tad is well

Tad was visited in the slammer again last night. He is doing well and in good spirits. He has been on a hunger strike for 16 days now.

He has filed an appeal of his conviction. I’m not going to spell out all the grievances just yet because it is an ongoing case, but you will hear about them soon.

Thanks to all those who have been supportive, including the youth with the colorful signs that read “Tad is Rad!” and “Don’t be sad, we’ll free tad!” and others.

Also thanks to those who spoke at the county suppervisors meeting on tuesday. If tad isn’t out by next tuesday (he’s not schedualed to be released until the 13th), then let’s do it again!


10 Responses to “tad is well”

  1. Love And Oneness Says:

    Maybe Tad should write a 15 minute speech, and have 5 people deliver a 3 minute segment, just so the supes can’t use his sentence as a vacation from honesty and decency.

  2. Seriously Says:

    Tad (and his lost flock) could talk for all eternity and still wouldn’t have anything but hate to offer.

    Now go ahead “Love and Oneness.” Spew your contempt all over me because I dare to disaggree with your beloved Tad.

    • El Pearl Says:

      Hey Now!

      I mean seriously your just another bozo on the bus.

      El Pearl

      P.S. seriously did your god teach you how to hate your neighbor. Or did your mother teach you how to be idiot. As-in a mentally deficient person or an extremely foolish or stupid person.

  3. friend Says:

    …”Love And Oneness” is taking too long…so:
    fuck you Seriously. Seriously.

  4. Seriously Says:

    Ah… there’s the hate. So predictable.

    Peace be with you. Seriously.

  5. Moviedad Says:

    Don’tcha just love that Neo-Con tactic…if you say you believe in non-violence in word and deed. they provoke you (if they can) and call you on your normalcy. Hey man, isn’t your show about to start…wouldn’t you feel silly not knowing how to think today? Or what to say? Better get to over to that TV.

  6. theplazoid Says:


  7. Love And Oneness Says:

    Seriously, I have better things to do than follow trolls like you around. Your provocative rhetoric is failing, so your conservative buddies are showing your true colors by bringing guns to town hall meetings. Anyone who is moderate is now so totally turned off by your violent actions and attitudes. Outside of Humboldt’s corrupt government you are being seen as the thugs you are.

  8. Love And Oneness Says:

    I guess seriously thinks his childish technique is something brilliant and original. I started going in web forums in early 2003, and people were already calling people like you on your bs. People have caught on, in 2004, an unknown state legistator made a speech saying, “There is not a Conservative States of America, and a Liberal States of America, but a United States of America.” He was elected President, despite being black, and running against a well known war hero and a beauty queen. Outside of yourself, the Humboldt Plutocracy, and a few others , there aren’t many of you, and the American Public will never fall for that scam again, so I suggest you enjoy some of the billion things that are more fun than being so deeply encased in your egotistical delusions.

  9. Moviedad Says:

    There is a civil war going on. It’s just that those who are the victims of the attack have chosen to ignore it. Like a few in France during WWll (The Good War) mending fences and painting the house while buildings exploded around them and bombs destroyed their worlds; denying that it all had anything to do with them.
    Nice “All Sides Now” the other day.
    As always to Tad: Please rise above the “Signature Tag-Words” that the Aristocrat’s media has embedded into the poor; only to be used as a weapon against them later when they speak publicly. The uneducated have been duped into the acceptance of profanity. It is like wearing a microchip that your opponents get to activate anytime you debate them in public. Take Martin Luther King, or Thomas Moore as your examples. All your eloquent language goes out the window when you grunt the ‘fuck’ word out, instead of deep reasoned speech. Make your opponent the one who is so angry he grunts out that language. Then he is the fool. Some would sell ignorance as the right of lower classes. Hmmm, now who would benefit from that? It sure isn’t the poor and disabled lower classes.

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