Denying Culpability

Peace be with you

I was reading Stan’s ISNQRWS blog today, and he featured an article out of the Chicago Tribune. The article was about how Illinois psychiatrists, and other sanctioned drug dealers had doubled the number of non-consensual druggings of little children. It is informative about how anti-psychotics are being increasingly prescribed to foster children. The percentage of foster kids being put on these “[p]owerful mood-altering drugs” nearly doubled, while the number of foster kids has increased. Also, the number being prescribed four or more of these, “metabolic abnormalities and pronounced weight gain” causing pharmaceuticals is increasing too. I agree with Stan’s take on it:

The sad and tragic truth of this following report about foster children in Illinois: is that this corporate behavior is being mirrored in just about every state and county throughout America. The cost? The expense in dollar terms is more than significant and mind boggling no doubt; but absolutely pales in comparison to carnage of human damage and suffering being imposed upon this very vulnerable populations of children.”

What really struck me was how a psychiatrist from UI Chicago is playing this off like it was the pharmaceutical corporations advertising departments fault. No!, it was the fault of the elected officials who have been told for years about the unlawful influence of PHARMA, it is the fault of the psychiatric industry, and it is our fault for silently capitulating to their paradigm. “It’s the untouchable corporations that made me do this to you,” is what I’m hearing here. Am I to believe that we allowed them to divide and conquer us with some slick advertising campaign?

On the one hand politicians blame us saying, “we need to be fixed,” and on the other they blame the “fix” they chose. They claim that taking away peoples children and pumping them full of dope is somehow democratic. It is tyranny. It is a war on the poor.

The problem is that this fix is a slower modern version of killing off what the rich view as “undesirables.” Diabetes is a life shortening disease. So is suicide. So are gas chambers. Anti-psychotics take longer to kill so therefore cause less public outrage. Since these children are being evaluated by the schools, it is in fact the government deciding who lives a long life and who dies early.

I don’t know what else to say about this except, I’m shaking my finger at you too, and am searching my soul to see if I can’t do a little more to stop this. It doesn’t take a difficult calculation to figure out, that if these policies are used against the poor, and especially people of color, whether your in the half that gets to stay, or the half who …

love erternal


3 Responses to “Denying Culpability”

  1. mayfly Says:

    On D Street in Eureka, at the corner of Harris, there is a home for children who are wards of the state. These kids, ages 8-17, are waiting to be adopted. They need food, musical instruments, and attention. Maybe the church across Harris would take an interest in doing some local good deeds.

  2. SoHumNoob Says:

    Mother Teresa’s speech to the national prayer breakfast on February 4, 1994 says a lot to our lack of caring.

    If you wish to read it here is a link:

    I think I will be surprised if Jesus says to me, “Enter in my good and faithful servant.”
    Because most everyday I choose comfort over doing something.



  3. moviedad Says:

    You probably shouldn’t “out” them with their location.

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