letter from Tad in jail

[The letter below was written by Tad in jail and received by friends on the outside.]

Peace be with you

Laws for the most part are used for the repression of poor people. Laws meant to reign in the government are seldom, if ever, enforced. There is a law however that was designed with the good of the people in mind. That law is Penal Code 647a.

647a requires cops to check for bed availability at homeless shelter or youth shelter when they detain a houseless person for sleeping. The code also says that the cop “may” transport the houseless person to the shelter if the houseless person so desires.

I realize it is a little hard to see how this helps, so I will try to elaborate. Houseless people who get sleeping tickets (also called camping tickets) are found not guilty if they meet the legal requirements of the necessity defense as outlined in IN RE Eichorn. The only difficult thing to prove is that there is no room available at the shelter. If there is no room at the shelter then no houseless person is guilty of “camping in public.” If they’re not guilty then the cops should leave them the fuck alone.

Penal Code 6f47a is a model law. That means the California Legislature felt that communities should have a law such as 647a, but left it up to the county’s board of supervisors to enact the law.

As you all are aware, Humboldt County supervisors make their discussions according to their own good, the good of the wealthy, and the good of the oppressive Washington/Sacramento police state. The supervisors are zombie puppets for the greedy department heads, especially the DA, probation, and mental health departments. After years of going to public meetings I have never seen an ordinance pass that actually helps people.

Houseless people are constantly being harassed by cops. PC 647a would either reduce that harassment, or it would clearly demonstrate the cops’ unlawfulness.

As a community we have allowed a few business owners to create an atmosphere of hate. Between Alex Stillman and Associates’ (formerly known as the Arcata City Council) stopping the Endeavor from serving food, and their new anti-panhandling law, and Eureka’s weekly sweeps of houseless encampments by Merle Harpham, it is accurate to say we have a severe lack of compassion here in Humboldt County.

I am currently on a hunger strike to bring attention to the constant police repression and criminalization of the non-rich. I ask you to call your supervisor and tell them you want a more compassionate community and to pass a Penal Code 647a ordinance

love eternal


5 Responses to “letter from Tad in jail”

  1. Moviedad Says:

    Not just here in Humboldt. There is no compassion in capitalism. It is a system based on greed. And greed always necessitates one gaining more than their fair share. For each dime the greedy get, one is taken away from someone else. That someone else is you. I liken it to lions scavenging a carcass; the greedy lion takes more of the meat, so the weaker lions do without. Those lions who, out of fear, would settle for the scraps rather than a fair share, refuse to help drive off the greedy. This is our present situation. All sin, avarice, cruelty, hatred and fear, stem from greed. The greedy are a genetic mutation of mankind. They need to go the way of the dinosaurs.

  2. Love And Oneness Says:

    Perhaps evolution presents a template for planning the future. We talk about a more nurturing future, maybe we’re jumping the gun. After the fall of the dinosaurs, birds, not mammals, predominated for millions of years. A flying mechanism is much easier to create than nuturing, engendered by live birth, and breast feeding. Birds are ananalagous to indepentants, spiritual people who are “in the world, but not of it” : monks and yogis , those who soar above the battlefield, to observe it, journalists and home schoolers. Mammals would corrospond to those who are ready to reform society; I took a beating trying to reform things, Tad took much more trying to warn people. The damage from cozying up to lions is also apparent from the Fort Hood massacre, whether it was premeditited or not, it grew out of using force to handle disputes, on both sides. Even an invention like computers was seen as a way to steal elections and as The World Wide Wiretap.

    Dinosaurs are everywhere, but in Humboldt they seem to be thriving because they are particularly self justifying, and self righteous. Several years ago, I almost threw up when then-Chief Harpham said the homeless all belonged in The Rescue Mission. It reminded me of reading of Columbus. When he landed in North America, he set up Fort Navidad (Christmas) and used it to enforce his desire to find gold, to the point of marching Indians to death. It’s time to tell the truth to those alcoholic war mongers!

  3. El Pearl Says:

    Hey Now

    As you have said it’s not by the people for the people, it’s by the business owners who give them the money to get them elected for the business owners who give them money to keep them in office. An if you can’t afford to bribe them by donating a couple of thousand then they don’t care if you live or die or laugh or cry.

  4. Seriously, again. Says:

    So, Tad wants the cops to shuttle his homeless ass to a shelter? But first he wants them to call around, see if there’s a bed available, and THEN give him a ride? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

    Meanwhile, while the cops are playing taxi driver for Tad and his friends, who’s protecting my kids from the criminals?

  5. friend Says:

    to Seriously, again: Obviously you are not actually reading this blog and are just a heckler with nothing better to do. Of course tad does not want cops driving him around!

    As for “who’s protecting” your “kids from the criminals?” – why don’t you ask the parents of Chris Burgess, Zachary Cooke, Martin Cotton, and Peter Stewart?

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