I’m Free

Peace be with you

I got unexpectedly released from jail yesterday at about 4:30. I am still in that interesting time between eating and not eating, I will write more soon, but right now I want to taste the nectar for a wee bit.

Jail is a sad disgusting place, run by sad disgusting people, for the benefit of sad disgusting rich people.

I want to thank everyone who helped me, inside and out.

love eternal


10 Responses to “I’m Free”

  1. ToTo Says:


  2. highboldtage Says:

    This is the best news. Take care of yourself brother.

    have a peaceful day,

  3. Mr. Nice Says:


  4. Love and Oneness Says:


    Jail is a place run by fools who believe the propaganda the state puts out.

    You had to endure 3 weeks of that nonsense, they have a life sentence of mental slavery.

    Enjoy your freedom!

  5. Hum Depot Says:

    Ready for a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat.
    Stay away from the dump on Thanksgiving if you know what I mean.
    It’s probably closed anyway.
    Say hi to Alice for me.

  6. Minister Says:

    Greetings in the Christ, and Peace to your house Tad

    I would like to meet you Tad, to discuss how I think issues like your maltreatment; and the maltreatment of both children and adults, with or without homes, can be improved throughout Humboldt and surrounding areas.

    If someone on this group can please let Tad know that I’d like to meet with him, I would sincerely appreciate that.


    • Love And Oneness Says:

      I apologise for being sympathetic to our jailors in my previous post. As adults, they have had decades to figure out what’s right and wrong, and in the last few years, locally and nationally there have been plenty of chances to see how power corrupts.

      Activism, when its done properly, exposes the visciousness of the system. In the civil rights struggle, Mayor Bull Connor turned firehoses on civil rights demonstrators, which made the evening news.

      Tad, you did plenty to expose their idiocy. Normally they are brutal in secret, enraging people, sometimes to the point of psychosis, or giving them addictive Corporate Dope to surpress their rage. Inevitably, the Corporate Dope doesn’t work as advertised, and the victim goes psychotic. Eigther way. the victim can be scapegoated.

      This incident, like Bull Connor and Eureka PDs murder spree, was out in the open. Tad, take a well deserved rest this Thanksgiving, and revel in the thought you may have helped knock a few crusty Supervisors out of office, and meet with Minister David to help turn this comunity around.

  7. fig Says:

    thank god, you are all in one piece.

    _________ try not to go there again at all cost, jail that is
    in the land of the “free” and home of the brave.
    …. if everything goes wrong on a bad day, watch out.
    NOVEMBER 21, 2009. MERRY christmas, happy thanksgiving.

  8. Dan Says:

    Glad they took good care of you in there bud!

  9. theplazoid Says:

    Peace be with you Dan

    I must say they probably were on their best behavior around me, but still there is no way anyone can call that “good care.”

    And yes I’ll have a bud! Thanks for the suggestion. Love you too.

    love eternal

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