Times Standard Idiotorial slams “The Chosen” Activists

Peace be with you

It was just a matter of time before some idiot pissed me off. The idiot in question is the editor, Kimberly Wear, of the slime rag the Eureka Times Standard. In Wednesday’s paper Wear wrote an idiotorial titled “giving to those who truly need.”

The stupidity in question was not a call to be charitable as the title might suggest. It was a complaint about “[activists] who choose to be ‘homeless,’ as a matter of politics or lifestyle.” Wear doesn’t have a clue about what she wrote about. She’s not an activist, and I seriously doubt she has ever conversed with those whom she writes about in this recent op-ed.

I find it agonizing to deconstruct such blatant bullshit for two reasons. One is it is so obviously illogical that anyone who is the least bit honest and older than a cub scout knows it. The second is it hits a little too close to home, and could easily cross my line about bragging about my accomplishments. I find it hard to talk about all the “good things” worked for and done by centuries of dedicated activists, because I nurture those traits in myself. I do the things I refer to in here, and I am proud of that fact. I am all too aware that pride is perhaps the worst of all sins, and left unchecked can have very negative impact on a much larger segment of society than one would initially suspect. I feel remorse every time I mention what I do. Though I don’t hide my involvement in what I view as, picking and dusting off my brothers and sisters, I certainly must watch getting a swelled head over it. Besides life is really easy for me, ’cause like Popeye said, “I yam what I yam.”

First lets talk about Wear’s fantasy idealization about the “chosen homeless.” Wear’s throwing around Kevin Hoover’s hyperbole here. Hoover, the editor of the Arcata [L]Eye tabloid, is a self proclaimed houseless bigot (see “Police Log). Not being able to articulately argue against the activist’s growing mountain of evidence that the police and business owners repress the houseless population, he resorted to name calling and a campaign of discreditably. He concocted the harebrained theory that there is this group, whom he calls “the chosen” who run around shitting in the alley, wasting billions of “homeless” dollars, and live exclusively off his bank account. Though Hoover completely made that shit up, it goes to show that a lie repeated often enough becomes accepted truth – at least among news paper idiotors.

Wear took up Hoover’s call, and without any evidence is claiming that those who are houseless and also champion the cause of human rights within the houseless population are really distractors trying to obscure the real issues surrounding this pervasive problem. Her ridiculous proposal that activists putting their time and effort into making positive and lasting social changes are some how “obscuring” the real issue was the main point of her piece. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Could it be that these activists are beginning to make headway. Perhaps TS readers are calling and asking why the fuck are these public demonstrations being ignored by the “community news sources.”

Would Wear’s argument have meant that because Martin Luther King lived better than those he organized marches for, in Selma, he too was just obscuring the “faces of those in need?” Or how about Jesus? Didn’t he really have it made? He did after all say “The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head.” He was a “chosen” too, wasn’t he? White people helped in the underground railroad too. Did they casue those who “c[ould] help [to] hold back for fear of furthering a political aganda they don’t agree with” too?

What is it about these activists that so scares Wear anyway? Some say that the real crime of the Black Panthers was their feeding programs. Could it be that these activists not only champion equal justice, but actually do things that achieve it? Could it be what Ms Wear is really pisssed off about is the shelters being built, or the marching around town feeding people? She ends her “differentiate between the two” rant with the usual plea to only give your “deep diggings” to “reputable, local charitable organizations [that] can help make sure that what you give gets to those who truely need the help.” Ms Wear is aware that “the chosen” activists feed a whole shit load of people, and we really don’t have very much to do it with.

Wear was out to slam the activists who truly help houseless people, year ’round, right here in her own community. The TS printed a big hurray for Betty Chinn’s help to the “homeless” a day earlier. Did you notice that in the article next to it, activists providing shelter, and protesting the sleeping ban, had plenty of opposing views in articles about them, yet Ms Chinn and her support of the status quo gets only applause and kind praises. I think it is great the little that Ms. Chinn does, but those activists who are nightly in front of the Eureka City Hall, do way fucking more, get way less recognition for their efforts, mostly pay for it out of their own empty pockets, and risk dangerous confrontations with the “law” due to their grassroots help.

I am more than a little upset that Ms Wear would try to insinuate that we (activists) are some how sucking the needed funds out of the system. Having worked with food not bombs for many years, I personally know we fed more people with less resources than the Endeavor used to when I volunteered there. I often took money out of my own pocket to buy rice, beans, or cooking oil to feed the multitudes of houseless people. Unfortunately for Ms Wear and her ilk, the people who help us activist with our costs do it precisely because we are activists, and they know what we do. People don’t hand me a hundred dollars and say “get something to eat you poor urchin,” they hand it to me and say “thanks for doing what you do, keep up the good work.”

I learned to be a houseless advocate from the bro who regularly fed 5,000 people with just a loaf of bread and a can of tuna fish. The last advice he gave Peter (who was to carry on the revolution) was, “feed my lambs.” In fact he repeated it three times for those too dense to get it the first time. Give your money to a houseless activist, and you can be assured most of it will go towards food, shelter, and bathrooms for the houseless. Give it to a poverty pimp?, and you can rest assured that 90% will go towards those things, but only for the poverty pimp managers.

In short Ms Wear doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. I do agree with her sub-point, regardless of how buried it was, that we must give to the needy. We shouldn’t give to organizations that spend $9 out of every 10 taken in on “overhead.” That is called profit, not helping the needy. Don’t limit your human compassion to just the holiday season either. Hunger does not feel any better in June than it does in December, hunger is a year ’round problem. Services are being rolled back, while repressive “run the bums out of town” tactics are being increased. Where are the Times Standard’s championing of these life and death issues? They never considers the “truly needy” when discussions about hassling FNB, or the city of Arcata stopping the feeding of people at the Endeavor, or the cruelty of the sweeps by Merl Harpham of the Eureka PD.

To help The Chosen activists contact the People’s Project at 633-4493. Blankets, tarps, rice, beans, and cooking oil are always in need this time of year.

love eternal


7 Responses to “Times Standard Idiotorial slams “The Chosen” Activists”

  1. transient Says:

    good article tad

  2. stan Says:

    Well stated and written Tad; Keep up all those good works for those most in need.

    side note: Anyone worth their salt knows already that the “Times Standard” Rag is just a slimy mouth piece for the old guard and power brokers in Humboldt. None of the tainted propaganda they write ever surprises me in the least.

  3. geoff Says:

    ouch, this is like a firehouse, knocking down the walls of excrement. Crandall’s bureaucracy needs to go, so the funds actually get where they need to go.

  4. SoHumNoob Says:

    The slow to anger thing gets you every time. As it does me.
    I think you like being incensed.

    Matthew 5:44 is hard.

    Peace my brother,


  5. SoHumNoob Says:

    Forget my last post wtf do I know.

    Forgive my judgmental attitude,


  6. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you SoHum

    I don’t know that you necessarily misjudged me. I never feel more alive and worthy then when I am flipping over the money changers tables. Just because I rebuke them does not mean I don’t love them.

    Obviously I considered your first post, but if you feel you were judgmental then your forgiven. But you make an excellent point that timing is everything.

    love eternal

  7. Love and Onness Says:

    Who appointed Rupert Murdock or Kevin Hoover or their flunkies as the people as the gatekeepers of public opinion? Conservatives must believe in “Divine Right of Billionaires”, when they condemn someone as public spirited as Tad, who worked unselfishly for years, while Murdock has thousands of times as much clout as Tad, and lives in luxury, with plenty of syncophants surrounding him in his private plane, while Tad shivers though another winter.

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