jail nurse threatens tad with special “safe” cell

Tad was told by a nurse that he could be confined for up to 24 hours  special “safe” cell due to his hunger strike. Tad was told that he would be naked and have to endure very cold temperatures in the “safe” cell.

On a lighter note, Thursdays are commissary days in the jail, and many were celebrating having received their commissary goods today. Tad got stamps.

People to complain to:

Jimmy Smith (707) 476-2391 chairperson of the humboldt county board of supervisors
Paul Gallegos (707) 445-7411 district attorney
Gary Phelps (707) 445-7251        sheriff


8 Responses to “jail nurse threatens tad with special “safe” cell”

  1. Dan Says:

    I’m sure he’s just being put in the safe cell for his own protection. I mean he must be weak since he’s on a hunger strike and he’ll need extra observation. Goodness, if they didn’t give him a safe cell I’m sure you people would be complaining too!

  2. Love And Oneness Says:

    Thank God no one protected Ghandhi like that. This is just a new form of “white man’s burden”.

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin

    Good God, Dan, “safety” has become the new excuse for waterboarding. Naked freezing, do you have any idea how much eat will radiate from bare feet on a concrete or steel floor.

    The Beast destroys people’s souls and then when they feel like an empty piece of meat and ready to leave, then they “protect” you.

    I’ve studied reincarnation, and know that hate outlasts death. Check out reincarnation on youtube, when people die quickly, their memories of reincarnation are more likely to be close to the surface. When people die in war, they carry the trauma to future lifetimes. We keep others meat (body) alive while destroying the spirit, out of our own selfish desire not to feel guilty. We’re so materialistic we don’t realise we’re killing people inside.

    Make sure souls are traumatised and they’ll be enough PTSD to keep wars going into the 25th Century. (If we haven’t nuked it.)

  3. friend Says:

    Well, I have to agree that “Dan” sounds like a real jerk. Tad is on a hunger strike, so to keep him “safe,” they threaten to strip him naked and put him in a room that is reportedly very cold. How is that “safe”? Seems like they are trying to wear him down. They, like “Dan,” seem like real jerks here.

  4. Love And Oneness Says:

    It’s all about control. Sanitise it as much as possible. The SS had a morale problem, when they shot Jews, so the Nazis used gas chambers. Even totalitarian regimes have a hard time justifying the death of dissenters and other “undesirables”.

    Tad is brave, sticking his neck out to keep the abuse of kids he’s never met.

    Thank God The Beast has very few consentual supporters left. All they have left is fear. At this point only the establishment believes the establishment. They buy their out nonsnce because they live in an echo chamber, made up of yes men.

    There are lots more of us than them. For those of us who aren’t as brave as Tad, two strategies are apparent: Keep telling the truth, as there are now lots more of us then them, and come up with ideas to bankrupt them.

    The establishment often composed of cowards: In 1989, the dictator of Romania fled after a crowd booed him. His cohorts had previously made sure that he was surrounded by crowds who had been bullied into acting like they loved him. His wife was so out of touch with reality that she gave herself science awards, even though she was a third grade drop out. They were apprehended 3 days later.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    The real question, besides “…and?”, is “…and?”

    What has Theo actually done for anybody, that any one of us should give a toss?
    This isn’t pithy, or trolling, or meant to be rude; what has the man accomplished?

  6. fig Says:

    WELCOME to North Korea …….
    a “police state” by another name, AMERICA the home of the free and brave …………. what a laugh. IF ONLY lives weren’t at stake….
    _____________ 10-31-2009

  7. Love And Oneness Says:

    What has he done? That shows how the Corporate Police State turned life into a much lower prority than buying garbage like SUVs.

    If Anonymous had been following this instead of buying into a materialistic mindset, he also wold have noticed that Tad was jailed 35 days for going 40 seconds over talking about boys getting sent to boot camps, so the Militiary Industrial Trauma-Recruitment Complex will have unthinking cannon fodder for wars for centuries to come.

  8. A Nurse Says:

    Hello, I’m a nurse student and this post is very helpul to me. Thank you!

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