded and would be missed. The homeless however, no one cares if they disappear. When I think of all those young, tender young people on the streets it relaxes me because I know that I shall never starve. Whereas, all you vegetarian freeks with all your strange finicky behavior will be starving to death. Added bonus is you’ll be even weaker than before, thus easier to wrestle to the ground. Should I mention Tad, I myself am not homeless. I make a six figure income and have many political connections. Face it Tad, you’ll never defeat us elites! You are our livestock! Free range humans! We will kill and consume you at our leisure!

  22. peanut gallery Says:

    Arcata Cannibal said “I make a six figure income and have many political connections”

    Appears the Humboldt County Department Heads and Board of Supervisors (or was that “soups”) are reading your blog after all Tad lol……

  23. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you “peanut”

    You ask, “are reading your blog after all Tad?” It’s funnier than you think – no. I had a little situation with my dog, computer and a glass of water. Who would of thought these things weren’t waterproof. I see that as a huge design flaw in lap tops.

    As far as the six figure cannibal goes his IP address is out of Phoenix, Arizona. People who have a lot of “political connections” and are of the “elite,” don’t state that shit in public. The only reason we believe we live in a democracy is because the elite who own the media tells us we do. If they told us the truth then we would rebel. No rich and powerful will say that, so this imitator must be some Smeagol turned Gollumish.

    love eternal

  24. Mr. Nice Says:

    There are water resistant laptops. They weigh too much.

    You can’t tell shit from an IP address.

    I make 6 figures every 100 weeks.

    Heavy meat eaters are quite defensive about their profound life choice of continuing to eat the same bullshit diet that their mama bought them at McDonald’s when they were toddlers. Out of breath motherfuckers.

    I don’t really have a point. Fuck local newspaper coverage of homeless issues? Except for that Times-Standard piece where those two dudes tried to be all undercover narc-style. That was tight.

  25. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    As a member and citizen of this community it is my sacred duty to help eradicate the transient vermin from the streets of Arcata, Eureka, and everywhere they may be lurking in Humboldt county. This sub-human pestilence MUST end! Think of the effects its having on tourism and property values! I suggest we create a large cage around the plaza (mad max style), we then force the homeless to fight for their freedom. 3 homeless enter, one homeless lives to fight the next day. We do this till they are GONE!

  26. theplazoid Says:

    oh jeez. I really hope that isn’t just nick bravo again.

  27. theplazoid Says:

    the only thing worse than a nick bravo is a nick bravo impersonator

  28. this is a test Says:

    so is this working or not?

  29. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you This


    I wish you’ld leave those fish alone. Every time I hook one you yank it out of the water. I’m like a cat – I like to play with them for a while.

    love ya!

    love eternal

  30. theplazoid Says:

    … is not a test. This is a real comment.

    Kind of a fun little trick, eh?

    Best wishes from austria, or somewhere!!!

  31. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    I hear Kimmy’s causing trouble. I wonder how she’d like to be prepared? Like she’d have a choice ROFL!! I’ll give her a place to sleep, after all I do enjoy playing with my food. It really would be heavenly bliss for her, and a full freezer for me.

  32. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you

    It seems you haven’t run off my fish after all. There are very few people who would stick around after being mistaken (or not) for Bravo. Two I can think of are Bravo, and idiots. Which one you think we got?

    Of course only an idiot would think he could “play” with Verbana. It would crack my ass up to watch that shit go down. I bet it would be heavenly bliss for Verbana to shove his ass in his own freezer – or his own freezer up his ass, as the case may be.

    Yea it’s a neat trick. Next time you see me don’t forget to tell me how to do it. Enjoy Amsterdam or somewhere.

    love eternal

  33. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    Very well then, Verbena will be added to my list of potential meat. I do of course stalk my prey for some time before making my move.

  34. theplazoid Says:

    Peace Bravo

    I would be glad to inform everyone I can that you are a self admitted stalker. I wonder what your parents will say when the cops show up. Keep us posted, because this might be as funny as watching Verbana put you in your place.

    love eternal

  35. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    tsk tsk plazoid. as a predator I’ve every right to follow my natural instincts to track, catch, and devour my prey. as far as bravo, should I ever catch him in these woods he’d die a quick death and be left for the scavengers.

  36. moviedad Says:

    Congratulations on the nomination Tad. You have some heavy competition, but you’re a serious “Dark Horse” candidate.

  37. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Moviedad

    What nomination? I don’t know what your referiring to.

    love eternal

  38. transient Says:

    fuck the system! tad for president!!

  39. Arcata Cannibal Says:

    Tad would never be accepted into the inner circle. He posesses too much decency. I on the other hand have no such disease as common decency. One willing to become the puppet of the black brotherhood of eternal darkness must be willing to not only commit atrocious acts but feel incredible pleasure in doing the acts which are required. Cannibalism of live prey is only one of the tests. Tad, a dark horse he is NOT.

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