Increased houseless in Humboldt leads to bigger pricks.

Peace be with you

I want to apologize for being so lax in getting these things out to you. I don’t know why I am not as self motivated as I usually am, but I’m open to change. Anyway there is still time for the community to act on these issues.

Last Wednesday, at the Arcata city council meeting Alex Stillman and associates voted to send out to committee their supposed “aggressive” pan-handling ordinance. There are many sections of this ordinance that are very far from “aggressive,” even by Stillman standards. Once again our resident millionaire wants those whom she views at “undesirable” removed from her town.

Here is a link to the video of the meeting (at about 3:26:00). I want everyone to pay attention how Alex Stillman completely takes over the meeting. She is called the “vice-mayor,” yet she just talks over everyone, and runs the show. The council is supposed to be chaired by the Game and Fish cop Mark Wheetley, but it is more than apparent that he has been totally emasculated by our vice mayor Stillman.

I also want to talk about the police raid of the nightly shelter set up by the People’s Project in Eureka. Evidently Garr “pop ’em” Nielsen’s support for an “parking lot amnesty program” is just a bunch of, feel good, bullshit rhetoric.

The Times Standard article in Tuesday’s paper quoted Eureka City Manger, David Tyson, as saying, “[t]he employees and their representative were concerned . . . that this was not a safe work place.” This parallels the concept that begging in Arcata “causes people to fear.” Everybody is afraid of houseless people. Hell you’re taught to fear us. Even I feared houseless people until I became one. The truth is however, that they are the most oppressed simply because they are the meekest. And, who is this “representative” anyway?

Think about how fear plays into a propaganda campaign designed to run off the houseless. The Arcata meeting playing the fear card, the Eureka manager playing the fear card, the paper and local news playing the fear card, while the houseless are anteing up more and more oppression.

Another bullshit propaganda term is “tool,” as use in Wheetly’s, “this is just one of MANY tools in the toolbox,” statement. The “tools” are oppressive laws meant to be selectively enforced against the poorest people in our community. People are daily running out of options, because of actions taken by the very tool makers who now want more laws. If you have rats in your house then you will not give them anyplace to hide, constantly bother them with cats and such, cut off their food supply, poison them, set traps to ensnare them, and certainly suppress advocacy that they are sentient beings with an inherent right to exist. If Stillman has houseless people in “her town” then she will . . .

When people get desperate they do desperate things. When will we realize that today’s problems are the direct result of yesterday’s desperation creating oppression? Oh yeah, I remember, when its too fucking late.

As long as we ignore the economic causes of homelessness then we will never do more than prescribe it expensive nut pills. While denying the huge lack of jobs in this country we will forever be paying for more and more cops, poverty pimps, and grant whores. If we took all the salaries paid to those three “tools” in the toolbox, we could feed, and shelter all the houseless in Humboldt county. When people do it for themselves however, we Humboldt liberals call the cops.

I want to extend my thanks to Verbena, and Jack, and everyone else who kept the “parking lot amnesty” shelter going in Eureka.

love eternal


6 Responses to “Increased houseless in Humboldt leads to bigger pricks.”

  1. transient Says:

    I imagine that you already know what I am going to say about the supposed “lack of jobs” in humboldt county.

    Is engaging in deforestation a job – or a crime against humanity and the world?

    Is being a cop, a rent-a-cop, or even a cashier (under-paid lax-dress-code cop) a job, or engaging in oppression and deprivation?

    What about serving the rich by building their homes and office buildings? Is this a job – some kind of good and necessary thing – or just complicity in the the class-war against the poor?

    Fuck jobs. We need autonomy and community. More CSA, communal farms, collective houses and renewed respect for the living world. Oh yeah, and self-defense.

    I know that you would agree that more shitty jobs is not what we need, and I would argue that shitty jobs is all that those who have the power to give jobs will ever give us. Fuck them. If we had equality, or real justice, we wouldn’t need to serve our oppressors for their table-scraps.

    Until then all we have is crime and criminalized living – the symptoms of an out-of-balance society…oh yeah, and lots of fucking cops.

  2. Love and Oneness Says:

    This law once again, is unconstitional. It does not limit itself to court definitions of aggressive panhandling, instead it says no panhandling in front of certain buisnesses, wanna bet that those businesses were owned by Stillman, cronies, or campaign contributors?

    If a government body enacts too many unconstitutional laws of the same kind, appellants are suseptable to declarative relief. Maybe here too, although their Constitional abuses keep of shape shifting.

    Finally …. NATURE BATS LAST … Get the truth out

    Arcata has gone far downhill since ’91, when I arrived. There have been so many initiatives by them to oppress the poor, and the crooks themselves have created so much mental illness, with their oppressive policies creating mental illness, it’s blighted the community, including property values. Tell everyone their ideas are bad for business.


    Let ’em do what they are going to do. Don’t say a word about what is wrong with it. After they pass it, they will wisen up to their faults, but, of course, that is after it backfires on them. In the meantime, those who are using hypocracy to do this need to be journalized so that when it is all said and done, everybody knows who did what.

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  4. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Jeffrey

    I agree with One and Loveness, we need people to march in the meeting in large numbers, and tell the Council that they will refrain from shopping on the plaza if they pass that law. Did you notice in the packet the Arcata Co-op letter in support of the law?

    Don’t believe it will remain “journalized,” or that it will even be “said and done.” If we wont even do it the easy way, what makes you think that someday we will do it the hard way?

    love eternal



    public participation is the way to go. It is just don’t give away any good “legal” argument that can be used against the city in litigation. IOW, don’t tell them “How they are legally wrong – just say, “your wrong”. In the end, since society is socialized under the guise of comparables, there will be plenty of comparables to turn the issue back onto the city.

    “When you inform a human being with evil minded intentions or lethargic logic (as I like to say) of how they are drafting something wrong, then you allow them the ability to craft something more devious and dubious, even though the opposite claims will be made for favor of “internal thoroughnesses”.

    In reality to being thorough, the public employee means, “it is tighter and more specific and uniform to our needs (Public Jurisdiction), not the people.” Essentially, inducing people to divulge information is a defensive tactic that the jurisdiction uses against “The People” all of the time ; those who flinch first = checkmate!

    Jeffrey Lytle
    McKinleyville – 5th District

  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Jeffrey

    Its a free speech issue. They already know that. I understand what your saying though.

    love eternal

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